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1  General / Off-Topic / Flipline Forum Top 10 Musical Artists - Season 2 (Winner revealed!) on: January 12, 2020, 08:02:19 PM
Yeah so apparently we're doing this again with little old me as host

If you weren't here for Season 1, here's how it works:
For the first round, nominate up to 10 of your favourite artists in the order you wish to submit them (your first artist gets 10 points, second gets 9, etc.)

The artists with the highest point scores will advance directly to the final, and any other nominated artists will be sent to a series of elimination polls, where you will vote for your favourites, and whoever has the least votes will be eliminated until we have a reasonable amount left. The top 10 will be decided in the final round through another poll.

Penguin explained it better, look in his topic if you don't understand:

Nominations are closed, but good luck to your faves!

Nomination round leaderboard:
Lizzo - 28
Avril Lavigne - 27
Gorillaz - 27
Just A Gent - 27
The Beatles - 27
Lana Del Rey - 22
Oofis - 21

Billie Eilish - 19
Everything Everything - 18
Queen - 15
Juice Wrld - 15
Tones And I - 13
Lil Nas X - 12
Lorde - 12
Tyler The Creator - 12
Vorovayki - 11
Ava Max - 10
Khalid - 10
Loona - 10
Music8Bits - 10
Pulp - 10
Serena Ryder - 10
Twenty One Pilots - 10
Abba - 9
AJR - 9
Regina Spektor - 9
The Voidz - 9
Wintergatan - 9
Alan Walker - 8
Bad Lip Reading - 8
Dua Lipa - 8
Imagine Dragons - 8
Kendrick Lamar - 8
Sunmi - 8
Travis Scott - 8
Droeloe - 7
Half Alive - 7
Janelle Monae - 7
Matt and Tony - 7
Rush - 7
Slenderbodies - 7
The Neighbourhood - 7
The Strokes - 7
Ahmad Zahir - 6
Beethoven - 6
Childish Gambino - 6
Illenium - 6
Kloud - 6
Michael Jackson - 6
Pink Floyd - 6
Rage Against The Machine - 6
Rina Sawayama - 6
Anderson .Paak - 5
Arctic Monkeys - 5
Barren Gates - 5
Bruno Mars - 5
Cosmo Sheldrake - 5
Hatsune Miku - 5
Mozart - 5
Prince - 5
Two Feet - 5
Avicii - 4
Away - 4
Benee - 4
Chopin - 4
Foster The People - 4
Tchaikovsky - 4
The Beach Boys - 4
Weezer - 4
Allá Pugacheva - 3
Ed Sheeran - 3
Frank Ocean - 3
Milky Chance - 3
Pewdiepie - 3
Radiohead - 3
Sebastian Bach - 3
The Killers - 3
Ariana Grande - 2
Camila Cabello - 2
Flux Pavilion - 2
Franz Ferdinand - 2
Maggie Rogers - 2
Outkast - 2
Tame Impala - 2
The Weeknd - 2
Troye Sivan - 2
Bastille - 1
Brockhampton - 1
Diana Gurtskaya - 1
Flume - 1
Nintendo - 1
No Vacation - 1
Phoenix - 1
Sarsa - 1
The Mowglis - 1

Overall winner
Official top 10
Advanced to the final
Eliminated with 7 votes
Eliminated with 6 votes
Eliminated with 5 votes
Eliminated with 4 votes
Eliminated with 3 votes
Eliminated with 2 votes
Eliminated with 1 vote
Eliminated with 0 votes
Top 10 leaderboard:
1. Billie Eilish - 48
2. Avril Lavigne - 46
3. Illenium - 35
4. Just A Gent - 33
5. Vorovayki - 32
6. Lana Del Rey - 30
7. Ahmad Zahir - 29
8. The Beatles - 28
9. Queen - 25
10. Oofis - 21
2  Community / Sign-Up Games / 21 Rooms - revived! (Day 3) on: January 11, 2020, 09:21:53 PM
I don't think this will be as big of a hit Wizard School or the General Election, but let's try restarting an old game of mine I thought had potential - welcome to 21 Rooms!

In this game, the players are staying in a hotel, but there's one unsettling twist - one of the tenants is a serial killer who wants blood.

