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1  Community / Fan Fiction / Random fan-fics or your fan-fic ideas that need judging on: April 21, 2013, 07:54:25 PM
Alright...Its basically unfinished fan-fics that you got that idea in your head...But,You never had the next episode written.And...This is not about my fan-fics that are...Y'know,Unfinished but also for everybody...And for me,The stories I'll post here doesn't have a place to have its own thread:You get the idea.If you have an Idea going on your head and want to see if people will like it...You can post it here...This is a pretty stupid idea but of course,Won't you like to see if others like your idea befor eyou make a thread about it?Well...This is still pretty stupid,But I don't really care...I'm lazy to repeat all of the things I said so I'll start and if like these ideas...You can say that "this needs its own thread!" or something like that:

Irritation Time with John the agent and Rudy the crazy!
Note:This fan-fic was made by my Neanderthal of a brother,And he never even bothered to finish it.

I sat silently on a bench...It was a slow and sad winter day,Even though its very cold..Rudy bought some Ice cream so I had time to ponder on my thoughts.

"Heey John! What flavor do you want!?"
"Seriously? You eat Ice cream in winter?! I don't want any!"
"Chocolate? Okay! Coming up!"

Dang,Rudy has always been that,Crazy.Infact I think he needs to go to rehab for over craziness.But he's my friend,More like.....
A best friend.

2  Community / Fan Fiction / Cause And Effect[A Make your own path fan-fic] on: April 07, 2013, 05:59:42 PM
[Author's note:This is probably my last fan-fic,I was bored so I made this...Its pretty stupid but..It gets the job done.


You,A random civilian...Or something,Woke up to an alarm,
"Dang alarm clock"You say to yourself as you turn off a old style windup clock that was sitting in your drawer,You took some seconds and then you stood up quickly...Then you made your way to the bathroom,You washed your face,But something....Seems wrong,Your face seem a bit blurry.But you thought that it was just your eye trying to accustom to your surroundings.The silent morning was disturbed by a loud phone call,You check who it is,It was Papa Louie,"Why would he call at 5 am?"You asked yourself...Will you answer it?

Answer the call:
You decided to answer it,"Might be important"You say...You picked up the phone and say,"Hello? Papa Louie?"...It was replied by,"Hey Lad!""What is it it?" you asked..."I called you because I have set a Free Burger Day! I hope you will come!"And then the line ended."Hmm...I guess."

Don't answer it:
You decided to not answer it.."Probably a stupid call or something."..You spend the day slacking off,Without knowing that a Burger horde is already attacking...

[P.S:This story mostly concerns the new Papa Louie game,When burgers attack.]
3  General / Other Games / Have you played Strike force heroes 1 and 2? on: March 22, 2013, 03:42:19 AM
Its really a good game! All the weapons,Its graphics and i suggest that you play it! It will be lotsa fun!
4  Community / Fan Games / Fliprace"See ya at the finish line!"[Finished fan-game] on: March 14, 2013, 09:23:51 PM
Here's the details on the game,Not planning to draw them though,But you can! If you want to that is!

Slogan:'See ya at the finish line!'
Loading time:15 minutes
Controls:W,A,S,D/Arrow keys For movement
            Mouse to aim and look around
            P for pause
            Space to enter Turbo mode
            U for Flipower[Or special]
            Q to change your weapon from powerup to standard weapon[The ones that you have if you don't have powerups]

Current development progress:100 percent[FINALLY!]


