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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 433394 times)
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« Reply #585 on: August 22, 2017, 03:46:12 AM »

Chapter 236. The Arena.

A few months later.

Himitsu: No, Loyal! Don't let your wings make that noise!
Loyal: I'm trying!
Himitsu: Try harder!!

Playing with a Chinese finger trap, Fire sat on the bench watching Loyal flap his wings repeatedly.

Flap, flap, flap, flap!

Himitsu: NO!!
Loyal: I'm sorry! I just can't-
Himitsu: AGAIN!!

Loyal crouched down on his hands and knees trying so hard to fly quietly. Fire stared helplessly at Loyal who was breathing so hard and trying not to cry.

Flap, flap-


Loyal: Ow!
Himitsu: Why do you even have wings when you can't even fly quietly?!
Loyal: I don't know...
Himitsu: If you make that much noise, you're going to get hurt by the enemy.
Loyal: I'll try harder, Papa.
Himitsu: Again-

A loud crash stopped Himitsu. Death and Rain screamed in the distance.

Himitsu: ****! Keep trying, Loyal. I'll be right back!

Himitsu flew off to leaving Loyal behind with Fire. Loyal rubbed his eyes telling Fire that dirt flew into them, Fire nodded nonchalantly at Loyal.

Fire: Why is this so hard, Loyal?
Loyal: I don't know! I practice each day, and I still can't get it.
Fire: Let me see.

Fire sauntered over to Loyal and grasped his wings. Loyal stared at Fire's concern face.

Loyal: Well?
Fire: I see what's the problem...
Loyal: What? What is it??
Fire: There is a ladybug on your wings.
Loyal: Har-har. Tell me the truth.
Fire: Alright, alright. Let's see...

Loyal waited impatiently for Fire to speak. Fire was whistling so cheerfully that a few birds chirped back at him.

Fire: Ah-ha!
Loyal: What is it, Fire!?
Fire: There is a heavy load on your back.
Loyal: A wha- Huh?

Loyal spun around in circles gaping at his back, Fire stood there smiling at him. Loyal gradually stopped and scowled at the ground.

Loyal: There is no load on my back. Now you're just messing with me.
Fire: No, there is. It's the heavy load that Himitsu gave you.
Loyal: Yeah?
Fire: It's called, 'The Burden'
Loyal: Huh?
Fire: Your dad doesn't have any trust in you, so you carry the burden of shame, humiliation, embarrassment, whatever.
Loyal: It has that many names?
Fire: Uh-huh. You're making those noises because you are afraid of shaming your father, Loyal.
Loyal: Wow, Fire! That's amazing!
Fire: Thanksy~ Now, listen up. The games start in a few more weeks, so you need to prepare for this.
Loyal: I will.
Fire: Don't think about your father, Loyal. If you get nervous, look to the one who-
Loyal: You? I will look at you for support.
Fire: Me? Pfft, why me? Look at your brother for hope.
Loyal: Death is going to be in the arena with me.
Fire: Oh, yeah...
Loyal: Help me?
Fire: Sure, Loyal. It's an honor for you to ask me.
Loyal:  :3

Fire couched Loyal for the next few hours about his flying. Himitsu didn't come back in time.

A few weeks later.
At the gates.

Fire stood next to Loyal rubbing the back of his wings. Death talked with Earth while a few other deities bustled around.

The games were about to begin.

Fire: Knock 'em dead, Loyal!
Loyal: I'll try, thanks for helping me, Fire.
Fire: Anytime. Remember. If your wings are going flap-flap, you're going to get hit.
Loyal: Eeeeoww... I don't know if I can do it, Fire.
Fire: Sure you can, I believe in you.
Death: I do, too.
Earth: Me too!

Loyal smiled at his friends and put on his helmet. Moon couldn't join them today because she was asleep and Galactic was too young.

Himitsu: Death? Loyal?
Death: Over here, Papa.
Himitsu: I just wanted to say good luck and don't get hurt.
Death: Okay! Thanks.
Loyal: Thank you...
Himitsu: Don't let your wings flap, Loyal.
Loyal: I'll try.

Fire squinted at Himitsu as he walked away. Earth glanced over at Death who shrugged.

Earth: Don't worry, Loyal. I'm sure you'll do fine.
Loyal: I can't even keep my wings silent, Earth.
Earth: It's alright.
Death: Don't be scared, Loyal.

Before, Loyal could answer, the horn went off. Death and Earth ran away to get in line. Fire stayed back with Loyal.

Loyal: Is it too late to throw up?
Fire: I'm pretty sure it is. Don't be afraid, Loyal.

Fire placed his hand on Loyal's shoulder and smiled kindly at him. The horn went off again.

Fire: I'll be right there watching you, okay?
Loyal: Alright, Fire.
Fire: Give me a big smile before going off.

Loyal and Fire grinned at each other deaf to the sound of the horn that was calling for Loyal.

Inside of the Arena.

Loyal reached for Death's hand looking around at the older deities sitting on the stone seats. The cheering was so loud that it made Earth tremble.

Death gulped when he saw the crowd.

Himitsu sat with Storm who was trying to silence the crowd. Vino was sitting in back watching his students.

Everyone knew that Vino was nervous, his children and his students were going to fight.

Storm: Greetings, everyone and the younger deities! Welcome to the Arena!

The cheering came up again and silenced gradually when Storm held up her hand. Death grabbed Loyal's hand and pointed.

Fire and his family were holding signs that said Loyal's and Death's name on it.

Himitsu: Today we are to test our children's strength.
Storm: We have the Deities of Flight over there.

Loyal and his group waved at the cheering crowd as Storm pointed at them and said each of their names.

