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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 415943 times)
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Chapter 282. Cordelia and Loyal's Agreement.

Cordelia glared fiercely at Loyal who was trembling and making small whimpering noises.

Cordelia: Loyal, spit that out and hand it over!

Loyal obeyed Cordelia but never gave her the stone.

Cordelia: Stop with this game and hand that stone-
Loyal: No, I will not.
Cordelia: I will do away with Death if you are too scared, Loyal.
Loyal: I'll do it, Cordelia. If Death is a murderer, then so am I.
Cordelia: You? You haven't done anything.
Loyal: Not yet I haven't.
Cordelia: Huh?
Loyal: I'm just as bad as a murderer, Cordelia.
Cordelia: Why do you have your brothers knife?
Loyal: Did you know that if my brother and I put our powers together, we can kill each other?
Cordelia: No, I didn't know that.
Loyal: Death's power surges through his weapons.
Cordelia: Loyal...
Loyal: All it takes is one crack in my stone to stick Death's knife in it.
Cordelia: LOYAL!!

Furious, Cordelia stomped over to Loyal but stopped when Loyal cried out as if he was in pain.

Cordelia: Stop this nonsense, Loyal.
Loyal: If Death dies, so will I.
Cordelia: What about your other deities? Are you going to leave them alone like this?
Loyal: If I kill Death, my beautiful deities do not deserve a murderer for their God!
Cordelia: So you are going to leave them all?!
Loyal: They can't live with a heartless murderer, Cordelia!
Cordelia: All of this just for your brother!? Would you do this for anyone else?!
Loyal: YES!! If I had to kill you, I would die along with you!! For you and everyone!!!
Cordelia: Loyal!!

Quickly, Loyal shoved the stone in his mouth and bit down on it.


Cordelia yelped hearing the noise, Loyal spat out his stone looking at it.

The glowing stone had a deep crack on the side.

Large enough to stick a finger in it the crack.

Cordelia: Stop it, Loyal. Who will watch over your-
Loyal: I'm sure Sun would do a great job.
Cordelia: Wait-
Loyal: Farewell, Cordelia.

Standing up, Loyal raised his arm to stab his stone. The black and red knife shone brightly as the white rays of light from the stone struck it.


Loyal fell down with a yelp. Cordelia stood there breathing hard.

Beside Loyal was Death's stone.

Cordelia: Damn it! YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN TO STOP!!!

Loyal said nothing but smile at Death's stone. While Cordelia scolded Loyal, Loyal touched Death's stone with his fingertips.


Cordelia: If you are going to act like a damn idiot-

Loyal glanced at Cordelia with large eyes. Cordelia shut her eyes and counted to ten deliberately.  

Cordelia: I can see how much you love and want your brother, Loyal.
Loyal: Yes.
Cordelia: And you are not a liar. If you say you would do this for the others, then you are speaking the truth.
Loyal: I would, I really would!
Cordelia: I'm not a heartless Goddess, Loyal. If you want this to be so, then I'll... spare Death's life.

Cordelia crossed her arms frowning at Loyal who was sitting up now.

Cordelia: I want something in advance, alright? Now get out.

Cordelia nodded sharply at Loyal and turned away. Taking only one step, Cordelia felt Loyal jump on her hugging her tightly.

Loyal: Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You won't regret this!!

Gagging, Cordelia tried to pry Loyal off. Laughing with joy, Loyal held onto Cordelia like a barnacle.
Cordelia: Off! I don't like hugs!
Loyal: I'll be back soon, Cordelia! Bye-bye!

Loyal kissed Cordelia on the cheek before running out the door. Growling, Cordelia wiped her face with her sleeves.

The things Cordelia has to deal with.
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Chapter 283. Death the Exiled.

Death sat on his bed holding onto his stuffed octopus tightly. "Loyal" was silent now; his harsh voice still rang in Death's ears.

Death never felt so alone at this moment. First, he lost Himitsu. Then his new family and Moon.

Now Loyal?

How can Death be so blind?

And deaf.

"I never knew all of this, Loyal."

"Yeah, well, that's my truth. I can't keep up with this lie forever."

"I'm sorry. Why were you keeping me here?"

"I thought I could handle this, but I can't."

"Oh, Loyal... how could I've been so stupid?"

"How could I think I could handle all of this?"

"Now that I know this, what must will you do?"

"Death, you do know what happens to murderers, right?"

"No, I don't... Is it the death penalty?"

"No, it's worse than that."

"What can be worse than-"


Death's grew cold.


Why? Why such a harsh punishment as this? The death penalty was frightening, but it will soon be over.

But exile?

To live the life as a criminal, vagabond, outcast. Each day knowing you have no place to call home, no one to call family.

Yes, exile indeed is the worst punishment any human or deity can receive.



"Kill me, please! Anything but this!!!"

"Why should I give you the blessing of death? What makes you think you deserve it?"

"I don't want to live a life alone!!"

"And Himitsu didn't want to die."

"I don't-"

"My deities and I don't want to suffer like this anymore."

"I'm sorry! I didn't- I'm-"


"I'm scared! I don't want to go like this! I don't want to leave knowing you are angry with me!! Are you!?"

"Why the hell do you think I am banishing you?"

"I said I was sorry!"

"It's not going to make up for the death of our father, Death!!"

"Loy-loy, ple-"

"Stop calling me that! You're not a child anymore, damn it!"


"Shut up!!"

Death balked when "Loyal" screamed at him. Was Loyal really this upset about Himitsu.


Even though their father hated Loyal, Loyal still loved him.

And Death took Himitsu away.

"Alright, Loyal. If you want this. I'll leave."

