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1  Community / Fan Tournaments / The FC League - Season 1 on: January 05, 2021, 07:17:23 AM
The FC League - Season 1

This was me attempting to make a basic logo for it so it stands out.

So, Shyuri hasn't been doing the news? I wonder why that is......, Well wonder no longer! It's a Fan Tournament I've been working on. Well, not really - it's an old concept I attempted to do twice, but it never materialized (until now I hope).

Welcome to the FC League! A competition of FC Creators in a way where one loss does not mean you or your FC are eliminated; but anyone can win. In fact, it's far from it. You want to try an FC out? Go for it, you've got a lot of time to do it. You want to bring back an old fan-favorite? You're very welcome to. In fact, this isn't about a particular FC entry, it's more about the creator and their decisions.

1. Upon signing for this tournament, you will have to PM me 2 entries. Each entry will be used an equal amount of times. It will be known you created them during the rounds, so there is no need to create an anonymous entry. You may edit/update your entries or use alternate outfits for them as you wish during the duration of this tournament, but you have to PM me so I'm aware to use that update/outfit in the next matchup(s).

2. There will be 2 matches against each creator: one for the first entry; and one for the second entry. The creator has the right to decide which entry they wish to use for each match in the first matchup against everyone. I will not notify anyone which FC of said creator you are up against, but I will notify you to make your decision if you haven't made one (I will randomize if I didn't get one). Please try doing this in advance so you don't get flooded with PM's from me.

3. The points system is pretty much simple and follows the soccer scoring system: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. This helps avoid winning the whole tournament without even winning a matchup (which is possible), but also highlights the importance on winning.

4. Tiebreakers are as follows: Head to Head Ratio -> Highest Vote Difference (Total Votes Gained subtracted by Total Votes Against) -> Highest Total Votes Gained -> 2 Tiebreaker Matches.

5. There are no eliminations. Instead, the winner is decided through the creator that has the most points at the end of the tournament. The winner will be declared at the end of the match where no one can catch up to said creator in terms of points. The competition will continue, however, until every single match is completed.

6. Please try not to troll. I understand being less serious when it comes to the end of the tournament because it is almost over (especially with FC outfits), or similar - but please try to take this as serious as you can. I won't stop you from trolling, but it's your quest for 0 points you'll undertake.

With that, go ahead and sign up! I will be in touch with creators regularly if/when it is necessary. If needs be for the sake of numbers (in the case we have odd numbers), I will participate, too. Ideally I get around 8 creators (or 7 including myself), but I will accept up to a maximum of 16. This is so matchups don't take too long (1 round in 8 days for 8 creators, 1 round in 16 days for 16 creators).

I may or may not create a playoff system in future seasons; or introduce new mechanics such as being able to use multiple FC's and being able to ban FC's which you don't want to go up against (this would result in it being heavily PM based), for example - but I want to see if the initial idea works, hence treat this as a trial season. Good luck!

List of Creators Entered:
2  Community / Sign-Up Games / Forum Vote Off Contest - V3 [Indefinitely Postponed] on: November 21, 2020, 12:14:32 PM
Credits to: Ocean Drive (Creator & Host of S1) and Towers (Host of S2).

Hello, and welcome to the Forum Vote Off Contest - V3! In this season, we will see 20 contestants once again fight to win the Grand Vote Off Trophy!

How to Play: It is very simple to play this game! Just send me the name of the user you want to vote for (that really is all you need to do this game!). After 24 hours, the votes will be read out anonymously. Whoever gets the most votes is eliminated from the competition for good. This will go on until we reach the top 2/3, where the jury will vote for the winner of this season!

In this game, there are three types of phase: Challenge Phase, Debate Phase and Voting Phase.

Debate Phase: During this phase, you will be able to talk on this topic about literally anything. Don't waste this opportunity, being more friendly might be the best way to get far, but this is also the time you use to talk about whatever you want!

Voting Phase: During this phase, I will ask each of you a question (which is optional to answer), and you will just have to send me your vote. As simple as that. If you do not send me your vote in 24 hours, your vote will count towards yourself and you will earn a strike, so it's important to do so. If you don't send your vote in multiple times, you will be pulled from the game.

Challenges: Returning for this season, are challenges! At specific points, you will receive a new challenge. Doing them will give you a chance of getting immunity for a round! These are optional.

Advantages: New to this season, we have advantages! These could be literally anything (e.g. extra vote), with the methods of earning them being varied. Keep an eye out for them as I won't mention if they have spawned!

Alliances: Alliances are allowed. However, you might want to keep them as best of a secret as possible, since some people might want to vote you out if they find out that you're in one of them! All alliance chats NEED to include me in them. Not doing so will result in strikes if caught.

There may or may not end up being  twists, but who knows?

Once we get to ?? sign-ups, the game will be able to commence!

List of Signs:
(Signs have been reset)
3  Community / Fan Fiction / Calling of the Wind [T] - Teaser #3 - Joe Asked me for Proof on: October 17, 2020, 05:21:11 PM
This will be my first fanfic I will be dedicating myself to over time.

It'll star my FC universe in the way they canonically are meant to be. However, as a fun twist, I'll be more than happy at the start of new chapters/acts incorporate your FC's too. It is in the end, a fan fiction.

If you wish to submit, please only one FC per person or group in the case they are related (brothers, sisters, families, etc.), and fill out this form:

Form (Post it in this topic):
[Image(s) of FC]
Occupation in Universe (if any)
Goals (What your FC is wanting to primarily achieve):
Additional Notes (e.g. how you'd like me to portray them, any outfit changes I can include, what type of character you want to make them):

As of right now, the most I can accept is 5 submissions (possibly more in case some people are late) due to me needing to work on an exposition to the fan fic. I also will try to keep in touch with the FC submittors for any plot developments I am aiming to do with their own FC's in case they are fine with it.

This is to be a long continuous work in progress with no defined end as of yet, but overall, this is a long project in progress and I just want to finally start putting my writing skills to good use.

I'm planning on releasing the first chapter a few days after I get all submissions.
4  Community / Community Q&A / Never One Without the Other, but Ask us Anything on: October 12, 2020, 09:16:46 AM
I might be back for like until TFCG4 ends but do ask me anything if you want.

All I ask is to not ask me anything too personal unless you wish to send me a PM instead - I'll probably say it's a personal thing and most likely will send it in a PM instead, as I wouldn't want guests to see it. That's all.

I'll keep notifications on whenever people have new questions so I will be quick with responses if I'm online, as I check my emails quite often.

Poll History:
Poll #1 - Best KCP 2020 Entry:
Himiko - 8
Celestine - 3
Lux - 1
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