The ten demandments
This isn't like the actual ten commandments where it's okay to break the rules if you repent - but follow these and you'll be fine!
1. Read everything before doing anything.
2. One person is randomly selected as the killer at the start of the game - this will not be changed once chosen.
3. Before each day starts, the killer will choose a room to occupy.
4. You are safe from the killer if you are in a room and the door is closed.
5. If you aren't inside a room you are fair game.
6. If the killer finds you or you find them, you will have the chance to find safety in a room.
7. If you cannot find an open room in time, you will be killed out of the game.
8. Items such as food, weapons and room keys can be found throughout the hotel.
9. Survive until Day 21 to win - if no one survives, the killer wins.
10. The killer remains anonymous until everyone knows their identity.

Hotel map (read left to right)
Floor 4 - Elevator, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, Stairs
Floor 3 - Elevator, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, Stairs
Floor 2 - Elevator, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, Stairs
Floor 1 - Elevator, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, Stairs
Lobby - Elevator, Restaurant, Entrance, Basement, Stairs

If Flash hasn't shut down by the time you read this, I recommend the original game:

Sign ups
1. Towers
2. Soup Mia
3. yves
4. Super Boomen
5. The color of mood is blue
6. Carmaban
7. Theo
8. CaMeo

A Discord account is not required, but is an option for those who have one.
This game is heavily reliant on everyone being invested, so please take that into account before you sign.
3  General / Forum Discussion / "Post Count" is a scam on: January 05, 2020, 11:18:40 PM
(sorry if this is too long to read)

Since hyperposting for the sake of ranking up seems to be a thing of a past (apart from maybe one or two stragglers), here's an issue I've wanted to expand on for a while now:

I have no problem with certain boards not counting posts, but wouldn't it make more sense if the post count was the actual number of posts that user has made in boards that count? Cypher is still the top poster with 56363 posts, but if you go to his profile and go to the oldest posts, you'll clearly see the numbers only go up to ~35k (and I'd put money on a lot of those being in boards that don't even count).

And that's not all - the following users also have a ridiculously inflated post count:
cypher - 56.4k (35.8k)
Abu - 49.8k (42.4k)
Resolutely - 37.9k (28.9k)
papa_fan - 37.2k (26k)
Soundbord - 25.8k (24.5k)
Kirby - 20.8k (19.2k)
Luke - 16k (12.7k)
D-Walker - 15.2k (9.3k)
Mystic - 10.7k (8.4k)
Xandra Will Find You - 10.5k (4k)
cozyhighway - 10.4k (7k)
As well as several others, but I'm sure you get the point

I have nothing against any of the above users, and I am not doing this to take advantage of these members, but if there is a convenient way, I would like to see everyone's true post count displayed (again, I believe the boards that don't currently count should not count - in other words the actual post count should be even less than the numbers in brackets/parentheses above).

Maybe this seems trivial or irrelevant but I kinda hate looking at the first page of the members list and seeing that people have 30k+ posts when they really don't, I feel lied to Hmm
4  Community / Sign-Up Games / The General Election 2020 (Church of Yves win!) on: December 01, 2019, 07:34:28 PM

Snom Party (4 votes, 26.7%)

1. Abu (leader and writer)
2. The color of mood is blue
3. Soup Mia (designer and speaker)
4. Bassettt
5. CaMeo

Church of Yves (8 votes, 53.3%)

1. yves (leader)
2. Theo (writer and speaker)
3. CursedSkylark (designer)
4. Masquerade

Four Bros Committee (3 votes, 20.0%)

1. JEBZ Komics (leader and speaker)
2. Mai (designer and writer)

5  Community / Fan Fiction / Survivor Oniontown on: November 28, 2019, 04:06:36 PM
I have a history of not finishing these fanfics so I'm sorry if I stop writing as soon as we get to a good part

Welcome to Survivor: Oniontown!
In this third season of Flipverse Survivor, 22 of your favourite customers will compete against the elements for 39 days off the coast of Oniontown for a chance to win $1,000,000 and the title of Sole Survivor!

(backstory: the first two seasons of Flipverse Survivor were not given fanfics - Survivor Calypso Island was won by Doan, and Survivor Sakura was won by Austin.)

Meet the cast!
Our randomly selected contestants will be divided into two tribes which partake in challenges. The losing team goes to the dreaded Tribal Council, where one player will be eliminated from the game.

LePunch tribe:
Hometown: Portallini
Why do you want to win: I have the vision already... Crazy Crystal wins Survivor Oniontown against the odds!

Hometown: Starlight City
Why do you want to win: I need the money to fund my my minigame tour - featuring Papa's Raceway, Fashion Flambe, Freeze Putt and everyone's favourite, Breakfast Blast!

James (eliminated)
Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: I have athletic skills, social prowess and am a bleeping strategic mastermind. I'm just everything you want in a god damn Survivor winner.