Papa Louie franchise:

Roy:Pizza Speedster
Info:This car is for beginners,but can be deadly when handled by a pro.
Special:Blast pizzas that stop the cars in their tracks!
Attack Power:8.5/10

Marty:Burger Machine
Info:This HUGE Monster truck will mow down opponents!
Special:Release 2 Burger chainsaws!
Attack power:9/10

Penny:Sundae float
Info:This flying,literally Hoverboat can fly at great heights!
Special:Since when flying this 'float' slows down,You can just zoom ahead of opponents 'cause you get a special boost when flying! Watch out you don't want to crash into a car! on second thought,Go ahead!
Attack power:7/10

Papa Louie:Franchise blazer
Info:Papa L soars into the race with this Dragon!
Special:Release the Dragon!
Attack power:10/10

James:Wrench Jet
Info:Soar into the skies with this!
Special:Missile Killstreak and Tomawrench[Tomahawks,but are wrenches]Are inevitable!
Attack power:9/10

Cactus Mcoy franchise:

Cactus Mcoy:Spikin' Gunner
Special:Shoot while your car is covered by spikes!
Info:Hey! is this car trying to prick its driver? wait a minute....
Attack power:10/10

Ella:Tornado falcon
Info:Its a bird!No,Its a plane wait..Its a car!
Special:Spread your wings and...Fly! also grab a car and throw it while your at it..That's alot of "its"
Attack power:7/10

Forum Franchise:

WARNING: You could use others to use Julia's car, but a demotion of 1 to all stats.
Julia: Demon Speedster
Speed: 9.5/10
Acceleration: 10/10
Handling: 9.5/10
Defense: 8.5/10
Attack power: 10/10
Info: Any demon is recommended on this car, but other people might get some disaster if they've used it! This was also recommended for newbies, but this could be hard to beat if a professional could handle this!
Special [Julia]: Confuses the enemies after the player in 30 seconds, plus a distraction from these annoying pests [succubuses] in 10 seconds after confusion countdown.
Special [Other]: Confuses the enemies after the player in 15 seconds.

Cooler: Red Speed
Speed: 10/10
Acceleration: 8.5/10
Handling: 9/10
Defense: 9/10
Attack power: 9.5/10
Info: This car is very fast,but its worst in acceleration.However,it is high,so dont worry.Be careful,it sometimes is hard to handle,the handling is not perfect!
Special [Cooler]:Get a big boost to go over 2 times the speed of the car, for 15 seconds! You also turn invisible,so you only see the outline of the car,so you can go through other cars!
Special [Other]: The same as Cooler's special,but it is only for 8 seconds and you cant go through cars,in return not going invisible.

Adam: The Giga Kart
Speed: 10/10
Acceleration: 10/10
Handling: 10/10
Defense: 6/10
Attack power: 6/10
Info: Perfect in the top three, but it's handling can easily go out of control at high speeds, and it's not very strong either.
Special [Adam]: Fires a giant rolling bomb in behind, or in front of him.
Special [Other]: Instead of a giant rolling bomb, it's only two missiles and one rolling bomb.

It's supposed to be a brown and yellow Panoz GTR-1 by the way.

Huzio: Hamburg Horns
Speed: 9/10
Acceleration: 8/10
Handling: 7/10
Defence: 10/10
Attack Power: 10/10
Info: This car was found by healing spring, so it has healing Specials. Low speeds, but last longer.
special[HUZIO FCS]: Heal the health 1/10 every 30 minutes.
special[OTHER]: Boasts the damage to other cars for 10 seconds every 30 minutes.

Shibuya:Overdrive Booster
Attack Power:10/10
Info:A total daredevil car! maybe fit for beginners but still,Be careful...The car has been prone to out of control speed bursts.
Special[Shibuya]:Zoom Zoom!The car releases his "Overdrive" and locks in on 5 cars on track! Then crashes to them at VERY HIGH speed!
Special[Others]:Instead of crashing at them,The car gets a large speed boost for 5 seconds.

Jacksmith Franchise[New!]

Attack power:6/10
Info:Jacksmith upgrades his vehicle into a more fitting car for races!...Seems legit.
Special[Jacksmith]:Pound Pound! The van releases 2 giant hammers pounding at the sides and front!

Attack power:9/10
Info:Scout will raise the POWAH with this motorcycle!Looks like Scout is bored with the usual vehicle that they ride huh?

Player Franchise[This means YOU]

Custom car:Starting stats are 5/10! You can mix and match parts!

Preset car bodies #1:Common car
This car is a commonly used car for everyday use,Recommended for beginners!