"Just... go."

"I'll be leaving now..."

"Then go. Why are still here?"

"I was hoping-"

"That I would change my mind? -Scoffs-"

Trembling, Death got up from his bed and headed to the door. The clock ticked loudly.


"Will we ever see each other again, Loyal?"

"I pray that we won't, Death."

Death nodded his head and covered his face with his right hand so "Loyal" wouldn't see the tears.

"Buck up, Death. It's not the end of the world."

"It is for me, Loy-loy..."

Death shut the door and locked it with "Loyal" inside.

Everyone in the house was asleep. No one saw Death going down the stairs and out the door.


The cold wind blew harshly at Death as if his friend, Wind was mad at him. Pulling his jacket on, Death went down the trail, opened the gate, and left.

It was so dark, that Death worried that he would get lost.

It didn't matter anymore. Death was an outcast, vagabond, nothing.

Death the Exiled.

Inside the house, Amagna Okubi laughed softly into his closed fist watching Death leave.


November 30th.
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Chapter 284. The Perfect Birthday Gift.

Practically dancing, Loyal paraded around the town looking at each stall full of colorful clothing and unique gadgets to buy. The people smiled at Loyal who was ogling a fairy light. The fairy light spun around slowly making Loyal grin with delight; it was perfect for his mother. After paying for it, Loyal moved onto the next stall looking for a gift for his father and brothers.

Five minutes later.

Smiling, Loyal sat on the steps thinking about what he should get Death.

A kitten? He has plenty of those.

A new robe? Nah.


Loyal sat up in surprise. Yelp? Looking up, Loyal saw a man with a large cage full of yelping puppies.

A puppy!

Quickly, Loyal jumped up and hurried over to the cage. Six loud puppies ran around chasing each other or just wagging their tails at Loyal.

Perfect gift.

Petting each one, Loyal begin to check which one he should buy. They were all so adorable, that it was hard to choose. The man smiled at Loyal when he asked him what kind of breed they were.

Saint Bernard's?

Great ducks, those dogs grow up to be huge!

Would his parents like such a large animal?

Eh, Loyal will deal with them later.

Reaching down and closing his eyes, Loyal picked up one of the puppies.

A girl.

This one was coming home with Loyal.

After paying the man and saying goodbye to the puppies, Loyal set off to go home.


November 30th. Death's birthday.

Loyal: Okay, puppy! You are mine for now.

The puppy cocked her head at Loyal as he cradled her in his arms. The lantern bobbed gently lighting the way for Loyal. Chuckling, Loyal placed the puppy on the ground and knelt next to her.

Loyal: Soon you will belong to my brother. Today is his birthday.

The puppy whined at Loyal as he pulled out a glossy paper.

Loyal: This is him. This is Death, isn't he handsome?

The puppy bit down on the picture thinking it was a treat. Loyal watched in horror as the puppy tore up the picture.

Loyal: Oh... um... I have more...

The puppy wagged her tail at Loyal as he rubbed her head. The wind was so cold tonight.


Slightly nervous, Loyal got up, picked up the squirming puppy and walked on.

Loyal: You need a name.

As Loyal walked home, he couldn't think of any names for the new puppy.

At the house.

Death's cats puffed up at the puppy when she bounced into the living room.


Loyal: Quiet! You'll wake up-
Rayon: Loyal?
Loyal:  Bored

Loyal didn't have enough time to escape to his room, that and Rayon was already at the door with Faisceau.

Faisceau: Loyal!
Loyal: Hiiiii...
Faisceau: What are you doing with that dog!?
Rayon: Um.
Loyal: It's for Death, mama.
Faisceau: Good heavens, why!? He has smelly cats already!
Loyal: It's my birthday gift for him.
Rayon: Aw, how cute. Please, Faisceau? Let's keep her?
Faisceau: We can't-

Faisceau was interrupted when the puppy yelped in pain after being scratched on floppy ear One of the cats hissed at her, Faisceau grabbed her broom and slapped the naughty cat outside. The puppy whined mournfully and hid her face in Faisceau's nightgown. Loyal and Rayon held their breath watching Faisceau nurse the puppy's bleeding ear. The puppy licked at Faisceau's hand whining softly.

Faisceau: -Sigh- Why do puppies do this?
Rayon: Do what?
Faisceau: Act cute.
Loyal: Can we keep her?
Faisceau: If it's Death's birthday gift, then alright.

Faisceau silenced her husband and son as they begin to cheer out loud.

Faisceau: What is her name?
Loyal: I don't know.
Rayon: You don't know? Pfft. Name her anything.
Loyal: Cakey?
Rayon: Yuk.
Loyal: Sweetpea?
Rayon: No.
Loyal: But you said I could-
Rayon: Try harder, Loyal.
Loyal: How about-
Faisceau: BABY WAFFLES!!
Rayon: Baby Waffles!?
Faisceau: Baby Waffles is her name. Don't wear it out.
Rayon: What kind of a name is that?!
Faisceau: Her name. Now be quiet!
Rayon: Okay, okay... chill.
Loyal: It's cute.
Rayon: It's stupid.
Faisceau: It's Baby Waffles.
Baby Waffles: Yarp!
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Chapter 285. Where is Death?


"Ssh! Be still, you three. Death might wake up."

"Loyal hit me."

"I did not, the puppy nipped me and pulled away from her."

"Ow! She nipped my arm, Loyal!"

"I'm sorry, she is-"


Loyal cried out quietly when Sun slapped him on the forehead. Rayon turned around quickly and slapped Sun on the head making him yelp. Fire was in the back with Faisceau who reached over and took the puppy from Loyal.

