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1  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWGXXXIX: Lupus' Fate NIGHT 4 on: October 11, 2015, 11:04:46 AM
TWG XXXIX: Lupus' Fate

In the town of Lupus, the wolves are taking over. 13 are left. Fear is on everyone's mind. THE GUARDIAN IS DEAD! What shall we do? Who will save us? Into the town walks their savior, the mercenary. The Mercenary sharpens his knife. He knows what's coming.
2  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWGXXXIX: Lupus' Fate LOUNGE on: October 09, 2015, 01:22:35 PM
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TWG XXXIX: Lupus' Fate

In the town of Lupus, the wolves are taking over. Fear is on everyone's mind. THE GUARDIAN IS DEAD! What shall we do? Who will save us? Into the town walks their savior, the mercenary.

Knot Expert
Disguised Wolf
- Protects a player each night. If the player is attacked, the mercenary dies, the first wolf on the list alive dies and the protected person lives. Self-protects count until there are less than 5 players.

Dauber Wolf
Decoy Wolf
- Blocks someone from using their ability each night.



1. The Riddler
2. Froot Loops
3. Everilyfel
4. Gundham Tanaka
5. Lenny
6. Survivor
7. BayonAndTaKeo
8. Slytherin
9. TheHappyHomeDesigner
10. Luigi
11. IchiRuki
12. BMO
13. Mockingjay
14. Kiefster
15. Hecatia LapisLazuli
16. Theblogger
17. sheep guy
18. Fudge~BrownieZ
3  Community / Fan Fiction / Flipbusters! on: January 11, 2015, 11:25:52 AM
Ghostbusters/Flipline crossover!
4  Community / Fan Games / Jacksmith 2: The Gorilla's Return on: December 30, 2014, 05:16:30 PM
Once, long ago, a gorilla lived in Evershade Forest. He lived in the darkest depths at a time when the darkest depths were very cheerful. The gorilla (Marcus) was the jolliest of all. There was absolute peace and happiness. But one day, Marcus had a son. The son's name was Raymond. He was like most babies in that he could not stop whining. Raymond kept asking his father for things and Marcus always granted Raymond's wishes. Raymond grew more and more demanding as he grew older until he wanted his father to hurt someone! At this point, Marcus and Raymond were exiled into the farthest reaches of the planet. The murderous gorilla came back with a grudge. It was...THE GORILLA'S RETURN!!
5  Community / Fan Games / Cactus McCoy 3 on: August 21, 2013, 02:35:28 PM
Cactus McCoy 3!


*Cactus McCoy picks up gem*
McCoy:Hey,you can open it up!!
*Curse swishes out and McCoy get's covered*
Popoca:Cactus,man,now bird and fish,so the curse goes.You may get rid of the fish,but keep the bird,only if you find the Atlantis Pearl,hidden in the under-water palace.Go McCoy!Follow the Tablet's map!
*Tablet Appears*
*Popoca goes away*
Ella is also playable,she has the same things happen,you just have her turn also fish and instead of Popoca she has her spirit mother.Popoca and her spirit mother Ellandre have the same powers,refilling health.
*Ella Windstorm picks up gem*

Ella:Hey,you can open it up!!
*Curse swishes out and Ella get's covered*
Ellandre:Woman,bird,now fish,so the curse goes.You may get rid of the fish,but only if you find the Atlantis Pearl,hidden in the under-water palace.Go Ella!Follow the Tablet's map!
*Tablet Appears*
*Ellandre goes away*


Regular Enemigos


Malana Mire's daughter....Wait for it......Carala Mire!!!
Evil Bird Spirit,Preyorama.
...And Carl Reef the fish king.

At the end of my Cactus McCoy 3 you get the shark trident,Carl Reef's weapon.


right = right arrow key
left = left arrow key
aim up = up arrow key
down = down arrow key
fly = a+a
aim diagonally = down/up+left/right
jump = a
attack = s
drop weapon = d
block = f
Run = left/right+space
drop attack = in flight+down+space
zoom attack = in water+up+space

I think there is more.I might add something.If I forgot something,(from the real ones)please tell me!

2 new types of weapons!The spear weapon and the shield weapon,shields may go with any weapon and you block with it.If you just have a shield,you can still just do a close-range attack by bumping into the enemy


Dustfield plains-Rumble Plainsmen
The Swamp-Rumble FishVultures
Mini-Level: Sucked!-Must fight enemies all around you while being sucked into the ground
The Underground Lair-Boss battle
Dagger Cliff-Rumble Cliffhangers
Mini-Level: Capture and Escape-You must fight but enemies overwhelm you and you wake up locked up aboard a train. Sombody breaks your chains and you have a rumble with the Ticketakers
Northbound Train-Snowy atmosphere-Rumble Hobos
The Highest Peak-Boss battle
You are thrown into...
The Deadman's Hideout-Rumble Oasis Bandits
Mini-Level:Through the Oasis-You swim down...down and through a tunnel! You must fight enemies as you swim through the tunnel
The Blood-Red Sea-Rumble The 3 Race Rumble(a little of the regular, a little of the flying, a little of the swimming)
Atlantis-Boss encounter,Boss Battle


