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1  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Every Single Fan Fic of Bang and Nukes on: January 12, 2020, 08:58:58 PM
Looking back at this makes me realize how many ideas I had that I immediately abandoned after like a day or two.

Too much creativity I guess.  Nervous
2  Community / Fan Art / Re: Fans art on: May 15, 2019, 05:39:55 PM
My newest fan art finally completed

As someone who's seen art consistently on this forum when I was active for years, This is probably the best one I've seen.

Props, I'm impressed.
3  General / Off-Topic / Re: Music on: October 10, 2018, 03:56:21 PM
Lucid Dreams definitely still in the playlist  8)
4  General / Off-Topic / Re: School on: October 09, 2018, 05:41:03 PM
So far I've been doing pretty well this year. Managing at a 3.5 and currently only struggling in math because math just sucks. Gonna take the SAT soon and after getting a 1250 on the latest PSAT, I think everything has been going well so far. Not too worried about not doing well in math since i'm looking at becoming a registered nurse and math isn't exactly too much of a need for it.
5  General / Off-Topic / Re: Rant Topic on: March 04, 2018, 10:56:51 PM
My gpa has been quite low, but the college that i'm targeting is pretty lenient, and my testing scores for important practice college tests were very high.

Also likely going into nursing, which will prob benefit as well
6  General / Off-Topic / Re: Bang's Music Review Corner on: February 25, 2018, 10:11:40 PM
My Personal Top WORST 10 Rap Albums of 2017

10. 21 Savage-ISSA
ISSA is a mediocre album by 21 Savage that lacks any meaningful flow,any meaningful lyrics,and any actual energy. 21 Savage is basically all of this and more, but there are times where he just comes together and it comes out pretty damn well for some reason. Bank Account for example, Has great production on top of great lyrics to go with 21 Savage actually trying on this track. Outside of that though, This album is just a hard piece of trash work that just doesn't click at all.

4/10 Below Average

9. Big Sean-I Decided
My Problem with Big Sean is that he is the most painfully average rapper you will ever hear. He doesn't have any stand-outs in anything, he is just an average/jack of all trades type of rapper. As a result, this shows in a project like this. This project all around is rather decent, but there is no real "banger" track and there is a few bad tracks laid around to go with some average tracks at best. As a result, you get a project that doesn't have anything to make it stand out, besides the fact that it feels empty and hollow.

4/10 Below Average

8. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie-The Bigger Artist
Boogie's Project here was just...not very good. Props for the album cover because I thought it was pretty creative and neat but this project just sucks. There a few good tracks here and there like No Promises,Say A, and of course the hit single, Drowning. but there's also tracks here that are just awful and feel so meaningless. There isn't much else to say about Boogie other then he was also on the XXL 2017 list. Which ironically, has 2-3 other rappers that will also be on this list. W E W L A D

3.5/10 Mediocre

7. XXXTentacion-17
XXXTentacion in my eyes, Is just long gone. His original style has been turned into a more edgy feel that just not clicked at all for me personally, except a few songs specifically on this tape. This style has just really funelled my dislike for him further and the fact that all these trashy songs all pile up on this one tape as well. This tape is just lousy, There is good production/solid tracks to be found but its littered with flaws and inconsistencies.

3.5/10 Mediocre

6.Hopsin-No Shame
Hopsin is a rapper from California who I can best describe as trying to sound "deep" but actually just coming off as fake af and not legit at all. The guy has profound lyrical ability, without a doubt, but thats literally all there is too it. His Lyrics are what keep him at where he is at as all of his other stuff is just plain miserable/mediocre like production for example. This project is just another example of that.

3/10 Bad

The less said about current Logic, The better. The few good tracks on here are well documented.

