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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 432362 times)
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Chapter 225. The Gift. Part Four.

Spotted owls hooted deeply to each other; some stared at Himitsu with their large eyes. Two hours have gone by already, and Loyal was still inside. Did Himitsu notice?


Himitsu looked up at the full moon wondering if Death was alright with Rayon. A strong gust of wind broke into Himitsu's thoughts. Standing up, Himitsu could smell the salty ocean water from the beach.

The tide was rising because of the moon. Himitsu rubbed his wings thinking of Seikatsu.


With a jump, Himitsu turned around after hearing the temple doors slam. Right in front of the door stood Loyal with a determined look on his hands on his hips. His tiny fluffy wings were spread as if he was getting ready to fly away.

Loyal looked at his father who raised an eyebrow at him. Without a word, Loyal kissed the temple doors and said goodbye.

Himitsu: Ummm?
Loyal: Let's go home.
Himitsu: Are you done sulking?
Loyal: -Whistles-

The owls flew pass Loyal to land on top of the temple roof; Loyal toddled down the stairs and put his puppy shoes in his sack.

Loyal: Ready?
Himitsu: Why... why are you barefoot? Where are your socks?
Loyal: No time for questions, papa. We have to get home!
Himitsu: What's the rush?
Loyal: No questions, please.
Himitsu: I thought you gave up, why do you need to get home?

Stopping abruptly, Loyal stood still with his back turned to his father. The moonlight shone down on Loyal like a spotlight waiting for him to speak. Loyal slowly glanced over his shoulder to look at his father and answered slowly as if he was talking to a child.

Loyal: To change the world.
Himitsu: Didn't you back out on this?
Loyal: I changed my mind. I fell down.
Himitsu: What?
Loyal: And got back up...

Himitsu drew his head back, confusion crossed all over his face. What was Loyal talking about?

Loyal: Let's go!

Shrugging, Himitsu went after Loyal. Loyal scurried back and held onto Himitsu's hand.

Loyal: Hold my hand. I don't want you getting even more lost.
Himitsu: What's that suppose to mean!?

Loyal pulled out his tin horn, took a deep breath, and begin to play.

♫Too-too-too-blat! Toodle, toodle-honk!♫

Himitsu kept asking questions that Loyal never answered. After twenty minutes, Himitsu just shuts up.

Inside the temple, Seishin made Loyal's tiny socks dance around on the floor. Eien'nitomoni came up next to her mother.

"Will he be alright, Mother?"

"Oh, he will be. Don't worry."

Eien'nitomoni and her mother smiled as they heard the sound of a tin horn fading away.

Where Death was.

Death held his kitten and looked up at the cloudy sky hoping that His father and brother might be flying up there. Rayon sat outside with his sons.

Rayon: Gee, I wonder where they are...
Sun: Himitsu probably sacrificed Loyal to the devil.
Rayon: Good God, Sun! Where did you learn that!!?
Sun: I don't know... I saw it in a book.
Rayon: Don't read such books!
Sun: I found it.
Rayon: -Sighs-

Death kept looking at the trail where Loyal and his father walked. Fire came up next to Death holding a tin horn.

Fire: Play a song, Death.
Death: What for?
Fire: Just play for us.

Death blew into the horn while Fire leaned on the gate next to him.

♫Toodle, toodle~♫

Beep, beep~

Death stopped playing, Fire smiled at the trail.

Fire: Do it again.

♫Toodle, toodle~?♫


Death: Rayon?
Rayon: What's wrong?
Death: Listen...

Death held the horn to his mouth and blew into it.

♫Toodle, toodle-honk!♫


Now they could all hear it. Sun and Fire leaned on the gate grinning wildly at each other. Rayon looked off into the distance.



Up on the hill, a small figure stood there blowing a tin horn. Death blew his horn again at the figure who did the same.

Death: LOYAL!
Fire: He's home!
Sun: So, he's not dead.
Rayon: Sun!
Sun: Look, papa! Loyal is here!!

Loyal begin to run down the trail still playing his horn loudly. Death broke into a run with Sun and Fire after him.

Death: Loyal!
Loyal: Death! Sun! Fire!

Loyal ran faster using his small wings for speed. Rayon smiled as he watches his sons collided with Death and Loyal. All four of them hugged each other laughing with joy.

Himitsu came panting down the hill to Rayon.
Rayon: Welcome back, Himitsu.
Himitsu: Why-... why... is that kid running so fast?
Rayon: He's just excited, Himitsu. Be happy that your son is alive and well.

Himitsu nodded his head and flopped down onto the floor.

Himitsu: Loyal ran all the way here. If his legs hurt, he flew until his legs felt better.
Rayon: Cute kid.

Still smiling, Rayon stared at the four young Gods paraded in the grass singing and blowing tin horns. Death's kitten scurried after them.

"♫Too-too-too-blat! Toodle, toodle-honk! Bee-beep! La, la, la, la~!♫"
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Chapter 226. The Tree.

Somewhere far away from the village, a toddler stumbled around picking up soft pink blossoms that had fallen down from the trees. No one could see the small girl playing near an old cherry blossom tree.

Not even Loyal.

The wind blew strongly causing a pink flurry of blossoms to dance around in the wind and onto the little girl. Cherry Blossom squealed with laughter as the blossoms landed on her. The old cherry blossom stood still except for her branches. Cherry Blossom ran up to the tree and hugged it.

Cherry Blossom: Mama, isn't today a beautiful day?!

Cherry Blossom smiled up at the branches that saved in the wind. Cherry Blossom's mother could not speak out loud like her daughter, but Cherry Blossom could hear her.

"Yes, yes it is, my child."

Cherry Blossom leaned against her mother smiling up at her mother's branches.
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Chapter 227. The Sky Is Crying.

Cloud sat outside with her sister, Rain who was standing on the porch looking at the dark sky. Holding up her hand, Rain caught a few rain droplets that slid off the roof. Cloud came up behind her sister just in time to see her lick the rain droplets off her small hand.

