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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 434600 times)
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Chapter 275. Adoption.

After Himitsu's funeral, Death didn't have the strength to get out of his bed and do something. All he did was lie in his bed curled up inside of his blanket with a pillow on his head. Loyal tried his best to get his brother out of bed, but Death stayed in his bed.

They were alone, and they needed a caretaker.

At the temples.

Sound: As much as I love those two, I cannot take them in.
Planet: -Sigh- No one can, they are just too powerful for us.
Vino: Surface?

Surface wistfully shook her head no. Each deity loved Death and his brother, but they couldn't adopt them.

They had their own children.

Some felt like they were not worthy enough to take care of them.

Some felt...



After seeing Death slap and kill his father, would it happen to them if they angered Death?

No, they can't risk it.

Terra: So, no one will adopt these poor Gods?
Vino: We just can't.
Terra: What's wrong?
Vino: Death. I can't... we can't- Look, my wife and children love Death, but-...

Vino didn't need to answer. Everyone in the room felt the same way. Even Rayon and Faisceau felt the fear.


They needed someone.

Ocean: God forgive me, but I can't. I'm sorry.
Lakas: No one blames you, Ocean.

Each deity looked around the room sadly. Rayon held pressed his hands together under the table thinking of the past.

Rayon could see the image of Loyal when he was a toddler.

Pushing drawings for him in the mail slot.

His small fingers reaching for him.

This wasn't right.

Música: If- if only there was-
Rayon: I'll adopt them.

Suprised gasps went around the temple. Rayon? Rayon adopt Loyal and Death?

Ocean: Rayon, no. We can't let you get hurt.
Rayon: These are the darkest hours for Death and Loyal- I can't leave them like this now.
Música: But, Rayon-
Rayon: Loyal has always been there for us. He was there even though he had no father. Now...

Rayon slowly unfolded a paper that Loyal drew for him years ago. On the paper was a childish drawing of a small boy holding hands with a taller God. Both of them smiling.

Rayon and Loyal.

Rayon: Now, I have to be there for him.
Sound: And Death?
Rayon: I will take him in as well.
Música: Rayon, are you-
Rayon: I will do it.

Rayon stood up looking at Lakas who messed with his scarf. Was this the right choice?

Rayon was his friend.

Loyal and Death needed someone.

Rayon: Lakas?
Lakas: Rayon, once you do this, there is no going back. We don't know what could happen.
Rayon: I am not afraid.
Lakas: Then so be it.

Standing up, Lakas walked over to where Rayon was standing and placed both of his hands on Rayon's shoulders.

Lakas: From this point on, Rayon. You will be the father of Death and Loyal. Thank you.
Rayon: Thank you, Lakas.
Lakas: I'll go get Loyal.

An hour later...

Rayon waited patiently outside while Lakas talked with Loyal inside of Himitsu's old house.

Would his children want this?

Would Loyal accept this?

Before Rayon could think the worst, the front door flew open and Loyal stood out on the porch gaping at Rayon. One look on Loyal's face and Rayon knew the answer.

Loyal accepted him.

Rayon opened his arms for Loyal who bolted down the steps, Loyal threw his arms around Rayon's neck hugging him tightly.

Rayon: I'm here, Loyal. It will be alright now.
Loyal: Thank you, Papa.

Such beautiful words.

The next morning.

Faisceau: Sun? Fire? It's time to get up!

Groaning, Fire hid under the sheets ignoring his mother. Sun came up and hit Fire with a pillow; Fire cursed and hid under the sheets.

Sun: Get up, stupid.
Fire: One more hour, please?
Sun: Up.

Fire sat up with closed eyes while Sun told him to get dressed in his best robes.

Fire: Why should I?
Sun: Ma said so. Hurry up!

Now, Fire was awake. What was going on?
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Chapter 276. Sun, Fire, Death, and Loyal.

After getting washed up and dressed, Fire hurried down the stairs with Sun. Rayon and Faisceau were standing in the living room smiling proudly.

Fire: Morning! What's going on?
Rayon: Something very exciting.

Sun and Fire looked at each other and then at their parents smiling like excited children.

Sun: What is it!?
Faisceau: Your father and I have decide to add two more members into our family.

Just the words of it, made Sun turned red and Fire squint.


Sun: You're having twins, Mama?
Faisceau: Not exactly. But they are twins.

Now, Fire was really confused.

