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Author Topic: I AM...  (Read 23773 times)
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Sure. Just PM me when you are ready.  Wink

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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Chapter 174. One Last Flashback.

Loyal sat on the edge of a cliff with his knees drawn up to his mouth. Death was resting with Fiore and Happiness by a lone tree that they found.

Gradually, Loyal pulled out a round pin that had a flame engraved onto it. A gift for Loyal from Fire when he was upset.

Where Fire was...

Fire sat alone at the temple where Loyal use to hold the meetings. In front of Fire was the same pin that Loyal had given him when they were fighting. Fire felt it gently.

Loyal held the pin up to the dark stormy sky. The pin shone dully to Loyal. Looking closely, Loyal could see his face in the pin.

Shoulder length white hair.

Large dull white eyes.

A thin almost pale face.

Not the same God he use to know.

Fire held the pin in his hand watching as the moon light glowed onto it. Fire saw his face.

Long dark red hair.

A beard.

Gaunt tan face.

Snappy gold eyes.

Not him at all.

Loyal kept staring at his pin.

Fire studied his pin.

At that same moment, second. Fire and Loyal's mind went back to when they were children.


Years ago...

Himitsu was at it again with Loyal again who was only seven years old. Fire sat on his swing watching Himitsu berate his son. Loyal had his head down staring at his bare feet.

Fre looked over his shoulder to see his mother who was washing the laundry. Faisceau smiled at Fire who smiled back.

Himitsu: Honestly, Loyal. Don't you think before you act?
Loyal: I'm sorry, Papa.
Himitsu: I told you that your wings are not ready yet.
Loyal: Death's wings are ready.
Himitsu: Don't talk back to me.
Loyal: I'm sorry.

Irritated, Fire leapt off his swing and walked slowly to Himitsu and Loyal.

Himitsu: I'm only doing this to teach you.
Loyal: You are not teaching me anything, Papa.
Himitsu: What?
Loyal: Nothing. Forget it.
Himitsu: Say it.
Loyal: -Gulp-

Fire walked a bit faster to them.

Loyal: You are not teaching me anything.
Himitsu: How?
Loyal: I strongly believe that berating is not the way to teach a child. You said it yourself.
Himitsu: Go on, Loyal.
Loyal: Well, putting a child down is not the way to teach them.
Himitsu: You think I am putting you down?
Loyal: Yes. Yes, you are.

Fire hid behind a tree to watch what will unfold. Himitsu was towering over his son.

Loyal: Each thing that I do, you find some way to make me feel low.
Himitsu: Is that a fact?
Loyal: Yeah, it is. Sun and Fire's parents see it. Death sees it, Everyone sees it.
Himitsu: -Taps foot-
Loyal: You never hurt Death like how you hurt me.
Himitsu: ...
Loyal: What you are doing is abuse, Papa.
Himitsu: I-
Loyal: Whatever you say, Papa, won't change the fact that you hate me and the only way to vent your anger is to hurt me.

Loyal glanced up at Himitsu whose dark eyes were burning with rage.
Loyal: That's all I have to say.

Fire stepped away from the tree to cheer Loyal on but saw that Himitsu had his hand raised up to slap Loyal.

For speaking the truth.

Fire ran over to Loyal as fast as his legs could.

Fire: Hey, Himitsu!!!

Himitsu's hand came down and slapped Fire face.

Fire: Ouch!
Loyal: !

Faisceau screamed when she saw Himitsu hit her child. Himitsu gaped at Fire who was rubbing his face.

Fire: Ouchy...
Loyal: Fire, y-

Faisceau ran up and gathered Fire and Loyal in her arms.

Faisceau: Who do you think you are!!?
Himitsu: I-
Faisceau: Hitting other deities children?! Slap my baby again, and I'll have you tossed out of this kingdom!!!

Every deity stared and pointed at Faisceau who was screaming at Himitsu.

Himitsu: Faisceau, calm down.
Faisceau: No, I won't calm down!! You slapped my child!
Fire: Mama, it was an accident.
Faisceau: How low, Himitsu! Hating your own son and striking another child!!

Furiously, Faisceau scratched Himitsu's face with her sharp red nails. Loyal and Fire yelped in fear when Faisceau scratched Himitsu.

Fire was slightly pleased.

Terra: What's going on?

Faisceau kept screaming at Himitsu at the top of her lungs but she never released Loyal and Fire.

Now a crowd was gathering.

Goddesses whispered to each other or tried to calm Faisceau down. Some even sided with Faisceau.

Gods stared at Himitsu who was still in shock.

The deities children hid behind the folds of their mother's dress or ran to their fathers.

Rayon came running up and placed his hands on his Faisceau's shoulder.

Rayon: Are you alright, Faisceau?!
Faisceau: No! This monster hit Fire!!
Rayon: Himitsu!

Rayon and Himitsu argued with each other, the crowd never broke up. Upset, Loyal hid his face in Faisceau's long billowy sleeves with Fire who was hiding as well.

Rayon: Enough. I'm sick of this, Himitsu.
Himitsu: Rayon, it was-
Rayon: If never raised your hand to strike, Loyal, this wouldn't be happening!

Rayon scooped up Loyal in his arms and told Faisceau to come along. Faisceau glared at Himitsu and picked up Fire in her arms walking after her husband.