Cloud: Come inside, Rain. Mother says we are not supposed to be outside in the rain at night.
Rain: The sky is crying, Cloud.
Cloud: Yeah? That's because you are making it rain.
Rain: I'm not. Look up.

Cloud stared up at the sky, It was dark, but it always looked like this at night. Cloud turned to her frowning sister.

Cloud: Well, Rain? What's wrong?
Rain: Look, Cloud. Did you put clouds in the sky tonight?
Cloud: No... I didn't.
Rain: You see?

Cloud and Rain kept staring at the sky until their mother saw them and took them inside. Sitting on Cloud's bed, the two Goddesses looked out the window.

Rain: Cloud?
Cloud: Just pray, Rain.

The two Goddesses were safe in their own home, and yet they could feel the pain of someone.

Down Below.

A young boy sat on the cold ground not wanting to look up at the mean hateful faces of the tribe leaders. Everyone in the tribe stood around whispering to each other and pointing at the boy.

Tears hit the hard ground.

"Why were you there with your parent's dead bodies?"

"I wanted to see them."

"Don't you have any respect for a resting body?"

"He doesn't. What can you expect from a demon?"

"I needed to see them for one last time."


"They are my parents..."

"Do you know how wrong it is to touch a deceased body?"

"No. The others get to do it, why can't I?"

One of the leaders slapped the boy hard across the face. There was a flurry of whispers. 

"For you, it's very wrong."

"Why? I want to know."

"A spirit is arising from the body, they must not be disturbed by some child of the devil! Is that why you were there? To steal your parents' spirits?"

"I- I wasn't-"

"Shut up."

"I'm sorry, but I wasn't stealing-"

"How dare you talk when we said no."

The boy did nothing but hug himself wishing his mother was here to hold him. Everyone in the tribe stared at the boy on the floor.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. I'm just..."

Crying now, the boy covered his face with his hands.

"I want to go home!"

"What home? You have no one."

"I want to go home!!"

"What were you whispering?"

"I was just talking to myself..."

"To yourself, or your father, the devil?"

"No! I wasn't talking to him!"

"Look at him. Look at the child of the devil on the floor."

Everyone in the tribe began to laugh at the crying boy on the floor. Mud was thrown at him along with rocks, and the fecal matter of the animals.

The boy curled up into a ball still crying.


The jeering went on.


The leaders did nothing but stare at the boy being hit. A few children ran up to kick the boy on the floor.

"I need you."

At last, the tribal leaders told the people to stop.

"First it was the lie that crazy man told you, and now this?"


"What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Nothing. Whatever I say, you won't believe."

"Right. Get him."

A few of the tribal leaders shot up, grabbed the boy, and dragged him out of the hut. The sky was raining now showering on the boy and the people.


No one listens to the boy who was screaming for the leaders to let him go. Soon, the boy and the leaders were inside of a hut. The boy saw a fire and sharp objects in front of him.

"What- what are you-"

Before the boy could finish his sentence, he was shoved hard onto the floor. Looking up, the boy saw a strange man with a large black mask covering his face.

"This is for the peoples own good, so they don't let their children near some demon."

"No! No, don't this!!"

The man in the large mask took one of the objects on the floor, the boy screamed again or his parents who were dead.

"No! Mama!! Papa!! Someone help me, please!!"

The leaders held the boy down for the man in the mask to mark him.

The sharp burning tool pierced into the boys naked back. Everyone stood outside listening to the boys screaming in agony. The sky continued to rain.


Two hours later...

Everyone was inside their huts sleeping or just spending time with their family sheltered from the rain.

The boy was lying on his stomach weeping from the pain of the tattoo but mostly because he was alone now.

The tears of the sky kept falling.
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Chapter 228. A few years later...

Birds stopped singing after seeing a large shadow cover the sun with its wings. A few insects hid in the dirt not wanting to be crushed by the massive paws that crept by.

A sad opossum was resting in the sunny part of the ground. A few mice ran off trying to warn the opossum that it was in danger.


The opossum never moved from its spot. The shadow ran at the opossum with her teeth bared.

The opossum's button eyes glittered in the sunlight.

The dragon snatched up the opossum with her sharp teeth and began to chew on it. A small wail sliced through the air seeing the opossum in danger, but the dragon never left her prey.

A small figure ran up to the dragon and seized the opossum by the tail. The battle for the toy had begun.

Cosmic: No! Mommy, Blessy has my 'ossum! Let go!!
Blessing: Grrrrr!!
Cosmic: Stop!! Mommyyyyyyy!!!
Planet: Damn it, you two! Stop fighting!
Blessing: Grrrr!
Cosmic: Daddyyyyy!!
Planet: Blessing! Let go of your brothers toy now!!

With a growl, Blessing released the toy, Cosmic fell on his bottom holding the ripped toy. Planet picked up his son and took him to Nova who was fixing a broken plate.

Nova: What's going on?
Planet: Cosmic and Blessing were at it again.
Nova: Is that so? Come here, baby. Mommy will fix your toy.

Taking Cosmic from Planet, Nova made her way to her sewing box with Blessing after her nipping at her sash.

Planet watched as Nova patched up their son's toy. Blessing was cooing and sniffing her brother making him squeal with laughter.

Planet: Blessing has been hunting a lot, hasn't she?
Nova: Isn't great? She has been so ill lately, I thought that she wouldn't pull through.
Planet: What I mean is this, she needs to get outside to hunt for live animals. I don't think Cosmic's toy can take any more of this nonsense.

Planet gingerly held up the stuff opossum by its torn foot. Cosmic and Blessing looked up at the toy smiling.

Nova: You're probably right. She's a carnivore, right?
Planet: Yeah, I don't think Blessing can live on turkey bits anymore.

Nova smiled at her husband and told him to do what he wants.

At the Kingdom.

Lakas: Okay. I found the old rules.
Loyal: Great! Thank you, Lakas.

Lakas smiled and handed the scrolls to Loyal. How time flys. Loyal was already six and making changes in the world at such a young age.

Himitsu stood in the back nipping at his black nails trying to ignore Blod who was making snide remarks at him.

Loyal: Look at these scrolls, Death.
Death: Open them up.

