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16  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Winner Revealed!) on: August 21, 2020, 10:12:09 PM
 On July 6, when the Tournament began nobody could guess which of all these FCs would be able to win the competiton. But now, after 36 Rounds and 68 Matches, we all know the winner of the Anonymous FC Tournament. The FC who managed to outvvote all their opponents and proved to be the strongest in the Tournament is...


Magda!!! Congratulations! Magda managed to outscore Kareem, in a 20-26 victory and win season 5. Her creator must be proud!

In order to avoid revealing the creators and next host in a time where not much people are online, I decided to do so after 9 hours, which is a time a lot of people are online. Till then, see you!
17  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: Phil's Mismatched FC Tournament! (Soda Division Round 2) on: August 21, 2020, 10:29:00 AM
Νοva and Rodney!
18  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Grand Finals!) on: August 21, 2020, 09:42:02 AM
maybe his creator is you?
He can't be made by me, I don't have any packs. I just participated in this joke and went way too far. I apologize for that, sorry if it annoyed some of you.
19  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Grand Finals!) on: August 21, 2020, 09:37:58 AM
two final questions?  

is basketballhead gonna get penalised?
and do you guys forgive me?

a) That's up to the next host, though, I believe that he shouldn't. I'll discuss with them about making troll entries illegal in future tournaments, but since there was no rule in this season, he shouldn't be punished. Everyone can agree that Basketball Head shouldn't have gotten all these votes (extremely in the Wildcard Round), but this wasn't something his creator did, but something everyone who voted him did. It was just a joke that went too far, I don't think he should be penaltized for that.
b) Of course man. Personaly, I am not mad at anyone who revealed their entries. I just want an action to be taken, since such revelations make the tournament less funny. I don't think anyone else has a problem either.
20  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Grand Finals!) on: August 21, 2020, 09:09:39 AM
And now it's 4 people total: Ibzy, Peryton, Overbord, and Breadstick.
Bruh, wow. The entries are going to be revealed literally tomorrow. Couldn't these guys just wait for one day? I rethought about the penalties and from now on, I'll use Speedo's idea. If someone reveals their entries, they will be put in a waitlist in the next season and if there are more than 32 users submitting, those fellows are going to be left out. That means that in the next season, Ibzy Peryton, Overbord and Breadstick are going to be in the waitlist. I'm sick and tired of forumers revealing their submissions, extremely when we are one day away from the reveal. I hope this penalty system will stop other guys from doing so.
21  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Grand Finals!) on: August 20, 2020, 01:23:01 AM
Congratulations to Mel for outvoting Desmond with score 18-16 and getting the third place!

Grand Finals

 The time we've all been waiting for has come! It's time for the Grand Finals! In two days, we'll know who the winner of the Anonymous FC Tournamnet Season 5 will be! On the left, we have our first competitor, Kareem. Kareem started this tournament by beating Marvin and then outvoted Roddy and Grace to become the Sterling Division winner. After three other matches, with Charlie, Apollo and Desmond, Kareem managed to reach the finals! Will he win today? We'll see. On the right, we have Magda, who became the Kaleb Division winner after beating some very strong opponents, Mel, Judy and Kade. Afterwards, she beated Larkspur and Basketball Head and finally won Mel for the second time to get a spot in the finals. Today, see'll try to win the title of AFCT5 winner. So, you fellows decide who this season's winner is going to be. Kareem or Magda? It's up to you! Vote for the FC you want to see getting the winner title!

22  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Third Place Playoff) on: August 19, 2020, 11:41:41 AM
 By the way, since the Tournament is almost over, I think that it's a good time for me to start considering who should the next host be. I'm going to select the next host having in mind the things below:

a) Their background in Tournaments
b) Their activity on the forum
c) Their editing skills (if you have all the packs and want to make the next season in PLP let me know)
d) Their general attitude in the forum
e) The amount of love they provided to Basketball Head
Also, I decided, in order to make the Tournament more fair, to reduce the chances of a forumer who violated the Tournament rules to host next season. I think that that's the best penalty someone can get, since expeling them from the next season would be too unfair. I'll have in mind small violations too, though they won't have a really significant role in my final opinion. Moreover, I'm going to discuss with the season 6 host about adding a series of penalties for users who don't respect the rules that will be valid in all the next seasons, in order to make competitors respect the tournament rules more.

 That's it for now. If you are interested in hosting Season 6, PM me! Thanks! Smiley
23  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Third Place Playoff) on: August 19, 2020, 01:38:30 AM
Congratulations to Kareem and Magda for outvoting their opponents with scores 20-18 and 25-13 each! Those two will face each other in the finals tomorrow!

Third Place Playoff

 Before we go to this season's finals, there is still one match left which will last one day and will decide which FC will get the third place. On the left, we have Desmond, the Eva Division winner who lost to Kareem in the Semis and on the right, Mel, the girl who got here by gathering 9 votes in the Wildcard Round, but lost to Magda in the previous round. Vote for the one who deserves the third place!

24  General / Forum Discussion / Re: Forum Groups on: August 18, 2020, 03:57:51 AM
The Gameria Expert
A Building

The color of mood is blue
JEBZ Komics

Add me to Christians too, please! Smiley
25  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Semi Finals) on: August 17, 2020, 12:39:42 AM
Congratulations to Magda and Mel for outvoting their opponents with scores 31-9 and 24-16 each!