"Give her to me."


"Don't hit Loyal, Sun."

"Shut up, Fire."

"You shut up."

"Rayon, they are cursing at each other again."

"I have ears, Faisceau. If you don't shaddap and stop cursing at you brother, Sun, I'll whip you with the strap."

"See? This is why they curse like this."

"Faisceau, please."

Ha-ha, dad yelled at you."

"Dad didn't yell at me, He whispered harshly at me. There is a difference, you idiot."


"Why are you getting mad at me? Fire-"


"Hon, hon."

Faisceau begin to scold her sons as Sun held Fire in a headlock. Loyal pulled on Sun telling him to stop.

"Ow, he bit me. Ma, the savage bit me."

"Hush you two."


Rayon led his bickering family up the stairs leading to Death's room. A few cats hurried down the stairs making Baby Waffles whine.


"Just wait, let me pull my hair back."

"Don't forget to freshen your makeup, Sun."

As Sun pulled his hair back, he kicked Fire hard in the knee.

"Okay, quietly now. Ssssh...."

Rayon opened the door slowly so he wouldn't wake Death up. Sun, Fire, Loyal, and Faisceau tiptoed behind him. Death's bed was empty except for one cat that was resting there.


Faisceau turned on the light making her sons screech out Happy Birthday thinking it was the signal.

Faisceau: Where is he?
Rayon: I don't know.
Sun: Eh? Where's Death, Loyal?
Loyal: I thought he was asleep in here.
Fire: Death?

Rayon went over to the bed and looked under it. All was there were a few books, a plate, a cat toy, and shoes.

Rayon: He might have gone out to see Moon.
Faisceau: Why?
Rayon: They are friends, right? She probably had a present for him.

Fire was too worried to make a joke about it to Sun. Baby Waffles jumped out of Faisceau's arms and went over to Cricket who blinked sleepily at her.

Faisceau: How strange... Come on, everyone. I have to make breakfast.

Rayon, Sun, and Loyal went after Faisceau while Fire stayed behind staring at Death's empty bed. Where was he? He should've been here.

In the kitchen.

Rayon, Faisceau, Sun, and Loyal sat at the table talking about the party they planned in the temples. Fire came thumping down the stairs with Baby Waffles and Cricket at his heels.

Rayon: It's hard to believe that Death is twelve already, Faisceau.
Faisceau: I know. I still remember wrapping him up in a blanket and giving him to Seikatsu.
Loyal: Was he tiny?
Faisceau: Ah, Loyal, your brother was so tiny and weightless. It frightened everyone!
Fire: Was he breathing?
Faisceau: No, that made matters worse, Death wouldn't come to even after we slapped him.
Fire: What made him start breathing?
Rayon: We don't know. Death just begin to breathe.

Loyal looked around remembering when he had to breathe for his brother after hearing his mother and father panicking.

He never told anyone though.

Maybe later.

The front door opened making Faisceau jump up excitedly. It wasn't Death. Wind and Moon peeked in.

Wind: Hi, sorry to bother you, the door was open.

Fire leaned over and muttered 'rude' to Loyal.

Moon: Hi, where's Death?
Faisceau: We thought he went to see you?

Moon didn't have enough to answer when Cloud and Rain shoved her aside.

Rain: Happy- where's Death?
Rayon: Okay, what's going on?
Cloud: You tell me. Where's Death?

Now, everyone was confused or scared. Death was nowhere to be seen. Fire felt Loyal squeeze his hand tightly. Loyal was trembling.

Faisceau: Now, now, Death might have gone off to be alone for a few minutes. He'll be back soon.
Wind: Who wants to be alone on their birthday?
Faisceau: Plenty.
Wind: Whatever- I mean, yes, ma'am.
Fire: He'll be here, right?
Rayon: Of course. Death wouldn't leave.  

Wind shrugged and left saying bye. Moon came up and glared at Rain who stuck out her tongue. Cloud's mouth made a tight line as she pulled her sister along. The morning went on with everyone thinking Death would come back soon.

Oh, if only they knew.
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*one sec later* THEY KNOW!
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Chapter 286. The Unfinished Birthday Song.

Death's P.O.V

Tired and falling to his knees, Death stopped to catch his breath. The freezing wind blew severely making Death's feet feel numb even in his boots. Heavy storm clouds gathered in the sky covering the winter moon. Shielding his eyes from the now falling snow, Death wondered if Moon was upset with him as well.

Like his brother said, they all are. Even his best friend.

No deity saw the freezing young God trudging through the snow.

Death longed for Himitsu to be with him in his now perilous life. It would have been better if he and Himitsu were both exiled in the beginning. Why did Death think he could stop his father from hurting his brother?


Loyal was no longer his brother. He cut ties off with him in just one night.

Death had no one now.

No father.

No mother.

No brother.


The cold feeling of abandonment began to sink within Death's warm heart causing him to wince from the cutting cold pain.

Death never knew it would hurt this much. Is this how Loyal felt? All these years of Himitsu's hate, is this how Loyal felt each passing day? Death bit down on his bottom lip berating himself for not thinking of asking how Loyal felt. Death was too busy basking in Himitsu's love for him.

Loyal had every right to hate him.

It was only fair and just.

The stinging snow pierced Death's skin cutting him as it hit him. Thin trails of blood seeped from the tiny openings.

Yet, Death kept wandering.

Where? Death didn't know.

Death had nothing. The only thing Death remembered is that it's his birthday. He is now twelve years old.

If only the deities had started their search party, they would have found Death.

"Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday...




Loyal's P.O.V.

