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1  General / Help and Support / What happened to some of my Pals' eyebrows/eyeshadow after the PLP update? on: November 13, 2019, 02:06:49 AM
Has anyone else had their Pals' eyes changed after updating Papa Louie Pals?
Before the update:

After the update:

Before the update:

After the update:

How did this happen? Undecided
2  General / Suggestions / More Holiday Colours on: October 31, 2019, 09:15:26 PM
Christmas has seemed to lack theme colours IMO

Easter has always included bright colours in its colour scheme so I feel like brown might not fit, maybe the light yellow from Papa Louie Pals could become an Easter colour instead

Black used to be a New Year colour up until Sushiria

Ignore the dark blue, I accidentally made it dark blue instead of black

Some of these I'm not sure about & I think each holiday can have a maximum of 5 colours, but I want to hear your thoughts Smiley You could also discuss colour schemes for holidays that aren't in Gamerias yet.
3  Apps / Papa's Cheeseria To Go! / First Style B on: October 28, 2019, 01:17:34 PM
Whose Style B did you unlock first?

For me it was Skip
4  General / Help and Support / Frozen Carousel on: October 28, 2019, 11:43:28 AM
Occasionally, when I get rid of an order after I failed to center the cheese on the sandwich, then select the bread again, the cheese carousel gets stuck and I can't move it to try centering the cheese again. I try getting rid of the bread I selected, when I select another bread the carousel sometimes gets stuck again. Undecided

I started getting this issue during Valentine's Day, I don't know if it can happen earlier.
5  General / Suggestions / Regular Outfit for Custom Workers on: September 22, 2019, 12:31:19 PM
Recently I've started to use custom workers a bit more. I noticed that when selecting one of the default workers, you get their regular outfit as well as their uniform, and when you start the game they're wearing their uniform. For example, if you select Timm in Papa's Bakeria, he wears his regular outfit in the intro, and when the game starts he's in his uniform, but he also has his regular outfit available in the clothes tab in the stats menu and you can change him into it at any time.

However, when selecting custom workers, they wear a certain outfit in the intros, but when starting the game, they only have the uniform (and glasses that may have been selected when creating them). Yes, obviously you can play through the game and buy parts of their outfit with tips, but do you think adding more customization to the custom worker section would be possible, by choosing a regular outfit while creating them, so they wear it in the intros & have it available in the clothes tab in the stats menu at the start of the game as well as the uniform? This could also go for the custom servers/drivers.

It might be somewhat pointless, but it's just a suggestion and I'd like to hear your thoughts. Smiley
6  General / Help and Support / Jacket Problem on: September 10, 2019, 06:16:54 PM
If a Pal wears any short-sleeved jacket with the layered shirt, this happens:

7  General / Help and Support / Wrong Contestant in Today's KCP Round? on: August 26, 2019, 07:14:03 AM
Today's KCP round should be Joseph vs Donny, not Winston vs Donny

Winston is in the Moon Mist Division. Undecided
8  Apps / Papa's Cheeseria To Go! / Foodini Mini-Games on: August 20, 2019, 12:54:02 PM
I hope to see Slider Escape, Mitch's Mess and Home Run Derby. I wouldn't mind seeing Papa's Raceway but that's never appeared in an app before.

Could a new mini-game possibly be introduced? Undecided
9  Apps / Papa's Cheeseria To Go! / Holidays on: August 20, 2019, 09:09:06 AM
What do you hope to see?

I hope Chilifest comes back
10  Apps / Papa's Cheeseria To Go! / Papa's Cheeseria To Go! Discussion on: August 20, 2019, 08:59:10 AM
Discuss Papa's Cheeseria To Go!
11  Community / Fan Characters / Rocky's FC Topic (14/10/2019 Update) on: August 12, 2019, 05:28:42 AM
I have decided to start my FC topic! Smiley

12/8/2019 - added Rocky, Bea, Buddy & Denise
13/8/2019 - added Leo & Zara
14/8/2019 - added Style Bs for Bea, Leo & Zara, and more info for Bea, Buddy, Denise, Leo & Zara
27/8/2019 - edited info for Buddy
29/8/2019 - Added Josie & Teal, and Denise's Style B
20/9/2019 - Added Luke, updated Zara's Style A & B, updated Teal's KCP16 style, and added Rocky's Style B
1/10/2019 - Separated Rocky from the other FCs
5/10/2019 - Adjusted Luke's design slightly, added hometowns for Bea, Denise, Buddy & Zara, added Josie's favourite holiday, added Teal's redesign and changed Zara's design.
14/10/2019 - Added Bradley, added redesign idea for Buddy, swapped Leo's Style A & Style B, made Teal's redesign an alternate style, made Teal's KCP 2016 design her current one, added hometown for Leo
12  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / Rocky's Scene Topic on: July 23, 2019, 01:25:50 AM
Welcome to my scene topic! Here I'll show some of my favourite scenes and short comics I made. Smiley

