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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 440471 times)
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Chapter 251. Finding Each Other. Part Three.

Loyal stood still staring at the creature who cocked its head at him. What was this thing?

Maroon body.

Large maroon and black wings a little too big for the creature's body.

The creature stared at him with wide eyes.

Loyal begin to wonder if he was going to make it home tonight.

Where Fire was.

Fire peeked inside of his cupped hands. A small white butterfly rested on his palm. Her small wings fluttered gently tickling Fire's palms. The butterfly didn't fly away from Fire which surprised him.

Beautiful thing.

Fire opened his hands to get a better look at the butterfly that didn't move but her wings.

A flurry of butterflies flew over Fire's head, the small butterfly in Fire's hand seem to take notice but she didn't leave Fire. Slowly, Fire lifted his hand up to the sky telling the butterfly to go.

The small butterfly flew off with her family; Fire watched as his tiny friend leave him.


For now?

Fire had an itch that one day he'll see her again.

Fire waved goodbye and went to find Loyal.

Where Blessing was.

Blessing kept staring at the deity wondering if she should fly over to him. Blessing gawked at the terrified deity.

Large bright eyes.


Is this the God that Blessing's parents were talking about?




This deity even had a nice name. Blessing had to get closer. Taking a step forward, Blessing heard Loyal gasp. Wide eyed Loyal stood still following Blessing's each move. Blessing begin to jog towards Loyal.

What she didn't know is that Loyal had never seen a dragon in his life.

Loyal ran away. Blessing perked up thinking that Loyal was playing a game, she ran after him.

Terrified, Loyal shrieked for Fire when he heard the creature's loud rapid stomps behind him.


Loyal continue to scream for Fire with Blessing running after him.

Now Loyal knew wasn't going to make it home.

Fire heard his friends frighten screaming and begin to run.

Before Loyal could start flying, he fell off the cliff. Blessing ran faster to get him.
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Chapter 252. Finding Each Other. Part Four.

Loyal cried out in terror as he fell down like a rag doll, Blessing saw him falling and dived to catch him. Loyal was so small and light that fell down faster towards the sharp rocks below. Loyal desperately tried to get his wings out, but they were tangled. The wind whipped at Loyal making it hard for him to untangle his wings.

Fire kept running even though Loyal's voice faded.

Blessing feared that she wouldn't catch Loyal in time.

Quickly, Loyal closed his eyes and covered his head with his hands bracing himself for when he lands.


Loyal shook with fear. He didn't hit the ground. Looking up, Loyal saw that part of his robes was in the creature's mouth.

This beast probably wanted to kill him herself.

Blessing let out a huge sigh of relief as she flew back to the top. Landing on the grass, Blessing dropped Loyal to the ground purring at him.

Loyal wasn't moving. Blessing nudged Loyal gently with her muzzle, Loyal flopped to his side.

Why wasn't he moving?

Carefully, Blessing flopped Loyal onto his back and stared at him. Loyal had his eyes closed as if he was asleep.

"Poor Loyal."

Playing dead like the prey that Blessing catches. Purring, Blessing sniffed a Loyal's hair, Loyal gritted his teeth but didn't move.

Blessing continued to sniff at him.


About eleven or twelve years old, not old enough to breed yet.


Blessing sniffed him again.

Loyal: Don't. What's wrong with you?


Excited, Blessing gazed at Loyal with wide eyes. Loyal was now propped up on his elbows glaring at her.

Loyal: ...
Blessing: -Huff-
Loyal: Listen, monster. What are you doing?

Slightly hurt by Loyal's insult, Blessing sat up and sighed.

Loyal: Well...?
Blessing: -Whuff-
Loyal: Yeah, I don't know what you are saying, beast.

Blessing hung her head sadly trying to ignore Loyal who was still glaring at her.

Blessing: -Purr-

Blessing perked up when she heard Loyal stand up. Looking up, Blessing saw a sharp sword pointing at her.

Loyal: Get away from me, monster.
Blessing: !

