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Author Topic: Sugarplex Theater™  (Read 25733 times)
« on: April 10, 2015, 01:46:59 PM »

This time, you get a job at Sugarplex Theater. You aren't making anything, you are taking peoples orders and tickets.

It's National Burger Day and you just finished watching the film. You walk outside and see a limo park in the street. The lady who gets out your favorite movie star, Roxie. She puts out a table and pictures of herself so people can get autographs. You show her your Fan Club Membership Card, your Photo and her Autobiography. She signs all three of them. She then asks you for money! You spent all of your money going to the cinema and don't have any left. You just moved in and don't have a job yet so Roxy speaks to Papa to organize a job for you. You end up working inside the Sugarplex Theater.
It's once again National Burger Day and you have collected all your tips. You arrive at the Premier of Roxy's Newest film, Papa Louie 4: Burgerzilla's arise so you can pay her back the money for you autograph. She says that she doesn't want the money anymore because of the great job you did for her every week. She lets you sit next to her in her movie premier and both have the time of your life.

Workers: Allan/Tohru/Custom Worker

Location: Sugarplex Theater, Burger Burgh Town.

Locals: 10

Order Station
Snack Station
Drink Station
Ticket Station

Order Station
Ask the customer what snack they want, what drink, and the film they want a ticket for.

Snack Station
Fill The Bucket with the Snacks that they want. You choose one of these in a Big Bundle, and another one in a Small Bundle.
Yum 'n' Ms (Unlock Rank 3)
Cotton Puffs (Unlock Rank 4)
Apple Bits (Unlock Rank 7)
Potato Chips (Unlock Rank 10)
Mints (Unlock Rank 17)
Candy Creameos (Unlock Rank 21)
Cherry Cordials (Unlock Rank 29)
Salted Popcorn (Unlock Rank 34)
Chocolate Mix (Unlock Rank 39)
Caramel Popcorn (Unlock Rank 41)
Nuts (Unlock Rank 46)
Hot Dogs (Unlock Rank 52)
Chocolate Popcorn (Unlock Rank 57)
Nachos (Unlock Rank 63)
Peaches (Unlock Rank 65)
A Bit Of Everything (Unlock Rank 70)

Drink Station
Now get one Large, Small or Medium Cup of a Drink
Lemon Mist
Ocean Wave (Unlock Rank 2)
Diet Fizzo (Unlock Rank 5)
Lemon Low (Unlock Rank 6)
Purple Burple (Unlock Rank 16)
Icy Dream (Unlock Rank 23)
Fizz0 (Unlock Rank 27)
Orange Juice (Unlock Rank 33)
Tangerine Pop (Unlock Rank 35)
Dr Cherry (Unlock Rank 47)
Root Beer (Unlock Rank 51)
Peach Splash (Unlock Rank 53)
Blueberry Spark (Unlock Rank 59)

Ticket Station
Now, give them a ticket to see a block-buster movie!
You click the on the screen, how many tickets they want, and click "Print Ticket"
Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Princess Trishna
Asleep (Unlock Day 2)
24 Hours (Unlock Rank 8)
Sky-Ninja Air Rush (Unlock Rank 9)
SARGE Flipline Studios- Bring The Ice (Unlock Rank 11)
The FC Games (Unlock Rank 15)
Princess Girl- The Showdown (Unlock Rank 22)
Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack (Unlock Rank 28)
Romano Abbey (Unlock Rank 40)
Cinder-Ella (Unlock Rank 45)
Step Sisters (Unlock Rank 58)
SARGE Flipline Studios- About a Roy (Unlock Rank 64)
Papa Louie 3: When Sundae's Attack (Unlock Rank 69)
Cactus McCoy: The Movie (Unlock Rank 71)
Now, you put it in a box (They are the exact same as the Cupcakeria Liners, I'll say the liners for the new holidays)

New Years
Valentine's Day
St Paddy's Day
Comic Festival
Summer Luau
Starlight Jubilee
Music Month
National Burger Day
All of Them