Loyal placed the scrolls on the stone table, untied the old strings, and opened the scrolls. Dust flew about making Death and Loyal cough.

Loyal cleared his throat, and begin to read.

A deity must only marry once in his or hers life; this applies to humans as well. Oh, please. Loyal scratched that rule out.

A Goddess must get married around the age of 16. Death though that Loyal was going to rip the page with that hard scratch his pen made.

Marriage is allowed for anyone. Humans and humans. Deities and deities. Loyal scratch that one as well.

Himitsu: What the hell? What's wrong with that rule?
Loyal: I don't like it.
Himitsu: But, it's just so wrong if a human marries a deity.
Loyal: Nothing wrong with that. You can't stop love.
Rayon: Aww.

Himitsu rolled his eyes while Blod smiled at Loyal and told him to continue.

Any deity or human who is caught in the acts of polygamy will be sentenced to death. After Lakas had explained what polygamy meant, Death wondered what Loyal planned to do.

Loyal took out the death penalty. Polygamy was still forbidden.

Sacrifices to the deities are only done at 11:55 PM on Sundays.

Loyal: Why?
Blod: Well, usually this was done in exchanged for a blessed week.
Loyal: I don't like it.

Loyal scratched it out.

Discrimination of peoples religion, sexual orientation, race, and skin color is an offense to the deities. The sentence ~~~~

Loyal could not read the blurry words.

Loyal: Good God, who does that?
Himitsu: What?
Loyal: Discriminates. That's gross.
Himitsu: Plenty do that, Loyal.
Loyal: Well, what was the punishment?
Rayon: For that, their tongues were cut out because they have shamed themselves.
Death: Ewww.
Loyal: Yuk. Who was brave enough to cut out a tongue?

Rayon, Himitsu, and Lakas stared nervously at Blod. Blod held up a long curved knife and a pair of pliers.

Blod: It's a lot harder than it looks.
Loyal: I will get back to this rule.

After a few hours, Loyal rolled the scrolls back up. Death was sitting on Himitsu's lap.

Rayon: That's a lot of changes, Loyal.
Loyal: Isn't it great!? Sure it will take a while to adjust, but it will get better. Righ, Death!?
Death: Whoop!

Death spilled his chocolate milk all over himself and on Himitsu's lap.

Himitsu: ****. Lakas, can you-
Lakas: Go get it yourself.
Loyal: Lakas, can you please get papa a towel?
Lakas: Of course, Loyal.
Rayon: Why wouldn't you do it before, Lakas?
Lakas: I only take orders from my wife and Loyal.

Blod begin to laugh as Lakas left the temple.

Blod: How embarrassing for you, Himitsu.
Himitsu: Why don't you shut up?
Rayon: Silence.

After getting cleaned up, Death and Loyal headed outside.

Fire was sitting alone on the steps.

Death: Mornin', Fire!
Fire: Oh, good. You two are out. Wanna play hide and seek with me?
Loyal: Sure!

Loyal knew he still had a little more work to do, but small break won't hurt.
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Chapter 229. A Vist

A month had already passed, and Blessing was getting bigger and bigger that she no longer fitted in Cosmic's tiny bed. Planet tried making her a box her size, but it broke the second she squeezed in, Cosmic was so upset that his sister couldn't sleep with him in the same bed anymore, so he got his blanket and stuffed opossum and slept on the floor with her. Liberty and Story came by twice a week to check on Nova and Planet.

One un-excepted day while Planet was working on his patchwork, there was a knock on the door, and it wasn't Liberty or Story.

Orbit: Planet! I haven't seen you for months!
Planet: Orbit? What a surprise, I'll be there in a minute.

Cursing repeatedly, Planet ran to Nova who was with Cosmic and Blessing.

Nova: What!? What's wrong!!?
Planet: Orbit is at the door with her husband!!
Nova: Why are they here?!
Planet: I don't know! Hide Blessing and I'll slow them down!

Planet ran out of the room to deal with Constellation and Orbit, Nova hurried around the room with Cosmic on her back.

Where Planet was.

Planet: Hello, Orbit Constellation! What brings you guys here?
Constellation: We... just dropped by to say hi.
Planet: Hi!

Constellation smiled nervously at Planet who was grinning like a mad man. Orbit smiled at the sight.

Orbit: Where's Nova?
Planet: She's inside. Care to come in?
Constellation: Uhhh...
Orbit: Of course!

Talking to Planet, Orbit walked in holding a chocolate bread for them.

Constellation sighed and walked in not paying attention to the squeaking behind him. Planet, Orbit, and Constellation were all in the living room talking.


All of them looked up at the ceiling. Planet begin to sweat.

Constellation: What the devil was that?
Planet: That? The tree branches have been rubbing against the roof and making these loud sounds.

Orbit heard Cosmic crying.

Orbit: Is everything okay, Planet?

Before Planet could answer, Nova walked in carrying sniffling Cosmic. Orbit and Constellation forgot about the noise when they saw Nova.

Nova: Hey, guys!
Constellation: Hi, Nova.
Orbit: -Gasp- There he is! Hello, Cosmic!!
Cosmic:  Cry
Orbit: No tears, Cosmic! Let's see that sweet smile of yours!

Taking Cosmic from Nova, Orbit cooed and cuddled Cosmic until he was smiling at her.

Lucky Orbit. Always knows how to get a baby to stop crying. Planet gave Constellation a toothy grin.

Planet: So, how are you?
Constellation: Pretty good, It's hard taking care of a baby.
Nova: Yeah, it is.

Looking over Constellation's shoulder, Planet saw it. Blessing ran by in the kitchen.

Planet: ...
Constellation: Look who we bought.
Nova: Oh! Look, Cosmic. Constellation and Orbit brought you a play mate.

Orbit placed Cosmic on the floor and gave him a small push to Constellation.

Hiding behind Constellation's robe, a small Goddess peeked at Cosmic. Curious, Cosmic walked over to the shy Goddess.

Nova: Cosmic? Say hello to Galactic.
Cosmic: Hullo.
Galactic: ....
Cosmic: Hullo.
Galactic: Mommy?
Orbit: Say hi to Cosmic, baby.

