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1  General / Forum Discussion / hi im confused on: August 19, 2019, 10:06:23 AM
hello im wicky [vampire girl]
so i like just started becoming active here again and i am confuzzled about a few things
i can't see the shoutbox and i can't quote links, so is this like a new thing that new members aren't allowed to do stuff? i been here for 5 yrs and i don't consider myself a "new" member ;-; so i have to get my post count up again to do most things here now??

sorry if this is a useless topic u can delete it after
2  Community / Community Q&A / Wicky's Q&A on: November 21, 2018, 04:37:50 AM
ask questions you know the drill les go : )
3  General / Forum Discussion / Just a quick note from someone you know. on: November 19, 2018, 08:02:30 PM
Most of you probably can already tell who i am. I want you to forget about the version of me that you know cause who is that little weird girl? idk her.

First I would like to say hi. This really is a great place full of great people. The dudes who run this forum are super duper cool and make super duper cool games. You rock, mates. I'm not an active follower on this stuff anymore but I do like to check in and see what's up. You guys are always doing well. Also, I have lost my skill in your games. xD

I came here when I was about 12 years old, under the name VampireGirl12. Yes, I'm still a vampire fanatic, yes, I'm still a girl, but no, I am not 12 anymore. As you can assume, I'm 16 and a half precisely. I'm a junior in high school, and I'm finally driving. Gonna get that license and (literally) get the show on the road.

Guess wot? I turned emo!! Great style to have. I hope you see that too.. xD

The next thing I want to say is: sorry. Sorry for the way I've been to y'all, I really love y'all. I miss the times I had with you guys, but that was back when I was immature and still socially trying to be accepted. No, I'm not saying that the things I did was okay, but I guess it's understandable for a twelve-year-old who has never been on the internet before. I'm proud to say that I've moved on from those times and my 2-year-long break has changed me a ton.

During that break my grades in school rose quite high, I'm in the top 3% of my class at the moment. Pretty neat stuff, huh? Still struggling a little bit with my college-level classes but, I'll make it, I hope.

Apart from that, I have been a bit miserable. My brain feels sick, I'm tired, lazy, and I let my health go quite a bit. I think and do harmful things sometimes. But I hope I can get through that. People are helping me through it and I can occasionally feel happiness. Maybe gaining the friends back that I had here will make me feel better.

I want to give a tiny shoutout to someone here who I've hurt WAY too much for no reason -- KitKatExtreme. You know I was just jealous of you, right? You're pretty, smart, and literally perfect. Again, me being me, I just wanted to share some attention. You rock girl. I really look up to you and I'm dreadfully sorry for everything.

I miss my old friends here who introduced me to fandoms and music that I STILL listen to. Vocaloid and anime have not left my soul, and neither will you fans leave my soul either. : )

Conclusively, I'm back with the belief that I changed. I hope I get to talk to all of you again, and PLEASE forget about the cringey me of the past. It's so traumatic to think about it. xD

I need to sleep. Toodles.
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