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1  Community / Fan Fiction / FlipKnights (AKA Papa's Rhodes Island) on: September 25, 2020, 07:31:39 AM
In an alternate universe, where there's a natural disaster called Catastrophe and an infectious disease called Oripathy, we follow the journey of an unnamed chef bleep doctor as he/she leads Rhodes Island Pharmacy (funded by Papa Louie).

Codename: Johnny
Division: Rhodes Island Pharmacy
Class: Resource
Race: Lupo (Wolf)

Johnny: Status report, no signs of Catastrophe at north of Maple Mountain.
Doc: Any signs of Originium too?

Codename: Skyler
Division: Underground Steampunks
Class: Engineer
Race: Sarkraz

Skyler: Nope, but I do spot some mechs at the outskirts. Must be from Reunion, made by Guy if the sausage design isn't an indication.
Doc: I see, send in some operators to handle them.
Skyler: You do know I'm an operator myself, right? *winks*
Doc: Oh dear, pardon my memory. Must've been the amnesia.
Johnny: Don't fret, Papa Louie puts his trust in you. Besides, you did well in protecting Rhodes Island in the last few months.

Codename: July
Division: Scouts of the Chips
Class: Scout/Vanguard
Race: Liberi (Bird)

July: Reporting in! A hoard of slugs are approaching towards one of our entry point!
Johnny: Drat, if only we have more scouts to cover up that! What is your plan, doctor?
Doc: How large is the hoard at the moment?
July: It'll probably need a few hard hitters, I can't tell if there's more.
Doc: Well then, it's time I try a new strategy...

To be continued...
2  General / General Discussion / Localization Potential for Papa's Gamerias on: January 10, 2020, 05:55:36 PM
A bit controversial, but ambitious at best.

Is it possible to bring the series to light by translating the games and sharing them online (I know Flash is facing its demise soon, but there's the mobile ports)? First thing in mind is Japan, which you can call me out for being a weeb  Sleepy
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