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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 387002 times)
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Chapter 590. Return Home?

A Few Years Later...

The cows let out a low moo from the back as they were gently pulled up the hill behind the wagon. The wagon went uphill and stopped. The sun was shining brightly on the peaceful day full of questions and wonder. Pulling back his hat, a boy looked around.

"Zodiac. Thorn. Look, we are home!"

Zodiac got out from the small bunker with Thorn in his arms. Thorn smiled and looked up at the blue sky. Pit pointed at the town.

"Look, Zodiac! Look at the town!!" Pit cheered. Zodiac merely nodded his head.

"Looks odd, Pit."

"Oh, Zodiac. Why are you such a gloomy poo?"

"I'm just saying. Why did they, those people, ordered us to return home? After they moved us, we are told to return?"

"They must have repented, Zodiac. Sure, home looks different, but maybe they build houses so we wouldn't have to live in a tent anymore,"
Pit said happily. Zodiac said nothing.

Pit and Zodiac were look-alike twins, but their attitudes were far apart.

Pit was the optimistic one who saw beauty in the damaged. Zodiac was the pessimist one who saw the catch in everything.

Thorn? Thorn was happy-go-lucky.

Thorn jumped from Zodiac's arms and into Pit's arms. "Mama!! Is mama there!?" Thorn yelled at Pit. Zodiac told him to hush. "I don't know, Thorn-horn. I'm sure she will find us soon with Papa," Pit said to Thorn. Zodiac got out and sat in the seat beside his twin.

The three boys were considered very rich. They had a wagon, two cows, two horses, each other, a black pit bull to look after their belongings and a firm faith in the Deities. Despite that they lost their parents, their home, land, and had the tattoo on their ankles, they still prayed. For years, the boys have lived with other people in a worthless piece of land and in run-down homes from the "helpful" government. A few weeks ago, Pit received a letter telling him and his brothers to return home; Zodiac was suspicious. Why did they want them back?

"Come on! Let's go home!!!" Pit cheered. Pit squealed as the wagon moved down the hill.

Zodiac sat there as his twin and Thorn sang heartily.



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Chapter 591. Workers.

Upon riding into town, Zodiac noticed a few things. He was sure Pit saw it as well but said nothing. People were strolling on the wooden walkway talking and enjoying the day. Behind them was an older man walking after them with their boxes that held their newly bought goods. Women sat outside with their friends while a woman washed the clothes. Children played beside the woman washing clothes. Everywhere Zodiac looked, the worse it became.

The workers were all dark as they were. The light brown, dark brown, brown, black were all working. The light-colored were not at work. If Zodiac saw a light-colored one working, he knew something was wrong. Pit kept his eyes straight ahead. Thorn waved to a few children who scampered after the wagon. Zodiac gulped when he saw one of the men that babysat Thorn breaking rocks.

Zodiac and his friend stared at each other. Pit and Thorn waved hello to him.


A jarring bump in the road knocked Zodiac out of his thoughts. The wagon stopped. Zodiac and Thorn looked around.

"Pit...? Where is..." Zodiac said as he stared at the rocky trail. "I don't know..." Pit whispered hoarsely. Where their home use to stand was gone. Another new house replaced it. Thorn squeaked happily, unaware of what was happening. Zodiac turned his head when he heard someone walking up. Pit looked as well. Another man they knew was carrying wood.

"Hello, big brother," Pit said. The man looked up in surprise. He has not heard that word of endearment for a long time. "Hello, little brothers," the man said, tweaking Thorn's nose.

"What has happened? Where are-"

"Gone. They took it."


the man said, pointing at a well-dressed man who had skin the color of snow. Zodiac gulped as Pit asked their friend more questions.


"Thank you, big brother," Pit called as their walked off in a hurry after being yelled at by his boss. Pit nudged Zodiac and told him he had to go to the city hall.

Zodiac knew why they wanted them back...



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Chapter 592. While We Were Away...

The horses nickered and stopped near a building. Pit jumped out of his seat and looked around. He noticed that most of the wagons were painted and didn't have chips and nicks in the wood like his wagon. Zodiac sat up with Thorn fussing on his lap. "Stay here, you two," Pit said. "I'm going inside to ask a few questions..."

Zodiac nodded his head and watched his twin scurry up the marble stairs and into the building. Zodiac looked around. Where were the trees? The other huts? All he saw was buildings and new houses that looked like it could fit more than one family inside. And yet, Zodiac saw only a small light-colored family go inside the house, and the dark-skinned worker went into a shabbily built shack. Shouldn't the worker go in too?

