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1  Community / Fan Tournaments / Nίκοs' FC Tournament 2019 on: May 16, 2019, 05:29:00 AM
Welcome to my FC Tournament!

 Hello and welcome to Nίκοs' FC Tournament 2019! In this Tournament all my 48 Fan Characters will compete against each other. The winner will be my first entry in the next Kingsley's Customerpalooza!

 Because my male FCs outnumber the female ones, in the first Phase of this Tournament, the Qualifiers, only male FCs will participate. They will be splited into eight Groups (A-H). Then every FC in the group will face his other three opponents. When a Fan Character wins a match, he will be awarded with three points, if he loses he won't get any points, while in case of a tie, both FCs will share one point. The two FCs with the most points in each group, will be qualified to the last Phase, the Knockouts. There sixteen male and sixteen female characters will be splited into four divisions (Summer Luau Division, Onionfest Division, Valentine's Day Division and Cherry Blossom Festival Division). It will work like KCP, the winner moves on, the loser is eliminated. The FC that will win all his oponents will be my first Customerpalooza entry!
 In the first Phase every match will last only one day. Every day three new matches will be available to vote. In the second Phase, every match will last one day and two matches will be available to vote. I hope you enjoy the Tournament!

Current Matches:
2  Community / Fan Characters / Nίκοs' FCs and Q&A on: December 12, 2018, 07:34:10 AM
Welcome to my FC Topic!

I will post my Fan Characters here. You can express your opinion about 'em, tell me if you think that they need changes and ask them Questions.

12/12/2018: Summer Styles A&B, Marvin Styles A&B and Flipdeck, Valentino Style A
12/13/2018: Noah Styles A&B, Owen Styles A&B and Flipdeck
12/15/2018: Oliver Styles A&B, Valentino Style B, Noah Flipdeck
12/19/2018: Katarina Styles A&B
12/20/2018: Added poll
12/21/2018: Summer Flipdeck, Haylee Styles A&B
12/24/2018: Pumpkin Styles A&B, Flipdeck
12/27/2018: Katarina Flipdeck, Wiki Styles A&B
12/29/2018: Haylee Flipdeck, Phoenix Styles A&B
12/31/2018: Reilly Styles A&B, Felix Styles A&B
01/02/2019: Luna Styles A&B, Jules Styles A&B, Flipdeck
01/06/2019: Emmett Styles A&B
01/08/2019: Frederick Styles A&B, Valentino Halloween Style
01/10/2019: Joffrey Styles A&B, Small Changes on Marvin's Flipdeck
01/12/2019: Wiki Flipdeck
01/15/2019: Mao Styles A&B, Flipdeck
01/16/2019: Noir Styles A&B, Bilis Styles A&B, KCP13, 15, 16 Edition
01/20/2019: Pachinko Styles A&B, Flipdeck
01/21/2019: Cosmo Styles A&B, Small changes on Summer
01/24/2019: Marvin Fan art by Ninja Monkey, Reilly Flipdeck
01/26/2019: Sam Styles A&B, Coby Styles A, B1&B2
01/27/2019: Phoenix Flipdeck
01/29/2019: Aiko Styles A&B
02/03/2019: FCs made with PLP section, Rusty Styles A, B&H
02/06/2019: Wanda Styles A&B, Palermo Styles A&B
02/09/2019: Olivia Styles A, B&H, Guillermo Style A, Palermo Flipdeck
02/10/2019: Rusty Style B2, Geison Styles A&B, Courtney Styles A&B
02/17/2019: Alexandra Styles A&B, Pinto Style A, Garbanzo Styles A1, A2, B& Halloween Style
02/24/2019: Updated Wiki, Pinto Style B, Constance Styles A&B, Flipdeck Pic, Alexandra Flipdeck Pic
03/03/2019: Updated Noah, Langham Styles A&B, Flipdeck Pic, Rusty & Courtney Flipdeck Pic
03/10/2019: Updated Summer & Reilly, Georgie Styles A&B, Guillermo Style B, Langham Flipdeck
03/17/2019: Updated Valentino, Oliver, Phoenix & Cosmo, Lorelei Styles A&B, Jaguar Styles A&B
03/19/2019: Updated Marvin, Haylee, Mao, Noir & Aiko
03/24/2019: Updated Pumpkin, Jules, Luna & Palermo, Cole Styles A&B
03/31/2019: Updated Owen & Katarina, Vince Style A
04/14/2019: Updated Noah, Wiki, Joffrey, Parker (Pachinko) & Coby, Vince Style B, Sisi Styles A&B
04/21/2019: Updated Frederick, Emmett, Sam & Guillermo, Mini Styles A&B, Gusepe Styles A&B
05/12/2019: Updated Felix, Bilis, Wanda & Olivia, Pinto Style B2, Marissa Styles A&B
06/30/2019: Ernesto Styles A&B, Bilis Style H, Marvin, Pumpkin, Frederick & Ernesto Flipdeck Pic
07/22/2019: Updated Summer & Noah, Ruben Styles A&B, Started Giveaway
07/28/2019: Updated Marvin, Valentino & Jaguar, Margot Styles A&B, Closed Giveaway
08/17/2019: Updated Oliver, Phoenix, Owen, Haylee, Frederick & Parker, Sterling Styles A&B
08/24/2019: Updated Luna, Alexandra, Constance & Lorelei, Noah Flipdeck, Leonidas Styles A&B
11/24/2019: Updated Summer, Marvin, Valentino, Noah & Oliver, Marvin & Noah Flipdeck, Christopher Styles A&B
01/02/2020: Updated Phoenix, Owen, Haylee, Frederick & Reilly, Phoenix Flipdeck, Calvin Styles A&B
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