Preset car bodies #2:Van
This car might be a bit slow,But with its attack power makes up for it!

Preset car bodies # 3::Hoverboat
This hovering,literally hoverboat can raise either up or down,Best handling!

Preset car bodies #4:Jet
This is the faster and meaner version of teh hoverboat! pretty hard to control but its speed is for demons!

Preset car bodies #5:Race car
This one is up for a treat!race cars are the fastest ground car!

Special Preset body:Motorbike
This 2 wheeler is a fast daredevil!Just be careful not to be pummeled by bigger cars!

If you want to add a car,Just post it and its stats and I'll enter it here!

Weather conditions[SUggested by Nickito]
Rainy:Hard,Wet puddles will crash your car into oblivion!
Sunny:Easy,Watch out for banana peels! and grab that missile powerup while your at it.
Stormy:Very hard,Is Thor roaming the race track?!
Foggy:Hard, You hear that?Its hard to see.....So you have to rely on your hearing on this one![By Adam]
Snowy:Hard,Hey look its Jack Frost![By Adam]
Windy:Medium,Wind might try to make you here and there,but you are more powerful than the wind![By Ahfaz]
Floody:Hard,Would you call James? It needs CLOGGINg here!

Day and Time settings:[By Adam]

Lvl 1:Burger Racer
Lvl 2:Sundae floater
Lvl 3:Taco Blazer
Lvl 4:Pizza Master
Lvl 5:Wingin' Flier
Lvl 6:Hotdog Star
Lvl 7:Ranker
Lvl 8:Apprentice
Lvl 9:RaceKnight
Lvl 10:RaceArcher
Lvl 11:Race Meister
[I can't think of anymore levels]

Tracks:[In no particular order,but there is on the story]
Oniontown Twist![By Adam]
Sarge's Castle Escapade!
Starlight City Showdown!
Dreamworld,Unlock Jenna [From Riceria]here!
Tastyville throwdown!
Tacodale riot!
Maple mountain dash!
Calypso Island surf through!
Burgerburgh jet!
Georgito's Hotel stopby!
Griller Stadium Homerun!
Honey Hive!
Ruins of Calavera!
Alpine Ridge!
Wormwood Hollow Mansion!
Sakura bay!
Scary Cave!

Final Coliseum Party![Final Track]

Story mode:See how the chef's work from cooking,Gone racing!
Battle mode:See whose the ultimate driver!Battle it out in the arena! use all powerups!
Time attack:Rip your hair out trying to finish without the clock reaching Zero!
Shop:Buy new cars,new characters,and even customize your character here!

Missile:Homing goodness!Eat missile!
Wet puddle:You don't want to step on this! it makes your car harder to control!
Banana peel:Classic goodness!Go roundabout spinning!
Wormhole:Why would you want to teleport 30 percent to the level?
Minigun:Oh hohoho!You know what this means right? OPEN FIRE
Flamethrower:Attention! Pure hot awesomeness!
Serpent Blade V.2:Thrust other cars into...Um,Trusting into other cars,Like Barbeque!
Pizza-Volver:A revolver! But shoots mini pizzas!

Unlockable or buy-able characters:
Hank[brainwashed],Automatically unlocked once you reach Level 15
Jenna,Unlocked when you finish Dreamworld
Akari[brainwashed],Defeat her at Starlight City
Georgito[brainwashed],Defeat him as a boss in Starlight city
Roy V.2,defeat him as a boss in Tastyville
Johnny[brainwashed],Defeat him as a boss in Maple mountains
Cooper[Brainwashed],defeat him in Maple mountains
Rita,Automatically unlocked
Taylor,Automatically unlocked
Rico,Defeat him as a boss in Tacodale
Papa Louie,Defeat him as the Final Boss in Space Prime
Pinch Hitwell,Defeat him in Tastyville
Captain Cori,Defeat her as  boss in Calypso Island
[And the rest,You guys suggest!]
Julia,Defeat her in Wormwood Mansion!
Dudley,Defeat him at Alpine Ridge!
Hex Hatfield and Malana Mire[Android]:Defeat them as dual bosses at Ruins of Calavera![P.S:Serpent Blade sold seperately]
Sarge,Defeat him in OnionTown!

