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1  General / Other Games / Tower of Saviors on: April 05, 2014, 11:15:26 AM
Anybody tried Tower of Saviors (TOS)? It's a puzzle-RPG game on both Android and iOS made from Hong Kong. There are both Chinese and English versions. Despite a purchase option in it, it's completely free and it's manageable to get nice stuff with luck and patience. Oh wait, and commitment because you can get free rewards for daily log in. How awesome is that?!

For those who have Facebook, you can do account binding which secures your account if you were to log in through a different device.

If anybody needs an ally, I got a very nice representative to help you in battles. Smiley
2  Community / Fan Games / Flip Rave on: February 22, 2014, 09:14:58 AM
Welcome to Flip Rave, where you show your moves! How did this came about? Well... Storytelling time! Sleepy

The night in Starlight City was ever bustling but this one night was livelier. Somewhere in the city, Papa Louie, DJ Honey Buster (aka Hugo) and Foodini decided to host something out of the ordinary: a dancing competition. The prize? Well, other than Flipverse-wide recognition, I have no idea. So everyone was excited to see everyone bust some moves.

On a platform note, this should be possible in PC, iOS and Android. The judges are as mentioned below, Hugo is the DJ who provides your music and Timm is your coach, guiding you about the game.

There is also an option for multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends to decide who dance better. 2 & 3 players will obviously compete against each other; 4 players have the option to compete against each other or as a team of 2.

As you've noticed, this will obviously be a rhythm game but with a life meter. Every mistake you make will deplete it. You'll notice a your character when he/she screwed something up. When it's completely depleted, you'll automatically lose. But don't worry, you can replenish it! However, you have to hit your notes as accurately possible because it will affect your score greatly. There are 4 types of judgement to that: Perfect, Good, Bad, Miss. Perfect and Good will replenish your life meter and you know what the other two will do.

And now, please welcome the judges:

Easy mode judges: Papa Louie, Foodini, and Tony
Hard mode judges: Jojo, Quinn, and Matt

Bad news: Holy crapini! They're the big boys (and one lady)! Sadly for you, these eagle-eyed judges will notice EVERYTHING! Shocked
Good news: They judge collectively so they won't be giving you separate scores. Your score will then determine your rank.

There are 5 legal ranks to the completion of a song, provided that you're still alive.

Rank S = 100&
Rank A = 90-99%
Rank B = 70-89%
Rank C = 50%-69%
Rank D = 40%-49%
You failed! Never dance on this floor again! = >40%

While choosing characters, you have 24 default characters depending on their respective divisions. In addition to the default characters, there are also secret characters. As stated, you need to achieve something in the game in order to unlock them. In addition, you will also unlock new songs with them.

Default characters - No special abilities whatsoever, just play as them.
Secret Character #1 - Get at least rank B for all Easy mode songs in that respective division, will unlock 2 songs upon their arrival
Secret Character #2 - Get at least rank B for all Hard mode songs in that respective division, will unlock 2 more songs upon their arrival
Secret Character #3 - Get rank S for all songs in that respective division, including the ones that have been unlocked along with the other two secret characters, will unlock the final song for the division

In the matter of selecting songs, each division has got 15 tracks to choose from (including the 5 secret tracks). The good thing is that you can start right off with any of the division. Each division has their own theme to it with varying difficulty. All music are credited to their original artists. However, you are only limited to the characters of their respective division except when in multiplayer mode, you may choose any, provided that it has been unlocked by either party.

The Secret Zone is the final album of the game where the most notoriously hard and complex songs await to challenge your skills. It can only be unlocked once you've started unlocking any of the final secret characters. Don't let the easy mode fool you. One slip and you get your bleep kicked in a matter of beats. Good luck on hard mode!
3  Community / Fan Games / Incoming not-another-Gameria fan game discussion on: February 22, 2014, 01:04:11 AM
Yeah, discuss your thoughts here. In conjunction with this topic.
4  Community / Fan Games / Another fan game that isn't a Gameria coming soon... on: February 22, 2014, 12:47:32 AM
Yeah, something happened to pop into my mind again. I might merge another idea from somewhere into this. Everything is in the dark at the moment because I need to plan things out. And no, it's not a Gameria. I hope this one doesn't end up dead again... For now, enjoy some comedy while the content is being planned out.