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: I'd love to be honoured with the title of Sole Survivor to prove that women can succeed in the man's world!

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: My kids pushed me to go on this show, and I want to show them I have what it takes to win!

Hometown: Tacodale
Why do you want to win: I'm a massive Survivor superfan, and don't we all want the chance to win?

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: I have a farm'n'famly I wanna make proud o me for winnin Sole Survivor. Yeehaw!

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: My pizzeria is falling apart and I need money to pay for renovations!

Scarlett (eliminated)
Hometown: Frostfield
Why do you want to win: My band isn't selling great these days so I'd love to increase our budget!

Hometown: Starlight City
Why do you want to win: I believe my tribe will appreciate someone who enjoys challenging the norm, and I assure you won't find a more abstract personality than myself!

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: Ageism is huge right now, and by winning Survivor, I want to work to reduce the stigma we have as a society against the elderly.
Madish tribe:
Hometown: Burgerburgh
Why do you want to win: My physical ability should hopefully carry me to the end, all I need is to gain the trust of my tribe mates, and I'm set baby!

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: Oh my god, imagine winning Survivor! That would be a total dream come true for me.

Hometown: Burgerburgh
Why do you want to win: Uhhh... I didn't even sign up for this show!

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: I wanna buy a car!!!

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: Well... one of my friends, she uhh... I'm sorry *starts tearing up*... she passed recently and... *boo hoo* I wanna make her proud *SORRY*.

Hometown: Powder Point
Why do you want to win: Well I'd love to win, my friends and family would be so happy and proud of me! But it's really okay if I don't win. At least I'm here!

Koilee (eliminated)
Hometown: Sakura Bay
Why do you want to win: Why not! Bahahhahaaha!

Hometown: Burgerburgh
Why do you want to win: Oh, it doesn't matter if I win or not, I'm only here for the experience of being on the Flipverse's biggest show!

Professor Fitz
Hometown: Starlight City
Why do you want to win: The $1,000,000 prize would help my latest project immensely, and I have a strong respect for the other contestants!

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: I will. End of.

Hometown: Tastyville
Why do you want to win: No one else like me has won yet! I mean I loved the previous seasons, and Doan and Austin absolutely deserved their wins, but it's time for a different demographic to take the title!
6  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Wingeria / Oofis Wingeria (closed) on: November 21, 2019, 08:45:10 PM
After the success of Burgeria and Bakeria, I believe it's finally time to move to one of my FAVOURITE gamerias that I've decided will be my main grind - welcome to Oofis Wingeria!

For as much as I'd love to recreate Poofesure's iconic 1026 wing recipe, it's not gonna happen so don't bother ordering anything too time consuming

Meat - maximum of 12 preferred
Chicken Wings
Boneless Wings
Chicken Strips

Sauce - minimum of 1
Honey Mustard

Sides - optional, sensible amount preferred
Red Peppers
Green Peppers

Dips - optional, up to 4 total
Blue Cheese
Mango Chilli
Awesome Sauce
Kung Pao

Customer Specials
To save time choosing ingredients, you may ask for the order of any bolded customer - rotates daily.

Big Pauly
Professor Fitz

7  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Burgeria / Oofis Burgeria (closed) on: November 09, 2019, 03:57:59 AM
It's time for me to branch off into a new direction, so welcome to Oofis Burgeria!
I chose this game because all the ingredients are unlocked from the start and it's just easier
Order anything but try to stick to conventional order schemes if you can thanks

Ingredient list
Bottom Bun
Patty - rare
        - medium
        - well done
Maximum 1 patty per order.
Top Bun to finish

Customer list
Lil Nas Flex x7
Soup Mia x2
James giacotib x2
Tamatim x1
CoverM x1
sansaery x1
pleasehelpme x1
Kiefer Masala x1

Let's find out if the ancient gamerias still have active boards.
8  Community / Community Q&A / Oofis Q&A on: August 24, 2019, 09:35:32 PM
Fourth time's the charm, right?

Ask me anything and I'll probably answer it but don't get too personal thanks
You don't have to like my answer, but I don't have to like your question

Oh btw I make music so follow my Soundcloud pls thx:
9  General / General Discussion / Pronunciation of Seam??? on: July 31, 2019, 04:58:17 AM
tell me please
cause I have to know
I'm a bashful child
beginning to grow
doo doo, doo doo
10  Community / Sign-Up Games / Wizard School: Revival (Sign up at any time) on: July 21, 2019, 05:08:35 PM
Special credit to CursedSkylark for giving me motivation to do this

Welcome back to Wizard School! This is the place where you can duel other wizards in friendly combat, without the overbearing force of an evil wizard or school affecting your performance.

