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Author Topic: How Tough are Ya?  (Read 198 times)
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How Scary am I? I could post links of child mutations any moment now.......

Velkome to the great Scandinavia! How börk or øl are you?

Long Signature:
I am usually found in Forum Games and Roleplaying.

Can you use my FC's?:
Answer is:
Yes, but there are strict limitations.

1. They must not have their personalities, biography, and characteristics confused.

2. You may only type 5 lines using my FC's. (not 5 lines per FC, but if you want to use some of my FC's, they altogether can only be used for 5 lines.)

3. There must not be too much change. It could ruin the roleplay.

Not OK Ex: The roleplay is about a mall. Someone else used my Dieter FC and says this:

Quote from: A bad roleplayer
Dieter buys a gun and robs the mall's hat store.

If you disagree with the rules, just don't use my FC's.

My FC's:
Dieter Schflang - a German ginger boy.
Belle Marianne - a French girl who dates Dieter.
Jack and Jill Frontier- a twin pair.
Voni al-Abbed Razko - a Muslim boy.
Roberto Vasquez Delgado - an FC based off of an OC. He is the evil twin of Alberto.
Marlene Ananda - a Mexican teenager girl
Adrianna Valequz - another Mexican teenager girl, and a best friend of Marlene.

Remind me if I forgot some other FC's!

Dearest people hating an important aspect called school:
Quote from: My Math Teacher (not exact words)
You know there are people that are in the middle of violence, there are kids being abducted, and kids don't have access to great food and clean water, and you are complaining about school?
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