Death beamed and waved at Himitsu who was cheering with the crowd. Loyal gave Himitsu a crooked smile and turned to Rayon and his family who were yelling his name and cheering loudly.

Fire bounced around with a sign that had Loyal's name on it.

Storm: And over there is the Deities of Strength.

Loyal broke out in cold sweat when he saw Rock standing with a few of his sisters and Sand who was standing with Water.

Sand broke into a smile and waved at Fire who waved back.

Rayon: Looks like Fire has a little girlfriend.
Faisceau: Oh, hush.

Himitsu: Today, the Deities of Flight will battle ageinest the Deities of Strength, each deity with wings will fly overhead trying not to get caught in the net that the Deities of Strength shoot at them. If one gets caught, they must battle with their rival until one calls truce.

Loyal felt Earth tugging at his sleeve.

Loyal: What is it?
Earth: I forgot my arrows!
Loyal: What?! How coul you forget that!?
Earth: I'm going to lose!

Earth was so close to breaking down, that Loyal's heart ached for her.

Loyal: Here, you can have my sword.
Earth: Really?
Loyal: Ssh! Just take it.
Earth: What will you use?
Loyal: Don't worry, I'll find a way.
Earth: How?
Loyal: I'm the God of Power. I know what to do.

Earth thanked Loyal repeatedly and lined up after Death. Loyal followed.

Flap, flap, flap.

Some of the deities in the crowd laughed at Loyal whose wings were flapping loudly again. Loyal's face reddens with embarrassment seeing his father hide his face in his hands.


Loyal twisted his head and saw Fire standing with Vino who waved absentmindedly at Loyal. 

Fire put his finger at the corner of his mouth motioning for Loyal to smile.

"You can do this!"

Standing up straighter, Loyal marched to his spot.

"We can do this, Fire."

The gong went off.
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« Reply #586 on: August 22, 2017, 06:13:33 PM »

Chapter 237. The Fight.

With a cry of terror, Loyal lifted his wings, and begin to fly overhead at full speed dodging the nets that were being shot at him and the others. The older deities in the crowd roared.

For some sick reason in the game, catching Loyal was "Extra Points" even Vino went along with this ridiculous rule.

Death zoomed past Loyal yelling at him to fly faster or else. Terrified, Loyal picked up speed. What kind of weapon did he have?

"Come on, come on, what do I have!?"

Loyal pulled out his paintbrush...

Loyal:  Bored

From the crowd, Paint was yelling at Loyal to use it. Loyal aimed his paintbrush at one of Rock's sisters, Mountain. 

Multicolored paint shot out from the brush covering Mountain with paint, Mountain yelped and Rock turned to look at her. Paint cheered loudly at Loyal who grinned at her.

"Yeah, Loyal! Nice shot!!"

"Thanks, Dea- Yikes!!"

Loyal and Death flew past a net that Rock threw at them. Earth shot an arrow at Rock who dodged it.

"Why don't you buzz off, you big bully!?"

"Not until I catch one of you guys! Fly faster!!"

Another net came at them making them scatter. Loyal kept shooting paint at the other deities, Water threw his net which captured on flying deity, the two deities fought. 

Water won. The cheering got louder after seeing this.

Death watched as Mercy took a number from the box next to her. 10 to 11.


"Don't worry, Earth! We'll win thi-"

Before Death could finish, a net caught him. Loyal and Earth screamed Death's name as he fell to the ground. Sand ran over to him.

"Hi, Death~!"


Death rolled his eyes at cheerful Sand. Death fought Sand with his club while Sand hit him with her mace.

Rayon and Sun yelled out Death's name cheering him on, Surface and Vino cheered for their daughter.


Death fell to the floor after being hit. Sand waved her mace high in the air as the crowd exploded into cheers.

Death was out. Himitsu yelled out his son's name.

10 to 12.

Vino cringed a bit. One of his best fighters were out.


"They are getting slaughtered out there, Fire..."


Earth defeated one of Rock's sisters and a few other strong deities. Loyal looked at the chart.

13 to 13.


If the Flight Deities get up to twenty points, they will win the game. But, if Loyal was caught and defeated, Rock's team will win because of the boost in points.

Water was thrown out by Earth. Rock defeated on from Loyal's team making Lakas and Story cheer loudly for their son.

Death sat in the back yelling support at Loyal. Fire ran around cheering for Loyal. Just hearing Fire and Death gave Loyal more strength.

Loyal knocked out Sand and one of Liberty's sons

16 to 14.

Loyal couldn't believe it! So close.



The yelps of the other younger deities frighten Earth. Earth's mother yelled her support at her daughter.

Instead of shooting at Earth, Rock and his team shot at Loyal to boost up their points. Loyal dodged each net and shot more paint. Fire, Death, and Sun chanted Loyal's name repeatedly making a few other deities start chanting.




Loyal waved at Fire smiling. They are so close to winning. Just for a second, Loyal flew past his father... Time seemed to stand still when Loyal flew past Himitsu.

Himitsu wasn't smiling or cheering.

Just staring at Loyal.

Loyal's fear grew and his wings became too loud. Loyal tried to silence them, but he was too nervous.


A net caught Loyal. Gasps in the crowd could be heard. Loyal flew right into a pillar.

Everything went black.
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Chapter 238. Failure.




*Snap snap*

Hey..? Wake up, Loyal. Are you alright?

Loyal's eyes opened and shut. Fire and Death were kneeling next to him snapping their fingers or gently slapping his face. Faisceau had Loyal's head on her lap.