A few fin-dressed people walked past the wagon, ignoring Zodiac and Thorn. The cows mooed for water. Zodiac got out and gave the cows water right smack in the open. People glared at him as if it was wrong to help your pets when they need water or food. Thorn waved to a few people who only gave him an ugly look. Thorn didn't understand and waved anyhow. Zodiac saw the light-skinned babies and younger children waved at Thorn unlike their parents'.

Oblivious to Thorn's skin color.


Zodiac decided to ask someone where the well was because Thorn wanted a drink. Walking up to a man, Zodiac put on his best smile and tapped the man on the leg. The man looked down at Zodiac. "Hello, brother. I was wondering if you could lead me to the well? My little brother is thirsty," Zodiac said nicely, pointing at waving Thorn. Zodiac's smiled faded when he saw the hatred in the eyes of the man. Before Zodiac could apologize, the man struck Zodiac's face. Thorn shrieked as Zodiac fell after being hit. Zodiac held his hand to his bleeding nose; people stared at him.

"Mixed bas----! Get your filthy self away! Go!"
the man yelled at Zodiac, kicking him. Zodiac fell trying to get up. The dog began to bark and tore loose from his leash. Zodiac saw him. "Stop! Black Coat, stop!!" Zodiac yelled before the dog could attack. Black Coat snarled but obeyed Zodiac. Thorn was still wailing and reaching for Zodiac. Zodiac got up, grabbed the dog by its neck scruff, and walked away while the people laughed at him and jeered at him in their ghastly language. Zodiac didn't know what that man said at him, but he knew it wasn't good.

Climbing into the wagon, Zodiac picked up crying Thorn and sat him on his lap. Thorn was still crying, but not as loud since Zodiac had him. "I don't water anymore, Zodiac!" Thorn wailed to Zodiac.




"Brother, I need to speak to the man in charge!! Take me to the man in charge!!!" Pit almost yelled to the man behind a desk. The man looked down at Pit in confusion and said something in his foreign words. "Take. Me. To. The. Man. In. Charge. Brother!!!" Pit yelled, stomping his foot. The man held up one hand and shook it. Pit's head snapped back. Why in Sky's name was the fool waving hello?!! Pit waved back and continued to yell.

"I don't understand you, boy!"

"Take me to the man in charge!!!"

"I'm sorry, I don't understand!"

"Stop waving at me and tell me where man in charge is!!!"

The people in the building tittered noticing the ridiculous sight. Exasperated, the man sat Pit down on a bench and left. Pit yelled for him to come back.



Pit waited inside the stuffy building, his dirty feet kicking the leg of the bench. What was going on? Why were these people giving him looks?

Pit sat up when the man he was yelling at returned with a dark-skinned woman. The woman hurried up to Pit.

"Hello, older sister!" Pit chirped. The woman smiled at Pit, and knelt down to his height. "Why are you here, little brother?" the woman questioned.

"I am here to speak to the man in charge, older sister! Perhaps you know?" Pit announced, looking around. The woman sighed and took Pit's hands in hers.

"He is here, but he will not talk to you, little brother."

"Why not? I need to ask him something, older sister."


"What is going on? Why are all of our people working like slaves? Where are our homes? Where do we live??"
Pit said. The woman looked up at the man who Pit was yelling at; Pit watched as she spoke the same words the man spoke.

"Little brother, do you not know why they sent us back here?"

"No. I got this note for us to come home, but home is gone,"
Pit said and waved his letter. The man and woman grimaced seeing the red stamp.


"Little brother, they took the land from us." the woman said, her voice shaking. Pit stared at her. "Who did? Why? This land belongs to no one, older sister!" Pit almost yelled. The woman pressed her fist to her mouth to stop her tears. Pit looked up at the man and back at the woman.

"They took it all, little brother."


"I don't know why they took it from us."

"Our homes, too?"

"The homes and trees were destroyed."

"What?? Why would they do that?"

"I don't know. Everything we owned was destroyed while we were living in that wretched land these people forced us into."

"I will go back."

"You can't go back."

"Where will my brothers and I live?!"

Aching inside, Pit looked away.

Zodiac was right.



The woman placed a paper booklet in front of Pit.

"You will need this, little brother."

"Isn't there anywhere else I can go?"

"No. I'm sorry,"
the woman's voice shook, and she ran away. Pit looked at the booklet, picked it up, and walked away slowly.

The man behind the desk gave Pit a red-and-white stick. Pit squinted at the treat. Like this silly treat was supposed to make up for what was happening?

Pit nodded his thanks to the man who gave him a sad smile. "I'm sorry." Pit heard the man whisper in his strange language.

Pit knew that he was trying to make him feel better with this stick and his words.



Outside, Pit walked to the wagon where Zodiac and Thorn were waiting.



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Chapter 593. I Am Free.

Pulling the blanket up to Thorn's chin, Pit finished the rest of the story he was telling Thorn to help him sleep.
Thorn smiled, buried in his blanket, and touched Pit's hand. Pit smiled sadly at him.