Discuss your thoughts here.
5  Community / Fan Games / Papa's Pepper Lunch on: September 04, 2013, 09:50:04 AM
Papa's Pepper Lunch
Help Papa cook up quality fast food (that aren't pastry-based) for your hungry wacky customers, new and old!

Sakura Bay, home of the Samurais!

Depends on the results of the PNCT and custom worker.

It was during one faithful day where you had save enough money to fly all the way to Sakura Bay for a one-week vacation. You were having a blast of your life until it neared the final day. While you were booking for a return flight, you then found out that you've accidentally overspent your money and don't have enough to buy a (wtf) expensive return ticket home.

Saph: Wait, how in the world one can "accidentally overspend" their money until they don't have enough for a return ticket? And don't booking a flight usually includes the return flight? This doesn't make any sense! D8S
Meeps: Shopping, sight-seeing, food, attractions, more shopping, more food... I did say that they were having "a blast of their life". And let's just say that the unfortunate chefs weren't thinking ahead.  Grin
Saph: *is completely baffled* ಠ_ಠ
Meeps: Let's just continue the story. Sleepy

So you were wondering on how you are going to go home (wherever you live besides here) until you looked out of your hotel window and saw a glimmer of hope in the form of a "Now Hiring!" poster at Papa's new restaurant, Papa's Pepper Lunch. Looks like you're going to be stuck in Sakura Bay for quite a while, but hey, at least you learned your lesson about money planning and the place isn't bad at all.

PS: I cut out the "-ia" suffix and the "mia" word because it just doesn't sound right.
PS2: I'm not sure how near the places in Flipverse are (except for the fact that you need SS Louie to go to Calypso Island) so I just made up an airport.
6  General / General Discussion / Where would you/your FC live in the Flipverse? on: August 02, 2013, 11:00:13 AM
As the title said, where would you/your FC live in the Flipverse? While the Land of Munchmore is considered an anomaly, who knows whether there might be crazy minds out there? Anyway, I voted mine.
7  Flipline Web Games / Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! / Comments for PL2 Encyclopedia on: June 19, 2013, 11:29:51 AM
Yep, you guessed it. I've decided to make another encyclopedia. Hoo boy, good luck to me! Any contribution will be in the credits!

At the moment, I need the icons for the special abilities.
8  Flipline Web Games / Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! / PL2: WBA Encyclopedia on: June 19, 2013, 11:25:00 AM
Well, I just felt like it. Major spoilers ahead so read only if you aren't mad about spoilers. If you guys can help out with certain screenshots, that would be awesome as well. Please note that this encyclopedia will not provide walkthroughs. For that, we suggest you watch Windowswind's Let's Play on Youtube.

Here's the comments topic.

- cooler (special skills icon)
- Adam (upload of Papa Louie on imgur)


  • Ground Pound
  • Gliding
  • Crawling
  • Double Jump
  • Push Rocks
  • Wall Jump


  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Burgers
  • Lettuces
  • Pickles
  • Mushrooms
  • Bacons
  • Cheeses
  • Radishes
  • Others
  • Bosses

  • Level 1: Leaf Landing
  • Level 2: Lettuce Lane
  • Level 3: Fort Onion
  • Level 4: Sarge's Lair
  • Level 5: Mount Monterey
  • Level 6: Cheddar Hills
  • Level 7: The Saucelands
  • Level 8: BBQ Bog
  • Level 9: Radley's Hideout
  • Level X: X-Zone

  • Gathering data...

  • Papa Coins
  • Flowers
  • Golden Helmets
  • Sarge Coins
  • Gummy Worms
  • Foodini Balloons
  • Fizzo Cans
  • Radish Coins
9  Announcements / Forum News and Guidelines / General Reminders on: June 17, 2013, 08:55:05 AM
Hello Flipliners, here are just some more rules that I came up with in order to keep this forum nice and tidy. New rules are added in orange and italic.

Please read the Forum Guidelines before posting anything.
I've stressed this many times and so did others and I don't think anybody wants to repeat the golden rule.