Tips and Tricks:
1.Don't get ahead of yourself when new to the game! Head to the tutorial right away!
2.Always look at your surroundings!
3.Know your car's Pros and Cons to make it more effective!
4.Choose what car fits your style!
5.Always grab powerups! Never know when they will come handy!

Bosses tactics:[In no particular order again]
Boss #1:Sarge:You'll face him in both Oniontown and his Castle so be ready! the first and second are the same! only harder! Mind that Serpent Blade and Roulette Pizza-volver,Their your best attacks for Sarge! Also mind,Roy V.2 will assist him in battle by using his own Pizza-volver so be careful! The main strategy of this boss,is to not crash on his car but to use any powerups against him,he will he will whack you with a hammer if you get close to him! but if you dodge the hammer he will be stunned and there's your chance,Whip him with every attack you have!

Boss #2:Roy V.2:Alright in this boss starts the challenge,Roy V.2 is no pushover he's vehicle has HIGH HP but its a custom car,so you can arrange it parts to create his car,First Roy will quickly get ahead of the race to you with jetpacks and he's snapping insults.He'f one fast boss,The main battle is to Knockout Roy V.2 and be 1st place.This is a hard battle but there are plenty of Missiles around so use that and prepare yourself for a tough battle.

 [Boss Tactics: Julia]

Julia is using the Demon Speedster, that it was made from her own. You'll only face her on the Wormwood Hollow Mansion. If you're leading against Julia, and struck against her special attack, Try to use the new controls during 30 second of confusion; right
and left
. After the confusion, just try to avoid a Succubus' annoyance by focusing the track! But seriously watch out, Julia is better than a pro, so show your greatest skills on racing.

Boss #3 Johnny:"Oh You asked for it!"says Johnny as a boss,Alright I'll get straight to the point,Johnny is a hard boss even in an Easy track!Beware his standard attack is he will swing his axe into you so dodge it and whack him with your weapon! The serpent blade will appear at random times in the track so get it! Don't forget the missile powerup! His Flipower is he will spin with his ax in hand and..Yes there's an end he's speed at Flipower is 15/10 RUN AWAY But don't run away too much because after his special he will be dizzy for 5 seconds so that's your chance to pummel him!

Boss #4:Georgito:Little man's getting revenge for his trashed up hotel!His limo has a long reach so its best to stay behind him and pummel him!However he has his own Pizza-Volver so he can shoot you from behind! So its best to balance your attack and defense tactics to defeat him,But if you can't do that,Charge at him and do your best attacks!

Boss# 5:Captain Cori:If your thinking that Captain Cori will be driving a car,Your completely wrong.
She's riding her yacht[Rich boss*sigh*]and taunts you by facing the Yacht toward you,FRING CANNONBALLS ,The best way to get rid of her quick is to destroy her cannonballs then RAM THE BOAT!But be careful,Roy V.2 will be assisting her too!

Boss# 6:Akari:This is prolly one of the bosses that have low Hp's,But be careful! She's using both the Minigun and the Flamethrower! She CAN knock your car to smitherens! So always be on guard! You don't know what Main weapon she's gonna use because she's got a ? box!

Boss 7:Romano Family:I repeat,Your probably stupid if you think you can just barge in the Portal to stop Papa Louie Your gonna have to defeat the ENTIRE ROMANO FAMILY first,The main boss here is Little Edoardo while the others are just distractions that have low Hp's,whenever you hit LE[Little Edoardo cause' I'm lazy]all the other fam members will crowd him,Making a human shield...THAT HAS HIGH HP!Just ram it to bring it down!