"Mama? Will mama and papa meet up with us soon?" Thorn said softly. "Of course they will show up. They are still searching for us, Thorn-horn. Do not worry," Pit said reassuringly to Thorn. Zodiac had his back turned. "Sky and Starlight will guide them, Thorn. Go to sleep now," Pit said and kissed Thorn on the head. Thorn turned over and closed his eyes. Soon, Thorn was sleeping. Pit rubbed Thorn on the back before heading to Zodiac. Zodiac had a hard time sleeping and needed someone to help him. Pit was the only one who could lull Zodiac to sleep. A few hours ago, Zodiac was mad at Pit for what was happening.



"You agreed to take up these jobs these thieves left for us?!"


"Why!? We should run while we can!!"

"Zodiac, they own the land!!"

"We can take it back!!!"

"We can't!"

"We are not part of their property, Pit! Why should we take up this back-breaking labor? Let them do it!"

"I don't have a choice, Zodiac!"

"You do-"

"I don't!!! These people own it all! If we run, they might come looking for us!!!"


"We don't know where we are anymore; we can die out there."

"Better to die free than a slave to these devils!!!"

Pit said nothing to his twin but search through his booklet.

"I am doing this for Thorn. I don't want him to suffer out there. Better to live the life as a slave than to hold Thorn and watch him die from whatever is out there."

"He will suffer here as well."

"I have nothing out there but death, Zodiac."

Thorn came up with flowers for Pit who was staring at his twin as he walked away.



Sitting close by Zodiac, Pit stroked Zodiac's rigid back while humming a lullaby. Zodiac curled up into a ball. "Take the land. Take the trees, the animals, my home, take it all from me. Take my youth, whip, cut, beat and starve me. You have my body but not my faith and soul. My soul belongs to Sky. Father of the oppressed. Take whatever will break my body just let me keep my brothers..." Pit said softly to Zodiac. Zodiac looked at him.

"I am already free, Zodiac... they think they have me as a slave but as long as I have you, Thorn, and my faith, I am free."

"They can easily take us away from each other."

"Can they, Zodiac? They take you away but do they have the tight connection we are born with?"




"They can have everything, Zodiac. Don't let them take you away from me..."

"Is this how Sky felt, Pit...? Did he feel lost? Hurt? Did he feel like us right now...?"

"He did... he was a slave before us, Zodiac. Do you know what kept him going...?"

"His faith..."

"He, too, lost everything like us,"
Pit whispered to Zodiac. Zodiac turned over on his back to look at Pit, and at the night sky. Stars winked at them.

"Can Sky hear me, Pit...? Can Sky hear my prayers...?"

"Yes, he can... He told me something."

"What did he tell you...?"

Taking Zodiac's hands in his, Pit smiled at him.

"Sky told me that he hears our prayers and that he loves us all..."

"He told you that?"

"Yes. Sky wipes away our tears and that whatever may come, he will unite us all because we are his people. We belong to no man. We belong to Sky. The father of the oppressed,"
Pit pointed up to the starry sky. The navy heavens made Zodiac's hard shell crack.

"We are free, Zodiac... they cannot break the connection we have..." Pit said, wiping Zodiac's tears with his hand. "I promise, Zodiac... one day... I'll take your hand and Thorn's, and we will go back home."

"Mama? Papa?"

"They will be there."

Zodiac rested his head on Pit's lap and cried softly. Pit ran his fingers through Zodiac's dark hair, smiling. Looking up, Pit whispered a prayer.

"I leave my spirit in your scarred hands, Sky..."

A feather dropped from the heavens and landed in the wagon beside Pit.



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Chapter 594. Work For Children.

Later that week...

Looking down, a woman stared down at Pit and Zodiac. Thorn played by their side. "Hello?" the woman said slowly. "Hello, older sister! We came to find a job that pays well, can you tell us if any spots are left?" Pit said, loudly. Zodiac rolled his eyes. "She can't understand you, Pit. These people speak an ugly language," Zodiac said flatly. Pit smiled at his twin and turned back to the older woman.

"Job? Job? Job. Us?"


"Yes, job!" Pit said as best as he could, pointing at himself and Zodiac. Thorn pointed at himself and whined questionably, but Pit shook his head no. The only words Pit could say was "Job." and "Us." in that language and the woman still could not understand what Pit wanted. Letting go of Zodiac and Thorn's hand, Pit hurried over and dumped out the wastebasket. "Job!" Pit said.

"Oh! Oh, are you looking for a job?"

"Job! Do you have any work that will pay, older sister?" Pit asked again. Zodiac butted in, "Do you have any work for us, older sister?" The woman was confused so she left. Zodiac simpered. "Idiot."