Upset, Blessing raised her paw to Loyal.

Loyal: Stop! I will stab you if you-

Blessing stood up. Loyal held the sword at her.

Loyal: I'll stab you!! I SAID I WILL STAB YOU!!

Blessing hung her head.


Loyal screamed when Blessing bit down on the sword and pulled it.

Loyal: STOP!! Let go, beast!!

Blessing yanked the sword away from Loyal and threw it far away.

Loyal: Hey! That was a gift!
Blessing: -Growls-

Loyal backed up when Blessing growled at him, now he messed up.

Loyal: Go away!!

Blessing was hurt, but she tried to get near Loyal.


Blessing looked up in time to see a red haired God lunging at her with a large club.


Roaring in pain, Blessing fell to the ground batting at her eyes with her paws. The club hit her directly in the eyes.

"Run, Loyal, run!"


Blessing looked up with watery eyes.

Loyal was gone.
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Chapter 253. Monster!!

Fire was practically dragging Loyal behind him as they ran far away from the field. Now that school was let out for the day, a few of the other younger deities hurried around playing or running home. Fire and Loyal blended in with the happy crowd.

Fire: What happened!?
Loyal: I don't know! I was -pant- getting flowers for your mom, and then that monster showed -gasp- up!
Fire: Monster, huh?! Are you -wheeze- hurt!?
Loyal: No!

Fire and Loyal never stopped running. Sand was playing near the gate with Rain and Cloud, Fire prayed that she wouldn't stop him.

Sand called out to him, but Fire kept running.

Sand: Hi, Fire!!
Fire: What's up, Sand!?
Sand: I thought-
Fire: That's great! Gotta run, ciao!!

Sand watched as Fire and Loyal bolt by her. Cloud and Rain shook their heads.

Cloud: What's the rush?
Sand: Rats. I was going to ask him if he wanted to come by house for dinner. Any more ideas, Rain?
Rain: Ask him later. I'm sure he'll be hungry by then.

Sand blinked at the trail the Fire and Loyal made.

Rayon was outside talking with Himitsiu and Lakas while Sun and Rock sparred with Death. Fire and Loyal ran up breathlessly to their fathers.

Rayon: Great ducks, Fire! What is wrong!?
Himitsu: Why are you running like that, Loyal?
Loyal: Monster!
Rayon: What?
Fire: We were acting like there was a monster after us! It's a game! Wanna play, Himitsu!!?
Himitsu: No thank you, Fire. Aren't you two a little-
Rayon: Oh, it's just a game. Let them be children.
Lakas: A monster, huh?
Loyal: Yes! It was big and maroon coloured, Lakas!! You have to do something!!!

Lakas smiled at terrified Loyal who was waving his arms around yelling at him to do something. Himitsu,  Rock, Death, and Sun stared at Fire and Loyal like they were crazy.

Lakas: Alright, Loyal. Where is this monster?
Loyal: It was- well! Me and Fire-
Himitsu: Loyal, you're ranting like a mad man. Talk clearly.
Loyal:  It tried to eat me!!!
Rayon: And then what, Loyal?
Fire: I hit it with a club!! Wasn't it cool, Loyal!? After I got it, the loud roaring monster SHUT UP after I clobbered it!?

Loyal gaped at Fire who was grinning at him. His gold eyes begged him to play along.

Lakas: So, is this monster dead?
Fire: Nope! We are going to play the game tomorrow, right, Loy-loyl!!?
Loyal: Y-yes!?

Fire pulled Loyal's hand and grinned at Lakas who gave Fire a crooked smile.

Fire: We'll catch this monster, Lakas.
Lakas: I'm sure you will, Fire. Have fun!
Fire: We will! Come on, Sun! Bring Death and Rock with you!!
Sun: Later, Fire.
Rock: I don't have time for these baby games!

Rayon gave Sun a small push telling him to go after his brother. Lakas slapped the back of Rock's head making him yelp.

Lakas: Go with them.
Rock: But-


Rock sulked as he went after Sun who was glaring at the dirt. Fire and Loyal skipped off with Death running after them.

