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Author Topic: What would you/your FC order?  (Read 397353 times)
eat wat u served
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« Reply #1830 on: September 27, 2017, 12:30:46 PM »

I'm bored so I'm gonna come up with a new nonseasonal sushi order that I would eat lol.

nori wrap
black rice
crab sticks
radish sprouts
shiitake mushrooms
yuzu kosho sauce
sesame seeds

taro tea
huckleberry bubbles


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« Reply #1831 on: November 15, 2017, 09:42:19 PM »

Here is what Teanna would order in games released as flash (not fully on mobile):

In HD, probably in To Go:
Coffee, L, Cocoa

Cheesecake Crumbles if it is Valentine's Day, Chocolate Chips otherwise
Banana X 5
3 chocolate chip waffles

Favorite holiday: Valentine's Day

4 carrots (all around)
4 celery (all around)
4 Parmesan chicken strips (right)
4 Parmesan boneless wings (left)

Prosciutto X 4
Sausage X 5 (Broccoli X 5 in St. Paddy's Day, Glazed Ham X 5 in Summer Luau)
Parmesan Cheese
Three Cheese Sauce
Regular cook

Favorite holiday (split): St. Paddy's Day in one game (I guess HD), Summer Luau in the other

Chocolate Cake (all 3)
One of them is Ring Shape, one of them is Round Shape (Waffle Shape if the holiday is Maple Mornings), one of them is Long John.
Chocolate Icing (all 3)
Mini-Mallows (all 3)
Chocolate Chips (all 3) (Bacobites instead on the middle one in Maple Mornings)

Favorite holiday: Maple Mornings

French Fries
Cheddar Topping

Philly Steak (unlock at rank 30)
Sliced Ham
Shredded Lettuce (Mac n Cheese in New Year's)
Sliced Ham
American Cheese
Three Cheese Bread (Cheddar Swirl Bread in New Year's)
Regular Cooking

If she comes in before you unlock Three Cheese Bread, the standard bread is White Bread.

Favorite holiday: New Year

I would suggest Teanna is the tutorial customer in Cheeseria HD (if she wins the KCP before it is released, which I have high hopes of happening).

Chocolate Crust
Fudge Filling is one half, Cheesecake Filling is the other half
Chocolate Crumb Topping (Star Crust on Starlight Jubilee)
Chocolate Mousse (all over)
Shaved Chocolate (all over)
Chocolate Mousse Dollop X 12 on the section of the large ring (it is White Chocolate Star X 12 on Starlight Jubilee, Chocolate Coins X 12 on St. Paddy's Day)

Favorite holiday (split): Starlight Jubilee in HD? St. Paddy's Day in To Go?

Chocolate Tea (Luau Punch Tea on Summer Luau) (Watermelon Bubbles)

Tonkatsu Sauce (Nacho Cheese on Cinco De Mayo)
Sesame Seeds
Cream Cheese
Cucumber Slices
Carrot (Canned Ham on Summer Luau)

Black Rice (HD)
Brown Rice (To Go!)
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« Reply #1832 on: November 23, 2017, 09:43:54 PM »

Banana, Creameo, Cherry
Tropical Charms
Shaved Mints
Chocolate Whipped Cream
Nutty Butter Cups & Mint
Medium Cup
Yam Yam EVERYTHING  Tongue
I would prefer it served near swimming pool area prferably in a Greek villa Cheesy

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