Galactic said nothing.

Constellation: Cute.
Orbit: Oh, Constellation, they are going to be the best of frie-

Galactic blew a raspberry at Cosmic. Cosmic's eyes widened at the rude Goddess.

Orbit: Galactic! That's rude!
Galactic: -Blows a raspberry-

Out of the corner of his eye, Planet saw Blessing coming to get Galactic for hurting Cosmic's feelings. Planet slammed the door shut, Blessing yelped.

Constellation: Are you alright?
Planet: Yeah, I tripped on a toy.

There was no toy to be seen.

Cosmic glared at Galactic who frowned at him.

Cosmic: You're rude.
Galactic: I don't like you.
Cosmic: Your mommy needs to spank you.

Planet and Constellation burst out laughing at Cosmic's remark, Nov hid her smile behind her hand after looking at Orbit.

Orbit was angry at her daughter's bad manners.

Orbit: Galactic, that is very mean. Say sorry.

Galactic closed her eyes and shook her head no. Cosmic stuck out his tongue.

Orbit: Galactic! Say-


Nova and Planet broke out in cold sweat. Blessing was getting mad.


Constellation: The trees?
Planet: Yeah, it's the trees.
Nova: Who wants to eat?

While Nova and Planet went to check on the "Tree", Constellation and Orbit sat on the couch watching Cosmic and Galactic ignore each other.

Orbit: I was hoping that Glalactic would like Cosmic.
Constellation: You can't win them all.

Where Nova and Planet were.

Blessing: -Growls-
Nova: Shh! Don't make anymore noise, Blessing.
Blessing: -yelps-
Planet: Be still!

Blessing tried to escape from Planet's grasp to get to Cosmic and to "settle some business" with Galactic. Nova and Planet fell on top of Blessing trying to stop her.

Where Cosmic was.

Galactic peeked over Cosmic's shoulder to see what he was drawing.

Galactic: What's that?
Cosmic: Blessy. She's eating you.
Galactic: Huh?
Cosmic: -Glares-

Constellation and Orbit glanced at each other. On Cosmic's paper, was a crude drawing of a winged animal eating sad faced Galactic.

Constellation: Orbit?
Orbit: It's probuly his "friend".

After a few nerve wracking minutes, Nova and Planet came downstairs.

Nova: So, are we ready to eat?

While the adults talked, Galactic and Cosmic continued to ignore each other.

Galactic: Who's Blessy?
Cosmic: My big sister.
Galactic: Can I see her?
Cosmic: Sure.


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The part where Cosmic met Galactic was funny.  Laugh

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lol, yeah. Laugh

I have come up with an idea! Well, frankly, me and my sister did. For the past few weeks, I have been thinking of a title for the first part of this story and made a cover for it. I put it on Wattpad for safe keeping.  Smiley

I AM....

-Cover art-

The Rebellion.

[First Book of Loyal.]

My sister came up with 'The Rebellion' title. Plus, I'm going to name this second part, 'The Past'. What do you think?  Grin
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Chapter 230. The Chase!

With all the adults in the room, no one saw Cosmic and Galactic walking away up the stairs.


At Cosmic's room.

Galactic: Well?
Cosmic: She's in my room. I'm here.


Galactic jumped when the door moved. Low growling could be heard. Curiously, Galactic peeked through the crack of the door.

A purple colour eye was staring at her.

Galactic: That's a doggy.
Cosmic: No, it's my sister, Blessing.
Galactic: Liar.
Cosmic: No, that's Blessing! She's a dragon!
Galactic: Dragon?
Cosmic: Yes, and if she was loose, she would eat you.
Galactic: My daddy says that dragons are not real.
Cosmic: Your daddy is wrong.
Galactic: He is not! I don't like you.
Cosmic: I hate you.
Galactic: You said a bad word!
Cosmic: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!
Galactic: I'm telling your mommy!
Cosmic: Go ahead, ugly.
Galactic: You're ugly.


Cosmic kicked a dock at Galactic calling her a dummy. Galactic kicked Cosmic hard in the knee.

Cosmic cried out in pain and fell to the floor while Galactic laughed at him.

Thump! Thump!!

Galactic: Your doggy wants to go out.

Galactic jumped up and turned the knob.

Cosmic: No, don't!!

Where the adults were.

Orbit: I never thought I would have a child.
Planet: You tried for so long and now look!
Constellation: I can't believe she only had Galactic last year.
Nova:  :3
Planet: I bet you two are spoiling her.
Orbit: Oh, we are. And we're keeping a close eye on h-


Everyone stopped talking after hearing Galactic screaming. Orbit looked at the spot where she last left her daughter.

All was left was Galactic's hair bow.

Small shrieking could be heard upstairs followed by running feet.

Constellation: Galactic!!?
Planet: Cosmic!!?

Shrieking shrilly, Galactic came running down the stairs. Terrified, Orbit jumped up from her chair to get her daughter.

Before Nova and Planet could run up the stairs, Blessing came thundering down the stairs with Cosmic hanging onto her tail.

Galactic screamed and ran away. Nova and Planet ran after Blessing who was after Galactic.

The whole house was in a uproar. Screaming, cursing, the sound of furniture breaking, and crying.

Nova: Blessing!! Stop!!
Orbit: Galactic!
Constellation: What is that thing!?
Planet: Blessing!
Galactic: Mommy!!
Blessing: -Growls-
Cosmic: Stop running!!

Galactic kept screaming and running around the house with a dragon and a few deities after her. Blessing was getting more and more angry at this rude little Goddess. First she hurt Cosmic and now she was running away?


Not watching where she was going, Galactic ran right into the wall.


Galactic's parents and Cosmic's stopped running and stared at Blessing and Galactic.

Blessing growled savagely at Galactic who was crying and screaming at her to go away. A small shoe bounced off Blessing's muzzle making her more angry. Quickly, Constellation ran and grabbed Galactic holding a broken leg chair at Blessing who tried to bite it. Constellation hit Blessing hard on the muzzle.

