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61  Community / Other Forum Games / Phrase game on: November 12, 2018, 07:03:52 PM
Brother E: Since people liked the somewhat phrase speaking, and they were doing it on different topics, I decided to make a place pacifically for that! Smiley

Me making a new game. Wink
62  Community / Roleplaying / Roleplay Discussion on: November 12, 2018, 12:20:32 PM
Brother Z: Discuss roleplay.
63  Apps / Papa's Pancakeria To Go / First KCP Winner on: November 11, 2018, 09:52:13 PM
Brother Z: Did you ever served a KCP winner yet?
64  General / General Discussion / Do You Think Papa's Cookbook Should Return? on: November 10, 2018, 05:20:19 PM
Brother Z: Feel free to discuss Papa's Cookbook and vote the polls! Smiley
65  Apps / Papa's Pancakeria To Go / Opinions on Papa's Pancakeria To Go? on: October 28, 2018, 08:11:09 PM
Brother Z: What do you think about Papa's Pancakeria To Go? (If you got it.)
66  Community / Fan Art / Brother Z's Fan or FC Art Requests in Power Ball Form (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) on: October 23, 2018, 08:43:20 PM
Brother Z: The top says it all.  Smiley

Here's the guidebook:

1. Don't expect your arts to be finished right away, because I might not get them ready in time.

2. I will draw them in Power Ball form.

3. I might draw them in paper, but I might most likely draw them on computer.

4. Five requests at a time, please.

That's all the rules, thanks for your convenience! Smiley
67  General / Help and Support / Joey Jr. Detective Comics Disappeared! (Never Mind. Tinypic works again) on: October 05, 2018, 08:21:34 AM
Brother E: Something messed up with tinypic and we have no pictures, comics, or scenes! Sad If you could tell Matt to see what we can do, we would grateful! We will try to fix it soon! If you have any ideas, please let us know!

Revised: Tinypic is back on somehow! Undecided (But at least our comics are back! Smiley)
68  Community / Roleplaying / Silly Roleplay on: September 23, 2018, 12:22:50 PM
Brother Z: Just roleplay with emojis.  For example; I  Love my mom. And you can do silly roleplay too!
69  Community / Other Forum Games / Brother J's Spy-Friday Challenge (New Challenge Number 5!) on: September 07, 2018, 07:52:01 PM
Brother J's Spy-Friday Challenge  8)
Hey Flipverse, I finally get to write on this forum!  I've come up with a new challenge for you all, help Blackjack and Richard find the evil mercenary, Blackmack!  Who ever finds Blackmack in one of our scenes first, wins and gets to have his or her own character in our next Joey's adventures comic!  There will be a new challenge every Friday!  Hope you guys have fun with this.  GAME ON!!!  Wink
70  Community / Fan Fiction / Flipline Stories (Part 3 Is Out!!!) on: August 21, 2018, 06:29:31 PM
Brother Z: OK, here's part one.

Luke: Me and Peter are going to the new ice-cream store.  Cheery
Debra: Don't you mean Papa's Scooperia?
Luke: Yes.
Debra: Alright, but don't get into any trouble on the way.
Luke: OK, we won't. Goodbye mom!  Wink
Debra: Goodbye!  Smiley
*Luke meets his cousin on the way.*
Luke: Hey Peter! How are you?
Peter: Hey Luke! I'm doing fine, how about you?  Smiley
Luke: I'm doing fine too. Say, what do you want when we get there?
Peter: Well, I think I'll get the Neopoliton special. What about you?
Luke: I think I'll have the, Hmmm.... I don't what I'll have.  Undecided
Peter: Well, you better start thinking, because there it is!
*Peter points at a small building. It was a small, two story building, with a waffle cone
wall on the outside and a shady drape over the door and the windows.*
Peter Oooh! This'll be exciting! We can choose whatever we want!  Sleepy
*They enter the building.*
Carlo: Hey Luke and Peter! What will be today?
*Koilee looks up from wiping off the tables.*
Koilee: Hello, Peter and Luke! You can sit at this table. It's clean because I wiped it off right now.
Peter: Thanks Koilee! And I'll have a Neopoliton special, Carlo.  Wink
Carlo: OK, but what about Luke? Does he want anything?
Peter: Yes, he does. But right now he's figuring out what to get.
*Luke thinks quietly to himself.*
Luke: Hmm.... It's a hard choice to decide what to get. There's so many choices.  Hmm
Peter: Luke, are you going to get anything?
Carlo: What do you want, Luke? There's a line behind you.  D:
*Luke looks behind them. There was a line behind them!*
Luke: Well, I Hmmmm......  Depressed
Peter: Luke, decide what do you want. What about the Burple Cow? Or the Chocoholic?  smh
Luke: Well, I'm thinking. Hmmm....  Depressed
Peter: Come on, Luke! Decide!