At Fire's home.

Sun and Death stopped their game when they saw Faisceau and Rayon coming up.

Sun: Papa!
Death: Loyal?

Faisceau kissed Sun on the head before putting Fire on the floor next to him. Rayon placed Loyal right next to Death.

Rayon: Stay here for a while, Loyal. I need to do something.

Loyal stared at his feet while Death pleaded Loyal to tell him what happened.

Rayon: God, look at him.
Faisceau: I know, Rayon. Let's go to the other room.

Sun's parents stalked off to the living room where they spoke quietly to one another.

Sun and Fire looked at each other and then at Death and Loyal.

Death: What happened?
Loyal: I shouldn't have spoken.

Loyal ran up the stairs away from his brother and friends. Death called Loyal's name until his throat went sore.

Fire: I'll go up and talk to him.

Before Sun could object, Fire was already at the top of the stairs.

Loyal was sitting by the window with his knees up to his face.

Fire: Hey...
Loyal: Hullo...
Fire: You okay?
Loyal: Yes... no...

Fire went up to Loyal who had his face from Fire.

Fire: It's alright.
Loyal: No, it's not. I should have kept my big mouth shut. If I did, then you wouldn't have gotten hurt and you parents wouldn't be angry.
Fire: Seriously, Loyal. It's alright.

Loyal never answered Fire but sighed.

Fire sat next to Loyal rubbing his head.

Fire: Don't be upset, Loy-loy.
Loyal: Why didn't I keep quiet?
Fire: Because you couldn't take it.
Loyal: I always did.
Fire: Well, it was time to speak up, Loyal. You should be proud of yourself.

Loyal looked up at Fire who was beaming at him.

Fire: What you did was very brave.
Loyal: Really?
Fire: Sure. And you did it without any violence.
Loyal: True.
Fire: So smile then. Like this.

Fire grinned at Loyal showing off his missing teeth. Loyal smiled weakly at Fire.
Fire: No. Not like that, Loy-loy. This is the way.

Fire grinned at Loyal again.

Loyal broke into a grin, Fire laughed at Loyal's missing teeth.

Fire: That's the spirit!
Loyal: Thank you, Fire.

Fire scooted closer next to Loyal.

All was quiet.

Loyal: I wish you didn't get hurt.
Fire: I'll be okay.
Loyal: You took the hit for me.
Fire: And always will...

Fire gave Loyal a small round pin with a fire flame on it.

Loyal smiled at Fire again and said nothing. His smile said it all.

Going back.

Loyal held the pin up higher and smiled at it.

Smiling, Fire held up his pin high above his head.

Somehow, they could feel it.
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Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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Chapter 175. Sky and Sun. Part One.

Sky walked around casually by the gate keeping an eye out for any of Amagna's demons prowling.

Sky begin to wonder when Loyal will come home.

Then again, Sky didn't want Loyal to see what happened to Sun.

A week ago at night...

Starlight: Dadee?
Moon: I-... I don't know where your daddy is, Starry. Sky?
Sky: Ssh, Moon. I'm thinking.

Sky pressed his forehead against the window pane while Starlight tugged at Moon's arm crying for her father.

Sun had gone missing for two weeks. Sky knew he didn't leave Loyal's home, Sun just left.

Sky knew that Sun was ill like him. The sun was slowly going out making the summer days a bit cooler.

Sun left them to go die in secret.

He didn't want Moon and Starlight to see him pass.

Moon: Sun said he'll be back soon.
Sky: Not trying to scare you, Moon, but your husband left for another reason.
Moon: What?
Sky: Sun left so he can die.

Moon burst into tears after Sky spoke, Starlight hugged Moon whining softly.

Sky held his hand to his eyes and groaned in pain.

Cherry Blossom sat with Cosmic gripping his hands. Doragon was still with Cordelia.

Moon: Oh, Sky!
Sky: Now, Moon. It will be okay.
Cosmic: How? Sun is probably dead already.
Sky: It will be alright, everyone.

Proudly, Sky turned to face them.

Sky: I'm going to get Sun back.

Moon and Starlight stopped crying. Cosmic and Cherry Blossom gasped.

Cherry Blossom: Oh, you can't!!
Cosmic: She's right, Sky. You are going to get hurt!
Sky: No I won't, Cosmic.
Cherry Blossom: No, Sky!
Sky: Hush, Cherry Blossom. Don't get upset. I'm going to get Sun.

Moon glanced up at Sky.

Moon: Oh, Sky... I can't let you get hurt.
Sky: I'll be fine.
Cosmic: How are you going to help Sun? He'll just die when he arrives here, Sky!
Sky: I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve, Cosmic. Sun will be just fine.
Cosmic: How the hellis Sun going to be fine?
Cherry Blossom: Watch your mouth, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Everything is dying, Sky.
Sky: Duh. I have a plan.
Cosmic: What's that?
Sky: Let me flipping talk!!

Sky walked over to where Moon was sitting and held her hands in his dark ones.

Sky: Moon. You remember how Galactic got sick?
Moon: Yes.
Sky: The only way to save her was to put her to sleep.
Moon: Yes...?
Sky: Then Sun will be put to sleep as well.

