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Author Topic: The Flipline Hunger Games!  (Read 20387 times)
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*I do know lot of people have done this*
*This is mostly random  Grin*
The Reaping
Papa Louie stepped up to the podium. "As you all know, today is the reaping for the Flipline Hunger Games!" Nobody cheered. Louie cleared his throat. "The tributes are...
Big Pauly
Families cried as children and loved ones stepped to the stage. Yippy, specifically cried the most, being the youngest because she knew she would lose.
Clover: 7
Yippy: 4
Scooter: 9
Akari: 10
Penny: 5
Peggy: 6
Ninjoy: 11
Prudence: 8
Cecilia: 4
Rita: 8
Sue: 2
Bertha: 1
Greg: 5
Nick: 4
Cooper: 8
Robby: 9
Marty: 7
Iggy: 3
Allan: 1
Johnny: 10
Alberto: 9
Rudy: 6
Big Pauly: 4
Rico: 3
"Ladies and gentlemen, let the Flipline Hunger Games begin!"
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Nice start Smiley
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Yippy was panicking. She knew she wouldn't win, but she was determined to fight for her life.

She knew her plan, but she was wondering whether she'd be able to do it. She pushed her worries aside and inhaled deeply.

A single tear slipped down her cheek before she could stop it.

President Louie's voice echoed through the whole arena.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the Flipline Hunger Games begin!"

Yippy zoomed off her platform and ran as far away from the Cornucopia as possible. She didn't stop when she reached the thick woods. She heard rustling and shouts but continued to run.

"Faster, go, go." she whispered to herself. She heard a cannon boom, but didn't stop until she couldn't hear the sounds of fighting. She sat down and picked some red berries nearby.

A moment later, a Burgerzilla jumped right in front of her.

She screamed. Yippy leaped up and ran, but the Burgerzilla kept chasing her. She was about to admit defeat, but her pocket snagged on a branch and the berries fell out.

The Burgerzilla stopped and ate some of the berries. Yippy laughed out loud. The Burgerzilla didn't want her, it wanted the berries!

Suddenly the Burgerzilla collapsed.

It was dead.

Yippy looked up in the sky and saw Bertha's face in the sky.

List of dead
1. Bertha (killed by unknown)
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Nice one.
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Nick was unsatistfied with himself. He'd gotten one backpack earlier that day. One. And it was tiny and only held a bowl.

He knew he was at a disadvantage and hated it.

Some people like Clover and Rita had gotten their weapon of choice a and great supplies. Not Nick. Definitely not him.

Nick walked around holding a heavy log so he wouldn't be caught by surprise weaponless. He wasn't dumb.

A twig snapped and Nick turned around.

It was Big Pauly. Easy kill.

Nick snuck up on Pauly and swung his log at him.

Pauly was caught by surprise, and Nick took that to his advantage. He smirked when Pauly fell to the ground and slammed his log at him.

It was awful in so many ways. Nick kept swinging the log towards Pauly's head, and soon there was a crunch and a boom.

Big Pauly was dead.

Greg peered around his surroundings and saw nothing in particular. He grit his teeth and trekked on. His strategy was to hide, or else he'd be targeted by the people he killed's allies, if they had any.

He tried to stay blended in. Rita was a known threat. Akari and Scooter were threats. He had to hide as much as he could.

Something bumped into him. It was a tomato.

Greg smiled. He liked tomatoes. They seemed so interesting.

But then, hundreds of tomatoes popped up and bounced towards him. He retreated and walked backwards, not sure where he was going.

He stumbled and looked backward.

Too late.

His head smashed into the sharp pointy rock.

List of dead
Bertha (unknown killer)
Big Pauly (killed by Nick)
Greg (killed by tomatoes)
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I know, I'm dramatic.   Grin

Clover remembered screaming. A shrill scream. She ran towards the sound and saw blonde hair.

"Yippy?" she asked incredulously.

Yippy turned around. She held a rock in her hand, but her eyes were filled with fear. "St-stay away from me." she choked.

"What's wrong?" Clover asked, not backing down.

"Nothing." Yippy spit.

"Come on, tell me." Clover tried to coax.

"No!" Yippy yelled. "You don't know what I've seen!"

"I'm sure it wasn't much-"

"YES IT WAS!!!!" Yippy shrieked. "I saw him... I saw him do it."


Yippy lowered her voice. "I saw Nick- I saw him murder Big Pauly." She started to cry. "It-it was so awful." She wiped her eyes.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." Clover said, even though it wasn't much.