"Zodiac, hush. What if she hears you."

"How can she? She won't understand."

"I wanna
job, too, Pit!!"
Thorn screamed, a few people looked at him, Pit hushed his younger brother. "You can't have a job. You're just a little ca-ca!" Zodiac jeered. Thorn kicked him. "Zodiac, leave him alone or he'll never quiet down," Pit ordered, grabbing Thorn before he could kick Zodiac again.

The woman came back with a male worker. "I don't know what these kids are saying," said the woman. The man didn't answer her and turned to Pit and Zodiac. "These people, right?" the worker snarked to the boys'.

"Yup. Can't understand their weird language, older brother."

"Zodiac. Hello, older brother. We came for work. Perhaps you can tell older sister that? Pit said. "I wouldn't call this pale sow our sister, little brother," the worker said bitterly before turning to the woman.

"The boys are looking for a job."

"A job? They are too young."

"I'll tell them."

Pit stood up straighter.

"Little brother, you are your brothers are too young."

"I'm strong! Zodiac is too!"

"I wanna-"

"Thorn, hush!"

"I know, little brother, but you are still too young."

"Isn't there any work she has for us?"

The worker smiled at Pit's stubbornness. Pit eyed the cluttered desk. "You and your brothers go to the camp where the mothers watch over lost kids like you, little brother," Pit heard the man said to Zodiac. Thorn screeched for their mother. "How long must we stay there?" Zodiac asked. "Until you are old enough for work. Some children work sorting and tying newspapers at that factory over there," the man said, pointing out the window.

"I'll take it!!"

"You have to be at least ten years of age."

"Oh, for Starlight's sake. For people who took away the land, why do they care about our safety and how old we are?"

"Is there any other jobs?"Pit asked. "No. Children like you two are paid extra rations for picking trash that gets stuck in the ditches near the children camps," the worker replied.

"Good. I'll take it."

"Alright. But, you two must wait for another week so you can learn about the camp rules-"

"Nope! We start today!!
" Pit chirped. "Thank you, older brother!!!"

Pit yanked Zodiac and Thorn and ran out the door. The worker stood up.

"What was that about?"

"Young children looking for work instead of playing and enjoying life like the children they are."



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Chapter 595. A Smile.


Zodiac cringed hearing a child on the floor screaming when he and his brothers entered the children camp. There were children on the floor, and the babies on the straw ticks with the toddlers and a few women bustled around. Most of them teenage girls and pregnant women or mothers taking care of the children. Thorn squeezed Pit's hand. Pit smiled at Zodiac.

"So it begins."

Pit walked to a woman holding a fussy baby and asked her who was in charge. While Pit told the woman that their parents' will meet up with them soon, Zodiac walked around the large camp house; children ran past, some said hello, some stared at Zodiac. Zodiac strolled up to a young woman.

"Hello, older sister."

"Hello, little brother."

"Where is your man?"

"He is working. Where are your mother and father?"

"Gone, but they will find us soon."

"I pray that they will."

"What kind of work do you do, older sister?"

"I'm a wet nurse."

"What is that?"

"I feed the babies whose mothers are too sick to feed them or are gone."

Zodiac squinted before talking again. ,"Do you feed those babies that those people have?"


These people. They call them dirty and mixed, and they want servant women to feed their babies? Zodiac didn't understand any of this. Saying goodbye, Zodiac walked back to Pit. "Good news, Zodiac! I found garbage by the gate! We can pick it up and tell the person in charge!!" Pit exclaimed. Zodiac pointed at Thorn.




Thorn screamed when Pit left him with a mother who would watch over him until Pit and Zodiac come back. Upset seeing his baby brother cry, Pit hugged Thorn and said he'll return. "I wanna come with you!!!" Thorn screeched as Pit and Zodiac left. "Oh... Zodiac, why don't you stay with him?" Pit lamented. Zodiac shook his head no and said that he will help Pit.



"This should not be so hard, Zodiac. All we have to do is pick up garbage and throw it."

"It looks fun at first until you have to keep doing it."

"We won't. We take turns with the other children."

"Yeah? What will happen when you are a teenager?"

"I move up to another job."

"More painful than this one."

"Zodiac, please."

Pit bent over and threw in his sack a wet paper. Zodiac picked up a moldy shoe. Children played by the gate, watching Pit and Zodiac. Already Zodiac's back began to ache from bending over too long. Pit sang.

"Pit, how can you be happy?"

"You are here. Thorn is here. We are safe here."

"Are we?"


Patting Zodiac's shoulder, Pit went back to picking up garbage. Zodiac sighed loudly and tied up his sack. A wagon jostled past on the dusty trail with a family inside. Pit and Zodiac waved hello.