Moon's eyes widened and Starlight gasped.

Moon: No, Sky. I can't let you do that.
Sky: Well, you don't want him to die, right?
Moon: No, I don't. Sky...

Sky waited for Moon to talk.

Starlight pulled at Sky's sleeve.

Starlight: Dadee?
Sky: Starlight.

Sky looked down at Starlight.

Sky: I'm going to get your daddy back. Can you wait for me?
Starlight: Uh-huh.
Sky: Good girl. Just wait for me to come back.

Sky turned around to leave, but Cosmic grabbed his robe.

Cosmic: No, Sky!! Do you even know where he is?!
Sky: Sure, I do. He is hiding in the sun.
Cosmic: The sun, Sky!! Do you know how hot that is?!
Sky: Can't be that hot now.
Cosmic: You'll cook!!
Sky: Nah, Cosmic. I'll be safe.
Cosmic: You're being stupid!!
Sky: Come on, Cosmic. I was set on fire when Starlight thew her stars at me. We all know how hot a star is.

Cosmic opened his mouth and then shut it.


If Sky could survive Starlight's stars, then the sun shouldn't harm him.


Cosmic: No! I won't let you go, Sky!
Sky: Alright, Cosmic. Alright...

Gently, Sky placed his finger on Cosmic's mouth to silence him. Cosmic whimpered softly. Everyone stared at Sky and Cosmic.

Sky: Be brave. I'll be right back.

Sky darted out of the room and ran outside. Cosmic cursed and shot after Sky. Cherry Blossom, Starlight, and Moon ran to the window.

Cosmic: Sky!! Damn it!! Get back here!!!
Sky: See ya, Cosmic!!

Sky was gone. Cosmic yelled and cursed at the sky. Moon and Cherry Blossom looked at each other while Starlight looked up at the sky.

Where Sky was.

Sky sat on a large meteor waiting for the next one to go past.

Sky: Almost there.

Sky jumped off his meteor and onto the next one and kept doing it until he got tired.

Sky felt hotter and hotter.

Shielding his eyes, Sky peeked at the massive red sun that shot out fiery balls. Sky could barely breathe from the heat.

Was this a bad idea?


Sky got down on his knees.

The sun didn't seem so dangerous now.

Sky: I'm coming!!

Screaming shrilly, Sky ran right into the sun.


With a painful thud, Sky on the sun's hot surface.


Sky got up and looked around.

The sun almost looked like a house.

Sky wondered if this is where Sun use to hide whenever he was in trouble.

Sky: Sun?

Sky begin to walk around the room.

Sky: Sun?!

The room was so wide that Sky worried that by the time he found Sun, he would be dead.

But he wasn't.

Sun was on the floor scarcely breathing.

Sky: Sun!!

Sky ran to where Sun was and knelt down next to him.

Sun groaned painfully when Sky moved him. Sky couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Sun was thin like Death, and his once blond red hair was now an ashy gray like his skin.

Sun couldn't talk, the only way Sky could communicate with Sun was through his mind.

Sky: What happened to you...?
Sun: Go away and let me die, Sky.
Sky: No, Sun. I'm not leaving you here to die.
Sun: Just go. I can't make it back.
Sky: You will pull through, Sun.

Sky rubbed Sun's cold forehead.

Sun: I don't want them to see me like this, Sky...
Sky: I don't want your family to live without you.
Sun: Just go, Sky. It's over for me already.
Sky: No.

Quickly, Sky lifted Sun onto his back. Sun whapped Sky's head weakly.

Sun: Stop it! Let me die here, Sky.
Sky: No, Sun. We are going home and everything will be alright.

Grunting softly, Sky stood up still hanging onto Sun. Sun tried to make Sky release him, but Sky held on.

Sky: Families don't give up on each other, Sun.
Sun: -Sigh- Some do, Sky.
Sky: No, they don't. No matter how bad it gets, one will always wait for their loved one to come back.

Sun couldn't object to that.

Sadly, Sun sighed and rested his head in Sky's black hair.

As best as he could, Sky jumped.

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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Chapter 176. Sky and Sun. Part Two.

Cosmic paced back and forth in the living room like an angry tiger. Starlight kept looking out the window; Moon didn't have the heart to move her daughter.

Moon: Poor baby... Waiting for her dad.
Cherry Blossom: At least she is quiet.
Cosmic: The brat won't be quiet for long.

Cherry Blossom scowled at Cosmic who glared back at her.

Cherry Blossom: What's wrong you?
Cosmic: Sky!! Sky foolishly went right into the sun, Blossom!
Cherry Blossom: He said he knew the way there, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Yes, but did he tell us he knew how to get into the sun? No. He only said he'll be fine.

Cherry Blossom and Moon grew cold and silent. Starlight never took her eyes from the night sky.

Sky never did tell them that he knew how to get into the sun.

Cherry Blossom: He's cooked by now.
Moon: How are we going to tell Loyal?
Cherry Blossom: I don't know, Moon.
Cosmic: Stupid idiot just roasted himself alive.
Sky: When I'm finished with this, Cosmic. I'm going to roast you, too.

Cosmic whirled around when he heard Sky snap at him. Moon screamed and ran to Sky with Starlight and Cherry Blossom in tow.