Order Ticket Layout
Seating Area: (will just be made up, e.g K2)
Film and Amount Of Tickets: (See Ticket Station)
Drink: (See Drink Station)
Small Snack: (See Snack Station)
Large Snack: (See Snack Station)
Style Of Box: A/B/C/D

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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2015, 01:47:32 PM »

Snack: Candy Corn (Day 2 of Halloween)
Snack: Licorice (Rank 14)
Drink: Spookyade (Rank 13)
Film: Nightmare at Downing Street (Rank 12)
1: Willow
2: Sasha
3: Prudence
4: Trishna
5: Mitch
6: Franco
7: Greg
8: Nick
Snack: Candy Acorns (Day 2 of Thanksgiving)
Snack: Fudge Brownie's (Rank 20)
Drink: Savory Pumpkin Juice (Rank 19)
Film: Greetings To You (Rank 18)
1: Roy
2: Sienna
3: Hank
4: Olga
5: James
6: Akari
7: Carlo Romano
8: Clair
Snack: Candy Corns (Day 2 of Christmas)
Snack: Gingerbread Men (Rank 26)
Drink: Iced Tea (Rank 25)
Film: 25 Days til Christmas (Rank 24)
1: Santa
2: Olivia
3: Kingsley
4: Wendy
5: Wally
6: Bruna
7: Doan
8: Ember
New Years:
Snack: Countdown Crunch (Day 2 of New Years)
Snack: X Candy Bits (Rank 32)
Drink: Hot Chocolate (Rank 31)
Film: New Years Surprise (Rank 30)
1: Lizzy
2: Shannon
3: Xandra
4: Penny
5: Timm
6: Taylor
7: Chuck
8: Cooper
Valentine's Day:
Snack: Love Hearts (Day 2 of Valentine's Day)
Snack: Chocolate Strawberries (Rank 38)
Drink: Love Potion (Rank 37)
Film: Snowed In On Wedding Day (Rank 36)
1: Scarlett
2: Crystal
3: Maggie
4: Hope
5: Alberto
6: Gremmie
7: Hacky Zak
8: Connor
St Paddy's Day:
Snack: Lime Candy (Day 2 of St Paddy's Day)
Snack: Pistachio Nuts (Rank 44)
Drink: Hyper Green (Rank 43)
Film: Go Green (Rank 42)
1: Georgito
2: Mayor Mallow
3: Mary
4: Allan/Tohru
5: Abe
6: Zoe
7: Sue
8: Julep
Snack: Candy Eggs (Day 2 of Easter)
Snack: Jelly Beans (Rank 50)
Drink: Lavender Punch (Rank 49)
Film: Hop! (Rank 48)
1: Cecilia
2: Cletus
3: Joy
4: Lisa
5: Peggy
6: Bobby
7: Gino Romano
8: Kayla
Comic Festival:
Snack: Superman Cereal (Day 2 of Comic Festival)
Snack: Batman Candy (Rank 56)
Drink: Spidey Senses (Rank 55)
Film: Super Six- Hero's Of Tastyville (Rank 54)
1: Iggy
2: Mindy
3: Rico
4: Johnny
5: Kiefer
6: Sarge Fan
7: Skyler
8: Yippy
Summer Luau:
Snack: Tropical Charms (Day 2 of Summer Luau)
Snack: Splashberry Derps Rank 62)
Drink: Summer Luau Punch (Rank 61)
Film: The Great Wave (Rank 60)
1: Aunt Tia
2: Nevada
3: Kahuna
4: Yui
5: Captain Cori
6: Robby
7: Deano
8: Utah
Starlight Jubilee:
Snack: White Chocolate Stars (Day 2 of Starlight Jubilee)
Snack: Cheesy Bites (Rank 68)
Drink: Blueberry, Cherry and Vanilla Fizz (Rank 67)
Film: Rule on! (Rank 66)
1: Boomer