Loyal: What... What happened?
Death: You flew right into that pillar and knocked yourself out cold.
Fire: The bright side is that you are okay.
Loyal: Owie...
Faisceau: Oh, Loyal.
Rayon:  Where does it hurt, Loyal?
Loyal: Who won...?
Sun: Uuhh... Well....

Painfully turning his head, Loyal saw the score board.

15 to 20.

The Deities of Strength won.

Vino stood next to Sun peeking over at Loyal.

Vino: How's my best flyer?
Himitsu: I would not say that, Vino.
Vino: Why don't you **** off for a year, will ya? You'll do your son a huge favour, Himitsu.
Himitsu: I thought you were teaching them, Vino?
Vino: I thought you were suppose to be a good father to this young God?
Death: Papa, it's just a stupid game.
Himitsu: No, Death. I'm not upset about that. I'm annoyed that Loyal hasn't learned yet.
Rayon: Himitsu, please. Loyal is still a young boy.
Himitsu: If doesn't learn now, he never will. Didn't I tell you to stop making those damn noises with you wings, Loyal?

Loyal said nothing but sigh. Fire and Sun glared at Himitsu.

Himitsu: Didn't I?
Loyal: Yes, Papa...
Himitsu: Why didn't you listen to me? I told you if you make that much noise, you'll get hit.
Loyal: I'm sorry.
Himitsu: How many times must you be sorry?
Faisceau: Be quiet, Himitsu!

Sun and Fire jumped and stared at their mother who was still holding Loyal, but pointing her finger at Himitsu.

Faisceau: Leave Loyal alone! If you weren't such a jerk to him, maybe Loyal would learn faster!! Why don't you just let go of the past!?

Fire's throat tightened. Faisceau was so close to crying but she didn't.

Rayon placed his hand on his wife's shoulder and sighed.

Rayon: Come, Himitsiu. We need to talk...
Himitsu: Fine by me. Anywhere is better than being here.

Vino cursed at Himitsiu as he and Rayon walked away. Faisceau hugged Loyal to her chest.

Fire and Sun looked at each other and then at Death...

Death: Don't worry, Loyal. You'll do better next time.
Sun: Yes, don't listen to your dad. You still are a great-
Loyal: Failure?

Everyone in the room stared at Loyal in shock. Faisceau opened her mouth to say something but Loyal jumped up and walked out of the room.

Fire ran after Loyal.

Fire: Loyal!!
Loyal: You're blessed with a loving family, Fire. I wish I was like you.

Furious, Loyal jumped off the stairs and flew away leaving his upset friend in the steps.

Flap, flap...
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I just found a typo. There is a mistake in the chapters. Look. (Pay attention to the chapters)

Chapter Six... The Meeting

Waiting impatiently for Loyal to show up, The Gods and Goddesses began to talk about their day and what they did. Death just waited and made small talk with The Fire God.

Fire: So.. Death. What did you do today?
Death: My job. Taking souls, saying which should stay or be damned and talking.
Fire: To who?
Death: My brother. Why are you so harsh to him? Without him the world's are-

Death didn't get to say the rest because the doors burst open and Loyal ran in. The Gods and Goddesses stared at Loyal who just stood there looking for a place to sit. He always sits at the head of the tables, but his chair was missing.

Fire: *Ahem* Loyal. If you plan to sit down soon, we can get started.

Loyal ignored the rude comment and kept looking. Cherry Blossom waved him over to sit next to her. Loyal walked stiffly to the empty seat.

Cherry Blossom: Saved you a seat.   Smiley
Loyal: Thank you. Where did my chair go? It's gone.
Cherry Blossom: I don't know. But it's nice to sit next to the God of Life.

Loyal grinned at his pink friend and stood up.

Loyal: Attention, Everyone. Let's begin now. I HOPE we all did our work. Did anything happen today? Mistakes? Birth?

Death stood up.

Death: Twenty people have died today due to the floods.
Loyal: Floods? How did that happen?
Death: Ask her.

Death points to The Rain Goddess.

Rain: So I made a mistake. It's just twenty people.
Loyal: Was it the people that prayed for rain?
Rain: ... No.
Loyal: WHAT?!

I have to run for now. I'll finish this later. Wink

Chapter Six... Disgusting acts.

Loyal: Okay. Rain? Why didn't you give the people the rain they prayed for? And why on earth did you kill twenty people!?
Rain: It was an accident, all right? I didn't mean to. Besides, it was only twenty people-
Loyal: This was no accident. You did this to get revenge on me. And because of that, innocent people had to suffer for your disgusting acts.
Rain: I did not!! Now you are accusing me of something that was just a miss-
Cherry Blossom: Rain. He knows that you are telling a lie. So just stop and admit that what you did was wrong.

Laughter breaks out in the front of the room. Cherry Blossom looked in the front angrily at the laughing God and Goddess.
Moon: That is not enough, Cherry Blossom!! Rain will probably have to beg for mercy from Loyal!!
Sun: Moon is right. *Snicker* Imagine. Getting revenge on Loyal!? Big mistake. Loyal. What do you say?

Death looked at his brother who had a bitter look on his face.

Loyal: *sigh* I hate doing this. Rain. Due to your careless acts. Your punishment is that you shall-
Fire: This really is not her fault, Loyal. You drove her into it by being harsh about her work. My advice is that-

The whole room went silent. Death bit down hard on his tongue and stared at his angry brother and the surprise Fire God. Loyal never yells at the Gods especially the Fire God.

Death: *A-hem* Loyal. Continue... Please?
Loyal: Rain. Your punishment is that you will clean up the damage that you made and remove the dead bodies with Death.
Rain: What?! I don't want to do that!! That's disgusting and touching a dead body is unsanitary!!
Loyal: Your acts were disgusting... And so are you.