Do not post new topics and/or move any topics in the Forum Guidelines board.
We've gotten a few cases of new topics popping up in this section and they were dealt accordingly. Repeated offenders will be banned. If you moved/posted any topics here, either please:

  • Move your topic into the relevant/appropriate board.
    If you do not know how to do it, it's very simple.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find "Move Topic" as the first option.
    • You'll then be given the option to choose which board and/or sub-board (if it has any).
    • You can also change the topic's subject/title and/or post a redirection topic. It's pretty much a post saying that your said topic has been moved to the new board.
  • Remove your topic entirely.
    Especially if it's considered spam. If you don't, we'll do it eventually.

To avoid any of this happening and to help keep the forum tidy, follow the guidelines, especially this one.
Post threads in the correct forums.
We have multiple forum sections that pertain to individual games, as well as a number of general and off-topic discussion areas.  Make sure your thread relates to the section you’re posting in.

Please check to see whether there has been another topic like what you're thinking before posting a new one.
We are trying to avoid duplicate topics so as such, please look it up in the Search (it needs love!) or comb through the entire forum/a certain board if you have to. Duplicate topics that have a considerate time gap (maybe around more than 1 month from abandonment) and/or being similar under certain circumstances (depending on the situation) are allowed. Any that are too soon will be deleted accordingly. So far, I've been lenient but don't push your luck.

Try not to multi-post.
If your two posts have a considerate time gap, that's fine. Otherwise, it could/would be considered spamming. If that happens, your posts will be modified accordingly. Repeated offenders may get banned depending on the situation. The Shoutbox doesn't count by the way.

Please do not leave any accounts unattended.
I'm directing this to users who know "ghost members". "Ghost members" are what I refer users who have registered and...
1. Have not activated their account.
2. Have activated their account but hasn't made a single post.

Everyday in this forum, we get loads of people joining (while some are spambots but there's no need to worry about them) and more than 50% of them just left it unattended and it makes the member list look very cluttered. There will be a clean up schedule where I'll perform a spring clean to rid the member list of these ghosts. Those who know these "ghost members" who still want to participate in the forum, they must get them to...
1. Activate their accounts (obviously) in the month they registered in.
2. Make at least 1 post in the 6 months range before the spring clean.

Here's my cleaning schedule:
- Monthly for unactivated accounts.
- July to cover from January to June; January of the next year to cover from July to December.

Even if you have made a post, please make sure that your post count actually shows "1" or some other number because with the current modifications, the Forum Games, Contests and Off-Topic boards are considered "non-countable", meaning that your posts won't count at all.

Please be very sure about your decision to delete your account.
I want to avoid making any mistakes about it and having a headache from it later. If you really are going to delete it, at least give me a heads up by PM. If you think you'll be active again in the future, you might as well leave it be and make sure that you remember your password. Otherwise, I'm definitely going to delete that account from the list for good.

Please refrain from swearing.
The system may have censored many words but whatever you do, please refrain from swearing as much as possible. Not only it is rude, it also gives everyone a negative impression of you, especially if you're directing it to somebody. If you really are doing and repeating it just for the heck of it, you will be banned either from the Shoutbox or the forum entirely.

Please do not abuse the Report function.
It's pretty much calling wolf if you do so. Repeated offenders will be banned.

Please stop posting about when a game is going to be released.
No, seriously, stop it. We've already got plenty of that in the Flipline Uservoice, please don't do it here as well. One topic about it is enough and there's no need to post multiple topics of the same question. Those will be deleted accordingly.

Please do not make profile rude.
This is in due to the fact that I can see people putting stuff that targets to poke at other forumers. Please refrain from doing that. You are to keep it to yourself and take it out of your profiles. Otherwise, I'll do it myself.

Please do not over-advertise your own topics.
While we all want our topics/works to be seen and be popular, please do not overdo it. That's considered spamming. Popularity should never be forced upon and it takes effort, etiquette and patience for it to come. Any posts doing that will be edited or deleted accordingly. Repeated offenders will be banned. Telling people once in the ShoutBox is fine but please do not overdo it.