Swinging weapons

Cactus • 2 x 4 • Stick • Pipe • Shovel • Machete • Pickaxe • Nightstick • Bat • Mallet • Bone • Sickle • Cutlass • Banjo • Guitar • Axe • Crowbar • Katana • Longsword • Morningstar • Club • Cleaver • Butterfly Net • Nunchucks • Macana • Hammer • Torch • Tennis Raquett • Rapier • Serpent Blade

Whipping Weapons

Rope • Bullwhip • Chain • Barbed Wire • Tow Chain • Thorn Whip • Rattlesnake • Meteor • Cat O' Nine Tails • Fly Trap • Seaweed • Fishing Hook

Launching Weapons

Tear Gas Launcher • Grenade Launcher • Bazooka • Cannon • Snow Shooter • Squid

Darts • Playing cards • Sheriff badges • Cherry Bombs • Daggers • Tomahawks • Grenades • Scorpions • Tear Gas • TNT • Lanterns

Throwing Weapons

Darts • Playing cards • Sheriff badges • Cherry Bombs • Daggers • Tomahawks • Grenades • Scorpions • Tear Gas • TNT • Lanterns • Eggs • Bottles • Boomerang • Firecrackers • Water Balloons • Fuse Bomb • Thorn Bomb • Power Ball • Proximity Mines Eggs • Bottles • Boomerang • Firecrackers • Water Balloons • Fuse Bomb • Thorn Bomb • Power Ball • Proximity Mines • Snowballs • Water Canteens • Fish • Books • Rocks • Fish Bones • Nails

Shooting Weapons

Roman Candle • Revolver • Shotgun • Derringer • Blunderbuss • Crossbow • Harpoon Gun • Flamethrower • Machine Gun • Gatling Gun • Bazooka • Hex Hatfield's pistol • BB Gun • Flare Gun • Dart Gun • Musket • Thorn Shooter

Punching Weapons

Boxing Gloves • Brass Knuckles • Iron • Brawler Gloves • Meat Hooks • Katar • Ironclad Gloves • Bear Claws • Beaks • Grass Spikes

Thrusting Weapons

Power Drill • Chainsaw • Buzzsaw • Crocodile • Sea Urchin

Spear Weapons

Pool Cue • Scythe • Roman Spear • Roman Flag • Halberd • Hunting Spear • Atlantean Spear • Quarterstaff • Shark Trident

Shield Weapons

Roman Shield • Pointed Shield • Buckler • Atlantean Shield • Medival Shield • Viking Shield • Cactus Shield • Rune Shield • Shark Shield

All weapons are slower in water.

Dustfield Plains:

Challenge 1: PLAINSMAN Defeat the Plainsmen with one hunting spear
Challenge 2: CUT TO THE CHASE Beat the level in 1:30
Challenge 3: WILDLIFE DESTROYER Destroy all grass
Challenge 4: WILDLIFE RESCUER Stop the sacrifice
Challenge 5: OVERRUN Kill everyone in the Plainsmen village

The Swamp

Challenge 1: ONE AT A TIME In the rumble kill all the fish first
Challenge 2: SWAMP RUN Beat the level in 1:45
Challenge 3: GOOD DAY, LITTLE FISHIES don't kill any fish except the ones in the rumble
Challenge 4: RUMBLE IN THE MARSH Find the rumble and defeat it
Challenge 5: BOTANIST Find all the little pink flowers


Challenge 1: Get the Serpent Blade

The Underground Lair

Challenge 1: TUNNELER Go through all the tunnels
Challenge 2: REPTARAS TAKE NO TIME Beat the level in 3:55
Challenge 3: EXPERT MINER Get all of the treasures in 4:30
Challenge 4: IRONY Beat Carala Mire with the Serpent Blade
Challenge 5: I WANNA GO BACK! Go back to Sucked!

Dagger Cliff

Challenge 1: STONY Kill 10 enemigos with stones
Challenge 2: SPEEDY STONE: Beat the level in 3:45
Challenge 3: THIS IS THE DAGGER Find Dagger Peak
Challenge 4: THIS IS THE CLIFF Go to the edge of the cliff
Challenge 5: DAGGER...CLIFF! Throw knives across the edge of the cliff

Capture and Escape

Challenge 1: Find Cactus McCoy/Ella Windstorm (depends on who the player is playing as)

Northbound Train

Challenge 1: HOBO: Find the secret tunnels underneath the train
Challenge 2: EXPRESS: Finish the level in 4:10
Challenge 3: CONDUCTOR: Do not disturb any customers
Challenge 4: LOST BAGGAGE: Find the baggage compartment and take all luggage
Challenge 5: THE TICKETS ARE SAFE: Kill the last Ticketaker

