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Author Topic: Official Flipline Forum Guide  (Read 2011 times)
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Updates in blue.

Welcome to the Flipline Forum Guide! This topic will direct you to important topics related to Flipline Forum. Newbies, you guys should definitely read this if you want to know about the forum! If you want to discuss the guide at all, or suggest changes, click here.

The first thing you should do is make sure you read the Flipline Forum News and Guidelines. Click here to read all of the topics in that board.

Want to introduce yourself to the community? Or are you going to be absent from the forum for a while, and you would like to let the community know? Or are you announcing you are back to the forum after an absence? Click here for the Official Introduction/Leaving Topic!

Do you want a topic(s) to be locked? Stickied? Split or merged? Or maybe deleted or moved to another board? Post it in this topic, and the moderators will see your request! Click here to let us know!

Looking for a list of banned users? Click here to see the list of people who have been banned, why they were banned, and how long they were banned.

Has someone changed their name and you're not sure who? Well, here there's a chart to find the name change! Click here to see the Chart of Name Changes!

Has someone deleted their account, and you want to see who? Click here to see the Chart of Deleted Users!

Do you want to see whose birthday is when? Or is it your birthday today and you want to tell the community? Click here to see the Birthday Chart!

Is there a forum term and you're not sure what it means? Do you want to learn all of the forum colours? Look no further then here!Click here for the Flipline Forum Dictionary!

Need help with your profile? Click here for Forum Profile Help!

Confused about how people can type like this in the shoutbox, or posts?:
* Penguin022 is showing an example in a post.
Then look no further! Click here to learn the code!

Do you want to learn how to disagree properly on this forum? Click here on how to be a nice user when sharing opinions on this forum

Want to stop fighting? Click here to get tips!

Are you confused about your post count? Want to know which boards count posts? Click here to find out which boards count posts!

If you want a good tip for deleting topics to avoid anyone losing post count, view the below post.

On the other hand, if you want tips to gain post count without spamming, view the below post.

Looking for guides for each board? Here they are, just click on the name of the guide to get the guide.

Official Cactus McCoy Board Guide
Official TWG Headquarters
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