A green-haired girl waved hello, her sister stared at them. There was something about her eyes that Zodiac and Pit did not like.



After a whole hour flew by, Pit and Zodiac returned with two garbage bags and chucked them into a wooden cart. A man nodded his head and shooed them off.


"Wonderful. Now what?"

"Now, we play with Thorn!"
Pit said happily, running back to the house where Thorn was with the children. Thorn squealed seeing his brothers walk in. Thorn's face was dirty and tear-streaked which made Zodiac and Pit sigh tiredly. Thorn must have been wailing the whole time they were gone. While the children played inside or outside, Pit and his brothers sat near the wagon eating raw tubers and drinking the milk their cows gave. A few women came out of the house for Pit and were surprised when they saw the cows. Pit agreed to share their cows with the women and workers.

"That's what we do. Share what we have."

So it was settled, the women would milk and feed the cows while the men will feed and exercise the horses. Pit and Zodiac will clean up the gates.

At dinnertime, Zodiac, Pit, and Thorn received an extra in their meal- a second helping of stew. Zodiac was still cynical while Pit helped Thorn eat.


"Pit, I don't know why you are so happy? Look at us."

"I know you are hurting, Zodiac. I am too, but we must keep our face to the light and let our shadows fall behind us."

"How can you remain happy when you know it is going to get worse for us?"

Pit said nothing. Thorn was laughing and playing on the blanket. Pit pointed at Thorn and smiled at Zodiac.

"Look, Zodiac. He is happy and fed. We made it here together. That's all it takes to bring a smile to my face," Pit said softly. Zodiac watched Thorn play with the ragged cloth dog he made for him out of old clothes. Eating his stew, Zodiac thought for a few minutes.


Zodiac smiled weakly.



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Chapter 596. First Paying Job.

While Thorn played with Zodiac in the grass, Pit swaggered up to the rocky site where men were breaking stones. Zodiac frowned when he saw Pit jumping like a grasshopper as he argued with the dark-skinned man who was "The Boss." of the workers since the light-skinned one was gone. A few weeks back the back wheel of their wagon popped off and cracked.

Pit now had to earn money to pay for a new wheel which is why he was here arguing for a paying job.

"How much will you pay if I take the smaller stones to the ditch?" Pit asked, making a beeline to the wheelbarrow. "The Boss" pulled Pit away and shooed him off. "Too young. Get lost," was all the dark-skinned man said and went back to work, but Pit raced to his side still asking questions.

"I need money to pay for a new wheel on my wagon, big brother! Is there any job that will pay?!"
Pit nearly screamed. "Pit!! Come back and let's go home!!!" Zodiac yelled, but Pit wouldn't give up.

"Big brother? Is there a paying-"

"FINE!!! We'll pay you five gems to bring the water for the workers starting today! ARE YOU HAPPY!?"
The dark-skinned man yelled at Pit's face. "Yes! Yes, I am very happy! Thank you, big brother!!" Pit crowed.

The dark-skinned man swatted Pit's backside with a broom as a response. Pit ran to Zodiac and Thorn with a bucket.

"I got us a job!"


After ditching wailing Thorn back at the children camp, Zodiac and Pit raced back to the breaking site with the bucket and a wooden ladle. The workers were grouchy since Zodiac and Pit were late with the water but soon relaxed as Pit and Zodiac scurried around with the water bucket. Later at dusk, "The Boss" grunted his approval, gave Pit five gems, and said that he will see them in the morning. Pit and Zodiac said their thanks and raced back home with aching legs. At dinner, Zodiac fed Thorn while Pit hid his gems in a clay pot and buried it in the ground. While the children fussed because they were not sleepy, Pit and his brothers slept outside in the wagon since it was hot tonight. Zodiac fell fast asleep as soon as he laid down on the straw tick.



"Good morning, Zodiac!! Ready to begin a new day!?"

Already awake, Pit poked Zodiac to get up, but Zodiac growled at him to go away. These people. Who did they think they are? Zodiac closed his eyes for a few minutes and let Pit get ready.



Zodiac woke up to Thorn who was laughing as he watches BlackCoat chase butterflies. Pit was gone. "Thorn! Where is Pit!?" Zodiac cried out. "Gone. Pit said that you have to watch over me!" Thorn chirped as he played with a stick. Sighing, Zodiac leaned back on the wagon and thought about how Pit left to work and let him sleep.



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Chapter 597. Speaking Or Staying Silent?

A Few Weeks Later...

Still, in the children camp, Pit and Zodiac hunted for a new paying job since they were no longer needed at the site. It was Zodiac who found a paying job at a kitchen. All they had to do was feed the pigs and throw away trash. "Oh, Zodiac! They are paying ten gems! You did better than I!! Good job!!!" Pit praised as he hugged his twin. Zodiac smiled weakly at his brother. "Don't be so happy, Pit. There will be a catch," Zodiac said as they walked inside.

