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Author Topic: General Fan Fiction Rules (Version 2.0)  (Read 11121 times)
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(New version, Floofshi/Silvie has left the forum permanently and since things may change I might as well do this. New updates and serious rules in cyan or less serious rules in lime green.)

Welcome to General Fan Fiction Rules. This topic contains the DOS and DON'TS of fan fiction writing. Nothing major has happened really, but just in case it does, this topic should be here...

Label what age your fan fiction is intended for!
If your story is not intended for everyone, just label it, as E10+ (Everybody 10 and Over). Do not go overboard on T (teen) content or reach the M (Mature) section, but violence can be allowed if it's not awfully gory. NEVER DO ANYTHING THAT IS ADULTS ONLY OR FULLY M-RATED. These stories should be avoided and reported if too serious, as an 18+ scene is worse than a death battle.

You can always practice writing serious issues.
If you're not good at writing serious fan fiction but want to write something about a serious issue, you should practice writing seriously before you begin with the story. It's fully possible for something about a serious issue, written in a lighthearted tone (intentionally or not), to be taken as a joke.

In serious doubt about posting a story here? You can always post it somewhere else.
If you don't want to right it here, there's always sites like deviantART, which has a major literature fanbase.

Try to write about three or four chapters of a story before starting another.
Since some stories die out before they even reach the second chapter, try not to have too much dead stories at a time, but make new ones occasionally. Some people can get bothered by this at times, so try to avoid it.

Bandwagon ideas aren't always the best.
Stories like Hunger Games style fanfiction and love/ship stories are hard to do nowadays, as stuff gets overused and sometimes even get boring. Maybe try to modify the idea? It's still good to modify it and make it similar, but just make it unique.

Try to mark non-Flipline fan fiction.
Just in case a board for non-Flipline stories doesn't come out soon, try to mark stories that aren't Flipline related with (NON-FLIP). There are usually more Flipline related stories though, but this may change...

No TROLL fan fiction or CALLOUT fan fiction.
Want to troll people or make a callout fan fiction to make people mad? Never do this. It breaks the "respect all users like you would want to be treated" rule, and it could be serious.

Plagiarism is not allowed.
Plagiarism is stealing the work of others and claiming it as your own work. This does not include making a fanfiction based on video games, TV shows, etc, but rather people's own characters, places, among others.

Make sure to credit ideas, or don't use them, if they aren't yours.
As this can be troublesome.

CREDITS TO: Floofshi/Silvie Skydancer for original topic.
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