3/10 Bad

4.NAV-Perfect Timing
NAV is someone I'm going to summarize short. Garbage everywhere. Every track on this is absolute hot garbage. Not listenable at all,

2/10 Terrible

3.Ugly God-Booty Tapes
Ugly God was one of the brightest looking prospects on XXL with his fresh lyrics and his meme personality, he seemed like the guy to take the next big step with just one good,solid project. Instead, he took 5 steps back and released this heaping pile of garbage. This tape has trashy production, to follow with trash lyrics, to follow with some awful flow. Nothing about this is redeemable, and this tape was one of the big reasons for Ugly God's Massive fall off.

2/10 Terrible

2.PNB Rock-Going Through the Motions
PNB Rock is another XXL guy that imo, Has a nice voice for singing but just cant get it together lyrically or flow wise whatsoever. This shows on this project with imo, one of the most boring pieces of work I've seen in rap in a long time. There is just no track on this that makes you not want to fall asleep, Its just sooooo boring.

2/10 Terrible

1.Lil Yachty- Teenage Emotions
For the love of everybody Lil Yachty. Please go back to your Lil Boat style rapping. This project was just a nightmare. Oh lord I think I'm gonna cry

1/10 Garbage

7  General / Off-Topic / Re: Bang's Music Review Corner on: February 10, 2018, 12:01:49 AM
My Personal Top 10 Rap Albums of 2017

10. SmokePurpp-DeadStar
Color me suprised, but this project by SmokePurpp, fellow side artist who works with Lil Pump, was actually pretty good! Its not amazing but its not necessarily bad, a few tracks are actually just horrible, but there is also a few that are just hard as hell. For example, Tracks like Fingers Blue ft Travis Scott,Audi,Krispy Kreme,and Drop are all pretty hard tracks that are also really good. There's also tracks like RIP Max,Purgatory,and Phantom. Which are just awful and not listenable to in the slightest. Overall this album had its high points, are an album with some hard trap music that is just awesome to listen, at its lowest points, its just garbage,However,Even with this inconsistency, I think its enough to make it on this list.

DeadStar 6/10 Above Average

9. Vince Staples-Big Fish Theory
I don't have too much to say here, as this album is overall is very consistent, and there aren't many lows to point out. I think every track on here is listenable in any degree, and I think they all are pretty good. Overall,Issa pretty good album.

Big Fish Theory 6/10 Above Average

8. Amine-Good For You
Amine is such a good prospect,that likely won't last long in the hip hop scene because this album actually sold very poorly. However, that doesn't undermine him, because I personally this album as a whole, is just freakin amazing. Tracks like Hero,Turf,Wedding Crashers,and Sundays are all fantastic tracks that I still constantly listen to without a doubt. There is also the iconic hit track, Caroline, which is also a fantastic track with some mighty fine lyrics that are lyrically very catchy. This album is just great mang.

Amine Good For You 7/10 Good

7. Joey Bada$$-All  Amerikkan Bada$$
I consider Joey to be like a Poor Man's Kendrick Lamar. Its not to diss Joey, Its mainly because Joey is the closest guy you can compare to Kendrick if we are talking currently, in terms of style. This album is on point, as it displays american issues while pointing out many things such as life as a black person in america etc. Every track is quite marvelous, Specifically Devasted and Land of the Free, which are some of the best tracks I have heard this year. Overall, Great album by Joey.

All Amerikkan Bada$$ 7/10 Good

6. Trippie Redd- Love Letter To You
I am a big stan for Trippie Redd. I think the guy is tremendously talented and I absolutely love the work that he has done. He does a very good job with his hybrid singing/rapping tone in this album, with a nice nasal tone to it as well. Tracks like Deeply Scared,It Takes Time, and Never Ever land are all fantastic songs that flow together perfectly. There is also hit songs like Poles 1469 and Love Scars, With Poles 1469 being a hard track with a nice hook/chrous,and Love Scars being a Romantic song related  to Trippie past endeavours at love. Fantastic Debut Album for Trippie Redd.