"Oh, Zodiac. Don't be a gloomy poo."



"THESE PEOPLE ARE NEVER SATISFIED!!!" Zodiac ranted. Pit shrugged. To get five more gems, they needed to learn and speak the language the light-skinned people spoke. Pit practiced with a mother who could speak the language. Zodiac refused.

"Zodiac, try-"

"No! Now they are forcing us to get rid of the language we speak!?"

"They are still letting us speak our native-"

"They slapped you for not knowing the words they knew. They live to ruin us and our traditions."

Pit didn't say anything but touch the hand mark on his face. Zodiac was right. The people they worked for had to find a fault in everything they did.

Zodiac threw trash in the wrong wagon. They slapped him five times.

Pit couldn't speak the language they spoke and was slapped for being stupid.

Zodiac fell in the pig-pen and was pulled out by his ear.

Pit was too slow due to a bruised knee, and he whipped to work faster.


Pit sighed before smiling at Zodiac. "Zodiac, it looks bad, but we'll get out of this soon, I promise."

"Yeah, the only way we are getting out is in a coffin. Or are we too filthy to have one?" Zodiac said bitterly. Pit sucked in his breath. "You are setting a bad example in front of Thorn, Zodiac," Pit hissed, pointing at Thorn. "He is listening to every word that falls out of your mouth!"

"Let him hear. When the time comes, he'll be able to stand up for himself."

"No! If he speaks those very words, they will kill him!!"

"Kill him? Kill him for talking?"

"For rebelling, you dummy!! The only way to survive is by keeping silent!"

"You are listening to their rules?"

"I don't have a choice, Zodiac! I'm doing this to keep you both safe!"

"I would rather die speaking for us and the others than die a mute, Pit."

Then Zodiac left with Thorn trailing after him. Pit stood there breathing heavily before running outside.



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Chapter 598. Hybrid.

Seething, Amagna Okubi sat on the floor waiting for Mysterious to show up. It has been a few years already, and still, the powerful being of Amagna was trapped in another unknown crystal in the uncharted land of Mysterious' world Loyal gave her. Amagna didn't know where it was, and neither did Mysterious.


Amagna did hear that there is a Goddess who alone can tame Amagna. It wasn't Mysterious, so Amagna thought of a plan to get to this Goddess before Loyal found her. If Amagna gets to this Goddess first, perhaps using her will free the powerful being of Amagna from the crystal. It was obvious that Loyal was already looking for her.

It was a race that Loyal wanted to win as much as Amagna Okubi.



Mysterious walked in on silent feet. Amagna floated over to her.

"I have not seen you in ages, Mysterious."

"Been busy."

"Where is she?"

Mysterious pulled her cape away show Amagna who was hiding behind her dress. A small toddler was hiding behind the folds of Mysterious' dress. Her red eyes stared fearfully at Amagna. "Hybrid..." Mysterious sad softly, smoothing down Hybrid's red hair. Hybrid hid again. "Mommy...?" Hybrid said shakily, her voice close to tears. Smiling at Hybrid's shyness, Mysterious picked up her daughter and bounced her. "Hybrid, don't you want to see your daddy?"

Hybrid hugged her mothers' neck tightly and stared at Amagna with wide eyes. Amagna's long fingers gently brushed Hybrid on the nose. This half-breed of a Fallen Goddess and Shapeshifter was not the Goddess Amagna was looking for, but it didn't matter. He'll find a good use for Hybrid. Amagna turned his head at a  pool full of filthy water. Mar swam around in circles. "Don't worry. I have a plan for you as well, Mar," Amagna laughed. Mar stopped swimming and touched the barred top of his pool.

Amagna smiled coldly at Hybrid. Hybrid hid her face in Mysterious' neck. Her cyan wings hid her small body.



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They had a cornflakeling? D:

Here they are: http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=23360.msg1791696#msg1791696 *sandwich to the head for advertising*

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Monika [May 18 04:37 PM]:   Laugh
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They had a cornflakeling? D:
Yeah. Grimace

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Chapter 599. The Silent Prayer.

A Few Years Ago...

After that small argument with Zodiac, Pit had wandered outside to clear his head, but everything was raging like a storm. Yes, Pit was a slave, and, no, there was nothing he could do about it. All the people of color were slaves. Why? Was it meant to be? From what Pit heard, the light-skinned were meant to be separated from the dark?

It made sense to them in their eyes. The light could never go with dark. The light was clean and bright. The dark was ugly and no good. But, it shouldn't count for people.

Pit looked up at the sky. "We are all family, right? No one is worth more than the other?" Pit whispered. Were they always going to be separated and mistreated? Light from Dark? Will his people remain slaves? Was Pit lying to himself about being free?