Lakas: Cute.
Rayon: What a weird game, Himitsu. Did Loyal see something?
Himitsu: He never even talked about monsters.
Lakas: Oh well. At least Fire is still playing like a child unlike his older brother who is kissing Goddesses.
Rayon: What...!?

Rayon stared at smiling Lakas in confusion.

Rayon: Sun did what!?
Lakas: Kiss a Goddess...? Didn't he tell you...?

By the looks on Rayon's face, Lakas knew the answer.

Where Fire and Loyal are...

Fire marched ahead with Sun and his friends in tow. Water came out from the fountain when Loyal called out to him.

Water: Yeah!?
Loyal: Follow us!!

Water hopped out of the fountain, ran after Loyal and asked Death what was going on.

Death: I don't know... Call Rain.
Water: Rain!
Rain: Yes!?
Water: Come on! Bring Cloud with you!

Rain and Cloud ran after Water with Sand and Wind right at their heels. Earth came up when she saw Wind walking past.

Earth: Hi! What's going on?
Wind: Dunno.

The older deities paid no mind to the bustling crowd, Fire had a plan.
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« Reply #618 on: August 31, 2017, 04:15:36 PM »

So the pokemon shipping name is son/muun and the deity shipping name is soon?
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« Reply #619 on: August 31, 2017, 04:33:12 PM »

So the pokemon shipping name is son/muun and the deity shipping name is soon?
I'm just blending their names together. :v

Sun and Moon's ship name is the best I could come up with.  Laugh
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Chapter 254. Storybook.

Each deity sat around in a circle outside talking to one another about why were they here. Sun rolled his eyes at Fire.

Death: What's going on?
Fire: Monster.
Earth: Monsters?! I thought they wern't real.
Fire: Sadly, they are, Earth.

Afraid, Earth was glanced over at Loyal and then at Wind who shrugged

Loyal: How come you didn't want me to tell my father the truth, Fire?
Fire: He wouldn't have believed us, Loyal.
Loyal: Yeah.
Rock: I think my father was humoring you, Loyal.
Loyal: What? I thought he believed me.
Death: You were ranting like you were insane, Loyal.
Loyal: But-

Some of the deities begin to laugh at Loyal who was so close to tears. Fire patted Loyal's head.

Fire: What was the point in telling the truth when they didn't believe us?
Loyal: But I saw it!!
Fire: I saw it, too.
Sand: What did this monster look like?
Fire: Like this.

Grabbing a sheet of paper, Fire drew a crude sketch of a dragon. Cloud looked at the drawing skeptically.

Cloud: You were scared of a lizard with wings?
Fire: It was bigger than that, Cloud.
Water: How big?
Fire: Bigger than you, us, everyone.

Sun groaned loudly as his friends begin to shriek in terror. Fire tried to calm them down, but Goddesses were hysterical.

Death: Give me that drawing, Loyal.

Loyal passed the drawing over to his brother who stared at the drawing for a long time.

Fire: There you have it. There is a monster-
Sun: Fire, please! This is just a game everyone.
Fire: It's not a game, Sun. It's real.
Sun: How can one silly drawing-
Death: This looks familiar...
Sun: Oh, God, Death. Don't-
Death: Shut it, Sun. Where did you see it?
Fire: In the fields
Death: What happened to you, Loyal?
Loyal: It grabbed me with its teeth.
Death: Where?
Loyal: On my robes.

Death made Loyal stand up as he checked him up and down. The back of Loyal's robe was ripped, and there was a large hole.

Rock: Oh my God...
Fire: See? It's not a game.

Sun couldn't speak when he saw the ripped robes on Loyal. What was trespassing in their home? Some of the Goddesses begin to cry while the Gods talked in hushed voices. Death nodded his head slowly at Loyal.

Death: Anything else?
Loyal: I don't think so...
Death: I need more proof of this monster.
Fire: Like what?
Death: Looking at the drawing, this monster looks like the beast in Moon's storybook.