Rain glared at Loyal who stood there sharply as Death begins to tease the punishment that the rain Goddess got.

Death: Wonderful choice, Loyal!! I love clearing up the dead bodies with a Stupid Goddess who thinks she knows everything!! Do you agree with, Loyal?!
Loyal: Just... Go.
Death: Come on, Rainy!! We must go!!
Rain: Shut up, Death.
Death: Wait!!

Death grabs Rain and drags her to Loyal and shoves her on her knees.

Death:  Smiley
Rain: Don't make me do this!!
Death:  Smiley
Rain: I ask for forgiveness, Loyal.
Loyal: You are forgiven, Rain. I hope you will learn from this.

The angry rain goddess stands up and walks out of the room looking at the floor as Death trotted after her taunting.

Loyal: Shall we continue?

The Gods and Goddesses reported what happened in the worlds that they take care of... Nobody noticed the livid fire god who didn't take his eyes off Loyal.

You see? I have to go back and fix it... All those chapters.  Grumpy
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« Reply #589 on: August 24, 2017, 03:32:52 AM »

Chapter 239. Hug?

Death sat outside playing with his kitten while waiting for his brother to come home. Himitsu called him inside but, Death whined for twenty more minutes. After his father went inside, Death saw Fire and Sun walking up to the gate.

Sun: Hi, Death.
Death: Hi, have you two seen Loyal?
Fire: Nope. Did you look for him?
Death: I wanted to, but papa told me to come home.
Sun: Jerk.
Fire: Do you want us to go look?
Death: Really?
Sun: I would like to go and search for your brother, but the sun is going setting.
Fire: Then I will go look for him.
Death: I can't let you do that, Fire.
Fire: Why not?
Death: You might get lost.

Fire glanced up at the cloudy sky. A storm was coming their way. Sun looked over his shoulder, Cloud and Rain were walking by with their bright blue umbrella.

Cloud: Storm tonight! Have you three seen Loyal?
Death: No.
Rain: He better hurry home, or he'll get soaked.
Fire: I'm going to go look for him, girls.
Cloud: You do that, Fire.
Rain: See ya!

Cloud and Rain waved goodbye and walked home leaving the tree Gods alone. Himitsu opened the front door. 

Himitsu: Death, it's time to come in.
Death: Ten more minutes?
Himitsu: I gave you enough time, Death. Come inside now.
Death: But Cricket wants to keep playing.
Himitsu: You can play with her inside.
Death: But-
Himitsu: No arguments, Death, say good night to your friends and come in.

Himitsu went back inside ignoring Death's complaining. Sun glanced at Fire who rolled his eyes at Himitsu.

Sun: So...
Fire: I'm going to find Loyal.
Sun: You know what mama said about running off, Fire.
Fire: Tell her I'm looking for Loyal, Sun.
Death: Will you be back before the storm?
Fire: Sure! I'll be back with your brother.

Death nodded his head graciously at Fire, picked up his kitten and went inside. Sun and Fire walked back home slowly.

Sun: Are you sure you'll be back in time?
Fire: I will, Sun. Just wait and hold the fort down for me, alright?
Sun: Alright. Be careful.

Sun and Fire hugged each other goodbye before Fire ran off. The storm clouds were now covering the sun.

Where Fire was.

Fire ran into the forest looking around at the sky. The towering trees swayed back and forth in the strong wind making Fire feel free and light headed. But Fire couldn't stay outside playing; Loyal had to be found. 

Fire: Loyal?!

The wind blew louder drowning out Fire's small voice. Thunder rumbled in the distance but no Loyal. Fire took a deep breath and ran farther.

Stopping, Fire saw a white lump sitting on the edge of the cliff. Loyal wasn't looking up at the storm like he always does.

Fire: Loyal?

Loyal didn't answer. Fire walked up slowly to him and placed his hand on Loyal's soft hair, the wind blew fiercely at them.

Fire: Hi.
Loyal: Hey...
Fire: Aren't you cold?
Loyal: No. Why are you here?
Fire: I had to look for you.
Loyal: Someone told you, right?
Fire: No, I went on my own accord.
Loyal: I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble, but just go home.
Fire: No.
Loyal: You're going to get wet from the storm, Fire.
Fire: So?

Without a word, Fire perched next to Loyal with his arm around his shoulder. Thunder boomed over their heads.

Fire: Yow! Did you hear that?! Ha-ha! Whew!!!
Loyal: I heard it.
Fire: We better get home, Loyal.
Loyal: You can go, Fire. I'll stay here.
Fire: Now, Loyal. You can't stay here; you'll get hypothermia in the rain.
Loyal: I rather get hypothermia and die out here than go back to face my father.

Fire gaped at Loyal when he said those awful words. Loyal moved away from Fire glaring at the rocks at the bottom.

Loyal: He's so mean to me, Fire.
Fire: I know, Loyal.
Loyal: I wish I was never born.
Fire: Don't say that, Loyal.
Loyal: I wish mama never gave birth to me. I wish I was dead and Death would be happy with mama and papa.
Fire: Loyal-
Loyal: I wish-
Fire: STOP IT!!

Stubbornly, Loyal didn't look at Fire who grabbed him by the shoulders. Lightning hit a few feet away from them making the earth shake.

Fire: I can't stand it, stop wishing for things like that, Loyal!
Loyal: Why? I do wish it.
Fire: Stop wishing for things like that, Loyal.
Loyal: Things would be better without-
Fire: No it wouldn't!
Loyal: Yes it would!
Fire: No!
Loyal: Yes!
Fire: NO!!
Loyal: YES!!
Fire: I flipping said no, Loyal!!
Loyal: And, I said yes!
Fire: Stop it!
Loyal: You stop! You're supposed to obey me!
Fire: I'm not going to obey you if you act so morbid about your life!