Semi Final boss:Hex Hatfield and Malana Mire[Android] and Roy V.2:This is prolly your final battle against Roy V.2...NOT! He'll be assisting the 2 Deadly duos!The basic way to fend themm off ya is to target the meat shield,Hex then pummel Malana...Its probably easy right? NO! hex hatfield after Malana Mire's destroyed[FOR REAL]Bear with me...He's gonna turn red and there's a plus 5 to all his stats! And he'll fire cobwebs to let Roy.V2 simply attack you,Don't mind Roy V.2 Just keep pumelling Hex and you';ll be fine!

Final[THAT'S REALLY HARD EVEN FOR EASY MODE]:WHY PAPA LOUIE WHY...Your "Boss"Had transformed into a gigantic alien that is infront of you and WILL beat the crap out of you..And as an added bonus before the fight,Papa Louie destroys Roy V.2![In hard mode]...His basic attack is his gigantic mecha alien body will bite you using his gigantic mouth,When he opens his mouth quickly jump on his head then whack the shell where Papa Louie is controlling the boss!After a few seconds the boss will throw your car at the ground and it does some damage...Its second attack is...Seriously? Make little clones to attack you.They can be hit so just dodge the bites and the attacks of the clones then make your move[Which is attack]KAPOW! The clones will be out in no time!...For now..Once you destroy the clones Papa Louie will do the bite thing again so keep pummeling him until part 2 of the boss!

Final Boss.Pt.2:Papa L[Cuz i'm lazy]Will transform into a Tank...YUP a Tank then he fires lazers at ya!Such a cheater right? NO he fires Hotdogs wings and most importantly,Lazers...Did I forgot to mention the cannonballs and the sword melee attack? Oh well...BUT His attacks have  HUGE opening like when the Lazers gonna fire its gonna charge up so do the PUMMEL!Just keep doing it and...CONGRATS YOU HAVE FINISHED THE GAME!!!!NOT.

What to do:
Okay...Lemme guess...You got it beat...SO PARTY!I forgot to mention in the story mode that there's a Free roaming option so go discover all the hidden areas you missed and race there! Go visit some friends! Buy everything in the shop! Have all the fun you can! PARTY!

Does this fan made game need a sequel?
For me....HECK YES!What do you think? does this need a sequel?

5  Community / Fan Fiction / A Strange Link on: March 07, 2013, 08:03:28 PM

James was late up surfing the net,As his job as a handyman he went through different kinds of trouble such as when a onion kidnapped him while working.He was just clicking on some sites but suddenly,A mysterious link appears on his computer.It says,"Watch,For You will be sent."
James:Wha? what is this?
Unaware of the danger,James clicked on it....And he blacked out.
Meanwhile...On Roy's house...

Roy:Taylor! be ready to face my 45-hit combo!
Taylor:Not if I can block it!

6  Community / Fan Fiction / Should I write a Fanfic? on: March 07, 2013, 12:13:29 AM
I'm just wondering....I don't know if I can write a fanfic due to these 3 reasons:
1.My corniness
2.The ability to ruin a good story
3.Lack of creativity

So should I write one?
7  General / Suggestions / Post ALL your suggestions here! on: March 01, 2013, 08:09:10 PM
So the title means exactly what your gonna do, so with with no further interruptions, i'll start my own suggestions!

1.Ability to interact with the restaurant while working:
If your wondering, it means that you can interact with the restaurant even while the day is not finished!For example A customer ordered a hotdog and a large popcorn and a large soda too and now you can see them eat! they also won't just leave the tip they will leave the tip after eating! also if the customer made some mess while eating you can click it and two options will appear! the options say:"Clean up"and"Take tips".While this will make the game harder and the loading slower,It adds more content for gamers to enjoy.Also the ability to change your viewing in the restaurant.

So after the day it not only offers you play mini-games it also offers you to roam the city! talk to other people,individual shops that sell,clothes,gizmos,special ingredients and many more!This feature is skippable.

3.The new"Rank up!"system
I assume you too have felt the joy of gaining a new title,Well that was dramatic.Now not only you gain a title your cooking skills will also level up! while how you make the food is the main score-giver how you use the items would be much more efficient.

That's all I think for now! Post your suggestions here!

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