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1  General / General Discussion / Favorite KCP on: December 23, 2020, 05:40:45 PM
For me, KCP19 was the best one.
2  General / General Discussion / KCP20 Winner Division on: November 27, 2020, 01:23:13 PM
Vote on the poll!
3  General / General Discussion / Age of the customers on: June 25, 2019, 05:51:34 PM
Let's discuss about the age of the customers!  Cheesy
4  General / General Discussion / Favorite Uniforms on: May 08, 2019, 04:42:26 PM
I think my favorite is Donuteria's uniform. It looks so cool on Scooter.
My least favorite is probably Sushiria's (specially on Matt).
5  General / General Discussion / New Holiday Unlockers on: May 04, 2019, 01:44:49 PM
Hacky Zak could unlock Mardi Gras and Mitch could unlock Cinco De Mayo.
6  Community / Fan Tournaments / Big Pal Brother Season 4 on: February 18, 2019, 02:43:36 PM

Welcome to Big Pal Brother Season 4

This contest is based on the reality show, Big Brother. The reality show consists of the confinement of a variable number of participants in a house, being watched by cameras 24 hours a day, without connection with the outside world. They can not communicate with their relatives and friends, read newspapers or use any other way to obtain outside information. Each week, two or three participants are nominated by their partners to face the popular vote, where the most voted by the public is eliminated from the TV show. The participants have to stay in the house until the last day, where the public will choose, through voting, who will be the winner of the grand final prize.

This season, we have a host and it is.............Lea!!!!


Akali by WeAliveira (Evicted)
Courtney by Nίκοs (Evicted)
Grace by Tamatim (Winner)
Jax by inb4 (Evicted)
Jeremiah by -YellowPenguins- (Evicted)
Maurizio by Ivan Ivanovich (Evicted)
Myrtle by MintGold (Evicted)
Rocco by Speedo (Runner Up)
Simon by Ninja Monkey (Evicted)
Yenna by Petey K (Disqualified)


Rounds History:

1st Place: Grace
2nd Place: Rocco
3rd Place: Myrtle
4th Place: Akali
5th Place: Jax
6th Place: Jeremiah
7th Place: Maurizio
8th Place: Courtney
9th Place: Simon
10th Place: Yenna

Round 1:
Yenna disqualified

Round 2:
Courtney - 33,36%
Simon - 66,64%

Round 3:
Courtney - 68,61%
Myrtle - 31,39%

Round 4:
Grace - 6,70%
Jax - 20%
Maurizio - 73,30%

Round 5 (Fake):
Jax - 47,35%
Rocco - 52,65%

Round 6:
Jeremiah - 65,80%
Myrtle - 34,20%

Round 7:
Jax - 55%
Myrtle - 45%

Round 8:
Akali - 52,93%
Myrtle - 47,07%

Round 9:
Myrtle - 51,48%
Rocco - 48,52%

Grace - 62,50%
Rocco - 37,50%
7  Apps / Papa's Pancakeria To Go / Poison's Pancakeria To Go! (Summer Luau) (CLOSED) on: January 23, 2019, 10:36:30 AM
Welcome to my Pancakeria. You can order pancakes here!

Current Holiday: Summer Luau
Total Tips: $347,84
Total Points: 1,843
(After you get your order, give tips and points)

My Chefs:


French Toast
Grill Mixables:
Chocolate Chips
Pineapple Slices
Powdered Sugar
Chocolate Chips
Toasted Coconut
Blueberry Syrup
Maple Syrup
Whipped Cream
Strawberry Syrup
Passionfruit Drizzle
Orange Juice
Luau Punch
Drink Sizes:
Small Size
Large Size
Drink Extras:

Gold Customers:

Silver Customers:

Bronze Customers:

Regular Customers:
John Johns - 1
Tamatim - 2
Nίκοs - 1
Marx (Shinblade) - 2
Canta-Loop - 1
Brother E - 1
Petey K - 1
MarkiplierFana! - 1
wendykang77 - 2
Kandi (Salt) - 1
Simple - 2
GalaxyFan - 1
LordGlade12 - 1
John (ColtsFan18) - 1
8  General / General Discussion / KCP versions on: January 19, 2019, 04:46:08 PM
Show your version of any KCP here. Smiley
9  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / Watch_Cats by Poisoncrene on: January 13, 2019, 03:38:31 PM
"Watch_Cats" is a parody of "Watch_Dogs". Watch Dogs or Watch_Dogs is a videogame released in 2014 and it shows the history of a hacker, Aiden Pearce, in Chicago. I will do some comics based off Watch Dogs and I will post them here. The comics do not have a story, in other words, it's just going to be "random comics" about the game. I completed the story mode of the game, that is why I had this idea. You can send 1 FC to make a cameo in the comics but I will not add all the FCs in all comics, it will be just a cameo. FCs request will be closed when I get 5 FCs.

If you want to see, Here is the cover of the videogame:

Confirmed FCs:
1. Luna by speedo3539
2. Tyler by Petey K

I don't know when I will post the comics because I need to think about how I will do it. I hope you like them. Smiley
10  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / New Color Palette on: January 09, 2019, 04:15:41 PM
Talk about new colors shades for Papa Louie Pals here.
11  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / Free Pals on: January 05, 2019, 01:19:36 PM
Here you can give your Pals. Do some questions/quizzes and the first forumer to answer the questions correctly will receive the Pal.

Fill the text with the right words if you want Florida! (Ignore the bubbles saying "Rate")

Papa's ________ is the 10th Gameria. A holiday of this gameria is ________, unlocked with _______ favored by Mindy, Bertha and Kayla. This is the first gameria where ______ does not favor Summer Luau. The ____ holiday is about Ninjas and the name of the holiday is ________.

12  General / Suggestions / New Halloween Outfits on: December 30, 2018, 03:46:08 PM
Professor Fitz - Ghost Buster
Boomer - Elvis
13  Community / Fan Tournaments / Poison's Customerpalooza Season 2 on: November 29, 2018, 10:24:30 AM
Poison’s Customerpalooza Season 2: Desert Division: Round 1:
Treble by Zetsu  –VS–   Monica by ObedART2015
Marvin by Nίκοs    –VS–    Franky by Petey K

(Round closed)

14  Community / Fan Tournaments / Poison's Customerpalooza Season 2 Entries (CLOSED) on: November 14, 2018, 08:14:48 AM
                                                                          Welcome to my first tournament
Poisoncrene's Customerpalooza Season 2! I made the Season 1 on a Facebook group that I am.

- Send 1 male and 1 female customer only in KCP18.
- Do not send two customers of the same gender or only one customer.
- You can reserve, but please do not take so long to send
Goodluck!  Wink

Males entries:
1. Esteban by Poisoncrene
2. Marvin by Nίκοs
3. Nelson by IamTheCreator
4. Asano by -YellowPenguins-
5. Golden by eevee
6. Jake by SillyPad
7. Remi by Algodecathlon
8. Cody by Sagittarius3
9. Lorenzo by DeluxePizza
10. Andy by LuisAngel01
11. August by speedo3539
12. Franky by Petey K
13. John by ColtsFan18
14. Solomon by Mystic
15. Bass by Zetsu
16. Dominic by ObedART2015
Females entries:
1. Marcolina by Poisoncrene
2. Summer by Nίκοs
3. Fiona by IamTheCreator
4. Lyla by -YellowPenguins-
5. Clara by eevee
6. Naomi by SillyPad
7. Jen by Algodecathlon
8. Obisidian by Sagittarius3
9. Irene by DeluxePizza
10. Bianca by LuisAngel01
11. Dakota by speedo3539
12. Cadance by Petey K
13. Lily by ColtsFan18
14. Ginger by Mystic
15. Treble by Zetsu
16. Monica by ObedART2015

Here is the winner of Season 1 (Leila) and the runner up (Fianna):

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