Loyal opened his mouth and then shut it.

Fire: Fine, Loyal. You think you are nothing but an accident, yes?
Loyal: Duh.
Fire: Alright. I'll call you an accident only if you say I'm worthless
Loyal: Oh, Fire. You're not worthless.
Fire: Well, I think so, Loyal.
Loyal: You help me so much, Fire.
Fire: Nope! I'm worthless.
Loyal: NO YOU'RE NOT!!
Fire: Yes I am!
Loyal: Fire!!
Fire: Say it!
Loya: NO!!
Fire: If I get to call you an accident, you must call me worthless!
Loyal:  D:
Fire: It's only fair, right?

Thunder boomed loudly making Loyal's bones shake.

Fire: Well, Loyal? What do you say? We can go on in life with the names someone chained us with, or we can break the chains.
Loyal: Can we break the chains, Fire? Please?
Fire: Alright, let's break the chains.
Loyal: ...
Fire: Deal?

Fire held out his hand grinning impishly at Loyal. The rain begin to fall gently making the two young Gods hide inside of a small cave.

Loyal: Fire...
Fire: What?
Loyal: It's becoming too much for me already. I don't-

Loyal's voice broke, and he brushed Fire away. Fire reached out to touch Loyal's shoulder; Loyal swatted his hand.


Loyal peeked over his shoulder. Fire had his arms outstretched to him.


Loyal fell into Fire's arms and hugged him tightly. Fire rubbed Loyal's back listening to him crying on his shoulder.

Loyal: I wish I had a father like yours, Fire! I wish my father loved me like how he loves Death!
Fire: Let it all out, Loyal. You have held it in too long.
Loyal: I want a father too, Fire! It's not fair!

Fire rocked his crying friend back and forth looking at the rain fall outside of the cave. Loyal's nails dug into Fire's back hurting him.

Loyal: I want a family like yours, Fire.
Fire: I know, Loyal. I know.
Loyal: I wish I could change the past.
Fire: We all do.
Loyal: Papa doesn't even consider me part of the family, Fire.
Fire: I've noticed.
Loyal: I have no one...
Fire: You have me.
Loyal: ....
Fire: Am I enough?

Loyal sniffed and rubbed the tears out of his eyes.
Loyal: Y-yes...
Fire: I'm glad.
Loyal: I don't want to be alone anymore, Fire.
Fire: You're not, Loyal. You have me.

Loyal closed his eyes breathing in Fire's powdery scent. Fire rubbed Loyal's back humming softly.

Fire: Remember Loyal. You are part of my story now, and I'm part of yours.
Loyal: Mm-hmm.
Fire: I will never leave you.
Loyal: -Sniff-
Fire: Never.
Loyal: -Whimpers-
Fire: I love you because you are my friend.
Loyal: I love you, too.

Fire didn't let go of Loyal which suited him just fine. The rain continued to fall outside.

Fire: One day, you'll be free from this pain, Loyal.
Loyal: Really?
Fire: Uh-huh. But for now, keep your head up and continue your journey.

Fire pulled Loyal back and smooth down his hair.

Fire: Can I come along?
Loyal: Yes.
Fire: Good. Let's go home, Loyal. 

Fire helped Loyal up and held his hand as they walked through the rain.
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« Reply #590 on: August 24, 2017, 05:13:33 PM »

Chapter 240. Home.

Lightning crackled outside making the lights in the house flicker on and off. Death hugged his stuff octopus and his kitten close as he looked out the window.

Himitsu: Death, get away from the window.
Death: I'm just looking for-
Himitsu: For?
Death: Nothing, you don't care.
Himitsu: What?
Death: I said that I was looking for nothing.
Himitsu: Alright.

Death's kitten fidgeted in his arms afraid of the storm. Fire and Loyal were not back yet.

Death: Loyal, where are you...?

Thunder rumbled loud enough to make the house shake. Himitsu paced around the room lighting a few candles.


Blinking, Death looked around the dark room. Himitsu cursed under his breath about the bad weather.

Cricket: Mew!
Death: Don't worry, Cricket. Loyal and Fire will come home soon.

Where Fire and Loyal were.

Fire gripped Loyal's hand tightly as they ran through the pouring rain. The wind was so strong that they almost fell over.

Fire: We are almost home!
Loyal: Can't wait!

The rain pelted on Loyal and Fire's head as they ran. Fire held his jacket over Loyal to shield him from the rain.

Such a small gesture made Loyal's throat ache.

Fire and Loyal ran up the steps and pounded on the door.

Fire: I'm here! Open up!!

The door flew open, and Fire ran in dragging Loyal behind him. Sun yelled for his parents.

Wait. Why did Fire drag Loyal to his house?

Rayon: Fire! What were you doing outside?
Fire: I got lost...

Rayon didn't have a chance to talk when he was pushed aside by hysterical Faisceau who hugged Fire and Loyal.

Faisceau: Are you two okay?
Fire: Fine. We're fine.
Faisceau: re you sure!?
Loyal: Pretty much, yes.
Faisceau: Look at them, Rayon! All wet from the storm!
Sun: Look, Mama! Fire brought Loyal home!
Faisceau: And so he did, Sun. Come on you two!

Even though Fire and Loyal were too big to be carried, Faisceau scooped them up and carried them off to the other room.

Smiling contently, Fire sat wrapped up in a fuzzy towel watching his mother dry Loyal's hair with another towel.

Faisceau fussed over them both that Loyal wondered if she was going to faint.