Wringing a napkin, Loyal puttered back and forth complaining to Sun and Fire about Death's absence. Sun and Fire sat on the table listening to Loyal while the others fussed over the party streamers to keep their mind that Death is gone.

"Where is he?"

"Calm yourself, Loyal. Death will come to the temple."

"He never showed up like you said, Sun. I need him here now!"

"Loyal, it's alright. Death will show up."

"No, Fire, this has gone long enough. Death never leaves without telling me."

"Death will show up."

The clock struck eleven and Sun told his friends and deities to go home to rest already. Loyal stood by a pillar hanging onto it. Wordlessly, Sun walked over to Loyal and pulled him away.

"It's getting late. We should be in bed now."

"But, Sun-"

Fire came up and patted Sun's arm motioning for him to let go of Loyal. The snow continued to fall making huge drifts outside.

"Ssh. We'll wait with you."

Loyal smiled weakly at Fire who pulled on his scarf on tighter. Sun, Fire, and Loyal huddled close together to keep warm in the freezing temple. A lone candle flickered in front of them.

Together, the young Gods whispered happy birthday to Death.

"Happy birthday, dear Death... happy birthday to you."

The beautiful song Death never finished.
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Chapter 287. Don't Leave Me...

The next morning...

Fire awoke in his bed next to one of Death's cats. Sun and Loyal were nowhere to be seen. Getting up quickly, Fire rushed downstairs calling for his parents who were talking in the living room. Faisceau's eyes were red from crying.

Fire: Mama?
Faisceau: What's wrong?
Fire: Where's Sun and Loyal?
Faisceau: Sun is with Ocean and Loyal is sleeping in his room.
Fire: Who found us?
Rayon: We did. We worried that you and your brothers ran away.
Fire: Ran away?
Rayon: Fire, your brother ran away.

Fire sucked in his breath and reached for a chair to support him as his knees weakened. Ran away? Why? Faisceau begin to weep again hanging onto her husband as he smoothed her hair down telling her it will be alright.

Will it?

Fire: Papa?
Rayon: What is it, Fire?
Fire: Are you sure he ran away?
Rayon: We can't find him. Moon's parents searched all night for him, but they found nothing,
Fire: Did Cosmic's and Galactic's parents find any trace?
Rayon: No, they found nothing. Even though it was snowing, there were no footprints.
Fire: No feather? No scent!?
Rayon: Hush, Fire. You'll wake up your brother.
Fire: How are we going to tell Loyal?
Faisceau: Oh, Rayon. How?
Rayon: I'll think of something. I'll try to break it down to him.


Rayon and Faisceau looked up quickly and stared. Fire gulped down the hard lump forming in his throat afraid to turn around.

That noise wasn't the cats or dog. Fire turned his head and looked over his shoulder.

Loyal stood there on the steps gripping the wooden railing with one hand.

He heard them talking.

Rayon and Faisceau looked at each other and back at Loyal.

Fire: Loyal...
Loyal: Is this...
Faisceau: Please, Loyal-
Loyal: Is this a sick joke?

No one answered Loyal as he slowly came down the stairs. Loyal stared directly at his father who stuttered and swallowed loudly.

No one could speak.

Faisceau: Sweetie?
Loyal: You all said he would be back...
Rayon: We didn't know Death-
Loyal: Where did I go wrong?
Fire: Loyal, don't blame-
Loyal: How could I've failed so terribly?
Faisceau: Sweetie, it's not your-

Faisceau didn't get to finish her sentence. Loyal ran past her and headed to the front door.

Fire: LOYAL!!!

The front door lew open and Loyal ran out into the cold morning air. Rayon bolted after Loyal and ordering Fire to stay inside.

Faisceau and Fire stood in the living room hearing Rayon yell Loyal's name.

Faintly, they heard Loyal screaming for his brother.

Faisceau cried quietly into her tissue holding onto Fire.

Fire: Mama?
Faisceau: Oh, Fire, what will become of your brother?
Fire: I don't know.
Faisceau: We looked everywhere, but Death never showed up!
Fire: Everywhere?
Faisceau: Everywhere, Fire! I should've been listening to my son!
Fire: It will be alright, mama.
Faisceau: Pray that there is some sort of miracle, Fire.
Fire: I will.

Gently, Fire hugged his mother patting her on the back. Faisceau gripped Fire still weeping sorrowfully.

Faisceau feared that it would be Fire who would run away. Some deities talked so negatively about him.

But it was Death who ran away. Fire was still here.

Faisceau: I lost one son... Don't leave me, baby.
Fire: I won't. Not now, not ever.

Despite her misfortune, Faisceau smiled weakly through her tears.
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would've voted NO NO NO if i hadn't known the point of this fanfic Laugh
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would've voted NO NO NO if i hadn't known the point of this fanfic Laugh
Nuuuu, you cold fish. Cry

jk.  Tongue
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Chapter 289. The Search.

A few days passed and still no sign of Death. Each deity searched in packs looking for him, but they returned with nothing. It came to a point where some of them begin to question each other. Loyal hated to do it, but he had to.

Loyal had each deity see him for questioning. Even his friends. In the temple, Liberty told Loyal he might have to be strict with the questions so they would be afraid and tell him the truth. Loyal sighed and obeyed Liberty.

Each deity begin to worry when Loyal begin to question them, and one burst into tears.

Nothing. No one, not even Cordelia knew where Death was or how he ran off. It was a mystery Loyal could not solve.

"Death, where are you?"

The words that replayed over and over in Loyal's head.

One sunny afternoon, Loyal flew up high in the sky with Cloud who molded her clouds into words begging Death to come back.

Death never saw them.