Blessing jumped at Constellation for hitting her.

Cosmic: Stop!!

Cosmic grabbed hold of his sisters tail, and pulled her away from Constellation.

Cosmic: Blessy, stop! These are guests. Be nice!

Still, growling, Blessing sat next to to Cosmic who patted her head. Orbit ran to her husband and took crying Galactic in her arms.

Nova and Planet begin to panic. Blessing was loose and they saw her, would they tell Loyal?

Orbit: What is the thing!?
Planet: A doggy?

Nova covered her face with her hands after her husbands remark.

Nova: It's a dragon.
Constellation: What's a dragon!?
Planet: It's a-
Orbit: Why do you have it in your house!?
Nova: Long story.
Constellation: A story that Loyal will hear.
Nova: No, wait!!
Orbit: For what!?
Planet: We- we can't give her up...
Constellation: Why not!?

Planet and Nova looked at each other sadly. Galactic was still sobbing in her mother's hair.

Blessing and Cosmic smiled sweetly at each other. Orbit and Constellation saw it.

Constellation: Oh...
Orbit: That's why?
Nova: That and more.
Planet: Can we discuss this?
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Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    Yves
Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    I love that word
Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    I don't know how to pronounce it
Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    But I love it
Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    Yves
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Thanks~!  Grin
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Chapter 231. Friends?

Orbit sat crossed legged on the couch with Galactic hanging onto her frowning at Cosmic who was riding on Blessing's back. Planet and Nova were clearing things up with Constellation and Orbit about how they found a dragon egg and took care of it. Constellation rubbed his temples trying to understand how could his friends break the rules like that.

Most of all, how did Blessing get here?

Blessing: Ack!
Cosmic: -Snickers- Wasn't that funny, mommy?
Nova: It was very funny, Cosmic. Mommy is talking to her friends.

Nova wasn't sure if she was friends with Orbit and Constellation anymore. Cosmic and Blessing trotted around the room.

Cosmic: Wanna get on?
Galactic: No.
Cosmic: Okay.
Orbit: What is she again?
Planet: A dragon.
Orbit: Yeeeaahh... Constellation?
Constellation: Ssh, I'm thinking.

With a chirp, Blessing trotted over to Constellation and purred sadly. Terrified, Constellation looked at Nova for help. Cosmic patted Blessing on the horns smiling at Constellation.

Cosmic: Blessy says she is sorry for trying to bite you.
Constellation: Uhhh...Tell her it's alright...
Cosmic: Constellation says it's alright, Blessy.
Blessing: -Whines-
Cosmic: She wants to know if you want to be friends with her.
Constellation: I- I... I guess so.
Cosmic: You hear that, Blessy? Constellation wants to be friends with you!

Blessing thrilled excitedly and bounced around; Galactic glared at them.

Constellation: How does he know what she is saying?!
Planet: I didn't know he understands her...

With a snort, Blessing turned to Galactic and Orbit.

Cosmic: Blessy says she is very sorry for trying to eat Galactic.
Orbit: It's alright... I think.
Galactic: ...
Blessing: Purr?
Cosmic: How about you, Gala? Is it-
Galactic: NO!!

Blessing pulled back and whined at Cosmic who glared at Galactic. Planet and Nova looked at each other with fear in their eyes. Would Galactic say something about Blessing? Galactic turned away from Cosmic.

Orbit: Don't worry, Cosmic. Galactic will come around soon.
Cosmic: Yessum.
Orbit: Tell your sister it will be alright soon.

Blessing snuggled close to Orbit ignoring Galactic's angry whines. Orbit's hands came up slightly and sucked in her breath.

A dragon was next to her. For years, they told her that dragons are fake, now one was resting her head on her knee.

Ever so gently, Orbit petted Blessing on her bruised muzzle.

Nova: How nice.
Orbit: Look, Constellation. I'm petting a real life dragon.
Constellation: I need a drink.

An hour later.

Constellation: So, you're hiding her?
Nova: Yes, we have to.
Orbit: Why don't you give her up?
Planet: We can't. She is family now, and she takes good care of Cosmic.
Constellation: Ah. A God who has a dragon for a sister.
Planet: Strange, huh?
Constellation: Why can't you two make Cosmic a sibling like the other deities?
Planet: Ha-ha.
Orbit: What can a dragon do?
Planet: A dragon takes great care of anyone it befriends.
Orbit: Oh?
Constellation: Interesting.
Cosmic: What does that mean, daddy?
Planet: I'll tell you later, Cosmic.
Nova: On the bright side, since Blessing befriended you three, that means you are all safe if there is any danger!
Blessing: Squawk!!

Constellation and Orbit stared at each other, and then at Galactic.

A dragon protecting their baby? First, she tried to eat her, and now she likes her?

Orbit and Constellation were nervous. Blessing chirped happily at them and Galactic.

Nova: I'm sorry that Blessing did this, but she was only trying to protect her brother.
Orbit: Terrifying and sweet at the same time, Nova.
Constellation: Can we think about it?

Blessing could feel her heart crack. They didn't trust her.

Cosmic: Don't be upset, Blessy.
Blessing: -Whimpers-

At last, it was time to go home. Planet gave the book of mythical creatures to Constellation to read up on dragons. Blessing dropped Galactic's hair clip on Orbit's feet, Orbit said her thanks and picked it up. After a quick goodbye, Constellation and Orbit left with Galactic.


Orbit walked quietly to their home while Constellation lagged behind reading the book.

Orbit: -Sigh- I can't trust Blessing with Galactic.
Constellation: Now, Orbit. If Blessing says she's sorry, she's sorry.
Orbit: I don't want Galactic near that dragon.
Constellation: Oh. Well, I guess we won't be getting much sleep then tonight.
Orbit: Eh?
Constellation: I won't mind Galactic with Blessing.

Turning around, Orbit stared at her husband.

After they put Galactic to sleep, Constellation and Orbit bickered back and forth.

Constellation was right about how they won't get enough sleep.
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Chapter 232. I Knew It. Part One.