Please do not spam topics or posts to seek attention.
It's not productive. Not everyone is going to attend to you at all times.

Post all contents in the existing topic.
There's no need to make another just to get attention. We've already got one so post it in there. Any topics like those will either be moved or deleted depending on the situation.

Don't be rude to others.
Well, isn't that obvious? Not all of us are talented artists but I don't think there's room for insults and what-not. While some of us are open, there are others who are sensitive to these kind of stuff so be moderate on your opinions. And if you're wondering, yes, it does hurts psychologically.

No inappropriate/offensive/spam content.
Inappropriate meaning 18+ stuff, usually about sexual or offensive content and what-not. No spammy images too, obviously. That includes no spamming contents too! Gore should be fine but try not to be too visual about it as there are those who aren't into it. If it's about offensive content, please try to change it or at least be euphemistic about it. If it's for suggestions, bear in mind that there are just some topics/ideas that aren't cut out to be suggested for Flipline games like adult-themed and offensive stuff and what-not. Flipline is meant to be a family-friendly game for all ages so please, only suggest appropriate stuff.

Naked bases for the purpose of fan arts is completely fine, provided that it doesn't fully show any graphic nudity or sexual/provocative content.

If it's a joke, please state that it is.
Unless your topic is really not a joke from your mind, I suggest that you refrain from posting it up, especially if it's about inappropriate stuff. Many have complaints about this and my head hurts... Otherwise, it'll be deleted. We'll ban you if it occurs in the Shoutbox.

Please do not plagiarize.
Plagiarizing is a serious offense in general. If you don't know what that means, it means taking someone else's content and claiming it as your own. If you used someone else's content, make sure you credit the original. Any plagiarizing content will be removed, especially if it's an offensive one. Tournaments should be fine.

When you report something by PM, please provide proof.
If you can't back up your claim without any proof, I can't do much because it leaves me in the dark unless it involves me needing to check for a member's profile in which I can do. Claiming that you're lazy to provide proof is a horribly lame excuse to go.

Please do not spam the superscript and subscript BBC code.
It's just like spamming the spoiler tag. I know that this is the way to counter the absence of the size tag (only for small points) but it's annoying to see the code repetitively when being quoted.

Please do not lock important/public topics
It is okay to lock request and/or collaboration topic (especially the no longer active ones), but please do not lock topics are used by the whole community (such as the main Fan Art topic, FCs and User etc).
- Mage
If you do, it shows that you're pretty irresponsible and ridiculous.

These other rules obviously can't cover everything so please have some common sense and help make our jobs easier by keeping out of trouble. Meep!

PS: Until Matt finds a way to lock this board from Regular users to post/move topics in, the other rule about posting/moving topics in this board is there to keep you out of trouble.
10  Flipline Web Games / Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! / Where are the rest? on: June 06, 2013, 09:19:01 AM
Someone posed an interesting question (I can't remember who). As you've noticed, you only play as 28 customers. So where are the rest? Here's what Matt said:

Matt [06|Jun 12:09 PM]:   Sasha didn't want free burgers Wink
Matt [06|Jun 12:10 PM]:   haha yeah, only the ones who showed up for free burger day are in the game Wink Some you saw in the lobby in the intro, others were still lined up outside I guess
Matt [06|Jun 12:15 PM]:   at least we're in the credits Wink nobody came to save us though

Of course, since there are so many customers, let's have fun and think of why they're unplayable. Here's some of mine.

Sasha wants free pizzas instead.
Vicky is watching her weight and is worried for Mindy.
Alberto... Wait, why isn't he off to save Penny?!
More to think off later...
11  Community / Fan Art / Fan Art Competition - Theme #10 Hearts, hearts everything on: May 11, 2013, 08:20:23 AM

Calling all forumers! Here shall be a topic for fan art competitions! There will be several themes with an objective. It will be ongoing, providing much entertainment and opportunity to test out your creative skills. By the way, the rules don't cover for non-contestants.