Fire and Sun stood with Doragon looking at the cloud message. Fire held Death's scarf.

A week passed, and Rayon and Faisceau begin to worry about Loyal. Loyal went on with his work but barely slept. Each day, after school and his work, Loyal searched for Death.

Sometimes, Faisceau would force Loyal to go to bed. Loyal just sat on the bed calling Death's over and over.

The deities and Loyal went down into the world asking the people if they had seen Death.

"Have you seen the God?"


"Thank you anyways"

"Have you seen this God?"

"What's his name?"


"Sorry, no."

"Well, if you see him, light this candle."

"Will do."

"Have you seen this God? His name is Death."



Even after it was time to go home, Loyal still went around pleading to the people if they find Death, please to keep him safe until he arrives.
The people nodded their heads sadly at Loyal.

Loyal refused to stop his search, a few weeks later, Loyal turned twelve.


Loyal was becoming desperate, he searched high and low looking for his lost brother. Each day, Loyal put up signs all over the worlds that had information about Death and what to do they see him.

No one ever lit a candle to let Loyal they found Death.

One night after hearing Loyal rant upstairs, everything was quiet. Rayon and Faisceau peeked in the room to find Fire who holding back his tears and hugging Loyal as he cried in his neck.

Two weeks later.

Snow fell gently onto the ground

Loyal put up signs, Fire was next to him shivering and holding the extras.

"Fire, where do you think he is?"

"I don't know, Loyal. Death will come back soon."


"Tomorrow, maybe."

"Now, Fire, I need Death now."

"I know, Loy-loy. If I could find Death, I would bring him back."

"Why did he leave, Fire?"

"I wish I knew..."

Faisceau and Rayon stood inside the house watching Loyal and Fire trudge off.

"Faisceau, how I failed my son so bad?"

"It's not your fault, Rayon."

"Death lost his father, I should have been listening to him."

"You did."

"If I did, why did Death leave? I'm the worst father in the kingdom!


"It's true! I failed Himitsu by losing his son!!"

"Stop saying that!"

"I failed Death, Faisceau! Why did I think I could take care of him? I should've just butted out."

"If you had kept silent, Loyal would still be alone."

"I don't deserve him anymore... I couldn't protect his brother."

Rayon sat on his chair and hid his face in his hands. Faisceau knelt down next to him rubbing his knee.


"I wish I could go back, Faisceau."

"You were there in Loyal's darkest hour. After Himitsu died, they had no one. Right now, Loyal needs you and us. We are his parents he never had."


"Are you going to leave Loyal now?"

Rayon looked into Faisceau's golden eyes. Even though Loyal was their God, he did need him and Faisceau.

"No, I won't leave him..."

"It looks bad, Rayon, but families stick together. I need you to help me as well with our remaining sons and the life we must live now. Will you help me?"

"Why do you think I married you?"

Smiling, Faisceau kissed her husband on the mouth before getting up to help Fire and Loyal as they walked in with Sun.

While Faisceau and Rayon put the signs away, Loyal glanced at Sun who only shook his head sadly.

Still no sign of Death.

Loyal clapped his hands together to warm them and to keep from crying. Sorrowfully, Fire took Loyal's cold hands into his to warm them.

Loyal winched as Fire rubbed them until the color came back. As soon as Loyal's hands were warm, Fire didn't let go. Instead, he took Sun's hands as well.

"It will be alright, Sun and Loyal... Be strong. No matter how long it takes, Death will come home."

Faisceau and Rayon came up and hugged their sons.

"I promise Death will come home."

The search for Death went on, but each night Rayon and Faisceau made sure they spent a little extra time with their sons.

Families never give up in each other.
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Chapter 290. Doragon's World. Part One.

A few months later.

Sighing loudly, Sand sat on the porch steps listening to Cloud and Rain talk about what they should do for their fathers birthday as they made clay jars.

Sand: I'm bored.
Cloud: Make a clay jar.
Sand: I don't wanna.
Rain: Then you're not bored.
Sand: I wish I wasn't bored.

Cloud rolled her eyes and went back to Rain who looked at Sand through half-lidded eyes.

Rain: Wanna wish for something else?
Sand: Maybe some pudding.
Cloud: Oh, look.

Sand perked up when she saw Fire walking by with Loyal. Cosmic and Galactic were leading them.

Sand: This better than pudding.
Cloud: Huh?
Sand: Oh, Loooyaal~ Where are you going?
Loyal: We are going to check out Doragon's world.
Sand: Can I come?
Loyal: Pfft, I guess. 

Sand hurried over to where Loyal was standing with Cosmic who stopped walking and glared at her.

Fire's the reason why Sand wanted to tag along.

Sand: Hi!
Fire: Hullo.
Sand: How long will this take?
Loyal: Depends.
Sand: How are you?
Loyal: Not good.

Sand patted Loyal's arm and turned back to Fire who smiled stiffly at her.

Sand: You? How are you holding up?
Fire: One day at a time, Sand.
Galactic: Wanna come along, Rain and Cloud.
Cloud: No thanks, we'll stay here.
Loyal: See ya then.

Sand smiled and waved goodbye at her friends. Cloud winked at Sand who grinned at her.

Confused, Loyal glanced over to Galactic who shrugged. Before Sand could start talking to Fire, Wind got in between them grinning madly.

Wind: Heeeey! What's going on?
Loyal: We are going to-
Wind: Sounds awesome! Can I come?
Loyal: I- ... Sure.
Cosmic: Can we get going?

Nodding at Cosmic, Wind shoved Sand aside and turned to Fire and started talking about Baby Waffles. With fierce determination, Sand tried to get Fire's attention, but Wind kept pushing her aside.

