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Soooo I'm reviving my old 2013 topic.

If you don't know what the series is about, it's basically rolling a big magnetic ball called a katamari, and if you get the goal on diameter, the King Of All Cosmos turns it into a space item, such as planets or constellations.  You can roll up just about anything, from marbles, ice cream, or Italy! Think of it as building a snowman's body (which actually is a level) It's from Japan, so it uses catchy J-Pop soundtracks, the metric system, and stuff like that. You can also roll up playable characters, which are the Prince's cousins. Another cool feature is that you can roll up presents, or accesories for the Prince or his cousins. Oh, and you also have to finish the level to get the cousin(s) and/or present(s). There are 57 cousins as of Katamari Forever. With that out of the way, now it's time for my turn.


I have beaten the story mode in Katamari Forever. I have all cousins, but not all presents. My favorite cousins to use are Twinkle, Miso, Shikao, Kenta, and June.

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