Love Letter To You 7/10

5.Lil Uzi Vert-Luv is Rage 2
Lil Uzi Vert imo, dropped some of his greatest work,mixed in with some of his bottom tier work in this album. There are several tracks here that are just AMAZING, but there also several tracks that just struggle to be anything but mediocre in every aspect. Tracks like 444+222,Two,Sauce It Up,Dark Queen,Neon Guts,Way Life Goes,and For Real are all just fantastic tracks that I have within my playlist to this day, there are also a decent few of tracks that are pretty lousy and lazy, but it still doesn't take away from the work in this album. There is also a masterpiece track called XO TOUR Llif3, which is one of the best rap tracks i've heard imo. Fantastic album from Uzi.

Luv is Rage 2  7/10

4.Kendrick Lamar-DAMN
Kendrick Lamar's DAMN project is imo,one of his worst projects to date, by a longshot. Yet, its still one of the most acclaimed albums,a top 5 album,and still regarded as amazing. Why is that? Because Kendrick is a generational rapper who hasn't dropped a Album below a 9/10 in his whole career. Besides that, DAMN is still a amazing album with many good tracks within. Tracks like HUMBLE,DNA,and ELEMENT, Are all fantastic tracks with many themes regarding them. There is also some emotional tracks within such as LOVE,LOYALTY,and YAH,Which vary in opinion. Regardless,While this is still one of Kendrick Lamar's worst works, Its still one of the best albums and really well done.

DAMN 7.5/10

3.Trippie Redd- Love Letter to you 2
Like I said earlier,I'm a big stan for Trippie so i may be a tad biased with him. However,I personally believe this album is amazing and such a nice listen for me personally. I do have to make note that the album starts off at an incredibly high note with incredible songs one after another. For Example, Bust Down is a hard track with strong lyrics and a great hook. Its Followed by 2 of the best tracks I've heard this year in In To Deep,and Deadman's Wonderland. Which are some of the best songs I've listened to this year by a long shot. There's nice vocal songs with singing in songs like Back of My Mind,Let Me Down,and Feel Good. There's also tracks that are lyrically smooth and relaxing while still being tough such as Hellboy,Dangerous,and Today. This album is just phenomenal work from Trippie and I'm really excited too see what else he can come through with.

Love Letter to you 2-8/10

2.BROCKHAMPTON-Saturation Trilogy
Saturation Trilogy is all 3 Saturation albums that came out in 2017. I could differentiate them, but There all near perfect albums that are worth listening. I'll keep this one short and I'll keep it simple. BROCKHAMPTON is a rap group composed of many members, All of whom are exceptionally talented in many ways, and are lyrically,some of the best in the rap game today without having to resort to trap.

Saturation Trilogy-9/10

1.Tyler the Creator-Flower Boy
I've already done a Flower Boy Review so just go read it. Anyways, its a 10/10 perfect album. Absolutely loved it.

Flower Boy-10/10
8  General / Off-Topic / Re: Bang's Music Review Corner on: February 09, 2018, 06:30:53 PM
Rockstar- Post Malone and 21 Savage, Review

I believed that this track was a hit the first time I heard it,and listening to it now, I can see why. Its got a great melody,nice lyrics,nice vibe, and something that can be played on the radio without issue. There isn't much for me to say on this track other then it being very good.


Top 10 Rap Albums/Top 10 worst rap albums of 2017 coming shortly
9  General / Off-Topic / Re: Bang's Music Review Corner on: February 03, 2018, 09:42:20 PM
Review The h3h3 theme song

BA DAH BA DAH ba dah bah ba dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'll keep it short, its good

11/10 much meme

Review Veteran by JPEGMAFIA

Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy review please

Flower Boy is just...Wow...
Tyler the Creator is a 26 year old Artist from Ladera Heights who is renowned for his lyrics and for his OF group/brand which was a big hit. Flower Boy is really the culmination of Tyler's Work since it is nothing like his past work, and instead of being this heavy,edgy,rap music. He focuses on a more sad,emotional, aspect of his music. How did this come out you ask?
It came out nearly perfect. Tyler's potential and upside all show up on this album. Without a doubt, I do not see a single negative on this throughout this whole project, This is Tyler at his absolute best and with his upside at its finest. Nearly every track on this delivered wonderfully. Tracks like Foreword and November all have this airy,nice vibe to them. You have harder tracks like I aint Got time and Who Dat Boy. You have smooth,lyrical songs like Pothole and Boredom. You have tracks that start relaxing and then just go in like Garden Shed and Where This Flower Booms. You of course, also have a Incredible single within 911/Lonely. Every track has a form of upside that is just incredible in every way,shape,or form. I could go on, but you get the point, This album is without a doubt AOTY for 2017, and was spectacular in everything, The work Tyler has put in pays off in this album.
Oh wait, Before I end this, I forgot to mention.