Wind:How's that smelly mutt of yours?
Fire: She's good, Wind. We taught her how to use the bathroom outside.
Sand: Fire?
Wind: Yuk, Fire. You should get a bird instead.
Fire: Birds are stinky things.
Sand: Fire?
Wind: Birds are okay, Fire.
Sand: Hey, Fire?
Fire: Oh, please, Wind. Birds smell up the cage and once they fly out the window, you can kiss your pet goodbye.
Wind: True.
Sand: Fire?
Wind: Sand, please. You are bothering Fire.
Sand: Wind, why don't you-
Wind: So, Fire, were are heading to Cosmic's house, yes?
Fire: Yup.
Wind: Wanna race?
Sand: Fire?
Fire: Sure!
Wind: Cosmic, Me and Fire are going to race ahead!
Cosmic: Go on.
Sand: Hey!
Fire: Loser eats a stinkbug!
Wind: Readysetgo!!!

Sand opened her mouth to object, but Wind and Fire zoomed off hurling insults at one another. Cosmic turned around and smirked at Sand.

Cosmic: Looks like you're the loser, Sand. Still wanna come along?
Sand: Yes.

Sand glared at the ground as she trudged after the group.

Cosmic: Let's hurry and get to Blessing.
Loyal: Pick up the pace, Sand.

Sand grumbled about how she wished she had pudding to throw at Wind.
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Sand grumbled about how she wished she had pudding to throw at Wind.


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Chapter 291. Dragon's World Part Two.

Doragon nibbled at her claws waiting impatiently for Cosmic to show up with his friends. Nova peeked out the window to check on her daughter and to see if Cosmic was here.


Nova rolled her but didn't turn around to see who it was. Wind and Fire were sprawled out on the floor looking up at her.

Fire: Wind tripped me.
Wind: Did not. You fell down the hill and knocked me down.
Nova: Having fun?
Wind: You bet! Sadly, we came in at the same time, so there is no loser.
Fire: Good. Who wants to eat a stinkbug?
Nova: Where are the others?
Wind: They should be coming up.

Doragon peeked in staring at her mother. Wind booted Fire off and stood up smoothing his hair down.

Wind: We have plenty of time to murder, can we help with anything?

Nova kept Fire and Wind busy until Cosmic strolled up with his friends in tow. Sand went over to Fire and winded up slipping because of Wind who "accidentally" left a wet rag on the floor. Doragon perked up when Loyal walked in. Smiling, Loyal waved at her.

Cosmic saw them.

Cosmic: God! We came here to find the world, not to have dates!
Nova: What?
Cosmic: Nothing, let's get going.
Wind: Sand, if you keep tripping like that, you're going to break your head wide open!
Fire: Are you alright?
Sand: I'm fine.
Loyal: Hello, Nova! How are you?
Nova: Fine, fine. Going to see Blessing's world, yeah?
Loyal: Yep! I'm so excited, Nova!
Galactic: I already saw it, I'm just tagging along because-
Cosmic: You like getting in the way?
Nova: I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did, Loyal.
Loyal: Is it beautiful? How beautiful?
Nova: It's very beautiful, Loyal.
Loyal: I wish Death was here to see it with me.

Everyone in the kitchen became quiet thinking about Death.

Nova: Death will see it when he comes back, Loyal.

Loyal nodded his head solemnly which made Doragon's heart ache terribly. Cosmic slapped her head.

Cosmic: We have to go now, Mommy. I'll be back soon.
Nova: Stay together, everyone.
Cosmic: Bye.
Nova: Bye, baby.

Cosmic kissed his mother on the cheek before leading everyone outside.

Sand: How long will this take?
Galactic: It depends.
Cosmic: It shouldn't take long if we get moving.
Wind: How do we get there?
Cosmic: Climb onto Blessing's back.

Everyone except Loyal scurried onto Doragon's back. Standing up Cosmic stared at Loyal with half closed eyes.

Cosmic: Aren't you climbing on?
Loyal: I'll fly beside Doragon.
Cosmic: Why?
"Because you're getting mad over nothing."
Loyal: Just because, is it alright if I do?
Cosmic: Alright. Wear yourself out.

Loyal made a face at Cosmic when he turned his head to explain a few rules to his friends.

Seriously, why was Cosmic so irritated whenever he showed up? He wasn't like this when Doragon isn't around, but as soon as Doragon shows up, Cosmic is angry. Doragon turned her head and winked at Loyal.

Cosmic: Okay, everyone? Obey the rules, alright?
Fire: Gotcha, can we get going now?
Cosmic: Yes. Fly, Blessy!

Doragon begin to trot to the grassy area and jumped high into the air. Loyal flew after her listening to his friends laugh with glee.

As Doragon flew near the beach, Fire waved to Sun who was waving back at him and running after Baby Waffles who was loose and was running after them barking loudly.

As they flew farther and farther away from their home, Loyal scanned the area hoping to see Death.

Nothing but trees.

Sighing sadly, Loyal flew up next to Doragon's head failing to notice that Doragon was getting nervous seeing him next to her.

Loyal: Hello, Doragon.
Doragon: -Chirps-
Loyal: Tell me, do you know why your land was hidden for so many years?
Doragon: -Shakes head-
Loyal: Will I get to see your parents?
Doragon: -Huffs-
Loyal: You haven't found them yet? I hope you find them soon.

Doragon turned her head to look at Loyal who was smiling at her. Cosmic peeked over Doragon's horns and saw them.

Cosmic: Blessing, are we almost there!?