A few weeks later, Orbit finally agreed with her surprised husband about letting Galactic near Blessing. Nova and Planet didn't care what their friends did, all they wanted was Blessing to stay a secret.

Blessing did everything she can to show Galactic's parents that she is not a dangerous dragon.

Whenever Galactic was playing outside, Blessing walked around after her picking up whatever Galactic dropped. One day, Galactic stepped on an underground wasps nest, Blessing covered Galactic's small body with hers. Blessing had wasps stings all over her body and Galactic came out fine.

Whenever Galactic and Cosmic begin to fight, Blessing would lock them in a different playpen. Orbit and Constellation trusted Blessing now, and Galactic slowly grew to like Blessing. Blessing would tolerate Galactic's baby fingers poking at her or smearing paint on her wings. Galactic would hug Blessing when she saw her.

Cosmic? No.

The two deities were rivals, and all they did was fight with each other. If Galactic had some candy, Cosmic would eat it. If Cosmic was eating his a ham sandwich, Galactic would sprinkle sugar on it.

Cosmic's parents and Galactic parents hoped that they would get along soon, but so far all they did was fight and play horrible tricks on each other.

A year later.

Noch': I'll be happy to watch Galactic while you are gone, Orbit.
Orbit: Thanks, Noch'. Galactic can be a handful, but give her this toy, and she'll hush up.
Noch': No problem! Moon? Take Galactic outside to play.

Smiling, Moon took Galactic's hand, and lead her to her playhouse.

Moon: Hello, Galactic.
Galactic: Hullo, Moony.
Moon: You're real cute. How old are you?
Galactic: Two.
Moon: I'm six years old. Wanna play with my ball?

While Moon and Galactic played with Moon's dark blue ball, Orbit left with Planet.

After twenty minutes, Galactic begin to wonder where her mother went.

Galactic: Where's mommy?
Moon: She left with your daddy.
Galactic: Why?
Moon: I don't know, Galactic.
Galactic: Can I go with them?
Moon: Gee, Galactic, they left already. You can't go with them.
Galactic: I want my mommy.
Moon: Galactic-
Galactic: I want her.

Moon gritted her teeth when she saw Galactic's eyes fill with tears. Moon had to think fast or Galactic would start crying.

Moon: Listen, Galactic. Mommy and daddy will come to get you soon.
Galactic: I want them now!
Moon: They left, here's your toy.

Galactic took her toy and tossed it on the floor. Moon gulped hearing Galactic whimpering.

Moon: Galactic?
Galactic: -Whimpers-
Moon: Don't cry-

The minute Moon said that Galactic begin to cry for her parents. Moon tried everything to make Galactic stop crying, but Galactic never stopped.

Where Blessing and Cosmic were.

Cosmic sat on Blessing's back looking up at the moon. Blessing sighed contently.

Cosmic: Look how pretty the moon is, Blessy.
Blessing: -Purrs-
Cosmic: Do you think-

Blessing picked her head up nearly knocking Cosmic off her back. Cosmic asked her what's wrong, but Blessing jumped up and broke into a run.

Galactic was crying.

Cosmic: Blessy! What's wrong!?
Blessing: -Huff-

Still yelling, Cosmic hung onto his sister's neck.

Where Moon was.

Moon: Please, Galactic! Don't cry!
Galactic: I want my daddy!!
Moon: They'll be back soon!
Galactic: No! Blessy!!
Moon: Huh?
Galactic: Blessy!! Galactic crying! Blessy!!

Moon had no idea who "Blessy" was so she played along with crying Galactic.

Moon: Blessy!?
Galactic: Blessy!!!

Moon and Galactic continued to scream for "Blessy". Moon's mother thought they were playing around.

Thump thump!!

Moon stopped screaming. What was that noise? Galactic kept yelling for "Blessy" while Moon stood still listening for the noises.

Thump thump!!


Moon felt a hot breath on her legs. Whoever this "Blessy" was... she was right behind her.

Galactic yelped and ran to whatever was behind her. Moon gulped n terror.

Cosmic: Oh, it's you again, Gala.

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Chapter 233. I Knew It. Part Two.

Cosmic: Hi, Moon!
Moon: Hello, Cosmic...
Cosmic: Aren't you going to give a hug?

Moon swallowed hard not wanting to see what was behind her. Galactic was still crying but not as hard as she was when she found out her parents were gone.

Moon: Cosmic...?
Cosmic: Eh?
Galactic: -Whine-

Clamping her eyes shut, Moon turned around to face Cosmic. The creature huffed curiously at her.

When Moon opened her eyes, Blessing cocked her head at her wondering why this Moon Goddess was so surprised instead of running away.

Just like in Moon's story book, a winged beast was in front of her.

Moon: I knew it...
Cosmic: Knew what?
Moon: I knew they were real!!
Cosmic: What, dragons?
Moon: Yes! My friends called me stupid for believing in such things, but I was right! dragons are real!!

Galactic and Cosmic hung onto Blessing staring at Moon who was speaking incoherently and jumping up and down like it was her birthday. Blessing already liked Moon.

Moon: I was right! Oh, Cosmic, where did you find her!!?
Cosmic: I didn't, mommy and daddy did.
Moon: Ohmygosh! I can't believe it! You have an Imperial Arcanist Arcane Dragon!!
Galactic: A what?
Moon: An Imperial Arcanist Arcane Dragon, Galactic! I have seen these things from the other moons I have!!
Cosmic: What? You know about dragons?
Moon: Yes!! When my moons are going past the other worlds, I saw her kind and more flying past me!
Galactic: Wow...
Blessing: -Purrs-
Moon: Can I pet her?
Cosmic: Sure!

With a squeal, Moon ran up to Blessing and rubbed her head; Blessing lapped at Moon's hand making her giggle.

Moon: This is so cool...
Cosmic: You like her?
Moon: Yup!
Cosmic: Good, because Blessy likes you, too.
Moon: Eeee! I have to tell Death about this!
Cosmic and Galactic: NO!!!

Terrified, Moon pulled her hand away from Blessing who whimpered sadly. Blinking, Moon stared at them. Why can't she tell her best friend about how she saw a dragon?

