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Being rude and posting obscenities on the forum is against the Forum Guidelines, but we also have a filter on the forum that will automatically censor most inappropriate words that are typed in posts or the Shoutbox.  Here are some things you should keep in mind about the swear filter:

Censored words aren't necessarily "swear words".
Many of the censored words are swear words, but others are words that we feel are inappropriate to be using on a family-friendly website.  Kids may be able to find these words in textbooks or dictionaries, but they're not appropriate to use on the site.  The general rule is that if a word is inappropriate to say to your parents, or grandparents, or teacher, or boss -- then it shouldn't be used here either.

Don't try to bypass and circumvent the swear filter.
You shouldn't be trying to swear on the forum at all, but the filter is meant to catch any mistakes you make.  Don't try to bypass the filter by adding extra spaces, symbols, or special characters.  Your account will be banned for rude behavior if this happens.

Don't try to partially censor a word yourself.
The filter replaces all blocked words with the same symbols for a reason:  You're not supposed to use those words on the forum, or even imply them here.  Don't try to still get the word across by half-censoring it yourself.  For example, if "onion" was censored, don't try to get around the filter by typing "on**n".  If the filter catches a word, others aren't supposed to know what the word was.

Don't swear in a different language.
The filter mainly covers English words, but don't switch to a different language just to be able to swear.  You will be warned or banned for rude behavior if this happens.

Don't "test" the filter by posting in topics or the Shoutbox.
There's no need to test words to see if they're filtered or not, and if you're posting inappropriate words that we haven't added to the filter, you can still be banned for inappropriate behavior on the forum.  If you're really curious about whether a word is filtered, when you're typing a post you can click the "Preview" button instead of the "Post" button, and it will show you what the text will look like without posting it.

Don't use the swear filter as an excuse for being rude.
The filter may change the words to something else, but it doesn't make it okay to post rude or inappropriate content even with some of the words censored.  If you're bullying or being rude to other users (even though the words are censored) you may still be warned or banned for inappropriate behavior.  Also if you're posting crude or inappropriate content (even though the explicit words are censored), you may also still be warned or banned for posting that.

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