Cherry Blossom: Sky!! How did you- Ack!
Sky: I said I was coming back, didn't I?

Cherry Blossom cupped Sky's face into her pale hands.

Cherry Blossom: No burns, no cuts or blood.
Sky: Just a aching back.
Moon: Where is Sun, Sky?

Sky took Moon's hand and pulled her out of the room. Cherry Blossom scurried after them telling Cosmic to follow.

Cosmic didn't even take one step before Starlight squeaked at him

Cosmic: What?
Starlight: Be brave.

Starlight ran off.

In the bedroom.

Sky slowed down his pace and stopped in front of the bedroom. Cherry Blossom stopped running but felt Starlight and Cosmic bump into her.

Sky: Ssh. You need to be very quiet, Moon.
Moon: How bad is it?
Sky: It's gotten worse, Moon. If I don't work fast, Sun won't make it.
Moon: Can I see him, please?
Sky: Yes, but hurry. He can't talk, but you know what to do.

Quietly, Sky opened the door slowly for Moon and Starlight to walk in.

The room was dark and cold.

Moon stood still holding Starlight's hand.

Sun laid on the bed covered with a blanket.

Moon: Sun...?

Sun never answered but let in a sharp gasp.

Moon's heart ached painfully.

Starlight let go of her mother's hand and toddled to where he father was resting.

Starlight: Dadee...?

Sun didn't move. Starlight crawled onto the bed with her father and curled up in his arm.

Moon: Starlight. Don't-

Moon didn't get to finish when she saw Sun painfully wrap his arm around his daughter.

On silent feet, Moon walked over to where Sun was.

Moon: Sun?
Sun: Moon...?
Moon: I'm here, Sun.

Moon knelt down holding Sun's cold gray hand. Sun squeezed her hand gently.

Moon: Sky told me he was coming back with you.
Sun: And he did. Crazy God.
Moon: Oh, Sun. What went wrong?
Sun: I wish I knew, Moony.
Moon: Sun, there isn't much time for us.
Sun: I know.

Sun opened his eyes to look at Moon. Starlight hugged her father's arm.

Sun: I won't see Loyal and Death come back with the others... Tell them that I'm sorry, Moon.
Moon: I will, Sunny.
Sun: I don't know when I'll ever wake up again, Moon.

Slowly, Sun tweaked one of Starlight's pigtails.

Sun: I know you'll good care of her in case this fails, Moon.
Moon: Oh, Sun. Please-...
Sun: Moon...?

Moon was crying now. She held Sun's gray hand to her mouth still crying.

It was years ago when they first met.

Sun was strong and healthy and they both fell in love with each other instantly.

A few years later, Moon and Sun were married by Loyal.

Later on, Sun was with Moon when Starlight was born.

Now, Moon was with her child fearing that Sun will die.

So much to say...

Not enough time.

"I love you, Sun. I love you so much."

"I love you, Moon. You are the most beautiful Goddess who blessed me with her life and a child."

Sun took both of Moon's hands into his.

"I want to be with you and Starlight forever. I'm going hang on for you and her."

Starlight crawled up to Sun and hugged him.


"I love you, Starlight. Be a good girl."

Starlight hugged her father tighter and kissed him on the cheek. She couldn't speak, but her hug said everything.

Moon leaned over and kissed Sun on the mouth.

Cherry Blossom nudged Cosmic who gave her arm a wicked pinch.

Cosmic: Grow the hell up.
Cherry Blossom: Ouch.

Sky walked in and patted Moon's shoulders.

Sky: It's time, Moon. Don't be scared.
Moon: -Whimpers-

Moon held onto Starlight and Sun's hand.

Slowly, Sky put his hand on Sun's forehead.

Sun could feel his body beginning to shut down.

"Hang on for Moon."

Sky place his hand on Sun's chest.

Sun's heartbeat begin to slow down.

"I'm not leaveing Starlight without a father.'

Sun watched as Sky lifted his hand.

Sun's eyesight begin to fade.

"I'm going to pull through..."

Sun and Sky's power collided.

"Try and catch me"

Sky placed his hand on his chest.

Sun's world went black.

Sun wasn't dead. Sky did it.

Sun's cold body was stiff on the bed. Sky stared at Sun with wide eyes.

Moon hugged Starlight tightly. Cosmic and Cherry Blossom held hands.

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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Aaaahhhh this is so sad Cry

Reminder for myself:
Start puncuating your sentences!
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Another great chapter, yet sad. Cry

The lovely Juniper Montage says hello

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Yeah, but the next few chapters are going to make me- *Gagged by Clare*

Sorry I didn't post a Chapter last night. I got real sick. :p

I'll post today.   Wink

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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Chapter 177. Back home.

Sky sat quietly by the gate thinking of his next plan.

First. Sky saved Galactic.

Next. Sky saved Sun.

Next, Sky has to put Starlight to sleep. So how is Sky going to tell Moon?

After Starlight will be Moon, and Cosmic.

After Sky saves them and gets Loyal to protect them.

Then Sky can die.

Sky:  Bored

*Flap flap*

Sky perked up when he heard the flapping sound.

*Flap flap*

Sky looked into the distance.

Four dots in the sky heading towards him.

*Flap flap*

Sky: Loyal!!