Go listen to See You Again.

Favorite Tracks: Every Track
Least Favorite Tracks: None

Review Veteran by JPEGMAFIA

JPEGMAFIA is a 25 year old artist from Baltimore Maryland. The best way I can describe his music is basically Suicideboys in 1 person. To move on and start this quickly, This Album is really good. This album really takes me back to Tyler's Career beginnings as JPEG's style is quite simliar to Tyler's, while still also having that very edgy/dark vibe from Suicideboys. If anything, I think this is actually quite fresh as This type of stuff isn't really done nowadays because its viewed as a "risk" 1539,Baby I'm Bleeding,Curb Stomp,and 1488 are where this guy really shows up and showcases some REALLY good lyrical work. However,he also has tracks like Dayum,Thug Tears,and Germs, which are just meme songs at are absolutely meh. I don't have too much say because i'm not very familiar with JPEGMAFIA'S work, however, I do believe that he is very good and should be on your watchlist.

JPEGMAFIA Veteran- 7/10 Good
Favorite Tracks: 1539,Baby I'm Bleeding,Curb Stomp,1488
Least Favorite Tracks: Dayum,Thug Tears,and Germs.

10  General / Off-Topic / Re: Bang's Music Review Corner on: January 31, 2018, 09:04:43 PM
It will be its own topic until Bang stops updating.

I will be looking forward to this in the meantime. Rate 1-800?

I personally think 1-800 by Logic is a good piece of work with some inspirational lyrics within. Its good for what it is and being a hit got its message spread further, I don't doubt that this track may have helped many people. That being said,It's still one of his weaker tracks throughout his career by a long-shot. This song hits hard but it just doesn't much further then that, It doesn't stretch out by doing something trappy, which is a good thing since this song is not meant to be like that. However, It's main theme is so on point, that it leads to a track with low ceiling and a low floor. This leads to just an average track,maybe above average with some great effort. Thats what I think this track is, An inspirational and quite lovely track hindered by alot of its material, and resulting in an average track that is one of Logic's weaker tracks overall.

Overall, 5/10-Average

Do Bodak Yellow

Bodak Yellow is made by New York Artist, Cardi B. Cardi B is a female up and coming rapper who has dropped some hits following this track, but this track is her most notable. Bodak Yellow is honestly quite solid, It has a very catchy chorus and lyrically it just rolls of the tongue near perfectly, Its a track that can get you hooked pretty damn easily with just a few listens. The problem with this track comes in the fact that its just your basic trap music infused with some bleepty spots over all around, also combined with the verses following the chorus to just be absolutely mediocre and meh. Bodak Yellow is a catchy song if were talking on the spectrum of the chorus, but besides that, Its really just another OK trap track thats alot like others with a few unique things but nothing big.

Bodak Yellow-4/10 Below Average

Review Roll in Peace - Kodak Black ft. XXXTentacion

Before I start, Kodak Black is one of my least favorite Rap Artists because he is unoriginal,has no lyrical game,has no rhythm, and has no real flow. That being said, This track is still phenomenal. This track really and i mean REALLY plays to Kodak's few Pro's about his rapping style, Its got good lyrics backed up with a good chorus with a solid feature and has that same catchiness that sticks in your head. The track is honestly great, I don't see to many negatives with the track other then Kodak's rapping style still butting heads as he does tend to mumble often and sound quite weird with the flow.