Will freedom ever come?



It was late at night, and Pit found himself inside of a Temple. The stone statue of Sky stood before him. Pit was not supposed to be in here, but he didn't care if they beat him for disobeying. With shaking hands, Pit lit a small round candle, placed it in a small clay bowl, and laid it by the statue.

Looking up, Pit stared at the hard face of Sky. Angry, yet the eyes seem to tell the sad story of Sky's past.

The cold Temple was empty and dark except for the single candle Pit brought.

Pit lifted his arms above his head, still looking at Sky and prayed. The sound of wing echoed in the Temple, and a bird perched on the statue of Sky. A pure white bird with a colorful train of feathers gazed at the sad boy praying.

"Lead us home... Find us and lead us home." Pit whispered to Sky.

"Lead us home..."




End Of Part Three.
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I AM... [Part One. The Rebellion.]

Launched. January 03, 2016. Finished. July 31, 2017.

I AM... [Part Two. The Past.]

Launched. August 01, 2017. Finished. January 08, 2018.

I AM... [Part Three. The Reawakening.]

Launched. January 09, 2018. Finished.  September 11, 2018.

~ ☆ ~


I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.]

Launching September 20th.

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Chapter 600. Blood Of The Innocents.

Decades Ago...


The stone ceiling of the temple began to break from the great shaking of the earth. The floor was jumping up and down knocking the Deities inside to the ground. The ceiling collapsed, and massive parts of the marble crashed to the shaking ground. The Deities inside of the temple struggled to get up but kept falling back down. While the temple was collapsing, two Deities fought and screamed at each other.

"I told you!!!"

"I had him!!! Why did you come?! Why do you always act first and think later!!?"

"Look out!!!"

Pillars came crashing down; the Deities held onto each other in terror as the temple walls broke like cheap wood. A deafening roar shook the temple, and the Deities inside screamed.


All was silent. The Deities inside the destroyed temple were still on the floor. Everything was still and peaceful like the ocean before the storm. The two Deities who were fighting gazed at each other.

"Underbart Liv...?"

Underbart Liv held one finger to his mouth and looked around. He is still here. A massive shadow covered the sun. The Deities held their breath. Underbart Liv covered his mouth to keep his sob inside. He couldn't see the Deities nor Underbart Liv.


Amagna Okubi.


"Underbart Liv?"

"Ren... Go. Get them out and do not come back!"

"What about you?"

"Get out!!"

"I won't leave you!"

Underbart Lv touched his brother on the face and begged him to go. Ren and Underbart Liv knew who Amagna Okubi wanted. Ren touched Underbart Liv's hand gently before whispering to his siblings that they had to get out.

"What about Underbart Liv?"

"He is staying, get out!"



Underbart Liv's siblings crawled out of the broken temple and into the high, thick grass. A few of the Goddesses began to weep, but they had to keep crawling until they were far away from the temple. Ren's eyes filled with hot tears as he snaked through the scratchy grass. Underbart Liv's had his back turned.

A shadow covered the sun again, Underbart Liv looked up at Amagna Okubi in terror. Amagna's arms were raised high above his head. "Ren!! Run, run!!!" Underbart Liv screamed. Ren looked up when he heard Underbart Liv.

The boulders soared through the air and landed on Ren and his siblings. "NO!! NO, NO!!!" Underbart Liv cried, running to the scene where the boulder landed. Upon arriving, Underbart Liv screamed as he tried to push away the boulder, but it did not move. Underbart Liv cried and pleaded for the boulder to move, but nothing happened. It was hopeless. Crying, Underbart Liv collapsed next to the boulder, punching it weakly. It was hopeless. He knew that Ren and his siblings died when the boulder crushed them. Amagna Okubi stared at Underbart Liv crying aloud.


A dark shadow blanketed the plains. Underbart Liv looked up, still sobbing. Amagna Okubi raised his fist to crush Underbart Liv. Underbart Liv's lavender tear-filled eyes gazed up at Amagna Okubi.

Underbart Liv and Amagna Okubi stared at each other. For two seconds- the grief was gone when their eyes met.

Amagna Okubi's fist came down with a deafening crash.


Amagna's fist landed down far away from Underbart Liv. Looking at Amagna's fist, a sob escaped Underbart Liv's mouth. Amagna Okubi panted and raised his fist again only to have it smash down in the same spot. He couldn't do it. Underbart Liv looked up at him.

"Tiny Cub...?"

There was a flash of red, and everything became still again. Shuddering, Underbart Liv looked up. Amagna Okubi was gone. Underbart Liv was alone. Pressing his body to the boulder, Underbart Liv wept for the death of his siblings and for the child he lost.