Faisceau: Sun, can you get mama another towel?
Sun: Sure.
Loyal: Oof!
Faisceau: Oh! I'm sorry, Loyal, did I hurt you?!
Loyal: I'm fine, Mama.

Fire smiled and glanced at Loyal who covered his mouth with his hands. Faisceau smiled tenderly at Loyal.

Loyal: I-I-I-
Faisceau: It's alright, Loyal.

Faisceau hugged Loyal close to her and smoothed down his wet hair. Loyal smiled and hugged her back.

Faisceau: I love you just as much as my sons.
Loyal: -Smiles-

A few minutes later.

Rayon, Faisceau, Sun, and Fire sat around in a circle on the floor listening to the storm rage outside. Fire sat close to Loyal holding his hand.

Rayon: Wow! Listen to that storm.
Faisceau: At least we are all inside.

Faisceau hugged Fire, Sun, and Loyal close to her. Rayon put his arms around his wife and sighed.

Rayon: I would like to stay like this for a few years.
Loyal: Me too.

Fire squeezed Loyal's hand still smiling at him. Fire felt like Loyal was more than his friend.

Fire thought of Loyal as his lost little brother.
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What a wonderful chapter.

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Thank you~ ❤
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Chapter 241. The Guardian.

A year later.

Singing some made up song, Fire slowly walked by hitting the gates gently with his hand. School was out for the summer and Fire decided to see Blod for old times sake. For the past few years, Blod and Fire have been working together helping each confused deities like Fire find their calling. Fire helped Blod, Blod helped Fire catch up with the rest of his class.

Still, some deities doubted Fire. But Fire no longer minded their negative opinions.

At Blod's house.

Fire opened the unlocked door and walked inside. The house still had that musty smell that Fire tried so hard to get rid of.

Fire: Blod? I'm here.

Blod didn't answer. Fire walked around the house looking for the old deity.

Fire: Blod? It's me.

The house remained quiet. A few birds chirped at the window looking at Fire who decide to play a game with them.

Fire: Little bird, have you seen Blod?
Fire: I thought so.

Fire waved two fingers at the silly bird before heading outside to Blod's garden. The sun was shining warmly, and the air was so clean that Fire inhaled deeply after being in that musty house. Walking a bit faster, Fire saw the unlocked gate.

Blod was sitting on the floor holding his cane. Fire skipped over to Blod and said hello, Blod smiled kindly and looked up at the sky.

Blod: Isn't today beautiful, Fire?
Fire: Uh-huh, what are you doing out here, Blod?
Blod: Just enjoying the day...

Blod made room for Fire on the grass. Fire sat down with a thud and stared at Blod.

Fire: Blod?
Blod: Hmm?
Fire: Are you alright?
Blod: Peachy.
Fire: You were in so much pain last week that it hurt to move.
Blod: I'm better now.
Fire: Okay...

Blod and Fire sat silently staring at the sky. Everything was so calm and beautiful.

Fire: You're going to die, aren't you?
Blod: Yes, but I'm not afraid.
Fire: I don't want you to die, Blod.
Blod: I know, Fire, but I have to.
Fire: Whyyyy??
Blod: Oh, Fire, don't whine like that. You'll break my heart.
Fire: Can't you stay with us forever?
Blod: I am, Fire. I'm just leaving my body behind.
Fire: Huh?
Blod: Fire, when a deity like myself dies, they leave their body behind and their spirit-
Fire: I don't want you to go, Blod...
Blod: My time is coming to an end, Fire.
Fire: But... You haven't found your calling.

Fire's eyesight blurred with tears of failure. Blod laughed quietly and hugged Fire close. The birds stared at the two deities.

Blod: Oh, Fire... I know now.
Fire: What was it...?
Blod: My calling was to help you. 
Fire: I don't get it. 
Blod: After my wife died, I couldn't die until you were born.
Fire: Me?
Blod: That's right. Eien'nitomoni told me that The Guardian of the Stones is a young troubled deity who will hold these stones until the time comes. Now you are here, and I must give you this.

Fire stared at the stone Blod held in his palm. Beside him was a large box.

Fire: What's this?
Blod: My Blood Stone.
Fire: It's... clear.
Blod: I'm not living in it yet.
Fire: Why do you want me to have it?
Blod: Because it was meant for you.
Fire:  I don't want you to live in this stone.
Blod: I won't mind, Fire.
Fire: But, I'll never see you again, Blod.
Blod: Sure you will, Fire. I'll be in this stone that you will wear around your neck.

Fire gingerly took the stone from Blod. Blod would live in this stone? How? How can a God live in such a cramped stone?

Fire: What will happen?
Blod: I can't tell you. You will find out later on in life, Fire.
Fire: Oh...
Blod: I have waited for years to give you these, Fire. Take good care of it.
Fire: I will, Blod.
Blod: You'll find your calling soon, Fire. Don't worry.
Fire: I'll try not to.
Blod: When you do, I'll be right here in this stone with you.

Blod pressed the stone in Fire's small hand.

Fire: I won't let you down, Blod.
Blod: I know you won't, Fire.

Fire hugged Blod tightly and kissed his cheek. Blod smiled and rocked Fire back and forth.

Fire: I love you, Blod.
Blod: I love you, too, Fire. You're not going to fail in life no matter what they say.

Blod pulled Fire back and stared deeply into Fire's gold eyes. Fire smiled shyly at Blod.

Blod: Thank you for everything, Fire.
Fire: Thank you, Blod.
Blod: I'm so honored that I met The Guardian before my passing.

Fire hugged Blod again promising him that he will take care of everything. Blod just hugged Fire close listening to his soft heartbeat.