2: Hugo
3: Matt
4: Scooter
5: Sally
6: Ninjoy
7: Pinch Hitwell
8: Ivy
Music Month:
Snack: Musical Note Candy (Day 2 of Music Month)
Snack: Keyboard Crunch (Rank 74)
Drink: Bottle Of Water (Rank 73)
Film: Battle Of The Bands (Rank 72)
1: Clover
2: Rudy
3: Professor Fitz
4: Mandi
5: Paris
6: Foodini
7: Edoardo
8: Edna
National Burger Day:
Snack: Burger Bites (Day 2 of National Burger Day)
Snack: Bacon Chips (Rank 80)
Drink: Vanilla Smoothie (Rank 79)
Film: Papa Louie 4: Burgerzilla's in Flipverse (Rank 78)
1: Papa Louie
2: Big Pauly
3: Marty  
4: Rita  
5: Tony
6: Vicky
7: Bertha
8: Kenji
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Food Critic: Jojo
Film Critic: Roxy
Closer: Xolo
Closer: Quinn
Closer: Samuel
Closer: Radlynn
Closer: Grandpa Abuelo
Tutorial: Allan/Tohru
Day 1: Franco
Random Day: Austin
Random Day: Clair
Random Day: Ember
Random Day: Crystal
Random Day: Little Eduardo
Random Day: Yui
Random Day: Rhonda
Day 2: Rita
Part 1: Taylor
Part 2: Roy
Part 3: Cletus
Part 4: Yippy
Part 5: Pinch Hitwell
Part 6: Doan
Rank 2: Lisa
Rank 3: Deano
Rank 4: Big Pauly
Rank 5: Mary
Rank 6: Kiefer
Rank 7: Trishna
Rank 8: Edna
Rank 9: Ninjoy
Rank 10: Hacky Zak
Rank 11: Shannon
Rank 12: Willow
Rank 13: Nick
Rank 14: Sasha
Rank 15: Greg
Rank 16: Prudence
Rank 17: Mitch
Day After Thanksgiving Starts: Chester
Rank 18: Hank
Rank 19: Sienna
Rank 20: James
Rank 21: Olga Romano
Rank 22: Akari
Rank 23: Carlo Romano
Rank 24: Santa
Rank 25: Wendy
Rank 26: Olivia
Rank 27: Kingsley
Rank 28: Wally
Rank 29: Bruna Romano
Rank 30: Xandra
Day After New Years Starts: Brody
Rank 31: Timm
Rank 32: Penny
Rank 33: Lizzy
Rank 34: Cooper
Rank 35: Chuck
Rank 36: Scarlett
Rank 37: Alberto
Rank 38: Hope
Rank 39: Maggie
Rank 40: Gremmie
Rank 41: Connor
Rank 42: Georgito
Rank 43: Julep
Rank 44: Mayor Mallow
Rank 45: Sue
Rank 46: Abe
Rank 47: Zoe
Rank 48: Cecilia
Rank 49: Gino Romano
Rank 50: Joy
Rank 51: Bobby
Rank 52: Peggy
Rank 53: Kayla
Rank 54: Iggy
Rank 55: Johnny
Rank 56: Sarge Fan!
Rank 57: Rico
Rank 58: Mindy
Rank 59: Skyler
Rank 60: Robby
Rank 61: Aunt Tia
Rank 62: Captain Cori
Rank 63: Kahuna
Rank 64: Utah
Rank 65: Nevada and Perri
Rank 66: Boomer
Rank 67: Hugo
Rank 68: Matt
Rank 69: Sally
Rank 70: Scooter
Rank 71: Ivy
Rank 72: Clover
Rank 73: Rudy
Rank 74: Paris
Rank 75: Mandi
Rank 76: Professor Fitz
Rank 77: Foodini
Rank 78: Marty
Rank 79: Vicky
Rank 80: Tony
Rank 81: Kenji
Rank 82: Bertha
Rank 83: Papa Louie

Holiday and New Looks:
The first person in every holiday will dress up and all the Halloween lovers dress up. Also, I'll talk you through some other stuff as well.