Rayon: They are not newborns, you two.
Sun: Oh?
Rayon: And you know them pretty well.
Fire: Say what?
Faisceau: Sun? Fire? Say hello to your new brothers.

Faisceau and Rayon parted to show Sun and Rayon their gifts.

Loyal stood there holding Death's hand, each of them had a big bow tied around their neck. Loyal smiled weakly at Fire when Death put hi head down.

Loyal: Hi.

Sun and Fire looked at each other.


This was their gift?

Rayon felt hurt when his sons didn't jump for joy seeing their gifts.

Faisceau: Guys? Aren't you excited to see them?
Sun: Mama? Papa?
Rayon: What??
Fire: You spoil us.

Grinning, Fire walked towards Death and Loyal and hugged them tightly. Sun hurried over to his brother and new brothers.

Loyal was hugging his brothers so hard to keep from crying. Sun patted Loyal on the back while Fire ruffled Death's hair, Death didn't smile.

The pain was still so raw.

Sun: Hell, this is the best gift you could give us.

Faisceau was crying too much to scold Sun for cursing. Rayon wiped his eyes looking at his sons.





They were all his and Faisceau's children.

Nothing could break them apart.

Or so they thought...
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Chapter 277. The Festival. Part One.

Beaming, Sun knelt down close to Death who was slumped in the corner like a discarded toy. Loyal and Fire were playing with the newborn kittens that Death's cat had.  
Sun: Death, what do you want for your birthday?
Death: ... Nothing.
Sun: Come on, Death. You're going to be 12 years old.
Fire: What's so good about being twelve? That's the worse age.
Sun: Is not.
Fire: Is so. The older deities star expecting you to act like an adult, but then they treat you like a baby.
Loyal: Really?
Fire: I know this from experience, bee-bee brother.
Loyal: I'm not a baby, Fire.
Fire: Whatever, bee-bee.
Loyal: Stop it.
Faisceau: Are you guys fighting already? It's only been a day.
Loyal: Fire keeps calling me a "Bee-bee".
Faisceau: But, you are.
Loyal: Oh, never mind.
Fire: Bee-bee.

Seething, Loyal rubbed the kitten's soft fur ignoring Fire who was smiling at him smugly. Sun turned back to Death smiling.

Sun: So?
Death: Nothing. The best gift you can give a murderer is nothing.
Sun: But, Death-
Death: Will you leave me alone?!

Sun back away from Death, Fire and Loyal looked up at Death who turned his head away rudely not caring if he hurt Sun's feelings.

Loyal: He's only trying to be nice, Death.
Death: Why can't you all leave me alone?
Loyal: Death-

Furiously, Death got up and left the room.

Fire: !
Sun: What's eating him?
Loyal: He's just upset.
Fire: For a second there, I thought he was going to slap that smile off Sun's face.

Fire burst out laughing loudly but stopped when Sun and Loyal stared at him.

Fire: What?? Too soon?
Sun: Fire.
Fire: Just trying to lighten up the mood.

Fire turned back to the kittens cooing softly at them. Sun went over to Loyal who had his head in his hands.

Sun: Poor Death.
Loyal: I don't know what to do... He's not the Death I use to know...
Sun: I know.
Loyal: He doesn't do his hobbies anymore. He has abandoned his music and singing along with his glass blowing.
Sun: That's depressing, Loyal.
Loyal: I've tried everything to get him to back on his feet, but...
Sun: It will take a while to heal, Loyal.
Loyal: How long, Sun?? I want Death back.
Sun: It will take at least a few months or a year, don't worry.
Loyal: -Sighs-
Sun: We can always take a trip to the worlds? That might cheer him up.
Loyal: Yeah, maybe.
Fire: How about tomorrow? There is a festival.

The next day.

Death: What the f-
Loyal: Come on, Death! We are going to check out the other worlds!
Death: Leave me out of this.
Sun: Let's go!!

Fire and Sun grabbed Death by the arms dragging him out of his bed. Loyal lead the way. Faisceau and Rayon glanced curiously at their sons, but let them go off.

At the world.

Loyal: Wow, look at that.

Sun, Death, and Loyal stopped walking to look at fire breather perform. Fire rolled his eyes.

Fire: Lame, looking at this is like looking at the glowing butt of a firefly.
Loyal: But, Fire, look how big the fire is.
Fire: Why get so excited over this when I, the God of Fire can do this better?
Sun: He has a point.
Death: ...
Fire Come on, enough of this nonsense.