Quickly and embarrassed, Doragon nodded at Cosmic. Sand and Galactic laughed as they told each other jokes while Fire and Wind looked up at the sky in awe.

Wind: I've never been this high up before... Look how close we are to the sky, Fire.
Fire: Yeah...
Wind: It almost looks like you can touch the sky...
Fire: Maybe we can...?
Wind: That's silly, Fire. You can't touch the sky.
Fire: We haven't tried it yet, have we?
Wind: You do it. The thought of it is terrifying me.

Fire smiled at Wind and reached up to see if he can touch the sky.

Galactic: Look, Fire! We're here!

Fire pulled his hand back and glanced over Doragon's head. Just clouds.

Fire: Not much, Galactic.
Galactic: Blessy is going to land soon! Look!!

Galactic pointed frantically at red and gold dragon that was flying next to them looking at them curiously.

Galactic: Hi!!

The dragon nodded at Galactic and flew past them.

Sand: Wow!
Galactic: Wasnt that cool!? Look! There is more flying by!

Sure enough, there were more dragons flying next to Doragon. Loyal became nervous when a massive dark blue dragon flew next to Loyal eyeing him suspiciously. Loyal could see himself in its angry red and orange eyes, Loyal smiled and waved, but the dragon just snarled at him.

Doragon growled menacingly at the angry dragon warning him to leave. The dragon bared its teeth at Loyal before flying off.

Loyal: Fire!
Fire: I saw it, Loyal.
Loyal: What did I do?
Galactic: You know, Loyal. A male dragon will fight to win its mate or it will fight if it is jealous.
Loyal: Huh?
Cosmic: Just ignore that dragon, Loyal.
Wind: Wow, what an ****
Fire: Jeez.

This wasn't fun anymore. Loyal was slightly hurt and wished for Death. Death would've done something. Seeing Loyal's face, Fire called him over.

Loyal: What?
Fire: Sit with me.

Loyal perched on top of Doragon's back and snuggled close Fire. Fire smoothed down Loyal's hair as Doragon flew a bit farther before landing.

At least Fire was here.
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Chapter 292. Doragon's World. Part Three.

Ever so carefully, Doragon landed on a cobblestone trail and waited for Cosmic and his friends to climb off her back. Wind stood with his hands on his hips scanning the area, trees, birds, grass, not very exciting. Loyal walked around with his hand on his heart drinking in the beauty.

Wind: Soooo. I came along only to see what we have back at home?
Loyal: It's beautiful here.
Wind: I'm slightly disappointed.


Wind ignored Sand.

Wind: What do you think, Fire?
Fire: I'm pretty dang sure if we look around we'll find it more interesting.

Fire smiled weakly at Wind and walked down the trail. Loyal was still walking around slowly looking at each plant and stone.


Cosmic: What's the matter with you guys? It's beautiful here!
Doragon: -Huffs-
Galactic: Sand?
Sand: Where are the Fairies? Pixies? Where are they? I came to see-
Wind: No, you came along to be with-

Sand tackled her cousin. While Sand and Wind fought on the floor, Cosmic headed over to Loyal.

Cosmic: Well?
Loyal: I can see why my grandmothers hid this place.

Poor Loyal. They never hid it because of the beauty.

It was something else.

Galactic: Blessy, Wind and Sand are fighting.

Growling at them, Doragon bit down on Sand's dress and pulled her off of Wind.

Wind: I'm already bored, Cosmic.
Cosmic: But, Wind-
Wind: Doragon, where are the other creatures? All we saw were dragons and a hard*** dragon who got mad at Loyal.

Loyal was too busy looking at a rainbow colored flower to notice Wind who was ranting.

Cosmic: Blessy, where are they?
Doragon: ?
Cosmic: Poop. We'll find a pixy soon.
Wind: -Sigh- Whatever, Cosmic. I'm starved.

Spying a pear tree, Wind looked back at Sand smiling rudely.
Wind: Look, Sand. Not even the fruit here is exotic or strange looking.

Sand flipped Wind off. Wind hurried down the trail, grabbed a pear, and bit down into it.

Wind: The pears taste like the ones back home.

Galactic glared at Wind who continued to eat the large pear and judging everything he saw. Fire hated to admit that he was bored.

Wind: Pfft, they even have bugs here. There is a small bite in this-


Wind stopped talking when a small winged creature flew right into his face. It's high pitch irritated voice made Doragon's head hurt.

Terrified, Wind gaped at the winged creature as it scolded him.

"Who do you think you are?! Eating my lunch!! This is my pear!!"

Cosmic and Doragon snickered watching Wind get berated by a pixy.

Pixy: Who are you?! What do you have to say for yourself?!
Wind: It talks!!

Wind passed out. The pixy grabbed his pear, kicked Wind's finger, and flew back into the tree. Fire grabbed Doragon's leg and pointed at the pear tree.

Fire: Doragon, a pixy yelled at Wind!!!
Doragon: -Sniffs-
Sand: A pixy!!?
Loyal: I can't beileve it!!

Everyone was so excited that they forgot about Wind who was still on the ground.

Sand: Doragon! Where did that pixy go!?
Doragon: -Shrugs-
Galactic: I'll go get him.

Bravely, Galactic marched over to the pear tree, reached into the leaves, and pulled out the angry pixy by his legs.

Pixy: Stop!
Galactic: Ssh. My friends want to see you.
Pixy: Friends?

Sand, Fire, and Loyal yelped as Galactic got closer with the pixy who quieted down seeing Cosmic and Doragon.

Galactic held out her dark hand to her friends. Just like in the book, a small pixy stood in Galactic's hand staring at each deity.

