Question: Vote your 2 favourite toppings.
Hurry Curry - 21 (19.6%)
Mafaldine - 19 (17.8%)
Fried Ravioli - 41 (38.3%)
Garlic Rush - 26 (24.3%)
Total Voters: 50

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Author Topic: Favourite Gondola 500 Topping  (Read 21026 times)
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Dunk on 'em, Connor!

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« Reply #105 on: August 24, 2019, 03:56:21 PM »

Fried Ravioli

Open me:
I hope you're having a great day! Stay positive and be happy! Smiley
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Hurry Curry and Fried Ravioli

Reddit: Archie_6201
Discord: Archie#6201

These are the only social media you can find me on, since I never got into using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok.
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Mafaldine & Fried Ravioli

My avatars:
01/01 - Rocky celebrating 2020
20/01 - Rocky holding a mouse
03/02 - Tart
13/02 - Rocky holding a Valentine's Day present
17/02 - Pickle holding a spatula
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when sushiria to go comes out first

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This is still such an underrated holiday

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Fried Ravioli and Garlic Rush.

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Fried ravioli and Garlic rush

I make PLP scenes and my favorite Flipline game is Sushiria!
28.9.19 - James holding a firework
29.9.19 - James with a cookie sundae
2.10.19- Halloween scene
1.11.19 - James in Papa Louie 2
15.11.19 - James dressed as a cowboy
22.11.19 - Taylor Portrait
8.12.19 - James on a bench
18.12.19 - Merry Christmas! (James in Christmas backdrop)
26.12.19 - Lucy is ready for the FC games 2!
30.12.19 - Hello 2020! (James in fireworks backdrop)
2.1.20 - James with a Warp Key
20.1.20 - James in the Bakeria
3.2.20 - James with a Warp Key during the night
13.2.20 - James holding a rose for Valentine's Day
17.2.20 - James with a pie
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Bethany: Are you sure everyone got an invitation?
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Bethany: But you made the list!
Rachel: It's not my fault you are reckless!
Bethany: Reckless? ME!?! You should be the most careful one in this case!
Rachel: Well, what I do know is that because of you, this party will be a total disaster because the winner of The FC Games will be absent!
Bethany: Don't put all of the blame on me! You are responsible as well! If I had seen a name spelled like O-W-E-H-N-N on your list, this party wouldn't be a disaster
Rachel: You said what now?
Bethany: Owen! With "H" and double "N"
Rachel: Oh, Lord! You don't even know how his name is spelled!
Bethany: Am I supposed to?
Rachel: Yes!
Bethany: I am sorry, I am not a denominator.
Rachel: I am sure you don't even know how that's spelled either. Besides, Owen is a quite usual name nowadays. When I walk down the street, I can name at least 3 Owens at a time.
Bethany: Then why didn't you invite one of them?
Rachel: Because surname is such an important factor as well, you fool!
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[Oct 16 06:35 PM]:   Rocky Road Ice Cream is a standard ice cream in Papa’s Scooperia unlocked at Rank 45 with Rudy.[Oct 16 06:35 PM]:   Ianiant Chip Ice Cream does not exist.[Oct 16 06:37 PM]:   Soup Mia is not a gameria yet.
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Old ladies be like

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« Reply #111 on: January 19, 2020, 12:03:51 AM »

Garlic Rush

Check out my AWESOME FC's!!!!!
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« Reply #112 on: January 27, 2020, 11:32:25 AM »

I like Garlic Rush and Hurry Curry!
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« Reply #113 on: February 03, 2020, 08:21:22 PM »

Garlic Rush and Hurry Curry

Every Quotes about my FCs:
Cora is my favorite of yours! I love how you used an American theme without making it too Starlight Jubilee!
Cora would be a great customer if she were to win KCP, especially for Starlight BBQ/Jubilee.
Cora would be a great customer if she were to win KCP, which is pretty likely
Cora is my favorite FC of yours!
Cora really does look KCP material!
Nice work on that Cora portrait
Cora is good
Cora is a perfect choice for KCP!
Cora is lovely and realistic
Cora definitely deserves to be among Top 32 of KCP20
Cora is such a QUEEN!!
Cora has an awesome design and that poster you designed for her is brilliant!
Cora might made it to KCP
Dominika is so unique!
Dominica for KCP20!
Dominika is really cute! I love her colors Smiley
Dominika's color scheme is really unique! She looks really chill.
Dominika has a great color scheme and her design is awesome
Dominika is awesome! She's lovely and definitely one of my personal favorites.
That new FC you posted has just an awesome colour scheme!
Is this my forum�
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Poor Tony

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