Currently theme Round ends on the 11th of June
The theme is hearts, hearts everything. Using your heart design, you must draw a character(s) featuring the heart. You may revamp/redraw the heart, and additional hearts can be featured.

we are accepting drop in entries too, so you can sign up anytime during the round, woohoo

Drop in Participant still needs to post their heart design

and remember you MUST upload the image outside and PM it to me, otherwise you got disquilified

- You can sign up anytime brfore deadline
- There must be at least 2 for each category.

- Participants will be categorized based on skill level.
- 2 categories: Regulars & Veterans.
- Regular vs Regular; Veteran vs Veteran

- PM the Master Judge and judges your entry.
- One entry allowed.
- You're allowed to switch your current entry for a better one if you're not satisfied before the deadline.
- Switching has no limits.
- It can be of any style and format.
- Please DO NOT post your entry in this forum unless it's pass the deadline.

- Post "I'll join" if you wish to be judge.
- Only non-participants may be judges.
- Only maximum of 3 judges allowed.
- Joining also lasts for one theme.
- If you've judged for one theme, you can't be judge for the next one.
- To be a judge, you must pass a test.
  • Failure will get you rejected but you have the option to be participant, spectator or retry on the next sign ups.
  • Success will grant you life-time privilege to be a judge for any competition.
- Two major criterias:
  • Non-biased judgement
    Just because you hate a certain member, doesn't mean you can moot their entry out in the instant. The participants aren't the only ones who need to play fair.
  • Constructive criticism
    A judge need not be just a judge. They can also be teachers. Constructive criticisms, as harsh as they can sound, should be given as an advice/lesson to the participants for them to learn. That means no short posts like "Good!" or "Nice!" and whatever one-worded stuff. If you're prone to that, I'm afraid it's a big no-no.
- Judges may post their own art for fun sake but not while the competition is ongoing to avoid discouraging moments.

- Judgement of certain areas:
  • Objective
    Every competition has an objective. It's a simple area to cover.
  • Content
    This area goes along with the objective. As such, your content should contain the message of the objective.
  • Creativity
    How you come up with your entry is an important factor. Your creativity of using various inspirations and ideas can help boost your content.
  • Colour
    Your choice of colour should compliment the whole artwork. An artwork that is black and white can possibly beat an artwork so full of vibrant colours that can seem cluttered.
  • Anatomy
    Perhaps the most difficult area to cover for the Regulars. Anatomy is important especially when drawing characters so they don't seem like a floating bag of jelly. Hopefully this competition can help improve those who feel that they lack in this area.
  • Composition
    How you line your content altogether is important. Be careful not to get the discomfort tangent. It'll make your work either look wrong or just uncomfortable for the eye.
- No technicality favouritism involved.
- Judgement should take at maximum 1 week after the deadline (depending on the judge's situation) and before the results.
- There will be no view of judgement publicly and privately (except between judges) until the results.
- Judges' words need not follow everything in the list. Just put it in your own words and not make it sound like those repetitive short sentences.

There's no gain in winning other than bragging rights (and perhaps a prize if we can think of one). The whole point of the competition is learning, the acceptance of failure as a lesson and having fun. Losing doesn't mean it's the end of the world for you. Take it as a driving force to make you improve. Only 2 winners will be allowed in any of the categories.

DISQUALIFICATION (If I missed out any issues, let me know.)
- Both participants and judges must play fair.
- Disqualification will occur without notice.
  • Plagiarism
    Plagiarism is a HUGE no-no. If you used a base for your work, make sure you credit the original. If this happens, you'll be disqualified and barred from the next competition.
  • Lack of entry
    Failure to produce an entry before the deadline will automatically get you disqualified. Late entries will not be entertained. You can still sign up for the next competition.
  • Unfair judgement
    This only applies to judges. If this happens, you'll disqualified from the current competition and barred from being a judge for the next one.
  • Sabotaging
    Usual hacking issue and what-not. You get the idea. If you're the culprit, you'll be barred for good. Victims can proceed as normal.
  • Failure to follow certain rules
    Sometimes there are special rules to follow. Failure equals disqualification for that one theme.
  • Public showing of entry
    Please do not post your entry up anywhere on the internet (even on deviantArt unless it's for entry purposes) except on image sharing sites before the deadline. After that, you're free to do as you please. The point is that nobody but the judges are supposed to know how your entry looks like for the suspense and competition. If you do, you'll just ruin the mood.
12  Community / Fan Art / Requests to Meeps - HIATUS on: April 21, 2013, 08:36:43 AM
Ok, to keep track of requests without putting it into my sig, I'll be doing it here.

