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Author Topic: Stuck in Cyberspace [T]  (Read 3928 times)
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Chapter I: The Hub


I was still confused. I know we were in the Internet, but it didn't make sense as to how we got here.

I couldn't open my mouth before I heard Chuck say, "Weren't we already on the Internet?" Matt replied, "Of course, but we have been able to break the fourth wall multiple times when it came to real life-"

"The fourth wall?" I finally heard myself say. "Well, it's just an expression," Matt continued, "that means that the people in the dimension know that they are not actually real. We have connected your world and the Earth multiple times, so I thought, 'Why not connected the Fliplinians with THEIR Internet?' "

"And that's why we're here," Chuck concluded. "Pretty much," Matt assured. "Let's take a tour, shall we?"
Chuck and I got up and followed Matt out of the white lit-up room and into a bigger, more lit-up lobby.

"Taylor Kendrick and Chuck Helgeson, welcome to the Hub." Matt smiled. I looked all around. The Hub was a giant, white, futuristic dome, with a giant blue lit-up pedestal at the center, and the walls filled with binary and hexadecimal code. "From here," Matt started, "you can be able to learn more about the Internet by taking these."

He gave us both innovative, green and black, holographic-digital watches. Chuck was in awe. "W-what are these?" he hesitated. Matt explained, "Those are Uniwatches. As long as you know how to use them properly, you can go anywhere in this Internet." "Are you gonna tell us how?" I questioned. "You're gonna have to learn that for yourself," Matt winked, and then vanished.

Chuck was kinda upset due to the fact that our creator went away and left us hanging. "'Da hell? How are we supposed to know how to use these things?" he exclaimed. "Well, let's press something and see what happens," I assumed. We pressed a button on the watch that looked like a continent. And before we knew it, we were being transported.


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