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1  Community / Fan Characters / FC Secret Santa 2020 [Creators Revealed!] on: December 23, 2020, 04:36:38 AM
Hello there folks! Welcome to my new game...

Credits to Lynx for the scene

 This game is really simple; Whenever you want, you can sign up by posting in this topic. From the time you sign until January 1, you must send me: a) a photo of a FC you haven't posted before and want to give away and b) a message to the receiver containing Christmas wishes and optionally a clue that you made the FC.
 On January 2, I'll make a draw and everyone will randomly get one of the FCs submitted! Afterwards, you can discuss your FC and try to guess it's creator, until the creators are revealed on January 6. Then, you can keep the FC and make any changes you like! I hope you enjoy the game and have a merry Christmas! Smiley

1. ImConfused
2. Lammy
3. Petey K
4. -Flare-
5. Katakuri
6. -Iced_Ibzy-
7. Zuko
8. Sokka
9. Timm~Quinn
10. Girasolito Happy
11. Revali
12. Cybertronic Gamer
13. Qualityghosst
14. Opal
15. Forneus
16. Ianiant
17. Dlsja
18. CinnamonGirl
19. Shyuri
20. Karrot
21. Prismatic
22. Kismala
2  Community / Fan Tournaments / The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 5 (Creators Revealed - Part 4) on: July 04, 2020, 12:10:28 AM

Meme by Cacti

Hello everyone and welcome to...

In Season 2, hosted by Captain Kory, NeonRaccoon's Evelyn beat Soul Survivor's Mekhi in the finals with one vote difference and became the winner. In Season 3, James' Jayson outvoted Tamatim's Anushka and took the winner title. Finally, in Season 4, hosted by Canyon, both of my submissions, Kyoko and Sterling made it to the finals, but Kyoko managed to get more votes. Now, the time has come for Season 5! Who will win? It's time to find that out!

This Tournament is very simple. Whenever you want, until we reach 64 entries, you can submit two FCs, a boy and a girl by sending a PM to me. However, these FCs cannot have been seen by anyone but yourself. At the end of the tournament, the creators of each FC will be revealed.

In this Tournament, the four first divisions will be named after last season's finalists! Let's welcome the winner Kyoko (made by me), the runner up, Sterling (also made by me Cool), Eva (made by Petey K) and Chimaera (made by Ecopania)

Credits to James for creating the scene

Finally, in Season 5, I've decided to introduce a new feature, in order to make the Tournament more interesting. After the first two Rounds are over and all the FCs are revealed, every participant will have to guess which user made which FC by sending a PM to me. You will be able to send me your guesses until the Semi-Finals are out. Of course, if you had sent the guesses to me earlier, you can change anything you want until the Semis. The forumers with the most accurate guesses will win a FC! (if you don't need it, inform me and the next forumer will be awarded instead)

That's it for now! The sign-ups are open and will remain opened until we reach 64 entries. Please read the rules carefully before submitting. Thanks!

Sign-Up Rules:
-YOU MUST SUBMIT VIA A PM. Reserves are not accepted. Do not state anywere that you're participating until the creators are revealed.
-You must submit one male and one female FC. If you submit two FCs of the same gender, your entries won't be accepted.
-Your submissions must have not been seen by anyone but yourself. If I have seen the entries before they won't be accepted. If the entries are not anonymous but I haven't seen them and I add them to the competition, the whole idea of the Tournament will be destroyed, so please submit only FCs that nobody except from you has seen.
-In the PM, you must include the following:
a) The names of your FCs
b) Two PLP Scenes, one for each entry, using white background
c) A confirmation stating that your entries have never seen by anyone else but yourself and
d) Some information about the entry, like their age, occupation, hometown etc. That's nothing really special, it is only going to be needed as an introduction when the FCs are first revealed. Please choose a city within the Flipverse.
Tournament Rules:
-From now on, until the creators are revealed, do not reveal your FCs. Also, do not state whether or not you have taken part in this season. In addition, if you know someone else's entries, do not reveal them either. This rule applies on this topic, in the shoutbox, or elsewhere outside or inside the forum.
-When people guess the creators of the FCs in each round, be respectful of their guesses. Don't react heavily and don't start fights.
-When you give feedback for the FCs, don't be rude and try to write them in a respectful way without using insulting characterisations.
-Do not advertise this Tournament anywhere outside the forum. Such thing will ruin the anonymity, while it will cause other problems too, so please respect my job as the host and don't make things harder.