Five minutes later.

Fire sat alone in the garden holding the Blood Stone that Blod gave him. The once clear stone was now a deep red.

The God of Blood was now resting in his stone that The God of Fire wore.
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Chapter 242. Fire Talks With Faisceau.

Running as fast as he could, Fire burst inside the house, tripped and crashed to the floor. Faisceau screamed when she saw Fire on the floor.

Faisceau: Fire! What is it!? What's wrong!!?
Fire: Nothing, nothing.
Faisceau: Good heavens, why did you run in like that!?
Fire: Just... running, Mama.

Rolling her eyes, Faisceau picked up her son and brushed him off. Fire's stone came out from his scarf.

Faisceau: What's this?
Fire: Nothing! It's mine! Rock gave it to me.
Faisceau: We don't lie in this house, Fire. Who gave this to you?

Looking at the floor, Fire didn't answer his mother. Faisceau put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot waiting for her son to speak.

Fire: I don't know... I found it.
Faisceau: Really...?
Fire: Partly.
Faisceau: "Partly"?

Faisceau leaned forward until her face was close to Fire's face. Her gold eyes made Fire nervous.

Faisceau: What do you mean, "Partly"?
Fire: Well... I-I-... Mama?
Faisceau: What?
Fire: My knee hurts.

Whimpering, Fire showed his mother his bang up knee, Faisceau sighed tiredly.

Five minutes later.

Fire sat on the chair looking at his bandaged up knee. Faisceau sat next to him rubbing her hands.

Faisceau: Alright, why did Blod give you that stone?
Fire: How did you know he gave it to me?
Faisceau: I have seen these stones before, Fire.
Fire: Oh...
Faisceau: Tell me about it.
Fire: Now?
Faisceau: Now.
Fire: You get mad at me?
Faisceau: Of course not.

Fire glanced at his mother and back at his knee. Faisceau waited quietly. After a few minutes, Fire told his mother everything.

Blod's death.

The stones he gave him.

Why Blod waited for so long.

And that he was a Guardian.

After Fire finished, he looked at the table top waiting for his mother to ask him more questions. Faisceau was so quiet.


Slowly, Fire looked up at his mother. Faisceau was smiling at him.

Fire: Are you alright, Mama?
Faisceau: I knew they were wrong, Fire.
Fire: Look, Blod is in here.

Fire held up the scarlet colored stone to Faisceau who touched it gently.

Faisceau: How pretty.
Fire: I told him I wouldn't let him down, mama. I won't let you down either.
Faisceau: I know you won't, Fire.

Grinning at his mother, Fire showed her the rest of the clear stones in the box. Faisceau and Fire talked for a long time until Rayon and Sun came in.

Faisceau told her son and her husband Fire's story. Sun was excited for his brother. Rayon went over to Fire and hugged him tightly.
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Chapter 243. Fire's Birthday. Part One.

A few years later.

January Third. Fire's Birthday.

Sun placed a small, but heavy table topper on the table and then took it off only to place it back on. Rayon watched his son fuss around with the table toppers.

Rayon: Sun, the table looks great, no need to-
Sun: I want this birthday party to be perfect, papa. Fire is turning-
Rayon: Thirteen.
Sun: Yes, that's a big change in his life. He's not a baby anymore.
Rayon: Yes, he is.
Sun: Not now, papa.
Rayon: You and your brother will always be our babies

Rayon gave Sun a side hug smiling happily, Sun fiddled around with a red plate.

Sun: I knew we should have gotten orange plates instead of red ones.
Rayon: Sun, please. You outdid yourself with this party.

Rayon looked at the colorful streamers that hung all over the ceiling with the balloons. Sun straightened the table cloth.

Where Fire was.

Fire sat on the bed looking at the Blood Stone while his mother combed his hair.

Faisceau: How time flys.
Fire: Yeah.
Faisceau: It was so long ago when I gave birth to you.
Fire: Tell me the story again, Mama.

Faisceau smiled at Fire thinking of his birth years ago.

Faisceau: You were born on January third on the coldest nights of the year. I have never seen such a storm, no one in the world knew what to do because fire was not yet discovered
Fire: That's creepy.
Faisceau: Late at night, I couldn't rest because I was in a lot of pain. Your father was worried for me that he went to find Earth's mother. The snowstorm was getting worse, and so was I.
Fire: Weer you scared? Was Sun scared?
Faisceau: Your brother was terrified, I had to stay brave for him because he was so little.
Fire: What happened when Earth's mother arrived?
Faisceau: She ordered me to go straight to bed because you were about to come out.
Fire: And?
Faisceau: I was shocked because I didn't even know I was pregnant with you, your father was so scared and upset for me.
Fire: Did he cry?
Faisceau: Yeah, the dope was crying.
Fire: Mama.
Faisceau: You were coming fast, and yet I was still in a lot of pain. Your father and brother were with me the whole time.
Fire: And then what?
Faisceau: Just when I thought I was going to die, you came out screaming loud.
Fire: Was I cute?
Faisceau: You were the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. You had your father's red hair and my eyes. Your brother was so excited that he ran after Heilen when she took you away to clean the goo off you.
Fire: What were you doing?
Faisceau: I was crying tears of joy.
Fire: Did you do that for Sun?
Faisceau: I did. I cried for both of you.
Fire: What happened next?
Faisceau: You burst into flames.
Fire:  Laugh
Faisceau: Everyone in the room panicked, but you were sleeping.
Fire: More.
Faisceau: That's when the world discovered a way to keep warm and we found out who you were.
Fire: Aww~
Faisceau: I gave birth to the God of Fire.
Fire: Wow.
Faisceau: Now look at you, you are thirteen.
Fire: Yep!
Faisceau: A teenager but always my little baby.

