Question: Start Now?
Of course we should. - 2 (28.6%)
No, we should probably wait. - 1 (14.3%)
I do not know how to respond to this. - 4 (57.1%)
Total Voters: 7

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Author Topic: Cards FOR Humanity [1]  (Read 240 times)
Medium's Curse
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I am starting anyways.

The most popular trends for (specific group of people) in (place) is _____________.
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Can you use my FC's?:
Answer is:
Yes, but there are strict limitations.

1. They must not have their personalities, biography, and characteristics confused.

2. You may only type 5 lines using my FC's. (not 5 lines per FC, but if you want to use some of my FC's, they altogether can only be used for 5 lines.)

3. There must not be too much change. It could ruin the roleplay.

Not OK Ex: The roleplay is about a mall. Someone else used my Dieter FC and says this:

Quote from: A bad roleplayer
Dieter buys a gun and robs the mall's hat store.

If you disagree with the rules, just don't use my FC's.

My FC's:
Dieter Schflang - a German ginger boy.
Belle Marianne - a French girl who dates Dieter.
Jack and Jill Frontier- a twin pair.
Voni al-Abbed Razko - a Muslim boy.
Roberto Vasquez Delgado - an FC based off of an OC. He is the evil twin of Alberto.
Marlene Ananda - a Mexican teenager girl
Adrianna Vazquez - another Mexican teenager girl, and a best friend of Marlene.
Archous Protanis - a Protoss figure from a planet named Aiur 500 light years away from Earth. He has some godly powers, but his ability to use them depends on his energy.

Remind me if I forgot some other FC's!
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