First Semi Final

 For the first round today, two boys will fight for the first spot in the final! On the left, we have Kareem, the Sterling Division winner who got here by winning Apollo and on the right Desmond, who represends Eva Division and outvoted Larkspur in the Quarter Finals. Who will be the first finalist? It's time to see.

Second Semi Final

 For the second Semi Final, an interesting match takes place, since its competitiors, Magda and Mel have already faced each other in the first round of Kaleb Division. Magda, who managed to outscore her opponent in the first match, won Kaleb Division and took a spot in the Semis by beating the legend, Basketball Head. On the other side, Mel, came back after she gathered 9 votes in the Wildcard Round and outvoted Dexter in the Quarter Finals. Will Magda win again, or will Mel get more votes this time? We'll see.

26  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Quarter Finals Round 4) on: August 14, 2020, 10:49:18 PM
Thanks for the 56 votes! Congrats to Kareem and Desmond for beating their opponents both with score 35-21!

Quarter Finals Round 4, Match 1

For today's first match, BASKETBALL HEAD, undoubtedly the best FC in this Tournament, is coming back. In fact, the only reason he was eliminated in his first round, is because BASKETBALL HEAD was aware that there was going to be a wildcard round, so, in order not to destroy a lot of FCs, he decided to let Lucas win and come back in this round. If he wanted to win, he could have persuaded all of you to vote him. Though, BASKETBALL HEAD understands how devastating it is to face such a legend in an early round of this tournament and didn't make you vote him. Consequently, BASKETBALL HEAD is a great man who cares about his fellow competitors and is without a doubt the hottest FC in the Tournament so VOTE FOR BASKETBALL HEAD. He is going to face Magda btw

Quarter Finals Round 4, Match 2

 For today's second and less improtant match, Dexter, the charismatic cartoonist who came here by outvoting Glinda will face Mel, the 30-year-old dating coach from Toastwood who lost to Magda in the first round of Kaleb Division, but came back via the Wildcard Round. Vote for your favourite!

27  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Quarter Finals Round 3) on: August 14, 2020, 12:47:21 AM
had to go back FOUR PAGES to find the images Bored I know chat's a good thing but at some point it becomes spammy
You can find the rounds on the main post, where it says "Round Links". Just open the spoiler and click the most recent round.
28  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Quarter Finals Round 3) on: August 13, 2020, 02:49:34 AM
Apollo and Larkspur
Also I hope Mel doesn’t get paired up with Magda again Grimace
Oh, I forgot to mention that I made sure nobody will face someone they faced before in the Tournament from their first Round. That means that Magda is going to face the troll and Dexter will face Mel.
29  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Quarter Finals Round 3) on: August 13, 2020, 02:43:22 AM
Since the Wildcard Round Results are out, we'll get back in the competition! The pairs have been decided by a random number generator, but I made sure that nobody will face an opponent they have faced in a previous round again.

Quarter Finals Round 3, Match 1

 For the first round after the Wildcard Round, two boys will fight for a spot in the Semis! On the left, we have Apollo, the 20-year-old College Student who gathered the most votes, 11, in the Wildcard Round and on the left we have Kareem, the Roller Coaster loving student who beated Charlie in his last round. Vote for your favourite!

Quarter Finals Round 3, Match 2

 For the second round today, two other guys will fight for the win. Desmond, the ice cream parlor worker from Oniontown who beated Fiona in the previous round of the Quarter Finals, will face Larkspur, the 24-year-old live-action roleplayer who lost to Magda but came back by receiving seven votes in the Wildcard Round. Vote for the best!

Also, I've decided not to do the guessing round, since people don't seem that interested about it, others are waiting for the next season while others don't want to guess. In order not to slow things up, I'll have to postpone it. Thanks!
30  Community / Fan Tournaments / Re: The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Wildcard Round Results) on: August 13, 2020, 01:12:56 AM
Wildcard Round Results

So, the Wildcard Round is over and it's time to see the results!
Those are the FCs who got votes during the Wildcard Round, but didn't have enough to qualify:

1 vote:
Aelia, Ameer, Antoine, Eva, Fiona, Giovanni, Grace, Kade, Travis, Trinity, Vedran and Winter

2 votes:
Absence, Alison, Ashlyn, Gloria, Josef, Kiera, Lucas, Mason, Miriam and Roxanne

3 votes:
Ashlie, Clarissa, Cynthia, Emma and Roddy

4 votes:
Andril, Charlie, Fabrizio and Varga

And, bellow are the winners of the Wildcard Round! The first winner, with six votes is...

That's right! The FC who got eliminated in the second round of Rollie Division by Lucas is back! Let's see if he can surprise everyone and get a spot in the Semi-Finals!

The second winner, with seven votes in total, is...

The fellow who managed to reach the Quarter Finals but lost to Magda is going to have another chance to prove that he's worth it! Let's see if he can make it to the Semis this time!

The third winner, with the total amount of 9 votes, is the only female winner...

The gal who also lost to Magda in the first Round of Kaleb Division, is going to have a second chance! Can see win a spot to the Semis? We'll see!

And, the fourth winner, the man with the most votes, counting 11 whole votes in total, is none other than...

The FC who reached the Division Finals but lost to Fiona gets another chance to win this tournament! We'll see if he is good enough soon!

That's it for the Wildcard Round! New round is coming later today! Thanks! Smiley
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