  • I'm open to fan art and FC/User art or a combination of both. When it comes to fan art, preferably Papa characters. Jacksmith ones are fine but don't bother about the other two.
  • Once it's full, wait till I empty ALL of it out before requesting it again.
  • Any requests made while the list is full will be ignored and must be requested again once open.
  • Finished works will be posted into their respective topics.
  • For the sake of my brain, no yaoi/yuri/crack pairing please!
  • Please note that I'm going to be monochromatic in my work so if you've got any specific details, be sure to include them in as well. Otherwise, I'll do it in any way I want.
  • I'll only take request made in this topic. Anywhere else will be ignored.
  • If you request, it's for yourself.
  • One request per person at a time when the list is open. That way, other people gets a chance. If your name is on the list, you cannot request another until your previous is finish.
  • Due to time zones and chances, I've extend it to 10 requests. Same rule applies.
  • Depending on my mood and content, I can pick whether I want to do it or not.
  • Please be patient for the request to be done.
  • Credits go to the original.

    - DArt hugging unhappy SF & Radlynn (DArt)
    - pf as Cirno (Adam)
    - Meeps in Cupcakeria (BEAT)
    - SF vs Radlynn vs Greg vs Sasha vs Trishna (KKE)
13  Community / Fan Fiction / Flipline Fantasy Snack Chapters on: December 15, 2012, 01:26:59 AM
Meepymeep people! I did mention that I'll be branching off the Snack chapters away from the main story to avoid the character limit problem. The Snack chapters can either have something to do with the story (although not directly involved) or it can be completely random. The main purpose of this is to entertain you guys while I'm recharging my brain juice.

Main story: Flipline Fantasy
Course 1: X-Twinsanity

As part of randomness, you guys can suggest your ideas in Ideas for Flipline Fantasy to make things easier.

Like the main story thread, I'll be posting up links to the Snack chapters for easier navigation. Leave this topic to story-posting and comments. I'll also update every Saturday if I can't think of anything for the main story.

Snack Chapters:
Snack 1: How to Cook a Grilled Sucker (just right below)
Snack 2: Interview #1 - Roy
Snack 3: Lunoch's Gonna Potate!
Snack 4: Interview #2 - Penny
Snack 5: Boredom with the Vampire
Snack 6: Interview #3 - Maggie
Snack 7: Interview #4 – Marty
Snack 8: Flipline Fantasy QnA #1
14  General / Suggestions / Q&A Petition! on: October 20, 2012, 07:16:21 AM
Guys! abcd has finally made a petition on the Q&A! Too many idiots have been spamming the Q&A with idiotic questions, useless suggestions (which should be made here in the Suggestions board) and more unwanted spam! Put your votes into this if you agree that tootsicles like them shouldn't be able to post up their tootsicles of a "question"! Hopefully the Admins don't think that was a spam... Sad

Right here! -->

Those who say AYE!
1. abcd
2. Meepers
3. French Fry 544
4. aqwerz
5. Adam
6. magicmusic
7. Nukes
8. KingSauceSyrup
9. jopler
10. slobst
11. CosmicCoolA34
12. Nina
13. Awesome Sauce
14. BlueberryPizza
15. bag27
16. Vinnie
17. timaeusTestified
18. NutellaCrepes
19. Penguin022
20. FunSize

PS: I'll do the signing for you.
15  Flipline Web Games / Jacksmith / Comments for the JS Encyclopedia on: October 16, 2012, 01:14:41 AM
Ok, I'm pretty sure that you're itching to comment about the JS encyclopedia that I was making. So you can do it here. I'd want to keep the encyclopedia clean and that's why I had to lock it. You can comment and suggest for anything here.

Currently, I'm in debate on whether I should add badges and there's a poll over there although I might move it here and those who have voted may have to re-vote. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No suggesting for me to put in the characters. I already stated that you can do it yourself in the wiki.
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