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1  Community / Fan Tournaments / Aliveira's FCs Tournament (And The Winner Is...) on: February 26, 2019, 05:16:37 PM
Welcome to all my first FCs Tournament
-Every 2 or 3 days will be a new round
-Want to view my FCs:
Enjoy :3
The Meateor 1st Round:11
The Meateor 2nd Round:7
Lomi-Lomi Bruschetta 1st Round:10
Lomi-Lomi Bruschetta 2nd Round:6
Fruity Rooster 1st Round:5
Fruity Rooster 2nd Round:7
Strawberry Shortcake 1st Round:7
Strawberry Shortcake 2nd Round:6
The Meateor 3rd Round:8
Fruity Rooster 3rd Round:4
Lomi-Lomi Bruschetta 3rd Round:5
Strawberry Shortcake 3rd Round:6
Division Finals 1st Round:5
Division Finals 2nd Round:10
Top FCs Votes
1.Akali with 30 votes
2.Marcy with 30 votes
3.Luke with 17 votes
4.Hellen with 15 votes
5.Ryan (Onion) with 13 votes
6.Abby with 12 votes
7.Eduard with 10 votes
8.Lia with 8 votes
9.Harry with 8 votes
10.Chris with 7 votes
11.Ciary with 6 votes
12.Kyle with 6 votes
13.Alice with 5 votes
14.Yuner with 5 votes
15.Mark with 5 votes
16.Dina with 5 votes
17.Lily with 4 votes
18.Rocky with 4 votes
19.Alana with 4 votes
20.Anna with 3 votes
21.Trip with 3 votes
22.Mikey with 3 votes
23.Soru with 3 votes
24.Ryan with 3 votes
25.Cliff with 3 votes
26.Gabriela with 2 votes
27.Ginger with 2 votes
28.Jin with 2 votes
29.Wafi with 1 vote
30.Kelly with 1 vote
31.Tom with 1 vote
32.Nora with 1 vote
2  Community / Fan Characters / WeAliveira FCs Topic With Q&A And Challenges (Added Poll) on: January 22, 2019, 08:34:42 AM
Hello this is the topic of my FCs i want to say thanks to Ianiant,Poisoncrene and Ninja Monkey for saying to me how to do the Show and Hide thing and if you want to use one of my FCs only PM me,you can ask something to my FCs Q&A hope all enjoy :3
Added Mathias,Alice,Alana,Kelly,Mikey,Nora,Chris and Jin information,Added Poll,Added 4 new customers (Vali,Soru,Tom and Marcy),Removed Poll,Added Q&A Option (22/01/2019)
Added Abby space,Added Trip,Gabriela,Marcy,Abby and Ryan information (23/01/2019)
Added Challenges ,Added 4 new spaces for customers (Ciary,Isdy,Yuner,Cliff) (28/01/2019)
Added Akali,Ginger,Sally and Hellen information (29/01/2019)
Added Anna,Lily,Wafi,Eliane,Kyle,Ryan a.k.a Oniontown Guy,Mike,Mark,Dina,Stevenson,Rocky,Hugh,Eduard,Vali,Tom,Soru,Ciary,Isdy,Yuner and Cliff information,Added poll (31/01/2019)
Added Mathias flipdeck,Added valentine's style to Mathias and Hugh,Added glasses to Yuner (02/02/2019)
Added Connie and Luke information (05/02/2019)
Added Shoko,Lia and Harry information (15/02/2019)
Added Akali,Abby and Ryan flipdeck (20/02/2019)
Added 10 new customers,Soru's styles are different,Added Isdy Style H,Orders space and puted betas space (16/03/2019)
Added Alice flipdeck information (07/04/2019)
From Nίκοs:Mathias can your wear Alice's clothes?  Laugh
From Ivan Ivanovich:Alice,can you wear Ben's style B?
From Tamatim:Alice, I challenge you to wear Akali's style A clothes.  Tongue
From Ivan Ivanovich:Hellen, jump on the table and say: "I'M A QUEEN!!"  Laugh
From Brother Z:Hellen, eat all Papa's Cupcakeria's cupcakes  Laugh
From Petey K:I dare Mathias to meet Petey me
From Ivan Ivanovich:Matthias, say your name backwards!
From Brother E: Matthias, meet Joey Jr. Detective.
3  Community / Fan Tournaments / Aliveira's Palooza Season 2 (And The Winner Is...) on: January 08, 2019, 02:38:49 PM
Welcome to all to the season 2 of my tournament here are some points
-Every 2 days will be a new round and if i cant post it i will have an excuse
-If i do something wrong with one of your customers send me what is wrong and i fix it
Lunar Eclipse 1st Round:11
Lunar Eclipse 2nd Round:10
Daybreak Delight 1st Round:9
Daybreak Delight 2nd Round:11
Sugar Dragon 1st Round:9
Sugar Dragon 2nd Round:11
Marbled Mushroom 1st Round:14
Marbled Mushroom 2nd Round:12
Lunar Eclipse 3rd Round:14
Daybreak Delight 3rd Round:10
Sugar Dragon 3rd Round:10
Marbled Mushroom 3rd Round:10
Division Finals 1st Round:9
Division Finals 2nd Round:11
And pls have fun and enjoy
4  Community / Fan Tournaments / Aliveira's Palooza ENDED on: December 22, 2018, 09:35:53 AM
The tournament started the divisions will have only 4 customers because i dont haved more customers for use and the name of the divisions will be:
Luau Punch      Royal Anne
Wild Berry        Banana Split
Hope all enjoy
5  Community / Community Q&A / WeAliveira Q&A on: December 01, 2018, 03:27:09 PM
Please question now  :3
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