Sky jumped up and begin ring the bell that hung near the gate. Lights went on in the house.

Death was the first one to show up with Fiore.

Loyal flew behind with Happiness who was hanging onto him.

Cosmic ran out of the house with Cherry Blossom. Starlight was running as fast as her legs could carry her.

Sky: Death!
Death: Hello, Sky. Any troubles while we were away?
Sky: A little bit. Hello, Fiore~
Fiore: Hi, Sky! Long time no see!
Sky: How true it is.

Loyal landed on the ground with Happiness gripping his neck.

Happiness: Great! Hello, Sky!!

Happiness released Loyal and ran to where Sky was standing.

Loyal raised an eyebrow at Happiness.

Death: Oh, well.
Loyal: No thanks? Whatever. Hello, Sky.
Sky: Hey, Loyal. Listen, I have to-

Sky didn't get to finish his sentence because of Cosmic and Cherry Blossom who ran up to him yapping questions and saying their hellos.

Death: Hold it!
Cosmic: Death! You won't believe this!! Sky went into the sun!!
Loyal: The sun, Sky?!
Happiness: Where's Sun?
Sky: I'm fine.
Starlight: -High pitch whines-
Cherry Blossom: We thought Sky couldn't do it but he did!
Death: Why did you do this, Sky?
Sky: Uuuhhhhhhhh... Funny question, Death.
Fiore: Is this Starlight?!

Happiness and Fiore picked up Starlight and begin to coo and smother her with hugs and kisses.

Cherry Blossom and Cosmic were still babbling with Death and Loyal who were trying to get a answer from Sky.

Death: Why, Sky?
Cosmic: Sky is crazy. right?
Loyal: Sky?
Sky: I had to get-
Cherry Blossom: Everyone thought they were both going to die!
Loyal: Both?
Sky: Yes. Me and S-
Cosmic: We didn't know what to do if they died in the sun!

Everyone fell silent and stared at Sky who was breathing hard.

Death: *Ahem* Sky? Go on...

Sky pushed a strand of his hair behind his ear and sighed loudly.

Sky: It was dangerous, I know, but I had to get Sun.
Loyal: What's wrong with Sun?
Sky: Loyal...
Loyal: What...?
Sky: Sun left us a few days after you left to those two.

Sky pointed at Fiore and Happiness who were still holding Starlight.

Loyal: Why did Sun leave?
Sky: Sun left to go die alone.
Death: You gotta be kidding me.
Sky: After he left, I left to go find him.
Loyal: Is he... Dead?
Sky: No, Loyal.
Loyal: Can we see him?
Sky: Yes... No... He is not awake actually.
Death: That's fine, we'll wait for Sun to wake up.
Sky: I mean this, Death. Sun is not awake at all. Like Galactic, Sun is resting inside of me.

Loyal and Death looked at each other and then at Sky.

Death: When did this happen?
Sky:  A few weeks ago, Death.

Loyal hung onto Death's arm for support.

Sun was gone?

Loyal wasn't ready.

What about Fire?

Loyal: Sky?
Sky: Yes, Loyal?
Loyal: Can I see him?

Sky rubbed his hands together and stared at Death. Cherry Blossom and Cosmic looked at Loyal but said nothing.

Sky: I don't know, Loyal... Sun's body looks pretty bad. It's best to not look.
Loyal: I'll be fine.

Sky looked at Death who nodded his head solemnly.

Sky: Follow me.

Inside the house.

Loyal opened the door slowly.

Right beside Galactic's bed was Sun.

Cold and a deep gray.

Loyal walked in quietly.

The silence was driving Loyal mad. Loyal:


Loyal walked up closer to Sun's body. Sun never moved.

Where Death was.

Death stood outside watching the others go in.

He couldn't bring himself to see his older brother.

Death leaned against the gate and closed his eyes.


Without the God of the Sun, how will they go on?


Death's eyes popped open.

Moon was walking away.

Death: Moon!

Death ran away from the gate and after Moon.

Amagna Okubi cursed and pulled his arm back.

So close.

Where Loyal was.

Loyal sat next to Sun staring at him.

Gray skin.

Dark gray hair.

But it was Sun.

Loyal: Oh, Sun...

Loyal hid his face in Sun's icy hand and begin to cry.

Loyal: I'm sorry I wasn't there...

Where Death was.

Death ran after Moon who didn't seem to notice that he was after her.

Death: Moon! Wait up!

Death caught up and grabbed Moon on the arm.

Death: Moon...?

Moon turned around slowly to face Death. Her big blue eyes were filled with tears.

Death held Moon's face in his hands and wiped away her tears.

"I'm here Moon."

Moon hid her face in Death's chest crying loudly. Death hugged Moon shushing her.

"I'm here, Moon. Don't cry."

Death rocked Moon back and forth singing softly while she cried.

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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Chapter 178. Amagna Okubi and Loyal.

A month later.

Death looked up at the gray sky watching the wind blow upward. Sky stood next to him with his eyes closed.

Death: Dull day?
Sky: Very dull day. The wind is blowing upwards to the sky, that is not normal, Death.
Death: No kidding, Sky.
Sky: Where's your brother?

Death pointed at the gate.