Yippy shook her head. "It's not like you could have done anything."

That stung Clover. She could have done something.

Yippy quickly yanked Clover down. "Shh!"


Yippy's hand clamped over Clover's mouth. "Shh!"

Yippy released her hand and peeked over the bush.

It was Nick and Iggy. Nick had his log and Iggy had a shield made of a rock slab. Iggy was fighting back, and he did it pretty well, surprisingly.

Nick knocked Iggy down and disarmed him. Iggy pressed himself to the tree behind him and closed his eyes...

Clover filled up with rage. She pulled out one of her knives and hurled it towards Nick's head.

The knife hit Iggy instead.

Nick whirled his head towards Clover and Yippy. Yippy hid in the bush. Clover didn't.

Iggy's cannon fired, interrupting the moment of silence.

Clover spoke. Her voice wasn't shaky, but firm, not what she expected. "Leave or die." she snapped.

Nick ran like a toddler.

Clover looked at Iggy's dead body for a second, then at Yippy, who had climbed out of the bush and wore a shocked expression on her face.


"You're a killer, too."

List of dead
Bertha (unknown killer)
Big Pauly (killed by Nick)
Greg (killed by tomatoes)
Iggy (accidentally killed by Clover)
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A/N: Yes, I do double-post on here, but I don't want to be the type that wait three weeks to update. Okay? Okay.

Johnny pulled himself into the tree and waited. He held his axe and remembered that fateful moment.

During the bloodbath...
Johnny ran into the Cornucopia. He had to get that axe, or else he'd be defenseless. As soon as he grabbed the axe, he tripped and fell on his butt.

Bertha hobbled in, holding a club. She prepared to swing at Johnny, but he panicked and swung his axe at her stomach instead.

She collapsed and he ran out, not looking back.

End of flashback
He thought he saw a shadow, but he denied it. Probably a mirage, he thought.

Wrong guess, Johnny.

Someone shot an arrow at his back and he jumped out of the tree in fright.

He forgot that he had landed out in the open.

Forgetfulness was his killer.

No, not really. It was Cecilia, who shot him with an arrow. She and Bertha were allies, but he had killed Bertha, so she found him, wanting to seek revenge.

Oh, she got her revenge, all right.

Johnny's cannon boomed and the body was retrieved, but Cecilia was long gone.

Peggy tied the knot on her noose, hoping for some food. She only had rope and Slim Jims, no weapon except one rock slab she used as a knife. A lasso wouldn't work all that well, but nooses could.

This time, though, she was hoping for meat. Food meat.

Yet of course, it wasn't meat.

Alberto had walked right into her trap, and Peggy reacted right on instinct. She threw the rock and it hit Alberto, killing him.

"Oh no..." she whispered, "I'm so sorry."

She retrieved her knife, stabbing herself mentally over and over again.

Rita and Scooter were laughing while throwing spears at an already dead deer. As allies, they were doing everything together. And anyways, they were easily the most feared.

When Rita had gotten her training score, she cursed herself for stumbling at the last second. That earned her a damn eight!

Scooter was pleased and proud of her score, but hated Ninjoy and Akari for scoring higher than her. Obviously, they were allies, so they'd be tough to kill.

But Scooter had a plan. She was going to sneak up on them at night and kill them. She knew exactly where their camp was.

Night fell quicker than expected. Johnny and Alberto's faces showed in the air.

Johnny. She'd forgotten about Johnny, and it pleased her to see him go. One less person to go before I win this thing, she smirked.

She slipped out while Rita slept, and sneaked towards Ninjoy and Akari's camp. She went over her plan again and saw the two girls.

They were standing up and talking to each other. Scooter didn't bother to listen in. She stepped back, aimed her spear at Akari and...

SNAP. Scooter had stepped on a twig. Ninjoy heard, but Akari didn't. Scooter knew now was the time and threw her spear at Akari.

"Akari, no!" Ninjoy shrieked and pushed Akari down.

The spear hit Ninjoy instead.

Akari screamed, rolled over, and shot Scooter's arm.

Scooter swore loudly and ran back to camp.

List of dead
Bertha (killed by Johnny)
Big Pauly (killed by Nick)
Greg (killed by tomatoes)
Iggy (accidentally killed by Clover)
Johnny (killed by Cecilia)
Alberto (accidentally killed by Peggy)
Ninjoy ("accidentally" killed by Scooter)

A/N: Also, I did the random choosing ahead of time, so I could modify the characters' personalities. So you now know *SPOILER ALERT* that Scooter will be killed near the end, because for me, it doesn't make sense if for instance, Bob is a killer and gets killed immediately. Do you get what I mean?
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Akari looked around in nervousness. Scooter had left, but Akari knew now she was the main target. Sure, she got a ten. Sure, she can shoot. She didn't care.