Moon: Why not...? I- I kinda want Death to know... and Fire. They will be so excited to see her.
Cosmic: You can't let Death or Fire know.
Moon: But, why?
Cosmic: Umm... Moony?
Moon: Yes??
Cosmic: Can you come with me?

Moon nodded her head eagerly at Cosmic.

Moon: Where are we going?
Galactic: Can I come?
Cosmic: No.
Blessing: -Growls-
Cosmic: Oh, all right! Moon, we have to see my mommy and daddy; climb on.
Moon: Really!?
Cosmic: Sure, it's a long way back home!

Moon scrambled onto Blessing's back, help Galactic on, and they set off. Moon laughed with joy as Blessing ran swiftly on the white sand. Moon's white hair came out of its braid and flew back as the wind whipped around her.

Moon: Can she fly yet!?
Cosmic: Yeah! Fly, Blessing!!

With a hearty huff, Blessing spread her large wings and lifted off the sand. Moon gasped as she saw her house dwindled into a dot. Cosmic and Galactic were laughing at the sight of Moon's face, Blessing turned her head around to look at Moon who gaped at her.

She winked.

Cosmic: Hang on!!

Blessing ducked into a few gray clouds and did barrel rolls making the young deities scream with delight. Moon screamed the loudest.

Was this a dream? If it was, Moon never wanted to wake up.

Moon: Look!

Blessing paused front of the large crescent moon that looked like it was smiling at them. Moon squinted.

Cosmic: What's wrong moon?
Moon: Do you see them?
Galactic: See what?
Moon: Her kind?
Cosmic: No.
Moon: I see them...

Galactic and Cosmic stared at Moon who was lost in thought. Blessing kept beating her wings.

At Cosmic's house.

After a long talk with Nova and Planet, Moon finally understood why they had to keep Blessin hidden.

Nova: Do you understand, Moon?
Moon: Gotcha! I won't tell anyone!
Planet: Good girl! Blessing take her home, please.

Blessing ran up to where Moon and Galactic were sitting, they climbed on her back and went to the front door where Moon told Blessing to stop.

Moon: Do you guys know what type of dragon Blessing is?
Planet: No, what?
Moon: She's an Imperial Arcanist Arcane Dragon.
Nova: Imperial? That means she is royalty.
Moon: Uh-huh. Arcane means secret. It matches her so much at the moment. Night-night!!

Planet, Cosmic, and Nova stared at each in shock. The front door slammed.
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Chapter 234. Problematic God.

Let's see what Fire is up too.

Whistling cheerfully, Fire skipped into Himitsu's living room where he found Loyal writing down something and Blod watched him.

Fire: Hello, Loyal!
Loyal: Hi, Fire.
Fire: Whatcha doing?
Loyal: Rewriting these new laws.
Fire: Mind if I watch?
Loyal: Go ahead but don't blame me if you get bored.

Fire grinned at Loyal and sat down next to him sorting out his papers and whistling. Blod smiled at the sight of Fire helping his friend.

Fire: Where's Himitsu?
Loyal: He's at Mercy's house.
Fire: Death?
Loyal: He went to Música's house for his music lesson.
Fire: Hi, Blod~
Blod: Hello, Fire. How's yours?
Fire: Mama pricked her finger on a sewing needle, but she's fine now. Papa and Sun are with Ocean.
Blod: You?
Fire: Oh, mama said I could come here to help Loyal and you. Do you need anything?
Blod: No thank you, Fire.
Fire: How about you, Loyal?
Loyal: No thanks, I have to go to Terra's house for a while.
Fire: Want me to come along?
Loyal: That's very nice of you, but you can stay with Blod. Bye~
Fire: Bye!

Fire ran to the front door and held it open for Loyal. Loyal said thank you and went off. Sighing, Fire looked out the window watching Loyal leave. Blod wondered why Fire wasn't whistling.

Fire: Gee, Blod. I wish I could be like Loyal.
Blod: Huh?
Fire: He's perfect.
Blod: Fire-
Fire: And I'm not.
Blod: Fire, don't ever say that.
Fire: Why? It's true. I'm a problem.
Blod: Who told you are a problem?
Fire: No one, I overheard it.
Blod: ...

Two days ago.

One hot morning, Fire and Sand were digging for treasure in Fire's sandbox. As always, Sand complained to Fire that she was thirsty. Leaving Sand alone, Fire ran inside to get some water only to find out that all the clean cups were not washed yet.

Fire wandered into the hallway looking for his mother. Inside the living room, Fire heard his parents talking to Lightning and Sand's mother. 

Surface: About Fire...
Faisceau: What bad news do you have this time?
Rayon: Faisceau.

Bad news?

Fire hid behind the open door listening to his parents talk with Lightning and Surface.

Lightning: We have been noticing problems with your son.
Rayon: What problems?
Surface: Fire is a little-...
Lightning: Fire is not all there, Rayon.
Rayon: What do you mean?
Surface: He rarely pays attention in school.
Rayon: All kids do that.
Surface: Well, Fire is falling behind his classmates, Rayon.
Rayon: This can't be.
Lightning: Here is Fire's records.
Faisceau: Let me see.

Fire pressed against the wall listening to his mother grab his papers from Lightning. All was quiet as Faisceau and Rayon read his records.

Lightning: Do you see what we mean?
Faisceau: These can't be right.
Surface: Rayon-
Faisceau: 'Slow' These papers say my child is 'Slow', Fire is not slow!
Lightning: Faisceau-
Rayon: Honey, please. Lightning and Surface are only doing their job.
Faisceau: *Huffs*

Fire knew his mother was standing there with her arms crossed scowling at the floor.

Lightning: Fire gets along with the other children, but he has a short attention span. 
Faisceau: I know that already, Surface. He tells me everything when he comes home from school.
Lightning: Did he tell you that he ran away from his class.
Rayon: What? He never told us. When did this happen?
Lightning: The day he found out about his power.
Faisceau: I thought he was running home from school.
Surface: No, Vino said he ran away at 1:19. Vino didn't have time to look for him, he had to stay with his students.
Faisceau: Did anyone of you guys look for him?