Sand: Hello.
Pixy: Hi.
Fire: Who are you?
Pixy: I'm Wormberry.
Fire: I'm Fire. This is Sand and Loyal.
Wormberry: Charmed.
Fire: Over there on the floor is Wind.

Wind groaned as he sat up rubbing his head. Tiny pixies flew off him.

Wind: What happened?
Fire: You fainted. Look, Wind.
Wind: What?
Sand: A pixy!
Wind: That's what it was? I thought it was a fairy.
Wormberry: Pixies and fairies don't look alike. We pixies are taller and more-
Wind: I just passed out, do I look like I know what a damn pixy looks like?

Wind stood up and brushed the dirt off his robes. Loyal turned back to Wormberry.

Loyal: I apologize for this mishap, Wormberry.
Wormberry: It's alright. Can I go now?
Galactic: Sure.

Wormberry flew off into the sky with a few more pixies carrying pears and other fruits.

Fire: Wow...
Cosmic: Entertained now?
Wind: Yes.

Wind looked around hoping to see something or someone else. Loyal glanced over at Doragon.

Loyal: Can we go exploring?
Cosmic: Why are you asking her?
Loyal: She's an Imperial dragon, right? That kinda means she is the daughter of an emperor or empress.
Cosmic: So, we take orders from her?
Loyal: Shouldn't we?

Everyone stared at Doragon.

Heck, should they? Doragon is the daughter of an emperor and empress, Loyal was a God of Life.

Doragon: -Whuff-
Galactic: Blessy said we could go look around.

Everyone whooped with joy and ran off together leaving Doagon hurrying after them.
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Chapter 293. Doragon's World. Part Four.

Doragon sat next to Cosmic watching over her friends as they examined each little thing they saw. Of course, Wind had to be stupid and get too close to a singing siren that pulled into the water for fun. Hiding his smile, Loyal pulled Wind from the water and led him to a sunny spot to dry. The sirens giggled at Wind who glared at them.

"Stupid sirens."

Fire wandered off a bit too far and found a large red and orange, fiery bird. Carefully, Fire walked over to the bird who blinked at him. Sand warned Fire not to get too close, but Cosmic reassured her that Fire will be alright. The bird flapped her wings at Fire warning him to stay away, but Fire only walked closer.

"Easy, easy."

Talking quietly, Fire reached out and petted the surprised bird on the beak. Fire later learned that the bird he touched was a Pheonix.

An hour later...
Sand adored the fairies, as she played around with them, she noticed a small wilting rosebud. Galactic knelt next to Sand watching her as she poked at a wilting rosebud with a stick. The rosebud opened, and a tiny fairy came out looking at Sand with wide eyes. Galactic and Sand looked at each other squealing quietly seeing a new friend.

"Hello, there."


"I'm Sand."


"Can't you talk? What's your name?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know? Galactic?"

"You know, Sand. Fairies are born from flowers."

"No kidding?"

"Nope. And fairies stay with anyone who helps them."


"Sand, you just helped that fairy come out of her flower."


"That wee fairy is now yours."

"Wind, help me."

"I can't, Sand. Looks like you have a new friend."

The fairy flew onto Sand's knee and smiled.

"Oh, I can't take her home."

"But, Sand, she likes you."

The fairy flew up, landed on Sand's soft hair, and went to sleep using Sand's hair as a bed. Sand felt a small buzz go through her body thinking about the fairy. She was cute, but she can't come home with her. She belonged here in this beautiful world.

While everyone watched Sand and the fairy, Loyal made his way over to the berry bushes by a lake. The small dark berries tempted Loyal to eat one. Eating a few and not paying attention, Loyal reached to get another one.

Someone touched his hand.

Pulling back, Loyal saw a girl with long blond hair looking at him. The girl spoke in a very hushed tone.


"I'm- I'm sorry. I shouldn't be eating these."

"It's alright. We share everything around here."

"Oh, thank you."

The girl stared at Loyal who clapped his hands together.

"I'm Loyal. You?"


"Hello, Riverheart. What are you doing here?"

"I was playing and I saw you eating my berries."

"Yours?? Ow, I made more than a mistake."

"I told you it's alright, Loyal."

"-Gulps- Mind if I ask?"


"Are you a human? You don't look like the others around here."


"You look a little like me, but you can't be a deity."

"I've heard about deities. Are you one?"

"Yes, Yes, I am."

Riverheart scowled at Loyal who bowed his head.

"You don't look like one."


"You kinda look..."



Riverheart and Loyal both turned a bright red.

"I'm sorry, Loyal. That came out wrong."

"Oh, it's alright. My mother- never mind."

"Are you positive you are a deity?"

"I am."

"I thought-"

"Sorry for interrupting, can we get back to my question?"

"What was your question?"

"What are you?"

"An Undine."

"What's that? Sorry. That was rude."

"It's alright."

Loyal groaned startling Riverheart.

"How many times am I going to be sorry?"

Riverheart and Loyal begin to laugh softly. Fire raised an eyebrow seeing them.

"Look at that, Sand. Not even a week here and Loyal is chasing after a weird thing. Jeez, Sun has a girlfriend and now Loyal is getting one? Damn. I don't see any females chasing me like that."

Sand opened her mouth but then shut it when Wind pinched her.

Loyal stood up and said goodbye to Riverheart. Fire tapped his foot as Loyal came walking up.

"Fire, did you see that?"


Doragon frowned.

Nasty Undine. Charming Loyal like that.

Cosmic snickered. Poor Blessing.

Blessing and Riverheart were both after Loyal.

Galactic told the others it was time to go look somewhere else. Riverheart watched Loyal leave.
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