Fire smiled up at his mother and hugged her waist. Faisceau kissed the top of Fire's head and hugged him so tight that Fire could barely breathe.

Faisceau: I love you so much, Fire.
Fire: I love you, too, mama.

Faisceau closed her eyes remembering the night she held Fire for the first time.
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Cute!  :3 Can I change my vote?

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Chapter 244. Fire's Birthday. Part Two.


Sun: Darn! Oh, darn it all! That balloon pops as soon as Fire walks in!?
Fire: It's alright, Sun.
Sun: No, it's not! I wanted this to be perfect, and one of the balloon pops at the last minute!
Faisceau: Wow! You outdid yourself, you two.
Sun: Darn!!

Rayon hid his smile with his hands as Sun begin to rant over the popped balloon, Fire tried to calm his hysterical brother down
*Knock knock*

Sun stopped ranting and stared at the door. Faisceau looked at Rayon and Fire.

Rock: Hey! It's cold out here, Sun!
Sun: Excuse me, everyone.

Quickly, Sun ran to open the door. Rock stood outside frowning with Water next to him.

Sun: I thought I told to wait for the signal!!
Rock: Water said he saw it, but I thought we should ask you first.
Sun: Go 'way!! When I light the damn lantern, then you let it loose!!
Water: When will you-


Water threw a snowball at the closed door.

Sun came back to the table breathing hard and rubbing his hands. Faisceau smiled at Fire and told him to sit down.

Rayon peeked out the window to see what Fire's friends were doing. Cloud strolled by the window with a tube shaped object.

Faisceau: Rayon, come.
Rayon: Alright.

Rayon closed the window curtains so Fire wouldn't see the surprise his friends had for him. Sun fussed over the table toppers again; Fire rolled his eyes at his fussy brother.

Faisceau: Where's the cake?
Rayon: I thought you had it.
Faisceau: If I had it, I wouldn't be asking.
Rayon: Let me see...

Rayon scurried off to the kitchen where he found Rain and Loyal both of them drinking a glass of water.

Rayon: What are you two doing in here?!
Rain: I was thirsty.
Loyal: Sorry, we are going now.

Exasperated, Rayon shooed them outside where they tripped over Cloud.

Cloud: Watch it.
Rain: Move your butt.
Loyal: Ouch.
Rayon: Will you-
Faisceau: Rayooonnn...??

Rayon slammed the door leaving Fire's foolish friends to quarrel with each other. Faisceau stood in the kitchen with the cake.

Faisceau: It was right here, couldn't you see it?
Rayon: I was-
Faisceau: Men.
Rayon: Faisceau, I was-

Faisceau pulled Rayon by the arm, and together they hurried off to the living room where Fire and Sun were waiting. Fire covered his mouth with his hands when he saw the cake.

Faisceau and Rayon: Happy birthday!!!
Sun: Happy birthday, Fire!!
Fire: Wow! Thanks, everyone!

Rayon set the cake down on the table in front of his excited son. Faisceau and Sun smiled at each other, and at Fire.

Fire: Wow! This is- How can I say it!?
Rayon: Your face says enough, Fire.

Fire stared at his birthday cake with wide happy eyes. The navy frosting on the cake had fire flames going across the ground while small white candies decorated the sky.

Rayon: Do you like it? I made it look like the night you were born.
Faisceau: I love that day.
Fire: I love it! Thank you so much!

Fire hugged his father around the neck repeatedly thanking him. Rayon clamped his eye shut praying that no one will see him crying. Sun stared in awe at the cake.

Sun: When my birthday rolls around, will papa make me one like this?
Faisceau: You bet.

Fire released his father and looked back at his cake. It was just too pretty to eat. Smiling, Faisceau came up with thirteen candles and stuck them into the cake.

Rayon: Ready?
Sun: Yes!
Faisceau: Here we go...

Jumping from his chair, Fire leaned forward to stare at the flames dancing around on the candles. Fire was so lost in thought that he could barely hear his family singing happy birthday to him.

Years ago when Fire was turning nine, he was staring at the candle on his cake.

A few years back, Fire was five and still looking at his candle.

Years ago, Rayon and Faisceau held a candle studying the fire in awe.

Rayon tapped Fire on the shoulder.

Rayon: Are you okay, Fire?
Fire: Yeah, I'm just thinking.
Faisceau: Make a wish, Fire.

Fire smiled at his family and made a wish.

Sun: What did you wish for?
Fire: Can't tell you.

Fire blew out the candles on his cake. Sun was gone, and Rayon and Faisceau clapped their hands for their son.

Before Fire could talk, the window shattered and a colorful tube flew into the room.

Rayon: What the ****!
Faisceau: Rayon, what-

The tube shaped object darted around the room with colorful sparks flying out it. Faisceau screamed in terror while Fire laughed at it.

Death peeked in through the broken window in horror.

Wind aimed the firework in the wrong direction. Rayon cursed as he tried to firework out.

The firework exploded with an earsplitting bang.

Sun: Wind!
Wind: Oops.

Fire looked out the broken window to see what was going on. Sun and Wind were fighting with each other while Death threw away a used match which landed in the firework box.

The young Goddesses screamed as the fireworks went off flying in different directions, Sun yelled at Death to do something. One firework flew Loyal who was stupidly standing in the way.

Fire couldn't stop laughing at his friends' mistakes. Faisceau and Rayon sighed tiredly looking at Fire and his crazy friends.

Faisceau: Fire?
Fire: This is the best birthday ever!!!
Rayon: Happy Birthday~
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