Faisceau: Seriously? I thought they were doing their job, Rayon.
Rayon: Faisceau, what did Fire tell you?
Faisceau: He told me that he was with Loyal, he didn't say anything about running off.
Rayon: He was with Loyal?
Faisceau: Why didn't you tell us earlier?
Lightning: We thought he told you, Faisceau.
Faisceau: I didn't know this happened.
Rayon: I'll talk to him, Lightning.
Surface: Does Fire act up here with you, or his brother?
Rayon: No... well, sometimes he bothers his brother, but all siblings do that.
Surface: Anything else?
Faisceau: He can't make up his mind, or he'll lose interest in whatever he is doing.
Lightning: Rayon?
Rayon: Fire sometimes can't sleep, when he does, he sometimes gets nightmares.
Lightning: Go on.
Faisceau: I think that's it.
Rayon: Yes.
Surface: Do you two abuse him in any way?
Faisceau and Rayon: No!
Lightning: Faisceau, do you baby Fire?
Faisceau: Yes, what's wrong with that?
Surface: Maybe he can't make up his mind because he needs you to think it out for him.
Faisceau: That's crazy!
Lightning: Faisceau.

Fire heard his mother stand up from her chair.

Rayon: Stop, Faisceau.
Faisceau: Rayon-
Rayon: We'll discuss this later.
Surface: Does Sun get the same treatment as Fire?
Faisceau: Of course, I don't play favourites like Himitsu!

Fire heard Surface snickering and Lightningclearing his throat.

Lightning: After hearing all of this... The answer is pretty clear about your son.
Rayon: What?
Lightning: Fire is a Problematic God.

The whole room went silent that Fire held his breath in fear that they would hear him. Rayon stuttered and swallowed hard.

Rayon: He...
Lightning: I'm sorry, Rayon. Sometimes a child can be like this.
Faisceau: He can't be those types of deities. They usually fail in life.
Surface: Faisceau... he might.

Fire's throat tighten when he heard his mother start crying.

Faisceau: He can't be! Fire is a good baby!
Lightning: Faisceau-
Faisceau: I know he is!
Rayon: Faisceau, it's alright.
Faisceau: No, it's not! Fire is just struggling right now!
Rayon: Please, Faisceau-
Faisceau: He was born into this world for a reason, Rayon! Do you remember his birth?
Rayon: I remember, Faisceau.
Faisceau: Fire will learn soon, he will! I know it...

Fire didn't want to hear his mother crying anymore... Fire headed outside where Sand waited patiently outside for Fire and said nothing when he brought her a smudgy glass of water.

After Sand and her mother left with Lightning, Fire walked inside to see his mother. Faisceau sat at the table writing a letter.

Slowly, Fire placed his hand on his mother's arm. The letter had nothing but scribbles on it.


Faisceau said nothing but pick up Fire and rocked him in her lap. Fire watched as his mother's tears land gently on his scarf.
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Chapter 235. Who Needs Intelligence When You Have A Big Heart?

Somehow, Fire winded up on Blod's lap playing with his fingers. Blod rocked him sadly back and forth after listening to his story. Whatever he said couldn't heal the hurt in Fire's heart. Fire was a good boy, always helping his family around the house. If he got in trouble, he found a way to fix it. When he hurt Sand, he stayed with trying to cheer her up. When Sun cut his forehead, Fire stayed with him holding his hand as he got stitches.

Who needs intelligence when you have a big heart?

Blod: I'm sorry they said this about you, Fire?
Fire: Yeah, but I know they are right. Everything they said about me is true.
Blod: Oh, Fire.
Fire: I wish I could be perfect like Loyal.
Blod: Don't ever wish to be someone else, Fire. You are unique in your own way.
Fire: You mean stupid?
Blod: No! Who told you that?
Fire: My classmates when I got a 64 in math class.
Blod: What happened next?
Fire: I got in trouble for hitting one of my classmates.
Blod: Don't listen to them, Fire.
Fire: They already said that I'm a problem; do you think I'm a problem, Blod?
Blod: No. No one is born a problem.
Fire: The deities-
Blod: Does your father say you are a problem?
Fire: ... No.
Blod: How about your dear mother?
Fire: No. Mama says that they are wrong.
Blod: Okay, does Loyal think your stupid??
Fire: He calls me the smartest God in the world, Blod.
Blod: That's all you need, Fire. Others call you a problem, Loyal calls you the smartest deity in the world. Who are you going to believe? Your teachers, or your friend?
Fire: Loyal.
Blod: That's right. Loyal knows more than they do, what he says is true.
Fire: But, I don't feel smart...
Blod: You are still so young, Fire. You are still learning about yourself.
Fire: When will I find out who I am?
Blod: Some deities are still learning, Fire.
Fire: They are?
Blod: Of course, you think they have it under control? They don't.
Fire: They need help, yes?
Blod: Of course. I still am trying to find myself.
Fire: You? But you are a funny wise old man.

Blod laughed quietly at Fire's comment. Fire was still shocked. How many deities were lost trying to find their identities?

Fire had to find out fast.

Blod: Will you help me, Fire?
Fire: Yes!
Blod: Good boy.
Fire: -Grins-

The front door slammed shut as Death walked in carrying his kitten. Death smiled at Fire and Blod.
Death: Hi! Where's Loyal?
Fire: He left.
Death: Oh, wanna play with me, Fire?
Fire: Sure! Bye, Blod!
Blod: Goodbye, Fire.

Fire scrambled off of Blod's lap and ran to Death. The small stinky kitten climbed onto Blod's lap.

Blod: Oh, Fire?
Fire: Yeah?
Blod: Don't worry too much, okay? You'll find out who you are soon, but for now, go play.
Fire: Gotcha! Bye!

Blod waved at Fire and Death who were running off already. Death's kitten purred in Blod's lap.

Blod: Nice boy, eh, Cricket?
Cricket: ?
Blod: Such a good boy...Who needs intelligence when you have a big heart?

Cricket blinked slowly as Blod looked out the window watching the leaves fall down. Autumn was near.
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