Bracket (Credits to NeonRaccoon):
Kyoko Division
Fabrizio vs Heikki
• Dante vs Giovanni

               • Fabrizio vs Giovanni
                                                         • Fabrizio vs Charlie
               • Charlie vs Trinity

Charlie vs Katora
Trinity vs Fay

Sterling Division                                                  • Charlie vs Kareem
• Marvin vs Kareem
• Michael vs Roddy

               • Kareem vs Roddy
                                                         • Kareem vs Grace
               • Grace vs Eva

• Demi-Leigh vs Grace
• Miriam vs Eva

Eva Division                                                                         •  Kareem vs Desmond
Travis vs Buzzle
• Treyton vs Desmond

               • Travis vs Desmond
                                                         • Desmond vs Kiera
               • Alison vs Kiera

• Absence vs Alison
Kiera vs Yvonne

Chimaera Division                                                   • Desmond vs Fiona
Apollo vs Carlos
• Theo vs Dominguez

               • Apollo vs Dominguez
                                                         • Apollo vs Fiona
               • Aelia vs Fiona

• Winter vs Aelia
• BlackForest vs Fiona

Kaleb Division                                                                                         • Kareem vs Magda
• Daniel vs Kade
Mason vs Vikram

               • Kade vs Mason
                                                         • Kade vs Magda
               • Magda vs Judy

Magda vs Mel
• Zondra vs Judy

Daniela Division                                                        • Magda vs Larkspur
Vedran vs Quentin
• Olly vs Larkspur

               • Vedran vs Larkspur
                                                         • Larkspur vs Ashlyn
               • Ashlyn vs Clarissa

Ashlyn vs Gloria
Clarissa vs Emma

Rollie Division                                                                         • Magda vs Mel
Ameer vs Antoine
Lucas vs Basketball Head

               • Ameer vs Lucas
                                                         • Lucas vs Glinda
               • Glinda vs Ashlie

• Roxanne vs Glinda
• Ursula vs Ashlie

Evelyn Division                                                       • Glinda vs Dexter
Dexter vs Koji
Andril vs Josef

               • Dexter vs Andril
                                                        • Dexter vs Cynthia
               • Varga vs Cynthia

Varga vs Everly
• Tori vs Cynthia
Round Links:

A Tier List made by Ibzy can be found here:

I hope you like the Tournament! Smiley
3  Community / Fan Characters / Nίκοs' FC Archive on: June 07, 2020, 11:34:46 AM
Welcome to my FC Archive!

Hello everyone! Smiley Welcome to my FC Archive! Since pretty much everyone has created an archive, I decided join them too! This topic will remain locked. When it is unlocked please don't post here.

 If you want to ask my FCs questions, visit my original FC Topic here:

 Thanks James for helping me with the pack items! I appreciate it! Cheesy
4  Community / Fan Tournaments / Nίκοs' FC Tournament 2020 on: April 25, 2020, 09:48:32 AM
Welcome to my FC Tournament!

 Hello everyone! Welcome to Nίκοs' FC Tournament 2020! In this tournament, all my 48 FCs will compete against each other and the winner is going to be entered in the next Kingsley's Customerpalooza!

 As last year, the tournament will be consisted of two phases. First we have the Qualifiers, were all my characters will be splited in twelve Groups (A-L). There are gonna be four fellows in each group and everyone will face three opponents. When a Character wins a match, he will be awarded with three points, if he loses he won't get any points, while in case of a tie, both FCs will share one point. The two FCs with the most points in each group are qualified to the second phase. The next phase is called Knockouts. There the twenty four FCs who were qualified will be splited in four divisions: Summer Luau Division, Cherry Blossom Festival Division, Mardi Gras Division and Comet-Con Division. It works just like KCP, the winner moves on, while the loser is eliminated. Sometime in the Knockouts, some eliminated FCs will have the chance to return to the competition. Then, you will vote your favourite eliminated character and the two with the most votes will return! The winning FC is going to be my first Customerpalooza entry!

 Like last year, in the first phase every match will last only one day. Every day three new matches will be available to vote. In the second phase, every match will last one day and two matches will be available to vote. I hope you enjoy the tournament and that more people are going to vote this year!

Current Matches:
5  Community / Fan Tournaments / Nίκοs' FC Tournament 2019 on: May 16, 2019, 05:29:00 AM
Welcome to my FC Tournament!

 Hello and welcome to Nίκοs' FC Tournament 2019! In this Tournament all my 48 Fan Characters will compete against each other. The winner will be my first entry in the next Kingsley's Customerpalooza!

 Because my male FCs outnumber the female ones, in the first Phase of this Tournament, the Qualifiers, only male FCs will participate. They will be splited into eight Groups (A-H). Then every FC in the group will face his other three opponents. When a Fan Character wins a match, he will be awarded with three points, if he loses he won't get any points, while in case of a tie, both FCs will share one point. The two FCs with the most points in each group, will be qualified to the last Phase, the Knockouts. There sixteen male and sixteen female characters will be splited into four divisions (Summer Luau Division, Onionfest Division, Valentine's Day Division and Cherry Blossom Festival Division). It will work like KCP, the winner moves on, the loser is eliminated. The FC that will win all his oponents will be my first Customerpalooza entry!
 In the first Phase every match will last only one day. Every day three new matches will be available to vote. In the second Phase, every match will last one day and two matches will be available to vote. I hope you enjoy the Tournament!

Current Matches:
6  Community / Fan Characters / Nίκοs' FCs and Q&A on: December 12, 2018, 07:34:10 AM
Welcome to my FC Topic!