The Highest Peak

Challenge 1: HIGH AS THE SKY: Reach the top
Challenge 2: SPEEDY SKIING: Finish the level in 4:35
Challenge 3: FLIGHTLESS: Finish off Preyorama while never leaving the ground
Challenge 4: SPIRITS CAN'T EAT: Don't lose any lives in your battle with Preyorama
Challenge 5: LOW AS THE SEA: Jump off the Highest Peak

Deadman's Hideout

Challenge 1: HYDRATION Find all of the water canteens
Challenge 2: MUST..GET...WATER Beat the level in 4:15
Challenge 3: DYING OF THIRST Skip all of the canteens
Challenge 4: THE COWARDLY MAY NOT LIVE IN THE DESERT Kill the bandit who runs away
Challenge 5: BANDIT'S TREASURE Find the bandit's flooded treasure house

Through the Oasis

Challenge 1: REEF RUMBLE: Find and win the first secret rumble

The Blood-Red Sea

Challenge 1: PARTICULAR Kill the human rumble enemigos on land, vultures in flight and fish in the sea.
Challenge 2: TOO BLOODY Finish the level in 4:50
Challenge 3: NATURE Kill 10 piranhas with a crocodile
Challenge 4: A LOT OF SNAKES Kill 10 eels with the Serpent Blade
Challenge 5: LOOKING FOR TROUBLE Find and win the second secret rumble


Challenge 1: ATLANTEAN Equip the Atlantean spear and shield in the city
Challenge 2: QUICK FISHING Beat the level in 6:00
Challenge 3: TRAITOR Use a sea urchin or a squid to kill Carl Reef
Challenge 4: LOST CITY Get lost in the maze for 1:30
Challenge 5: ATLANTEAN SOLDIER Find and win the third secret rumble


Treasure Hunter
Treasure Lover
Treasure Obsessive
Up to the Challenge
Prepared for Greatness
Challenge Champion
Stat Spreader
Well Rounded
Purchasing Power
Best Boxer
Stupendous Swinger
Greatest Gunner
Top Thrower
Wondrous Whipper
Terrific Thruster
Max Launcher
The Best Defense...
Is a Good Offence.
Tough as Thorns
Full of Life
Damage Booster
Weapon Apprentice
Superior Swinger
Superb with Side Arms
Projectile Pro
Blaster Master
Thrusting Expert
Worthy Whipper
Master Marksman
Professional Puncher
Splendid with Shields
Skilled Spearman
Starting an Arsenal
Arsenal Complete
Fists of Fury

More coming soon...
6  Community / Fan Fiction / Everybody Helps Fanfic on: August 20, 2013, 12:58:10 PM
Everybody makes chapters in this fanfic. It's like the One-Word Fanfic except you can make a whole chapter!

Chapter 1: Getting the Help

Alberto shoved Clover. "Get some help" he had instructed her. Everything was worrying her. She couldn't remember anything. She just sort of...woke up. On her way out, she asked Prof. Fitz what had happened. He filled her in...
7  Flipline Web Games / Other Flipline Games / RoS: What is your class? on: August 17, 2012, 11:43:52 AM
What is your class?I have an account for Aeronaut,Ferric and Crag,but I like Ferric best and I started with Ferric.Go Ferrics!!!
8  Flipline Web Games / Steak and Jake / Steak and Jake 3 on: August 14, 2012, 10:52:11 AM
I think there should be a new Steak and Jake.What would it be about?Where would it take place?What would be the new costumes?Talk about it here.
9  Community / Fan Fiction / The Justice leage of Fliplineplanet!! on: August 10, 2012, 04:45:43 AM
Chapter 1:The Team

The Justice leage of Fliplineplanet has not been together for years......They were:

Name                         Real name                Powers                 Part of the team
SuperBerto                 Alberto                    Regular                  Leader
The Bandit                  Robby                      Can have 2 swords  General
                                                              materialize into his
Nature Boy                 Cooper                    Can make nature do  Spy
Tech Girl                    Bruna                      Has any type of gun  Attacker
                                                             or machine
The Artist                  Mary                       Can make herself      Spy
                                                               be anything by
                                                               painting herself

The powerful team has not been intact for years because the only known criminal was Ninjoy,caught by Hank.So only when the defenseless city of tastyville was threatend by spartan warriors did the team get together again to stop them.
10  Flipline Web Games / Jacksmith / Scout on: August 08, 2012, 10:06:00 AM
Here, you can say all you want about Scout!
11  Community / Fan Fiction / The Fliplympics-Fanfic on: July 30, 2012, 04:16:06 AM
Chapter 1:The Teams

South Africa:Kingsley-Sasha-Taylor-Zoe-Kayla

First event is Gymnastics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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