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Author Topic: Other Games: Board Guildines ~ Read Me! [Updated]  (Read 7792 times)
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These are the everyday-guildines for this board:

Updates in Bold Blue

Topics For Game Series

This is probably this most complicated rule. Some games may deserve a separate board for each game, if there are a few games in that series. For example, it would be okay for their to be separate topics for [Running Rhinos] and [Running Rhinos 2] of those were the only two games of that franchise. Now if the franchise had multiple games, such as Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and The Sims, those can all be in one topic. Also, if a brand new game is being released in a franchise, it can have a separate topic until a while after release.


If there is a game you want to make a topic for, check to see if the already have one before making the topic.

Bumping Topics

It's okay to bump topics if it is for a good reason. Bumping topics in this board just for the sake of doing it is not acceptable.

Games Only

This is common sense. GAMES ONLY! Now if you want to talk about Microsoft, online calculators, cameras, etc., just discuss it in the Off-Topic Board.


Come on guys, nobody should fight about games. So what if someone hates a game you like? Everybody can have their own opinion! So please don't fight.

Fake Games

Don't make topics about fake games you made up. If you made a game, just put it in Fan Games or delete it.

Flipline Games

This is common sense. Don't put topics about Flipline Games in this board.

Fan Creations

Any Fan Creations for a non-Flipline game should not be in this topic. For example, topics dedicated to Fan Ficitons, Fan Art, Fan Tournaments, Fan Characters, and Fan Games of a video game belong in the correct board.

If you want to make a tournament for a non-Flipline Game, it is supposed to be in Fan Tournaments Board.

Game Suggestions

If you suggest a game for Flipline, either put it in Suggestions or Fan Games. If you have a suggestion for a non-Flipline game, get rid of it or tell the creator of the game.

Inappropriate Games

If there is an inappropriate game you like, please don't make topics about it. To be considered inappropriate, it has to have at least one of the following qualities: Sexual Themes, Gore, Racism, and Too Much Profanity.  

Multiple Topics for the Same Game

Don't do different topics like "What is your high score for this game" and "Rate this game" for the same game. You can put it into one topic.

For example: [Flappy Fox Discussion, Flappy Fox High Scores, Rate Flappy Fox, Flappy Fox is Awesome!] could all be [Flappy Fox]
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