Fire pulled Loyal away from the crowd. Sun gently pulled Death along.

Loyal: Look, they are knife throwing over there.
Death: Let's go see.
Loyal: Oh! Okay...

Death walked ahead of his surprised brothers to get to the knife toss. At first, Sun, Fire and Loyal were excited to see such a wonderful performance that didn't end well.

Everyone Death walked out shaking and whimpering.

Sun: I wonder how it feels to be stabbed.
Fire: Who knows.
Loyal: Death?
Death: Wonderful, Loyal. I fancy seeing a knife being thrown into some man.
Loyal: Death-
Death: Can we go now?

Before Loyal could say yes, Fire piped up.

Fire: Hey! They are selling fried beetles over there! Let's try some!!
Sun: Yuk, no! Who wants to eat a beetle?
Fire: Death likes them! I want to try some as well.

Fire grabbed Death and ran over to the stand, Sun and Loyal glanced at each other with tight lips.

Of course, Fire hated the beetles and so did Sun, Loyal choked on the beetle's prickly little legs as the went down his throat. Death?

Death devoured his beetles and his brother's leftovers which made Loyal beam.

Sun: Let's try something else?
Fire: Yes! Come on, you two.

Sun and Fire steered their brothers to another stand. Death couldn't help but smile.
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Chapter 278. The Festival. Part Two.

Fire dragged Death around to each stand telling him to try each game or food while Sun and Loyal stayed behind watching them.

Loyal: Do you think this is too much for Death?
Sun: No, no. Fire knows what he is doing.
Loyal: What?
Sun: He's bringing his brother back to life.

Loyal didn't understand what Sun said. Death and Fire were in watching an archery dare. It was a dangerous game. The target was at the top of a sycamore tree with someone holding it. No human or deity dared to try it in fear of killing the foolish human holding the target. Fire looked at Death.

Fire: Come, Death! Try this
Death: No thank you.
Fire: Why? Are you scared?
Death: No, I-
Fire: Chicken.
Death: What?
Fire: Chicken. You're a chicken. Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk!
Death: I am not.
Fire: Prove it.

Death glared at Fire who smiled at him mockingly. Sun and Loyal held their breath just hearing Fire taunt Death who looked angry enough to push Fire.

What if?

That push...

Oh, God.

Fire shoved a bow and arrow at Death.

Death: ...
Fire: Do it... Bee-bee

Death did nothing but glare at his brother.

Loyal: Sun-
Sun: Ssh.

Death seized the arrows still glaring at Fire.

Death: I'll show you.
Fire: -Laughs- Do it then.

Hanging onto to Sun for support, Loyal nearly fainted when Death walked up to the wooden stand.

Sun: Go Death!!
Fire: Do it!!
Loyal: -Squeaks-

Some people laughed and jeered at the thin dark God standing at the stand squinting at the target.

How can a boy do it?

Loyal bit into his fists.

Death: Everyone stand back.

To humor Death, the people gave him some room. Counting his steps, Death walked backward still looking at the target. A dark-clothed man stared at the target and Death.

The red and white target shook a bit in the bright blue sky.

Gritting his teeth, Death aimed his arrow at the target. The crowd continued to laugh at Death making Sun furious.

Who are they to laugh at Death?

Death closed his eyes making the people scream at him not to release the arrow. Death let go of the string.

The colorful arrow shot up in a perfect arc towards the target.


The arrow was stuck in the target. Right smack in the red-eye.

The crowd fell silent. The arrows bright tassels waved wildly in the cold wind.


Death's brothers begin to scream and clap with joy for Death who looked surprised. Everyone in the crowd cheered wildly for Death.

Death broke into a grin waving at Fire who smiled at him proudly.

Sun: See? Fire brought Death back.

Loyal threw his arms around Fire thanking him repeatedly. Fire patted Loyal on the back.

Brothers love is so beautiful.

Death jumped from the stand and ran over to Fire.

Fire: Great job, Death!
Death: Thanks!! Let's try something else!!!

Death grabbed Fire's arm pulling him to another stand. Sun and Loyal ran after them laughing.

Four hours later...

Sun, Fire, Death, and Loyal walked away from the festival laughing so hard that their sides hurt. Sun failed in a taste test and had to get dunked in a bucket of water; Loyal failed miserably in a race, but Fire won that one. Death beat Loyal in a metal ball toss but was beaten by Sun. All four of them were all smiles and laughs.

Maybe it was the games?

But it was mostly seeing Death.