Wizards who have already played before, you will be given a base of 30 health and will play as the same class you had most recently. Post here and you're automatically signed up.

New wizards, you will be given a base of 20 health. Ask me about the TWIT test and I will get you started.

ColtsFan18 - 30 health, Lindawoo, 0 W$

CursedSkylark - 75 health, Veteran Master Lindawoo, 94 W$
Gear: +3% attack in main class, 2 LC's
Can craft again on 16/10

Rias - 50 health, Veteran Master Frigisit, 50 W$
Gear: 2 LC's to start, +6 health
Can craft again on 11/09

hyewon - 65 health, Veteran Master Lindawoo, 143 W$
Gear: 2% all class resist
Can craft again on 09/10

Archie - 50 health, Master Judgement, 43 W$
Gear: 1 LC to start

This is a sign any time game, so you can sign up after the game has started.
11  Community / Sign-Up Games / Aftermath/Wizard School 4 (Fifth week, third day) on: November 03, 2018, 03:32:23 PM
Following the tragic death of Headmaster Herbert Winkle, the survivors of the Battle of Frustration took some time to rebuild their schools. As such, the captives of Redblood School of the Fine Arts were released and were given the opportunity to recuperate and get back into the spirit of wizardry. Everything was fine for the next few months. That is, until one young wizard came along and turned against everyone, hence this fourth and final season of Wizard School begins.

For the 2018 rock dwellers
Wizard School is a game where young wizards train to become expert battle wizards at Flipwizard Wizard School, led by the loving Headmaster Flipfan Oofis. In the previous game, Flipwizard's rivalry with the evil Frustration School reached its peak, eventually resulting in the commencement of three arena style battles involving student wizards and staff members. The battles resulted in the deaths of two undeserving wizards, as well as the celebrated Headmaster Winkle.

This year
Headmaster Isshy of Frustration's mysterious sister school Markside was extremely traumatized from witnessing the death of his friend Winkle, and as a result decided to close down his school. The majority of Markside's wizards moved out of Wizard Town to pursue evil wizardry elsewhere. Unfortunately for Headmaster Oofis, one of the wizards who chose to stay in Wizard Town has enrolled at Flipwizard, and wishes to stir up trouble there. Can Headmaster Oofis and his wizards stop this rogue wizard before its to late?

Class: Frigisit
Status: Evil, solo
Health: 900
Crafting: N/A
Class: Lindawoo
Status: ''Good'', solo
Health: 70
Crafting: 3 more visits for suit
Gear: +5 health
Class: Frigisit
Status: Good, solo
Health: 75
Crafting: 1 more visits for gear
Gear: +5% crit rate
Class: Lindawoo
Status: Good, solo
Health: 60
Crafting: 2 more visits for gear
Gear: +5% resist (all classes)
Class: Lindawoo
Status: Good, solo
Health: 55
Crafting: 1 more visits for gear
Gear: +10% Lwoo attack
Class: Legendmyth
Status: Good, solo
Health: 75
Crafting: 4 more visits for suit
Gear: 1 free LC to start
Class: Legendmyth
Status: Good, solo
Health: 60
Crafting: 3 more visits for suit
Gear: Absorb first non-LC attack
A Red Cube:
Class: Judgement
Status: Good, solo
Health: 70
Crafting: 2 more visits for gear
Gear: N/A
12  Community / Fan Fiction / Wizard Dungeon (not for the faint hearted) on: August 27, 2018, 11:46:32 PM
A handful of unsuspecting wizards are thrown into a dungeon by the evil Headmaster Winkle, and are forced to fend for themselves against whatever comes their way. These wizards are determined, and will stop at nothing to defeat the nasty creatures the Headmaster aims towards them, and will even battle each other if necessary. Given the circumstances, can the wizards survive for the time Headmaster Winkle keeps them in captivity?

Any active user who has made efforts in at least one Wizard School forum game will automatically be entered into the fanfic. Any other active users who wish to sign up, too late, the fanfic has started already.

