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1  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Burgeria / Easiest Gameria? on: July 26, 2013, 01:49:59 PM
I think so. If you say "No!", what gameria do you think is the easiest?
2  Community / Fan Fiction / The Brother War - Chapter One on: July 26, 2013, 12:56:47 PM
Teaser: There was going to be one, but I was too lazy to make it
Chapter Two: COMING SOON
Chapter Three: COMING SOON
Chapter Four: COMING SOON
Chapter Five: COMING SOON

This series is all from Matt's (Flipline Co-Owner) perspective.
Setting: Griller Stadium in the year of 4024.

The Brother War

The soldier before me fell, lifeless before he hit the ground. As I stood up and removed my sword from his fatal wound, the sounds of battle seemed to be sharper, more prominent. I shook my head, then ran back into the jungle.

I then realized, he was my first kill.

I must tell Tony, I thought. My brother was always better than me at everything, but he would still be proud of me, even if he'd already gotten his kill first. A second thought sprang to my mind. But what if he isn't? What if he just laughs and says that he'd gotten his already, that I would always be his little brother? No, he would be proud of me, I assured myself. He was even proud when I tripped during a training and sprained my ankle.

A gunshot fired nearby, and it shook me out of my stupor. Even after the shot was gone, it still took me a second to remember that I was at Griller Stadium, fighting off a foreign army. I continued to run toward our lines.

If I had been more observant, I would have noticed the enemy soldier hiding in the bushes, that I would have been able to shoot him before he jumped me. However, my thoughts led me astray, and before I knew it, he was on top of me, struggling to slide his sword out of his sheath.

I yelled in pain as the soldier's weight slammed into me, then I struggled to pull him off. But it was no use. The soldier had his sword out, and was preparing to stab when a shadow came over the both of us. Two hands grabbed the soldier by his back and threw him off of me.

The soldier slammed into a tree, but he more nimble on his feet than I realized. He jumped to his feet and drew his sword, but he was not faster than my unknown savior. A gunshot rang out, and the soldier fell to the ground.

"Matt," a voice said, "Get up." As I did so, I recognized my savior. "Tony", I sighed in relief. My brother had saved me.

But the reunion wouldn't last for long. "Matt, you should have known better. He was hiding in plain sight." my brother lectured, "If I hadn't been nearby, you would have been dead."

"I know brother," I said apologetically.

He shook his head, then a cheer came up through the various greenery that made up the jungle. I started in surprise.

My brother looked out, then smiled. "We've won Matt. The enemy has fled."

I sighed in relief. The four hours of fighting had been worth it. "Come now," Tony gestured, "Back to the fort."

Both of us then ran toward Griller Stadium's large walls, and eventually passed through the gate into the fort.

Passing through the gate, we then received our field ration, then found a spot to relax and eat. We ate in silence, but as I started to finish off the ration, Darren spoke.

"Matt," he said, "do you remember our parents?"

I stopped eating. "What?" I asked.

"Do you remember our parents? Like what they looked like, or if they were even Arcadian?" Tony asked intensely.

I looked down at my food, the small portion left looking unappetizing. "The orphanage never told us, remember?" I reminded him.

"I know, I know," Tony said sadly, "But, do you remember seeing them at all? Even in your dreams?"

I shook my head. But then I smiled sadly. "Well, if they could see us now, they'd be proud," I assured him. He did not respond. He merely stared at the sun dipping toward the horizon, his face emotionless.

"You done with your food?" he asked, then stood up suddenly.

"Yes," I said, handing him my leftover portion. He then walked away toward the mess tent.

I frowned. Tony had been moody lately. He didn't speak as much as he used to, and he wasn't getting enough sleep. At least once a night, he would toss and turn in his sleep. He hadn't been eating as much, and even the ration we received now he'd only eaten half of it.

But we've accomplished so much! I thought. We'd gotten into The Griller Guard, passed the Initiate test, and been granted Tier One. Tony had even been hinted at by an officer that he would soon receive Tier Two. Why is he acting like this if there's everything to be happy for? Even though we'd been left in front of a seedy orphanage in the Outer Rim of the Arcadian Galaxy, me a baby and Tony a three year-old boy, we'd sacrificed everything to get here. And now he's unhappy, not even thinking about the things that we do have.