Death's brothers never saw such a beautiful smile on Death's face.

Still laughing and telling jokes, the four brothers walked up to their house where Rayon and Faisceau were waiting.

Rayon: Had fun today?
Death: It was awesome!!
Faisceau: Let's hear about your day!

Death hurried up the steps yapping away about their day at the festival with Loyal after him.

Sun: Thanks, Fire.
Fire: Happy to help!

Sun grinned at his brother and pulled him inside the warm house.

Back at the festival.

The arrow was still stuck in the taget that was discarded in the bush. No one payed mind to the dark cloth man who pulled the arrow out of its target.

The man studied the arrow and smiled.
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angry death sounds like the typical edgy teen

Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    Yves
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Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    Yves
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angry death sounds like the typical edgy teen
I have no idea why I laughed so hard at this comment.  Laugh
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Chapter 279. The Mysterious Sword.

Terra: Hmmm. Loyal, you do know what the punishment is when a deity kills-
Loyal: I do know that law, Terra. That law seems unmerciful.
Terra: It's been the law for centuries, Loyal.
Loyal: Yes...
Ocean: How do you change the law just like that? We've been living like this for years.
Loyal: I don't know...

The older deities sat in their chairs staring at Loyal who was on the floor writing something down.

Lakas: What are you doing?
Loyal: Writing a letter.
Lakas: To whom?
Loyal: Ssh. I'm busy.

All was quiet except for the sound of the Loyal's plume scratching the paper and the occasional coughs.

Where Death was...

Swearing, Fire booted Death's cats out of his way to get to Death who was sharpening his scythe.

Death: Leave them alone.
Fire: Damn cats won't move.

One of the cats yowled and hissed at Fire who proceeded to boot them aside.

Fire: Busy?
Death: Yep.
Fire: I guess you don't have time to help me look for my lost book?
Death: I'll be there shortly.

Fire nodded his head and left the workshop still kicking the cats. Death whistled and went back to work. As soon as Fire came up from the steps, he looked out the window only to see the gate was open. Fire yelled to Death.

Fire: Hey...? Death?! Did Loyal forget to close the gate?!
Death: Maybe!

Fire opened the window and crawled out ignoring his mother's terrified voice. Shivering from the cold, Fire walked over to the open gate and shut it.

It was so dark outside that Fire never saw the footprints leading up to the house.

Back to Death.

Death's cats purred and rubbed around Death's legs while some of them jumped onto the table watching him work. Death sang softly soothing the cats down and making his scythe bright red.



Death looked up when he heard his cat, Cricket hiss. Looking around, Death saw nothing but the tools and the glowing lightbulb.

Death: Fire? Stop fooling around.

No answer.


Death rubbed his Cricket's soft ears and walked around the room looking for whatever made that noise.


Shrugging, Death turned around to go back to his desk, the cats ran away in terror except for Cricket.


Death stopped walking. On his desk was a sword he never saw before.

The sword had a long curved blade with strange purple and navy writings on it. The handle was black and heavy looking.

Death: Did this fall, Cricket?
Cricket: !!
Death: Nice, huh?

Smiling, Death picked up the sword checking out its designs. Cricket yowled sourly and tried to make Death release the sword. Death didn't pay much attention to her.

Death: Look how pretty it is.

Cricket tried desperately to make Death stop.

Death couldn't take his eyes off the dark and beautiful sword.

Death: Cricket, look. Look how they made it.
Cricket: Yowl!!

Cricket hit at Death's hand making him drop the sword with a loud crash. The lights went off startling Death.

Death: Cricket! Bad kitty!
Cricket: -Hiss-

Death flicked Cricket's nose and knelt down to pick up the sword. Cricket tried to stop Death... but it was too late.

The blade sliced Death's palm all the way down to his wrist.

Death gasped from the pain and held his bleeding hand. Cricket made small mewing noises and licked Death's face.

The door opened and in walked Rayon and Death's cats.

Rayon: What's going on? Your cats are driving me nuts.

Rayon turned on the light to find Death on the floor holding his bleeding hand with Cricket next to him.

Rayon: Death! What happened?
Death: I cut myself.
Rayon: Let me see.

Rayon went down the stairs, placed a rag on Death's hand, and took him to see his mother. Death's cats followed him closely.

No one saw the black oily hand slowly dragging the sword back under the table.
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Chapter 280. "Loyal's Voice."

Loyal kissed his letter and sealed it in an envelope. Death and Faisceau walked beside Loyal as headed towards the gate.