I will post my Fan Characters here. You can express your opinion about 'em, tell me if you think that they need changes and ask them Questions.

12/12/2018: Summer Styles A&B, Marvin Styles A&B and Flipdeck, Valentino Style A
12/13/2018: Noah Styles A&B, Owen Styles A&B and Flipdeck
12/15/2018: Oliver Styles A&B, Valentino Style B, Noah Flipdeck
12/19/2018: Katarina Styles A&B
12/20/2018: Added poll
12/21/2018: Summer Flipdeck, Haylee Styles A&B
12/24/2018: Pumpkin Styles A&B, Flipdeck
12/27/2018: Katarina Flipdeck, Wiki Styles A&B
12/29/2018: Haylee Flipdeck, Phoenix Styles A&B
12/31/2018: Reilly Styles A&B, Felix Styles A&B
01/02/2019: Luna Styles A&B, Jules Styles A&B, Flipdeck
01/06/2019: Emmett Styles A&B
01/08/2019: Frederick Styles A&B, Valentino Halloween Style
01/10/2019: Joffrey Styles A&B, Small Changes on Marvin's Flipdeck
01/12/2019: Wiki Flipdeck
01/15/2019: Mao Styles A&B, Flipdeck
01/16/2019: Noir Styles A&B, Bilis Styles A&B, KCP13, 15, 16 Edition
01/20/2019: Pachinko Styles A&B, Flipdeck
01/21/2019: Cosmo Styles A&B, Small changes on Summer
01/24/2019: Marvin Fan art by Ninja Monkey, Reilly Flipdeck
01/26/2019: Sam Styles A&B, Coby Styles A, B1&B2
01/27/2019: Phoenix Flipdeck
01/29/2019: Aiko Styles A&B
02/03/2019: FCs made with PLP section, Rusty Styles A, B&H
02/06/2019: Wanda Styles A&B, Palermo Styles A&B
02/09/2019: Olivia Styles A, B&H, Guillermo Style A, Palermo Flipdeck
02/10/2019: Rusty Style B2, Geison Styles A&B, Courtney Styles A&B
02/17/2019: Alexandra Styles A&B, Pinto Style A, Garbanzo Styles A1, A2, B& Halloween Style
02/24/2019: Updated Wiki, Pinto Style B, Constance Styles A&B, Flipdeck Pic, Alexandra Flipdeck Pic
03/03/2019: Updated Noah, Langham Styles A&B, Flipdeck Pic, Rusty & Courtney Flipdeck Pic
03/10/2019: Updated Summer & Reilly, Georgie Styles A&B, Guillermo Style B, Langham Flipdeck
03/17/2019: Updated Valentino, Oliver, Phoenix & Cosmo, Lorelei Styles A&B, Jaguar Styles A&B
03/19/2019: Updated Marvin, Haylee, Mao, Noir & Aiko
03/24/2019: Updated Pumpkin, Jules, Luna & Palermo, Cole Styles A&B
03/31/2019: Updated Owen & Katarina, Vince Style A
04/14/2019: Updated Noah, Wiki, Joffrey, Parker (Pachinko) & Coby, Vince Style B, Sisi Styles A&B
04/21/2019: Updated Frederick, Emmett, Sam & Guillermo, Mini Styles A&B, Gusepe Styles A&B
05/12/2019: Updated Felix, Bilis, Wanda & Olivia, Pinto Style B2, Marissa Styles A&B
06/30/2019: Ernesto Styles A&B, Bilis Style H, Marvin, Pumpkin, Frederick & Ernesto Flipdeck Pic
07/22/2019: Updated Summer & Noah, Ruben Styles A&B, Started Giveaway
07/28/2019: Updated Marvin, Valentino & Jaguar, Margot Styles A&B, Closed Giveaway
08/17/2019: Updated Oliver, Phoenix, Owen, Haylee, Frederick & Parker, Sterling Styles A&B
08/24/2019: Updated Luna, Alexandra, Constance & Lorelei, Noah Flipdeck, Leonidas Styles A&B
11/24/2019: Updated Summer, Marvin, Valentino, Noah & Oliver, Marvin & Noah Flipdeck, Christopher Styles A&B
01/02/2020: Updated Phoenix, Owen, Haylee, Frederick & Reilly, Phoenix Flipdeck, Calvin Styles A&B
03/15/2020: Updated Wiki, Emmett, Luna, Jeffrey & Mao, Audrey Styles A&B
04/20/2020: Updated Bilis, Parker, Coby, Aiko & Wanda, Reilly, Wiki, Parker & Constance Flipdeck, Bradley Styles A&B
04/23/2020: Updated Rusty, Alexandra, Courtney, Blake, Constance, Ephraim, Georgie, Jaguar, Lorelei & Cole, Summer, Owen, Haylee & Mao Flipdeck, Jackie, Oscar & Ozzie Styles A&B
04/25/2020: Updated Vince, Simona, Marissa, Ernesto, Ruben, Margot & Sterling, Rusty & Constance Fan Art, Cedric, Joaquin & Phoebe Styles A&B

My FC Archive:
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