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What is Steam?

Steam is a platform created by Valve Corporation as a- to put it this way- an "online marketplace for PC games of all kinds."

Not only can it be used for gaming, but you can create friends, like social media, but not only real-life friends, but people you encounter with in games. Its chatting software is like Skype, although missing video call.

Some games have the support of the "Steam Workshop."

For example: the Ever-So Popular game 'Garry's Mod' has the support of the Steam Workshop, allowing for maps, weapons, items, player skins, and other add-ons made by the community to be distributed for free.
What are the purposes?

1. You can buy PC games in this software. Not all of them are pay to play, as some of them are Free-To-Play.

2. You can make friends, both real-life and just online friends. You can chat in text messages to another friend, call them like Skype, or actually do a group chat (of course you can call in that one!)

3. You can create and share your own third-party creations for the games that can use them, as well as use other people's add ons and mods.

4. You can get offers from time to time on games that are Pay to Play. Infact, at certain times of the year, you better have a whole wallet you can spare, because you will be lured by the outrageous sales!!

5. You can join 'groups', whatever it would be a giveaway group since you are broke and low on games, a fan group for Half Life 2 because you play that 10-year-old game and really love it, or a group of Flipline Forumers with Steam Accounts because you are a Flipline Forumer with a Steam Account! That's me.

Information, schnformation, what can we discuss here?

Well, you can discuss anything about Steam!

From the updates, to the sales, to well, maybe even do a game giveaway once in a while!

But you must abide to the rules of Steam and Flipline Forum, and any rule-breaking discussions will cause the topic to be locked and may be deleted.

But other than that, have fun, fellow forumers with an interest in Steam!
Wait hello?

Anybody here?

Am I the only one?

With a Steam Account here?
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