The deities all stared at Death who nodded his head sharply at them.

At night.

Moon played toss with Death who was so deep in thought that the ball bounced off his head.

Moon: Are you okay?
Death: Fine, fine. My head hurts a bit- can we sit down?
Moon: Sure.

Death and Moon sat down on the sand watching the ocean crash against the rocks. Death went through his plan in his head.

Get to Moon. Check.

Get her to rest for a minute. Check.

Get her book.

Death: Moon? Can I look at your storybook?
Moon: Which one?
Death: The pop-up one that has all those weird creatures in it.
Moon: Okay! Do you like that one?
Death: Yes.

Moon gave Death her book chattering about how he'll have an adventure reading it. Wordlessly, Death opened the book looking for the creature that matched Fire's drawing.

There on the page was a large monster with wings. Moon smiled at Death and rubbed the page.

Death: Do you think these demons are real?
Moon: I wish, Death.

Moon was not about to tell Death about Blessing.

Death was certainly not going to tell her about the monster that attacked Loyal.

Death: Mind if I take this home? I'll return it soon.
Moon: Go ahead, Death! It's a great book.
Death: Thanks!

Moon and Death grinned at each other.

Back at Fire's house.

Loyal and Fire waited patiently for Death to return.

Loyal: What do you think it is, Fire?
Fire: We'll see. Death knows what he is doing.
Loyal: Okay... I hope that monster doesn't find where we live.

Death came up waving the Moon's storybook. Fire and Loyal ran over to Death so Fire's parents wouldn't see what they were up to.

Death: Is this your monster, Loyal?

Opening the book, Death pointed at the large creature with wings.

Fire: That's it!
Loyal: This is the monster that attacked me!
Death: Okay.
Fire: Death, what should we do?
Death: If it attacked Loyal, it cannot stay here.
Fire: Tomorrow morning, we'll call the others, Death.
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Chapter 255. Doragon? and The Talk.

The next night...

Death, Loyal, Sun, and Fire sat around at the table peering into the pop-up storybook Mon gave them. The pop-up monster gave Loyal the shivers. Sure it was just cardboard, but it was this monster was real, and out there.

Sun: So, this is the monster that attacked you, Loyal?
Loyal: Yes! Only it was a different color and a bit smaller.
Sun: How the heck do you say its name?

Loyal, Death, Fire, and Sun glared at the cursive letters. Fire couldn't read the word because he broke his reading glasses a day ago. Death and Loyal couldn't read the strange words because they didn't know how to cursive.

Sun couldn't read it cursive because he wasn't paying attention in class.  

Death: Whoever reads it firsts gets a cookie.
Sun: For pity's sake, Death, why didn't you ask Moon how to read it?
Death: Shaddup, Sun. I thought you knew how to read it.
Fire: Ssh. Let's give it a shot.

All of them squinted at the page. The cursive lettering was so small and thin, that Fire's head began to hurt.

Loyal: D-d-d-d-
Death: Ducks.
Fire: Stop playing around.
Death: Du-ah-gon...
Fire: Not bad.
Loyal: Doragon...?
Death: What the hell is a "Doragon"?!
Sun: Some fat flying lizard with fire coming out of its breath.
Fire: Fire? Hon-hon-hon-hon, how lame!
Sun: Yeah!
Loyal: Stop it you two. So, it breaths fire, so what?

Fire held out his hand grinning at the tiny flame that danced around on his palm.

Death: Pfft, this Doragon doesn't stand a chance against Fire.
Loyal: So, what do we do? How do we know if this Doragon is coming back?
Fire: If it showed up there, then it will show up again.
Loyal: How do you know?
Fire: Trust me. Sun?
Sun: Yup?
Fire: When it's daylight; will you scan the area?
Sun: Will do!
Fire: Great!
Death: And when he sees it?
Fire: Tell our friends, duh.
Loyal: And then what?
Fire: Stop asking so many questions, Loyal.
Sun: After we see it, we-


Sun stopped talking and stared at the doorway. Why was his father calling him?