Death: He'll be right back, Sky.
Sky: Crazy man.
Death: He wanted to look at the place before it ends.
Sky: Why torture himself?

Death didn't answer Sky's question. True, it was crazy, but Loyal ached to go.

Sky glanced at Death who wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

The black sleeve hid the bloody streak going across.

Where Fire was.

Fire stared at the remaining hourglass that sat alone on his table. Soft black sand and fell slowly to the bottom.

Looking around, Fire smirked at his house.


A house cannot keep you safe from the devil.

Fire left his house never looking back at the hourglass that poured slowly to the bottom.

Where Loyal was.

Sadly, Loyal went around the temple where they all use to meet for reports and to celebrate new deities.

Loyal's hand brushed over his broken chair that has been knocked over.

The chair that his mother use to sit on.

Loyal stopped walking and looked up.

The whole room was gray and cold.

No one was there with him.

His brothers, his friends, the deities he knew were gone or dead.

Loyal could almost hear the consent chatter of them talking to each other, telling jokes, screaming at each other, or whispering to one another.

Gently, Loyal picked up Death's chair and stood it up next to Sun's and Fire's. Loyal's chair laid on the floor unmoved.

"I'm sorry, beautiful brothers."

Loyal walked out of the temple quietly.

Where Fire was.

Fire tugged at his jacket. The wind blew upward for some reason, but Fire was too busy to care.

Fire saw Amagna Okubi floating away.

"Take it."

Fire used the shortcut and walked faster.

Where Loyal was.

Rubbing his hands together, Loyal shivered.

Fire said he wanted to meet Loyal right at the abandoned temple.

Foolish Loyal couldn't wait.

Jumping up and down, Loyal counted all the way up to a hundred, but still no Fire.

"Fire...? Where are you?"


Loyal began to get a little disappointed that Fire wasn't there to meet, Loyal gave him five more minutes.

Six more minutes.

Seven more minutes.

A whole hour.

Loyal sighed tiredly. Fire wasn't coming.

Standing up slowly in case, Loyal turned to walk home.

"Hello, Loyal..."

Excited, Loyal whirled around hoping to see Fire.

Amagna Okubi stood there laughing softly at Loyal.

Loyal backed up against the wall.

"Help... anyone."

Where Fire was.

Fire stopped walking so fast and looked around.

The clouds were breaking up exposing the warm sun that was beginning to set.

Fire shielded his eyes smiling at the sun.

He hoped his brother would understand.

He hoped all of them would.

"Catch me if you can!!"

Fire sprinted down the trail.

Memories filled his mind.

Where Loyal was

Loyal could barely breathe.

Was it a trap?

"Amagna Okubi, why are you here?"

"Oh, just to take back what I wanted for years."

Loyal swallowed a mouthful of spit.

"You were the one who gave me that letter, right?"

"Guilty, but no regrets"

Amagna laughed as he kicked dirt at Loyal.

"You foolishly fell for it. You really thought that Fire cared all of a sudden?"

"I did. I have been waiting for this moment, Amagna."

"Goddamn, Loyal. You're **** stupid."

"Call me what you like, Amagna. A little more won't hurt me."

Swiftly, Loyal ran past the temple, but Amagna stopped him. Loyal ran the other way, but some hideous roaring creature stopped him. Loyal took a few steps back telling the creature to calm down. Amagna laughed as Loyal stood right in the middle looking around. Six large demons growled and snarled at Loyal who was trembling in fear.


"I'm not finished with you, Loyal."

Before Loyal could pull out his sword, Amagna Okubi hit him with the base of a tree. Loyal flew backward slamming into the temple walls.

Loyal couldn't scream for Death.

Who would hear him?

Shaking, Loyal stood up trying to pull out his sword again.

The handle was in Loyal's palm, the sword was broken. Terrified, Loyal looked up when a shadow darkened the room.


"He can't hear you, idiot."

Grabbing Loyal by the hair, Amagna Okubi threw Loyal out of the temples.

"It's over for you."

Death's nose begin to bleed. Sky looked at him.

Scrambling to get up, Loyal fell back down on his face. Amagna stood over Loyal who was curled up in a ball shivering.

Trying to get him, Loyal crawled away trying to fly.

"Stop it, you."

Amagna Okubi grabbed Loyal's wings and placed one foot on his back.

"Let me go!! Death!! Fire!!"

Amagna Okubi yanked at Loyal's wings trying to tear them off.

Quickly, Loyal sank his teeth into Amagna's spare arms. Screeching in agony, Amagna let Loyal go to nurse his bleeding arm.

Quickly, Loyal clapped his hands together.

Golden ray flew all over the place hitting Amagna Okubi. Amagna's demons roared and ran at Loyal.

Loyal jumped up landing on one. The creature snapped and tried to bite Loyal.

Loyal held the creature down screaming at it to obey him. To his surprise, the demon obeyed Loyal and begin to attack the other demons and Amagna Okubi.

Amagna cursed at the demon that was gnawing at his arm. Loyal scurried up Amagna's shoulders and begin to stab him with the sword that Amagna used. Black oily blood spilled out onto Loyal and the ground.

Amagna finally killed his demon and threw Loyal off.

Loyal still had his sword.


Amagna hissed at Loyal who held the sword at Amagna's face.

"I said back!!"

