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1  Community / Fan Games / Papa's Coffeeria (Yasakatome Edition) on: January 21, 2017, 05:16:47 AM
Everyone and their mothers already thought of a coffeehouse fangame for the Gameria-verse, and I haven't read any of those, so anyway,

Papa's Coffeeria is located near a convention hall (where many events and conventions take place), and maybe some other pretentious hipster-feel places, like the theaters or the Toastwood Institute of Art.

The would-be "chef"* wins 2nd place at a cosplay competition, only for the grand prize to be to manage Papa's Coffeeria. The grand winner is enraged by this, so the "chef" offers to swap for their 2nd place prize... which is soon regretted.

*since this is a coffeehouse, not a restaurant, they're a barista, not a chef.

--How to Play--
  • Customer comes in and you get their order.
  • You MAY be asked for food, too, so prepare it if asked.
  • You prepare their coffee. EDIT: Depending on the order, you may have to put the drink in either a ceramic cup, or a paper cup.
  • Around the second quarter of the game, you're introduced to frappuccinos.
  • You serve them.
  • Order
  • Food - includes the oven to heat the items in
  • Coffee - includes eventual blenders for Frappuccinos; customers may not even order coffee-based drinks at all(such as milkshakes and hot chocolate)
  • Design - can act like the one in Freezeria/Cupcakeria

  • (a rude-looking nerd)
  • Akari
  • Xolo
  • Radlynn
  • (the very cosplayer that beat you)
  • Quinn
  • Jojo

The holidays affect what event is being held at the nearby convention hall, too. This means that customers may come into the cafe not only with respective holiday apparel, but also merchandise bought at the convention hall.
  • New Year (Cartoons-themed? EDIT: Art gallery-themed)
  • Valentines Film Fest (Romance/Drama-themed)
  • Sprocketworld (Steampunk-themed)
  • Sakura Manga Matsuri (Anime/Manga-themed)
  • Groovstock (Rock music-themed EDIT: 70's music-themed)
  • Summer Luau (Summer-themed)
  • Starlight Jubilee (AMERICA)
  • CometCon (Alien-themed EDIT: SciFi-themed)
  • Superhero Special (Superhero-themed)
  • Halloween (Horror-themed) <-- your first holiday
  • Thanksgiving (Food sampling-themed)
  • Christmas Toy eXpo (Toys-themed)

Papa Louie offers to close down the cafe, which upsets most patrons. Feeling guilty, the barista declines it... only to regret it again.
i'm only using this as an excuse because i'm a weeaboo

EDIT: Due to the nature of this cafe, there is little to no chance that there would be an assisting helper that takes orders to give to the barista. Also, due to the faster way of handling orders, there may be more customers coming in, perhaps even surpassing Hot Doggeria!
2  Community / Fan Art / Ask the Workers! ((NO REGRETS JUST LOVE)) on: March 16, 2013, 06:00:29 AM
So yeah, just ask the workers here like in the Q&A section of the forum. Can be directed to one or more. I'll draw the responses.

  • I MIGHT not be able to answer your question because reasons.
  • If I feel lazy, I'll use MS Paint. I usually use Paint Tool SAI when my pen tablet works.
  • This serves as a draw request too. Just don't overwork me or no response for you.
  • Customers can be asked, but be wary that some workers might butt in.
  • I will lock this thread at times to avoid overflow. Please wait for the moment I'll reopen this thread.
3  Community / Fan Games / It's more of derived game than a fan game. on: March 14, 2013, 04:25:46 AM
I was thinking about making a minigame within a game I just MIGHT make in the far future.

So yeah the main game is about a high school girl fighting monsters with her schoolmates but that's beside the point.

During the summer, you can get a summer job at a yogurt shop. You get the idea.

Not only will your schoolmates order from the shop, other people will order too.
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