Blood seeped out from under the boulder. The first blood of the innocents spilled upon the earth.

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Chapter 601. At Peace.

A Few Years Later...

Flowers bent over slightly from the gentle, refreshing wind. The warm sun was high in the cloudless, baby-blue sky. A door closed gently as if the Deity didn't want to disturb the peaceful day. A baby cooed as her mother walked down the stairs holding a watering can. Galactic smiled at her daughter over her shoulder. Dhvani sucked on her teething ring. After Galactic waters her small flower garden, she will sit outside with Dhvani.

Good things don't last.

Galactic screamed with a muddy child shot out from her destroyed garden. The child ran behind Galatic with a stick and poked Dhvani's rear.

"Augh! Grandma, there is a living growth on your back!! Do not fear, I will get it off!!" the child yelled, Dhvani started to cry from the stick jabbing. "Stop it! Baarish, leave Dhvani alone!" Galactic yelled and swatted at the muddy child. Baarish laughed fiendishly before running away. Cosmic stuck his head out the window. In his arms was Dhvani's twin, Prakaash kee gati. (Praka or Lightspeed for short.)

"Looks like you ran into the muddy warrior," Cosmic quipped to cross Galactic. Galactic merely nodded her head.




Snowdrop screamed and hid under Winter's long overskirt with toddling Poder; their frantic scrambling bumped Winter into the corner of the marble table. Winter groaned painfully and looked down to see what was happening at the bottom of his feet. Baarish ducked under Winter's overskirt and attacked squealing Snowdrop and Poder. "What is going on? Stop it this instant!" Winter ordered, but it was pointless to curb Baarish's wild ways. Spring walked in after hearing Poder screams. "Mama, mama!" Poder cried out and ran to the safety of Spring's arms. Winter was still trying to get Snowdrop and Baarish untangled.

Then Baarish was out the door. Winter glared at his dirty pants and overskirt while Snowdrop climbed on Winter like he was a tree. "Nasty kid..." Winter growled to smiling Spring.



Baarish raced to the square where the other Deities were walking. Looking up, Baarish wondered what time it was. The clock gonged twelve times adding more to Baarish's excitement.

Ten minutes flew by quickly. Aqua came walking with a few other Deities. Baarish ran as fast as she could to Aqua. "Dada, dada!!!" Baarish squealed before jumping into his arms. Aqua caught her and kissed her dirty forehead. "Blah, Baarish! Did you fall in the pig sty again or your mother doesn't know how to bathe you?" Aqua asked. "I heard that" Autumn said as she walked to Aqua and Baarish. Aqua kissed Autumn's cheek and asked her how today was. Judging how dirty Baarish was, the morning was rough. Baarish takes a lot after her mother. A wagon came rumbling up just in time for Spring. Spring headed over to her husband with Poder in her arms. Poder squeaked and reached out her chubby arms to Relámpago. "Papi, Papi!!!" Poder whined. Relámpago grinned widely and took his daughter, hugging her close along with Spring. "How are my two strong beauties?" Relámpago asked. Spring shrugged and said that today was alright except that she lost her bracelet. "Does that mean you want to go out alone? Just you and me?" Spring questioned Relámpago who winked at her. "Just mommy and daddy!" was all Relámpago said.

Using Cosmic's dating advice is how Relámpago got Spring to go on a date with him. Relámpago stole Spring's bracelet instead of her earrings like how Cosmic did. "Looks like we will need a babysitter!!" Relámpago said out loud. Loyal wheeled himself down the ramp. After a brief accident with Baarish and too many piggyback rides, Loyal threw out his bad back leaving him in a wheelchair for a few months. Spotting her Loyal, Baarish raced up to Loyal and plopped herself on his lap for a ride. Spring sighed, "I don't know... Loyal is beat up and-"

"I can watch over her," Loyal said quickly. Walking beside Loyal, Yad grinned at Baarish.

Moon came up with Sun beside her. "Where is Ogon'?"



Upon the hill, there was the sound of yelling and laughter. A dark-blue ball bounced high in the air, Ogon' ran after it. "I got it! It's mine- OOF!!!" Starlight and Phoenix cracked up laughing when Veter ran into Ogon'. Ignoring the ball, Ogon' and Veter play-fought in the grass like puppies.

"Take that! How dare you make me lose the game!"

"Eat apple fritters, Ogon'!"

The sweet, spicy taste of the apple fritter filled Ogon's mouth when Veter shoved the treat in his mouth. "Okay, off," Starlight said, pulling her brother off her son. "Aw, Starlight!" Ogon' complained. After a few more games, the Deities sat down in the grass with Phoenix. All four of them smiling at the beautiful day. It seems like everything was at peace again now that they had found the missing Deities and Guardians. There were a few bad days, but for now.

They felt at peace.

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