Amagna calmed down and held up his arms. Loyal never put the sword down.

"You got me, Loyal."

"Be quiet!"


"Silence! You are in the hands of The God of Life! Be still."

Glaring, Loyal walked slowly still pointing the sword at Amagna's face. Amagna back up two steps.

"Loyal, you wouldn't-"

"I would, Amagna Okubi."

"That's not like you."

"True, Amagna. I'll think about it later."


"Shut it."

Suddenly, Loyal held the sword to Amagna's neck.

"I'm going to do something I should have done years ago."

"Silly Loyal."

Loyal failed to see a winged demon flying at him until it's sharp talons sank into his shoulders.

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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No, no, no, no...  Shocked+ D:

Apparently, strawberries are pigeons.

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Chapter 179. The Fall of a God.

Now, you think Fire would've have shown up by now to save Loyal, but he didn't. Fire ran the other way.


Thrashing wildly, Loyal hit and clawed at the winged demon that lifted him higher and higher in the air. Amagna Okubi laughed at Loyal when he dropped the sword.


Loyal watched helplessly as the sword fell to the ground. Seeing that Loyal had released the sword, the flying demon let go of Loyal.

Covering his face, Loyal fell through the trees and onto the hard dry earth.

"No... no..."

Loyal shivered when he heard Amagna Okubi coming up.

"No... please no..."

Shaking, Loyal pulled his hands away from his eyes to see Amagna standing in front of him.

Not too close, but close enough.


"You thought you were so tough. Now, who is helpless, Loyal?"


"No one, Loyal. No God or Goddess can hear you."

"It doesn't matter anymore. I'm done."

Death brushed his hand across his mouth feeling the hot blood ooze out.

"Anything to say, Loyal?"

Glaring, Loyal got up on shaking knees and stood there proudly with his fists clench.

"I may die in the hands of a demon, but I didn't give up. Like Seishin the Third Goddess of Life fought for her and her people's freedom."

"Who gives a damn about you grandmother."

"I do."

Amagna glared at Loyal holding the sword to throw it at him.

Loyal closed his eyes and sighed.

Maybe he'll get to see his mother.

"You won't last long, Amagna. The Apocalypse is near. Everything that lives and breathes will be no more."

"What about your friends? Are you going to let them die?"

"That's none of your business, Amagna. Okubi. You'll never be able to get them.

Loyal smirked at Amagna who was furious now. The demons stared at Loyal quizzically.

"Well, Amagna?"


"Scared now? It doesn't matter if you kill me. You..."

Loyal spread out his wings and flapped them slowly.

"Are going to die, Amagna."

Growling, Amagna lifted his sword to throw.


"It's alright now. Fire is forgiving, everyone is forgiven."

Loyal stared at Amagna's hate filled eyes.

"Even you, Amagna Okubi..."

Amagna never lowered his sword.

"I don't need your forgiveness, Loyal."

Loyal shrugged and waited.

"Farewell, Loyal."

Amagna threw the sword. Loyal stared at it as it headed towards him.


Loyal saw a flash of red hair. Loyal didn't have enough time to push Fire out of the way.

Fire felt the sword plunged deep into his chest releasing his power. Amagna's eyes widened when the flames coming to him.

Loyal covered his face when the flames destroyed everything around him.

Amagna Okubi.

The demons.

The trees.

Everything except for Fire and Loyal.

Death and Sky jumped when they heard the ear-splitting scream and cracking sounds.

A few minutes later.

Breathing hard, Loyal took his hands away from his face. The temple and trees were destroyed by the fiery explosion.


Loyal looked around.


Looking down, Loyal saw Fire lying next to his feet.


Loyal knelt down Fire, pulled him onto his lap and said his name again.

"Fire, you came back!"

Fire didn't speak.

He wasn't breathing. Loyal grew cold.

"Fire? No... no, Fire, don't."

Loyal brushed Fire's hair back and gently slapped his face.

Fire never reacted to the slap.

"Fire? No, Fire! Not now!"

Loyal begin to shake Fire violently.

"No, Fire!! Don't leave me!! Don't leave us!!"

No one could see Loyal shaking his dead brother.

"Fire! Remember Sun?! Don't leave him behind, Fire! Not like this, Fire!"

Loyal slapped Fire hard across the face repeatedly screaming his name. Fire never woke up.

"Fire! Don't die! Please, Fire!!"

Crying, Loyal hugged Fire close to his body. Fire was still in his arms.

"Please, Fire... Don't let it end this way... Fire?"

Loyal stared at Fire's ashy face.

Fire's golden eyes were closed. Loyal begin to shake.

"No... no... NO!!"

Loyal threw his head back and begin to scream Fire's name. His pain filled cry echoed around the earth.

Death could hear Loyal's loud wailing.

Death knew that Fire was gone already.

Fire was forgiven.

He knew that Loyal was in trouble.

Fire came back to Loyal to save him.

The Fire God was Dead.

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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I can hardly believe I'm typing this, but...

NOOOOOOOO! FIRE!  Shocked+ Cry

Apparently, strawberries are pigeons.

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I can hardly believe I'm typing this, but...

NOOOOOOOO! FIRE!  Shocked+ Cry
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*Cries hysterically*  Cry Cry

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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Chapter 180. Fire's Last Moments.