Different Looks
Throughout The Whole Game
Allan/Tohru- Which ever one you don't choose will wear the uniform (to be showed soon)
Nick- Now wears his complete Gondola Outfit.
Vicky- Now wears Style 2 from WSA.
Robby- Now wears Style 3 from WSA.
Papa Louie- Now wears the Burgeria Outfit for the whole game.
Kayla- Wears the same dress, but it has more sparkle and Purple in some places. Her hair is now straight and she wears a cute little bow.

Holiday Looks
Willow- Style 2 of WSA
Nick- Mango Monster
Sasha- Pizza Monster
Greg- Tomato
Prudence- Pickle the Dog
Mitch- Cactus McCoy
Franco- Vampire
Trishna- Princess
Jojo- Super masked hero
Roxy- Phantom
Xolo- Clown
Quinn- Cat
Samuel- Big Foot
Radlynn- WSA Style 3
Grandpa Abuelo- Spanish Monster
Hank- Normally looks for Thanksgiving
Roxy- Farm Girl
Wendy- Wears red and stocking on her hair
Roxy- Santa outfit
New Years
Xandra- Rainbow Outfit
Roxy- Purple Top and Rainbow Pants
Valentine's Day
Scarlett- Cupid
Roxy- Wedding Dress
St Paddy's Day
Georgito- St Paddy's Day suit and tie and top hat
Sue- Green Top
Roxy- Green Dress and Hat
Cecilia- Easter Dress
Roxy- Easter Bunny
Comic Festival
Iggy- Iron Man
Johnny- Batman
Sarge Fan- Sarge
Rico- Hulk
Mindy- Wonder Women
Skyler- Black Widow
Yippy- Cookie
Kiefer- Thor
Jojo- Superman
Roxy- Pink Mask
Xolo- Blob
Quinn- Cat Girl
Samuel- The Joker
Radlynn- Radley
Grandpa Abuelo- Wing Monster
Summer Luau
Robby- First ever look
Roxy- Nevada and Utah crossover
Starlight Jubilee
Boomer- Blue outfit with red starts and white stripes
Roxy- The Queen
Music Month
Clover- Wears a big band drum
Roxy-  Wears a keyboard
National Burger Day
Marty- Wears his uniform
Roxy- Wears a Burgerzilla
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Changes Every Time

Changes Every Time

Changes Every Time

Changes Every Time

Changes Every Time

Changes Every Time

Grandpa Abuelo
Changes Every Time
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At the end of the day, there is a cut scene showing you close up the store and walk into the Sugerplpex Arcade.

Foodini is at the counter and there are a bunch of arcade games and everything. You can exchange your money for more tokens, and/or use the tokens you already have. Each machine can be worth something different depending on how much it is. There are 15 different games you can take on.

Papa's Raceway:
Cost: 1 Ticket
Aim of The Game: Get to the finish line first
Win: ***************
Bronze: Before bronze, you get three tokens. Win a Flag
Silver: Between bronze and silver, you get 5 tokens. Win a Silver Trophy
Gold: Between silver and gold, you get 10 tokens. Win a racing kart
Character: Yourself.
You will be against 4 other characters in a race. 5th: 0.00, 4th: 1.00, 3rd: 1.50, 2nd: 2.00, 1st: Tokens. You can arrive in any of these places. On the last level, you will be against the fastest driver on the track, Akari. You collect coins to go faster and you go on the speed boosts. If you hit the oil patches, you slip.
1: Wendy- Red car with spanners
2: Clair- Ambulance
3: Hank- Police Car
4: Kahuna- Surf board
5: Rico- Chilli Truck
6: Mindy- Hair dresser
7: Cecilia- Green and black polka-dots
8: Roxy- limo
9: Roy and Joy- Pizza Truck
10: Deano- Gondola
11: Lisa- Runner Car
12: Timm- Golden Limo
13: Sarge Fan- Onion Car
14: Mary- Paint Blotches on a purple car
15: Akari- Motorbike
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« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2015, 01:48:20 PM »

Movie Trailers- This keeps the customer occupied in the Waiting Room putting movie trailers in and would improve waiting score.

