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« on: March 19, 2014, 09:24:22 AM »

If you're having a problem with one of our games, or a problem playing the game on our website, please let us know by creating a topic in this board!

The game-specific boards and General Discussion board can get swamped with new/updated topics every day, and we would usually miss and topics in those boards from people experiencing issues.  So we've created a new Help and Support board where you can let us know about any problems you're having with our apps, our website, or in our games.

Please don't post unrelated topics to this board, and don't reply to topics if you don't have a helpful answer for the original poster.

Please note that this board is only for problems related to using the website or playing the games.  This includes things like reporting glitches in a game (like a problem grabbing toppings in a game), or a problem using the website (like a game isn't loading).

If you're looking for help on how to play a game or how to unlock certain levels, please post in the board for that game.

If your post is related to "I think Flipline Studios should add this..." or "I think the forum needs a certain feature...", this is a suggestion so it should be posted to the Suggestions board.  Thanks!

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