Stopping to catch his breath, Fire leaned on the tree searching for his pin. The clouds were breaking up revealing the warm sun.

"Not bad."

Smiling, Fire squinted at the bright rays that shone on him. He wondered if the hourglass was nearly out.


When you finally get what you want by hurting others and throwing everyone you knew and loved away.

It doesn't matter anymore.

Is power really worth losing your loved ones?


It isn't.

But Fire didn't know any better.

Amagna Okubi took advantage of him that day.

Fire found his pin and held it to the light.

The infinity ring glittered blindingly. The small flame seem to catch fire when the sun hit it. Fire smiled at it contently.

He still remembered the day when he was with Loyal after a huge fight between Himitsu and Fire's mother.


Loyal wanted to know why Fire took the hit for him.

Because Fire loved him like his brother.

Years later, Fire took the next hit for Loyal and suffered greatly for it.

Now, it was gone. Fire was free.

Wiping the tears out of his eyes, Fire could hear their childish voices in his mind.

"I wish you didn't get hurt."

"I'll be okay."

Wiping the tears with the palm of his hand, Fire looked up.

The sky was a soft baby blue turning navy as the sun begin to set. The sun kept shining on Fire as if his brother was reaching out to him one last time.

Fire couldn't stop the tears now.

"I'm sorry, everyone. I'm sorry I have hurt you."

Ever so quietly, Fire heard Loyal's last words to him.

"I still care."

Fire stopped crying and took a deep breath. A star twinkled in the sky.

"Thank You, Loyal."

In Fire's mind, he could see when he was with Loyal after being slapped.

"You took the hit for me."

"And always will..."

Standing up taller, Fire waved goodbye at the sun.

It was time.

Loyal needed him in his dark hour.

Fire was going to take the hit for him again.

And always will...

"I'm coming, Loyal!"

Fire jumped off the shortcut and into the forest.

Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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Chapter 181. Oh, no.

Whimpering softly, Loyal held Fire on his lap rocking him back and forth.

"Oh, no... oh, no..."

Vultures sat far away from Loyal staring at him rocking a dead body back and forth. Loyal stupidly stared off into the distance.

Storm clouds covered the night sky promising rain; Loyal didn't bother to get up and go home.

Where Death was.

Death stood by the gate with Sky who had his umbrella up.

Sky: I think you should go get him.
Death: No, we should leave him alone with Fire.
Sky: Holding a traitors dead body is sick, Death.
Death: Why?
Sky: You should burn the body or leave it.
Death: Fire is dead already.
Sky: Fire is a traitor, Death. His body should be left out for the birds to peck at.
Death: But Loyal won't allow it. Any moment now, Loyal is going to need our help to bury him.
Sky: Death-
Death: If he wants it, we should respect his wishes.
Sky: Death!
Death: Sky, please.

Death turned his head to look at Sky.

The biting cold rain begin to fall stinging at Death's skin.

Death: Just...
Sky: -sigh-
Death: For Loyal?

Sky nodded slowly to Death.

Where Loyal was.

Loyal managed to carry Fire to the old temple of the deities.

"There you are. Nice and dry."

Fire never responded. Loyal just smoothed Fire's hair down humming off key.

"You know, Fire. The deities told me that you wouldn't be coming back."

Rain statue stared off into the rainy night.

"But you did. You sure showed them, Fire."

The rain drummed on the roof. Earth's statue seem to shake.


Loyal pressed the back of his head on the wall. Death's statue stood proudly next to the missing spot where Loyal's statue once stood.

"Why did you leave us in the first place...?"

Roaches scurried past Loyal's legs and vanished into the cracks of the floor.

"After the sacrifice you made... I know now."

Loyal looked down at Fire's closed eyes.

"It was never jealousy."

Water's statue begin to lose pieces of stone.

But Loyal went on.

"You are not a God filled with envy or hate. I know this, Fire."

The rain begin to fall down harder and thunder crashed making it harder for Loyal to hear himself.

"Something made you like this."


Quickly, Loyal pulled out his pin and held it to Fire's face.

"You see this? You gave this to me years ago!"

Grabbing Fire's pin, Loyal shock it in the air. Lightning flashed followed by an earth shaking rumble.

This was no ordinary storm.

"And this!? You kept my pin! You are not the traitor people said you were!"

Loyal got onto his knees shaking Fire.

Wind's statue fell sideways slamming into Earth's statue knocking it down.

"You were a prisoner!!"

Each statue of the past deities begin to fall down and crumble into dust. Rock's statue fell down near LOyal and Fire.

"Fire! You were held a prisoner by someone and they released you!!"

Thunder crashed and the wind begin to blow wildly. Loyal had to yell above the noise.

"By then it was too late already, Fire!"

Fire didn't wake up to tell Loyal he was correct.

"Who was it!?"

Violently, Loyal shook Fire by the shirt screaming at him for answers.



Regretting his actions now, Loyal straightened Fire's shirt down.

That's when he saw it.

An hour later.

Loyal wiped away his tears and sighed painfully.

Fire laid on his lap still and quiet.

Rock's statue laid next to them.

Loyal looked around the room and back at Fire.

"You... you never told me..."


Time moves more slowly now in this dark hour.
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