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Author Topic: Papa's Cheeseria - Update 1.0.2  (Read 8924 times)
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Version 1.0.2
Updated June 15, 2015

- Fixed an issue with Grill Alarms sometimes not working or not making a sound

- Fixed an issue where a fryer basket could become stuck near the plate after pouring fries

- Fixed an issue with some hats (including crowns and sombreros) not sitting on the head correctly for Rudy and custom workers with different Posture settings

- Fixed an issue when serving a Special with a Customer Star Bonus, causing a Gold customer to get stuck at 5 stars

- Related to the previous fix, we also fixed customers previously stuck at 5 stars from the last version, so they can earn stars again

- Fixed an issue where a customer could visit twice in the same day if you bought the "Special Sign" upgrade before serving your first Special

- Fixed various issues with graphics

Version 1.0.1
Updated June 12, 2015

- Fixed a problem where some toppings wouldn't be added to the sandwich if you tried to add them too low
(instead of dropping them from above)

- Fixed an issue where you could accidentally flip or drag a sandwich while being cut,
which would also leave grease on the grill and sometimes freeze the bread screen

- Fixed an issue where you could boost the fryers cooking while delivering an order

- Fixed an issue where Specials with Customer Star bonuses weren't giving you the usual points/tips bonus if you earned a Customer Award with the extra star(s) from the Special being served
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