Character                         Class

Kangablue (Joey)                Frig
lajoie (Cat)                        Lwoo > Frig > Thund

Hunter of Stars (Skylark)     Lwoo > Dmeet
Raven (Raven)                    Judge

DeluxePizza (Danny)           Lwoo > Frig
Strife (Zech)                      Dmeet

AyKooChao (Ay-chao)          Thund
Algodecathlon (Gaster)        Skull

Penguin022 (Penguin)          Judge

Cinnablob (Robin)               Thund > Myth

Zuki-Chan (Zuki)                Myth > Thund

Lilith (Lilith)                       Skull

Peter Quill (Ember)             Thund
13  Community / Sign-Up Games / General Election 2018 - Early sign-ups! on: July 10, 2018, 07:36:53 PM
By a vote of 14-12, the Green-Fanatics Coalition won the first annual General Election against the Forum Defenders Party. Their rule over Flipline was fair and, for the most part, peaceful. Can they pull off another win this year, or will we see a vote shake-up?

The basics
Over a period of 2 months, players will form political parties in a bid to gain control over the forum. Players will create their own logos, posters, policies and speeches and campaign around the forum for the votes of unsuspecting forumers.

How the parties will work now
The parties were already formed in the last election. Inactive players who are known to be not returning will not be included in this year's election. Anyone who wishes to leave their party will have the option to do so. If a party leader leaves, the assistant leader will take over the party. If both the party leader and assistant leader choose to leave, the entire party is disbanded and left in the past.

Anyone can create their own party or run as an independent candidate.

Current parties

Green-Fanatics Coalition
Prem (President/"Supreme Leader")
Faiz (Vice President)
Cat Kyle

Forum Defenders Party
Ataino (Opposition leader)
Sayori (Deputy leader) *


*confirmed to be definitely playing in the General Election 2018

Current players will be PMd asking for confirmation (or post in the topic to confirm). Anyone else is encouraged to join, either forming a third party or running independently. The game won't start for a while so if you aren't active now and you will be later, I would encourage you to sign up anyway.
14  General / Off-Topic / Headmaster Oofis' Music World on: June 15, 2018, 05:27:08 PM
Don't merge this again pls
15  Community / Sign-Up Games / Wizard School 3/4 - Headmaster's Office on: April 24, 2018, 04:31:19 PM
This topic is to be used for any questions or suggestions you have about this game. You may also find the answers to FAQ's on this post.

How does this game work?:
These are the instructions for Wizard School 3.

Each player can be in any one of the seven classes. Everyone will be given a TWIT test which determines their class. If you did TWIT in Wizard School 1 or 2 then you'll have to do it again because stuff changes over time.

The full rules will be explained as the game starts and progresses.
What are the classes called and what are their strengths?:
Dragonmeet - Known for the Damage Over Time spells which can last up to five rounds after casting. Health can be on the low side for Dmeets however.
Frigisit - Has the best attack stats of any school, going as high as 18 damage per LC. A maxed out Frig would be lucky to get past 130 health though.
Thundereye - A must for large team battles, especially 4v4s where they can inflict the most damage. Like Dmeet though, Thunder health is subpar.
Legendmyth - Has the ability to summon minion wizards to help them in battle. Summoning a minion can easily backfire though, and Myth damage is mediocre.
Skulldugger - Spells can damage and heal at the same time. It can be difficult to win as a solo Skull, as the pure damage spells are not the most desirable.
Lindawoo - The powerhouse of the healing aspect of battling. Maxed out Lwoos normally have at least 160 health, but no Lwoo attack exceeds 7 damage per LC.
Judgement - A mix of the other classes, the only truly neutral class. Every spell apart from the first is inspired by one of the other 6 classes.
What's an LC?:
It stands for Lithus Carnium and it's the basis for all spells. Casting Lithus Carnium gives you 1 LC and most other spells require a certain number of these LC's to cast. Once you cast a LC-requiring spell, the LC's used to cast that spell will be destroyed.

Some spells are LC-alternatives which means that they aren't necessarily Lithus Carnium, but they still give you an LC.
How do I write a letter?:
Writing a letter, whether it's to your headmaster, another wizard, or your fourth cousin once removed, is an important part of playing the game. First write the full name of who you're writing to, their class and school. For example:

Headmaster F. Oofis
Flipwizard Wizard School

Then skip a line and put your own details. After that you need to write one of the following phrases in caps:


This shows the person receiving the letter what you expect them to do with it. You don't want your girlfriend showing everyone the date card you just gave her, especially if it was private!!!

Then write your letter. It can be about anything you want.
What's going on in Wizard Town right now?:
The tragic death of Herbert Winkle has resulted in the closing of Frustration and its sister school Markside. One of the wizards from Markside has enrolled at Flipwizard, thus beginning the final season of Wizard School.
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