Roll in Peace-8/10 Great!

i would like to see your starboy review
i mean the album


I just want to start by saying I really don't find the appeal in the Weeknd,I really don't, The guy has amazing singing but his lyrics have to be some of the worst i've heard in a while when it comes to rap artists, which is saying alot. "All the pain that you feel you can tell that we ain't making no love" and  "I'm not a fool/ I just love that you're dead inside" Is just........cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Although, I do have to say that Starboy is a decent album on its own, Starboy,Party Monster,and I feel it coming are all great tracks, but besides that, most of the album is just what I expect from the Weeknd and its overblown lyrics topped with inconsistency all around the board with just about everything besides his singing, which was great all over the album. Weeknd can improve, but atm, I think he could really benefit from a ghostwriter, he's really also gotta work on his inconsistency because it shows with some of the shoddy work on this Album

Favorite Tracks: Starboy,Party Monster,I feel it coming
Least Favorite Tracks: kinda everything else

Starboy-4/10 Below Average

11  General / Off-Topic / Re: Bang's Music Review Corner on: January 28, 2018, 12:43:28 AM
Old music reviews!

Khalid- American Teen
American Teen is one of my most favorite R&B Albums ever. It is absolutely splendid and stunning in many ways and just classifies Khalid as a big star in the making. This was Khalid's Debut Studio Album which were headlined by tracks like Location, Young,Dumb,and Broke and Saved. These tracks were fantastic and really did a good job hooking you into this album. Outside of that, The album itself all around doesn't hit the stride these 3 tracks do, but they are all still quite good and are just icing on the cake for what was near perfected songs. I hope Khalid continues down the right road, because he has an extremely bright future ahead of him.


Logic- Everybody
Logic is a biracial-rapper musician from Maryland, who hit it big starting his career with his Famous "Young Sinatra" Mixtape which was absolutely stunning lyrical work in many works, and is still a fan favorite by many in the hip-hop industry. He continued with this work by dropping another mixtape titled Welcome to Forever which was also just as much of a hit and once again showcased that lyrical work. He then followed up with Album releases in Under Pressure,and the Incredible-True Story, both weren't as sharp as his mixtapes, but were still stunning pieces of work to follow,alongside the Bobby Taratino mixtape not too long after, which was also solid. Which brings me to this album...I've been praising Logic all over but to be quite honest...This Album is just not very good. This Album just struggles to bring life or anything from it, The album attempts to come from a mind of black culture and how it is to be black and struggle with issues that surround them, the problem is, Logic attempts to face these issues very callously and he does not face them directly, instead he tries to act as if these issues are not current and are simply just over-the-head. This comes down to a mediocre-filled tracks all over. The only tracks that are listenable and solid are 1800,Ink Blot,and Killing Spree.

4/10 (Being generous, would consider giving this a 3 or even a 2 tbh)
12  General / Off-Topic / Bang's Music Review Corner on: January 28, 2018, 12:21:23 AM
Welcome to Mr.Bang's Music Review Corner.

Here, I will review some of songs/tapes that have come out.

I will look at doing reviews of single songs that are "hot" or albums,as well as looking at older projects and putting out my thoughts on them.

I will also take requests, I would preferably take them through PM.

Music Review queue:
13  General / Other Games / Re: Doki Doki Literature Club on: December 24, 2017, 06:37:32 PM
It's the only way to get out of that space void room thingy though Hmm

anyway, i finally got this ending (i just got it yesterday)
Not really a bad thing to be in that room tho,you are in there for dat dank meme monika
14  General / Other Games / Re: Doki Doki Literature Club on: December 22, 2017, 12:10:08 PM
Natsuki isn't confirmed a guy, pretty sure its just a meme.

As for deleting monika, you honestly should have kept her.

She has an insane amount of interesting dialogue and imo, its one of the most interesting parts of the game.
15  General / Forum Discussion / Re: Flipline Forum News on: December 21, 2017, 08:09:03 PM
It was the ranking, this would have been locked otherwise.

Lets make a new ranking and call it Bang Ranking.

Only one ranked is Bang.
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