A twig snapped. Akari rolled around in surprise, her shaky hand holding the gun.

It was Cecilia. Akari lowered her gun. "Glad you're here."

Cecilia nodded. She was a silent person lately.

"Watch out for Rita and Scooter."

Another nod.

"Ninjoy is dead."

Cecilia lowered her head in pity.

"Well, she's in a better place-DUCK!"

Cecilia ducked and Akari shot...

Yippy poisoned another Party Sub and hid in her bush. "Gosh these things keep coming..." She almost swore out loud. Rita and Scooter were coming near her. She froze up.

Rita and Scooter left her view and she sighed in relief.

Something cold pressed to her neck. A knife blade, for sure.

Yippy screamed, but it was too late.

The last thing she saw was Rita leaving with no sorrowful expression on her face.
Akari looked over at the body.

It was Sue. Her cannon had boomed a while ago, but Akari and
Cecilia were still shocked.

Sue had a knife and a spear. Cecilia took the knife and left the spear there.

Then they ran.
I'm sorry Yippy lovers. Blame!

You can send in sponsors now! Nothing illegal, because planned it all out.

List of dead
Bertha (killed by Johnny)
Big Pauly (killed by Nick)
Greg (killed by tomatoes)
Iggy (accidentally killed by Clover)
Johnny (killed by Cecilia)
Alberto (accidentally killed by Peggy)
Ninjoy ("accidentally" killed by Scooter)
Sue (killed by Akari)
Yippy (killed by Rita)
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Rita went over her target list in her head. "Allan because he's one less person to worry about, then Akari, then Clover..." She looked over at Scooter. "Well? What do you think?" she demanded.

Scooter jumped in surprise. "Oh... Uh... Cool?"

"You weren't listening, were you?"

Scooter kept silent.

"LISTEN TO ME!!!" Rita screamed. "I WANT TO WIN!!!!"

Scooter's temper snapped. "SHUT UP!!" she yelled back. "I DON'T GIVE AN ****ing CRAP ABOUT THIS! OKAY?!?!?!"

Rita exploded in anger. "DIE!!!" she hollered.

The two girls charged at each other.
Nick was on the loose again. He knew now Clover wanted to kill him. He avoided her at all costs.

Then he heard singing. A girlish voice, singing some dumb melody that made Nick want to puke.

He snuck up behind the girl. It was Penny, playing around with her hair and waving a knife stupidly.

Nick shoved her down. "Oh!" she shrieked. Nick picked up her knife...

Penny screamed.
Prudence clamped her hand over her mouth. She'd heard Penny's scream, and went to see what happened.

She now stared at the dead body. "My god. OHMYGOD." She'd shook the body, but Penny was dead. Her eyes watered, but Prudence left and vowed to stay hidden.
Scooter limped away from hers and Rita's former camp. The alliance had split, and both girls had made it out without any fatal wound.

Thankfully. Scooter heard the boom of a cannon and smirked.

She headed right and came to a snowy sugary place. It smelled like mint (sound familiar?) and candy.

She saw a rustle in the minty bushes and went to investigate.

It was Nick.

Scooter smirked. "Give up." she said. "You can't beat me."

Nick looked into her eyes. His eyes were filled with regret. "No, I can't." he agreed.

Scooter smiled coldly. "Something we can actually agree on."

She brought up the spear and thrust it down towards him.

Even though Nick was a murderer, she regretted it and knew she'd be scarred for life.
Rita looked up at the fake stars. "Come on, I want to see Allan in the sky." she urged.

The music played and Allan's, Penny's and Nick's faces showed in the sky.

List of dead
Bertha (killed by Johnny)
Big Pauly (killed by Nick)
Greg (killed by tomatoes)
Iggy (accidentally killed by Clover)
Johnny (killed by Cecilia)
Alberto (accidentally killed by Peggy)
Ninjoy ("accidentally" killed by Scooter)
Sue (killed by Akari)
Yippy (killed by Rita)
Penny (killed by Nick)
Allan (killed by Rita)
Nick (killed by Scooter)
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Sue... Killed by AKARI...

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You make the funniest stories Tongue

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Sorry it was, not me.  Hmm
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