Faisceau: I hope-
Loyal: Ssh.
Death: What's in the letter?
Loyal: Something... It's none of your concern.

Death squinted at Loyal as he lifted his wings and looked back at Faisceau.

Loyal: I don't know when I'll be back.
Faisceau: Just come back to us, okay?
Loyal: I will. Bye, Mama.
Faisceau: Bye, baby.

Faisceau hugged Loyal before he flew off. Death watched his brother fly off into the dark cold night.

Where was he going?

Back inside...

Death walked to his room rubbing his hurt hand gently. The cats padded after him meowing sadly.

Death: Ow. Why does my cut sting so much?
Cricket: ?
Death: Ow.

Death opened his door, and all of his cats ran in jumping around and knocking over his stuff. Death hopped onto his bed still rubbing his hand.

Death never saw the shadow pass his door.

The cats begin to run about begging to Death to let them out. Snapping at the cats, Death let them out and returned to his bed.

Death: I hope Sun-

"Why should anyone like you deserve such treatment?"

Death sat up with a yelp looking around his room.

Death: Who's there?

No one responded to Death.

Death: Hello...?

The wind kept blowing.

Death turned over trying telling himself it was nothing.

"Really, Death. No one like you deserves such treatment."

Death: Huh?

The voice was talking to him.

It wasn't Rayon or Faisceau.

Nor Fire and Sun.

It wasn't him...

It was...



"Yes, it is I."

"I thought you left?"

"I have my ways, Death."

"I forgot..."

"Yeah, you would."

Something about Loyal's voice made Death tremble.

Why was Loyal talking like this to him? As if Death was nothing?

"Loyal, are you alright?"


"What's the problem?"



"Yes, you. I'm sick of this, Death."


"Shut up for a minute, will you? Goddamn, you're annoying."

Death gripped the sheets hearing Loyal's hate-filled voice. Why was he angry?


"I'm tired of it, Death. I'm sick of how everyone is taking pity on a murderer like you!"

"I'm not-"


Breathing hard, Death shoved his face into the pillow praying that Loyal will stop.

"I'm sick of how my deities have to act like everything is alright, Death. When will it all end?"

"I don't know, Loyal."

"How long must they keep suffering for you?"


"You think no one is suffering because of you?"

"I thought..."

"You thought wrong."

Death sat up listening to his brother speak.

"What is going on?"

"Everyone is suffering because of you. Do you know what happens when a deity murders another?"


"Each deity must suffer for the sins of that murderer."

"I never-"

"Even I'm suffering because of you. After all of this, you have the gall to act like so moody and bitter about fathers death."

"I'm sorry."

"Whatever, Death."

"Loyal, I'm sorry!"



"Forget it. You won't understand."

"Loyal, please! Please tell me!"

"No, you're just going to act-"

"Loyal, please!! Please tell me and I'll do-"

"Do what, Death?"

Death didn't answer but whine quietly. "Loyal" waited.

"I'll listen to whatever you have to say, Loyal"

"You won't be scared, Death?"


"Alright. Let me tell you what's in the letter..."

Death sat crossed legged listening to "Loyal."

Where Loyal was...

Whistling, Loyal landed on the soft cold earth looking at the house in front of him. Loyal hurried over to the door and knocked on it rapidly.

Loyal: Hello?

No one answered.

Loyal: It's Loyal. Open up.


Shrugging, Loyal slid the letter into the mail slot.

The door opened and a tall Goddess stepped out of her house.

Loyal: Cordelia!
Coredelia: What is it this time, Loyal?
Loyal: I wanted to talk with you.

Sighing wistfully, Cordelia let Loyal inside.
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I voted for Cloud.

Wait... Loyal exploded?  Eyebrow+ Shocked

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I voted for Cloud.

Wait... Loyal exploded?  Eyebrow+ Shocked
Yeah, when the sun exploded, Loyal kinda...

Blew up along with it. e.e"
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I don't read this fic (but I may probably start) but I voted for the Rain guy.
No slicing of necks. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-

nevermind, im leaving again zzzz
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I don't read this fic (but I may probably start) but I voted for the Rain guy.
No slicing of necks. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
lol, that part was so graphic, I was beginning to worry if I should delete it. D:

No rush, there is plenty of time to catch up reading this loooooooooong story.  Smiley
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Chapter 281. No Questions.