I sighed, then I heard an officer order everyone to their bunks. I stood up, and watched the last bit of the sun's ray dip below the horizon. Then I trudged to my barracks in the fort.

In the morning, I woke up, and began to get ready. However, I felt that something was wrong. Very wrong. I pulled on my uniform and slipped on my boots, and was just leaving the barracks when it hit me. I looked back into the barracks, and Tony's boots were still on the floor. Tony would always wake up before I did. Why would he skip it now? I walked into the barracks, a sick feeling in my throat. I looked into Tony's bunk, and he was not there. Perhaps he forgot his boots, I should bring them to him, I thought.

Then I saw it. The envelope. Lying on his pillow. At this moment, my blood ran cold.

I opened the envelope and unfolded the note inside. Instantly, I knew that Tony had written this. The writing was his. The contents of the note sent me crashing on the inside.

"My brother,
I have left the Guard. I am no longer apart of the military. You will most likely never see me again.
I am so sorry.
 - Tony"

I stood, emotion causing me to become motionless. Suddenly, I saw another piece of paper in the envelope. This one must have been left by accident. As I read the seven simple words on the piece of paper, my hands shook, and chills wracked my body.

"Frostfield Army Corps. Tony Polmarck, Level One."

3  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Cupcakeria / Freshness? on: July 26, 2013, 09:54:27 AM
Freshness was added in Papa's Hot Doggeria. You have to change the furniture, posters, and walls and floors every few days so your Freshness score doesn't go down. This is not really needed in the gamerias. What do you think?
4  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Cupcakeria / Hot Dogs vs Cupcakes! on: July 15, 2013, 09:46:48 PM
I vote hot dogs.

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5  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Cupcakeria / Papa's Cupcakeria Ranks on: July 14, 2013, 11:08:56 PM
These are all of the ranks for Papa's Cupcakeria.

1.  Newbie
2.  Trainee
3.  Tray Cleaner
4.  Cashier
100+.  Better Than Papa!

I will add them all when the game actually gets released... -.-

KitKatExtreme stole all of my potatos! Angry
6  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Hot Doggeria / Papa's Hot Doggeria Ranks on: July 09, 2013, 04:49:30 PM
These are all of the ranks for Papa's Hot Doggeria.

1.  Newbie
2.  Trainee
3.  Tray Cleaner
4.  Cashier
5.  Sausage Griller
6.  Mustard Master
7.  Pepper Sport
8.  Marinara Master
9.  Bun Buddy
10  Thirst Quencher
11.  Sauerkruater
12.  Kielbasa Cooker
13.  Candy Jacksmith
14.  Pineapple Pro
15.  Calorie Cutter
16.  Master of Mayo
17.  Corn Kettler
18.  Pretzel Pro
19.  Fajita Fan
20.  Drink Doctor
21.  Pro Pickler
22.  Vegetarian
23.  Chocolatier
24.  Hot Sauce Hero
25.  Lemon Mist Master
26.  Pumpernickel Pro
27.  Red Hot Hero
28.  Salsa Server
29.  Cheddar Champ
30.  Soda Jerk
31.  Bacon Buddy
32.  Cinnamon Swirler
33.  Mushroom Master 
34.  Root Beer Buddy
35.  Cheese Champ
36.  Onion Wrangler
37.  Burple Buddy
38.  Candy Fan
39.  Cheese Grater
40.  Chili Champion
41.  Relish Pickler
42.  Ketchup Squirter
43.  Hot Dog Hero
44.  Chicago Dogger
45.  Bun Splitter
46.  Tomato Slicer
47.  Baseball Buddy
48.  Pinch Hitter
49.  Hot Dog Warrior
50.  Employee of the Year
51.  Order Expert
52.  Grill Expert
53.  Build Expert
54.  Pop Expert
55.  Restaurant Manager
56.  Restaurant Legend
57.  Doggeria Master
58.  Stadium Superstar
59.  Better than Papa!
7  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Wingeria / Worst Papa's Gameria? on: February 23, 2013, 10:28:05 PM
What do you think is the worst Papa's Gameria?
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