27/7/2019 - Added more info to scene 10
6/8/2019 - Added short comics 1 & 2, added Rocky, and added more info to scenes 9, 10 & 11
1/10/2019 - Added some holiday scenes
13  Community / Other Forum Games / Foodini Mini-Games Hurt & Heal on: July 08, 2019, 04:25:47 PM
"Foodini Mini-Games Hurt & Heal"

Wanna play?

Here are the rules:
• Each mini-game starts with 10 points.
• Each post, you will heal one mini-game by adding 1 point and hurt another mini-game by taking 1 point.
• You may also reverse the last poster's move.
• When a mini-game reaches 0, it is eliminated. The last one standing wins.

Keep the mini-games organized by amount of points, please.

Copy/paste the list into your post, change the numbers and state which mini-games you heal and hurt. (The "Shot" mini-games will be counted as one mini-game.) Have fun!

Original List:
Blender Ball: 10
Breakfast Blast: 10
Burgerzilla: 10
Customer Cravings: 10
Fashion Flambé: 10
Freeze-Putt: 10
Grab-a-Roni Gondola: 10
Hallway Hunt: 10
Home Run Derby: 10
Jojo's Burger Slots: 10
Mitch's Mess: 10
Papa's Raceway: 10
Pizza Pachinko: 10
Pop Dart: 10
Rico's Chiliworks: 10
Shot Mini-Games: 10
Slider Escape: 10
Spin N' Sauce: 10
Strike Out: 10
19th - Freeze-Putt
18th - Strike Out
17th - Jojo's Burger Slots
16th - Fashion Flambé
15th - Shot Mini-Games
14th - Blender Ball
13th - Spin N' Sauce
12th - Breakfast Blast
11th - Customer Cravings
10th - Pop Dart
9th -
8th -
7th -
6th -
5th -
4th -
3rd -
2nd -
1st -
14  Apps / Papa's Donuteria To Go! / Favourite Specials (Spoilers) on: July 02, 2019, 01:14:38 PM
What are your favourite specials?

I like the Dream Machine, Choco-Lantern and Death By Chocolate specials Smiley
15  Apps / Papa's Donuteria To Go! / Rocky's Donuteria (Sugarplex Film Fest) [All Ingredients] on: June 24, 2019, 04:27:54 AM
Welcome to Rocky's Donuteria Smiley

Current Holiday: (F) Sugarplex Film Fest

Red Velvet
Donut Shapes:
Long John
French Cruller
Boston Cream
Strawberry Jelly
Chocolate Mousse
Cookie Dough Cream
Whipped Cream
Blueberry Custard
Blackberry Jelly
Lemon Chiffon
Root Beer Float Filling
Clear Glaze
Chocolate Icing
Blue Nimbus Icing
Powdered Sugar
Strawberry Icing
Vanilla Icing
Red Rose Icing
Cinnamon Sugar
Apricot Icing
Golden Age Icing
Blue Moon Drizzle
Strawberry Drizzle
Vanilla Drizzle
Chocolate Drizzle
Dreamsicle Drizzle
Caramel Drizzle
Sugarplum Drizzle
Banana Drizzle
Neapolitan Drizzle
Dual Licorice Drizzle
Butterzinger Drizzle

Cosmic Coconut
Rainbow Sprinkles
Chocolate Chips
Mini Mallows
Creameo Bits
Crushed Peanuts
Raspberry Bark
Rock Candy
Baby Blots

Rock in Rolls (by Galaxico):
Regular Roll
 - Cinnamon Sugar
 - Rock Candy

Regular Roll
 - Boston Cream
 - Powdered Sugar
 - Rock Candy

Regular Roll
 - Cinnamon Sugar
 - Rock Candy
Neapolitan Artistic (by wendykang77):
Chocolate Long John
 - Chocolate Mousse
 - Chocolate Icing
 - Chocolate Chips
 - Chocolate Drizzle
 - Neapolitan Drizzle

Red Velvet Long John
 - Strawberry Jelly
 - Strawberry Icing
 - Strawberry Drizzle
 - Raspberry Bark
 - Neapolitan Drizzle

Regular Long John
 - Whipped Cream
 - Vanilla Icing
 - Vanilla Drizzle
 - Mini Mallows
 - Neapolitan Drizzle

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