Loyal stood by the door staring at Cordelia who was reading his letter with a look of annoyance. The cold wind blew sullenly outside making Loyal even more nervous.

Loyal: -Sneezes-
Cordelia: This is a huge request for me, Loyal.
Loyal: I know it's not-
Cordelia: I don't know if I can allow this.
Loyal: Oh, please, Cordelia! Death didn't mean to-
Cordelia: I already read what happened.
Loyal: It wasn't in cold blood, so maybe you can make an-
Cordelia: When a deity kills another, the punishment is death. Accident or not.
Loyal: But, Cordelia-
Cordelia: It's a law that your grandmothers made.
Loyal: ...

Without meaning to, Loyal crumpled to the carpet surprising Cordelia.

Loyal: I'm going to change that law.
Cordelia: Why all of a sudden?
Loyal: Because Death's life is on the line.
Cordelia: I'm sorry, Loyal. Death has to go.
Loyal: No!
Cordelia: Loyal, don't make this harder for yourself. Now get up and help me.

Not waiting for Loyal, Cordelia got up from her chair and walked off to her room to get her stuff. Shuddering, Loyal drew his knees up to his chin thinking of Death and the laws.  

Yes, if a deity murderers another deity, the punishment is death. No questions asked.

Death killed Himitsu. And to make matters worse, Himitsu was Loyal and Death's father.

The execution is done by the God of Life and the Goddess of Punishment.

Why should Loyal change that just for a family member?

Before Loyal could think it out, Cordelia came back with her books and a small box. Loyal begin to panic.

Loyal: Cordelia, wait-
Cordelia: Loyal, come on. The sooner we get this done-
Loyal: I'm not ready.
Cordelia: No one ever is in time like this.
Loyal: Cordelia, don't you feel a bit of remorse!?
Cordelia: Sometimes, now hurry.

Cordelia held out her hand for Loyal to help him up. Breathing hard, Loyal took Cordelia's gloved hand and reached for the book.

Loyal flipped through the pages reading the names of each deity until he founds Death's name.

Death Secret Soul. Born November 30th.

Loyal begin to shake all over. In the book was a picture of Death.

All smiles.

Sighing, Cordelia nudged Loyal with her staff.

Cordelia: Where is Death?
Loyal: I didn't bring him along.
Cordelia: Loyal, for pities sake, why?

Loyal didn't answer.

Cordelia: Whatever. Now hurry, we can't keep stalling.

Loyal shut his eyes thinking about Death.

He never told Death that he was here to talk with Cordelia about sparing his life. Now, Loyal was about to read from the book to end Death's short-lived life.

Oh, God, what day is it?

November 28th.

Death's birthday was in few days.

Loyal had to hurry before he lost his nerve.

"Death Secret Soul-"

Time seemed to stand still as Loyal and Cordelia spoke.

Trying hard not to break, Loyal held up Death's stone along with a hammer.

One hit, and it's all over.


Stuttering, Loyal heard his name.

The name Death gave him when he was learning how to talk.

It was Death who was with Loyal when Himitsu rejected him.

Death has always been there for him.

Loyal: NO!! NO, I CAN'T DO IT!!!

Loyal slammed the book shut and held tightly onto Death's stone. Cordelia turned around glaring at Loyal.

Cordelia: Loyal!
Loyal: I won't!!
Cordelia: We must continue, Loyal! Hand over Death's stone!
Loyal: No, Cordelia!! If we kill Death, are we are murderers as well!!?
Cordelia: Now is not the time-
Loyal: Are we!?
Cordelia: Loyal-
Loyal: ANSWER ME!!!

Cursing, Cordelia grabbed at Loyal who was screaming at her to stop.

Cordelia: Hand it over!
Loyal: LET ME GO!!
Cordelia: Damnit, Loyal!!

With a growl, Cordelia pulled Loyal's arms behind his back and grabbed the stone. Loyal was screaming at Cordelia to give it back, Cordelia threw Loyal aside and grabbed the hammer.

Loyal: No, Cordelia, NO!!
Cordelia: Shut it, Loyal. It has to be done!!

Ignoring Loyal's wailing, Cordelia raised the hammer.

Crash! Clink, clink, clink!.

Cordelia groaned and turned around to see if Loyal was alright.

Cordelia nearly screamed when she saw Loyal was on his knees with a stone in his mouth and Death's knife.

Not Death's stone. Cordelia had that in her hands.

Not Cordelia's stone either.

Loyal had his stone in his mouth.
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