Snack Machine Booster- It takes ages for snacks to come out, so, speed it up with this!

Drink Station Upgrade- Again, the drinks take a while, and you hover it over the machine, but with this, you place it under and comes out faster!

Ticket Station- It takes a while for the tickets to print, but with this you get quick print. It comes out in two clicks!

Seasonal Upgrade: Buying this improves the overall score for the right season (e.g, if Halloween, Prudence's score would be improved)
Papa's Pizzeria Poster
Papa's Burgeria Poster
Papa's Taco Mia Poster
Papa's Freezeria Poster
Papa's Pancakeria Poster
Papa's Wingeria Poster
Papa's Hot Doggeria Poster
Papa's Cupcakeria Poster
Papa's Pastaria Poster
Papa's Donuteria Poster
Papa's Cheeseria Poster
Pizza Monsters Poster
Burgerzilla Poster
Sundaesuraus Poster
Sarge Poster
Radley Poster
Luau LePunch Poster
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Winter Wonderland: Reach Winter
Spring has Sprung: Reach Spring
Summer Holidays: Reach Summer
Autumn Arrival: Reach Autumn  
Trick-or-Treat?: Unlock all Halloween Items
Holiday Harvest: Unlock all Thanksgiving Items
Bells and Holly: Unlock all Christmas Items
3..2..1..: Unlock all New Years Items
Cupid's Basket: Unlock all Valentine's Day Items
Go Green!: Unlock all St Patrick's Day Items
Easter Egg Hunt: Unlock all Easter Items
Superhero Server: Unlock all Comic Festival Items
Summer Supreme: Unlock all Summer Luau Items
Jubilee Jewels: Unlock all Starlight Jubilee Items
Sound Of Theater: Unlock all Music Month Items
Burger Beast: Unlock all National Burger Day Items
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Meaty Special
Snack: Hot Dogs
Drink: Root Beer
Film: Papa Louie: When Pizza's Attack

Tutti Fruity
Snack: Apple Bits
Drink: Peach Splash
Film: Step Sisters

Snack: Cotton Candy Creameo
Drink: Purple Burple
Film: Princess Trishna

Snack: Nuts
Drink: Ocean Wave
Film: Romano Abbey

Greedy Greedy
Snack: A bit of everything!
Drink: Fizzo
Film: 24 Hours
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Tomato Toppler

M-m, booboo.

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I date men
But you're acting like a little boy
And no, I ain't your little toy
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It needs some papa name
Neprune Efron
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Papa's Theateria?

Song Quote of the Week
"We'll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky, 'cause we got the fire fire fire, yeah we got the fire fire fire, and we gonna let it burn"
~ Burn - Ellie Goulding
Master Restaurant
Restaurant Master

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btw Princess Trishna is a real movie  Laugh

Remember when I was actually active on this forum...
« Reply #12 on: April 11, 2015, 12:02:29 AM »

It needs some papa name
I choose Sugarplex Theater because...

It's an official place in Flipverse. (Check Flipdeck 75: Rita)
You aren't just selling food and giving tickets is one of the main reasons people go to the cinema

And Theateria is a bit an odd name. (And Mia wouldn't suit it either)

I have put up a story

Btw, Meet Roxy.

She makes an appearance in the intro and organizes you a job there. She is the biggest film start known in Flipverse. She stars as one of the characters in every Holiday themed film, so, she'll dress differently depending on what holiday is it. Before the holidays start, she will just dress how she would if she was going out and about. She makes a visit every week and is very picky. She along with Jojo will be a critic, where as Roxy will be focused more on how long it takes and satisfied she is.

(Picture Soon)
« Reply #13 on: April 11, 2015, 01:53:16 AM »

TBH, I don't really like Robby's look for this game
« Reply #14 on: April 11, 2015, 06:45:22 AM »

Awesome! And a Princess Girl movie? Even better!
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