To Be Continued......
71  General / Forum Discussion / What is your favorite thing to do on the forum. on: August 16, 2018, 02:02:00 PM
What is your favorite thing to do our read on the forum?
72  General / Suggestions / Papa Louie 4: When Cupcakes Attack! (Rounds are starting today) on: August 16, 2018, 12:48:57 PM
Brother Z: Papa Louie 4: When Wings Attacks! You can create a custom customer to go with the game and choose a weapon! (What I mean by "choose a weapon" is you can choose a weapon without Matt and Tony choosing it for you.)
73  Community / Fan Fiction / Brother E's Classic Fan Fiction (Part 3) on: August 15, 2018, 07:41:18 PM
I just wanted to show everyone, but here's my classic story of how Joey first became a detective. This was made when I was eleven-thirteen years old, back in 2011-2014. So, please pardon my grammar! I didn't revise it. I wanted to keep it original.

                                                                       Power Rocks
                                                                           Part 1
   After the NASA Space Shuttle Co. trip to the moon, the rocks are going home with Joey. They say goodbye to the Power Potatoes and Power Shoes.
   While they ate supper, Joey's father said, "How was your trip?"    "Kind of dangerous," said Joey.   
   "How?" said Joey's mom.    "Because a robber got in and Joe tried to tell us, but he was so tired, he couldn't tell us in time. The rocket then went off," said Joey.
   "Oh my!" said Mom, in a scared voice.
   "And I almost got shot two times in a row!' said Joey.
   "Well, I guess that was dangerous!" said Dad.
    Mom said, "Time for bed."
   "But I didn't eat!" said Ks.
   "That's because you were sleeping!" said Roc.
They all laughed.
        In a matter of minutes they went to bed. In the middle of the night they heard a sound. A robber was in the house! Joey grabbed Dad's gun and went looking. His mom and dad woke up to, so did Andrew. Joey told everybody to get back. Joey pointed the gun at the robber. Dad called the police and the police came up fast! One of the police men said to Joey, "Would you like to be a police officer?" Joey thought that was a great idea, after all he was sixteen. He said," Mom, Dad can I be a police officer?"
   "I don't know…"
   "But I can shoot, Mom. Please Dad, can I go?"
   "OK, son," said Dad.
   "Yes!" said Joey.
   Joey said good bye to his mom and dad, then he went in the car with the rocks.
   "Look at our son," said Dad, proud of Joey.
   "I don't think we should have let him go," said Mom.
   "It's ok; the rocks will look after him," said Dad.
     In the police car, a police officer asked Joey,      
   "How old are you, son?" asked one police officer. "Sixteen," said Joey.
   "That's old enough," said another.
   "This is a big police station!" said Ks.
   "It's the biggest one in town!" said Joey. Just then the alarm went off!
   "A ROBBER IN MAIN STREET!" said the speaker.   
   "Load your guns everybody!" said the chief.
   "Guess you can’t train today," said a police officer.
   "Chief, we already found that three more robbers are with the one robber we heard about," said another police officer.
   "Actually, there is two more robbers!" said another.
   "Ok every one, let's do our very best we can," said the chief.
   The nine police cars with four police officers in them sped down the road. When the robbers saw the police cars they hid! The police cars came up fast.
   "We better be careful, they might be hiding anywhere," said the chief.
   The chief knocked on the door," Come out of that house, if you’re in there!" said the chief. Someone opened the door and jumped on the chief and tried to take his gun from him! Just then Joey came and jumped on the robber and pushed him off of the chief! "Thank you...........what's your name son?"
   "Well, thanks, Joey" said the chief. "Well old robber, you’re going to jail for long time." said the chief.
   "I'm going to look for some more robbers." said Joey "You go look somewhere else." Joey went around the house. He didn't find any robbers until........a robber jumped on him. Joey tried to reach his gun but he couldn't! The robber caught is gun instead! Just then, Roc came and ran in the robber's stomach!
   "Oomph" said the robber and dropped Joey's gun! Joey grabbed the gun and put it in his pocket.
   "Good job, Roc!" said Joey.
   "Any time!" said Roc.
Below are the author's notes.
Joey's original partners, and they still are, are two head sized rocks named Roc and KS (pronounced like CJ.) I just can't put the rocks in the Flipverse. Also, this has nothing to do with any Flipline characters. We didn't know about Flipline until probably 2012. We only became familiar with the Flipline forum this year.  

74  Community / Community Q&A / JEBZ Komics most Amazing, Exciting, Extraordinary...(You think the rest) Q&A!!!! on: August 13, 2018, 07:19:32 PM
Here's the new question asking machine! Just ask! Smiley
75  Community / Sign-Up Games / Choose for KCP 2018 on: August 09, 2018, 07:25:50 AM
Here's how it goes. Each person picks one character for round one, which ends August 11. we see who had the most votes. Whoever doesn't have the most votes will be eliminated. Also, the contestant who voted for the character that lost will also be eliminated. Then FC who has the most votes (of course this isn't 100% the results for our characters) will definantly enter the KCP 2018.
Let's start now!
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