Sun: Yeah?
Rayon: I think Liberty needs you and Death, Loyal.
Loyal: Really? I better run, come, Death!
Death: Right behind you, bye!
Fire: See ya.
Sun: Bye-bye.

Death and Loyal yelled goodbye to Faisceau who was in the kitchen. After they left, Sun went into the kitchen where Rayon was waiting. Faisceau was with him smiling sadly at him.

Fire peeked in.

Rayon: Sun, we know that you are a growing into a man already-
Fire: Run, Sun. It's "The Talk"
Rayon: Hush, you. Sun.
Sun: Y-yes...?
Faisceau: Do you like this Moon Goddess?

Fire butted in to help his brother.

Fire: They are good friends, mama.
Faisceau: See, Rayon? Fire said they were good friends.
Rayon: Good friends?
Sun: Yeah.
Rayon: I never heard of good friends kissing each other full on the mouth.

Sun's eyes widened while Fire gasped. Sun turned his head to Fire glaring at him.

Sun: You traitor! You told!!
Fire: I didn't! I swear I didn't!!
Rayon: Lakas told me.
Sun: Ah!
Faisceau: I'll deal with you later, Fire.
Fire: Maaaaaaaaa!!
Faisceau: Stop that, Fire. You're not a sheep.

Fire shut up and sulked. Sun begin to stutter and point at Fire and at the window.

Sun: How did Lakas find out?
Rayon: He told me. He thought I was allowing this.
Sun: Oh... papa?
Rayon: I'm not upset, Sun. I just want you two to be careful.
Sun: For what?
Faisceau: I'll tell you later. Fire?
Fire: Yes, Mama...?
Faisceau: If I catch you lying to me again, I'll get the strap.
Fire: MA!! You wouldn't do that, would you!?
Faisceau Don't test me, Fire.

Fire made a small whine at his mother.

Faisceau: Did you know Sun and Moon liked each other?
Fire: Yes...
Faisceau: Look at me in the eyes and say it.

Fire stared at his mothers' eyes and repeated his words. Faisceau and Fire both had their arms crossed staring at each other with half closed eyes.

Fire: Hmmph!
Faisceau: Thank you for telling me the truth.
Fire:  Sleepy
Faisceau: Go outside. Your father and I need to talk to your brother.

Fire looked at Sun sadly and left. Faisceau and Rayon smiled at Sun.

Sun: I'm sorry for lying to you.
Faisceau: It's alright, baby. All lovers do this to their parents.
Rayon: We need to talk, Sun.

Sun sat on a chair listening to his father and mother talk about the facts of life.

Happy Sand found Fire outside and invited him over for dinner at her house. Fire agreed.
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Chapter 256. The Plan.

The next week was insane for the young deities. Sun spotted Doragon who went back into the fields to get Loyal's sword. Sun reported it to Loyal and Fire. Death told Rock who told the others.

Now things were getting a bit crazy.

Fire began to lay out his plans which worried Loyal.

Fire: Problem, Loyal?
Loyal: Do we have to... kill it?
Fire: Of course, Loyal.
Loyal: I was hoping that we could... tell it to go away?

Death smiled at Loyal with sympathy when each deity in the room begin to laugh at him.

Water: You're joking, right?
Loyal: No.
Fire: Loyal, what did that monster try to do to you?
Loyal: Kill me.
Fire: That's right.
Loyal: I kinda get what you are saying...
Rock: What did Rain's father do when that wild boar attacked his dog?
Loyal: He killed the wild animal.
Rain: Now, if daddy didn't kill it, our doggy would be dead.
Cloud: I hate that day.
Loyal: -Sigh-
Death: Loyal if we don't get rid of that thing, who knows what it will do next.
Loyal: Yeah.

Death put his arm around Loyal squeezing him gently. Fire held up a long scroll.

Fire: Alright, everyone. Here is the plan. Gather around.

Each deity hurried over to the table each of shoving each other to get a look at the plan.

Fire: Cloud, since you are a good fighter. you can be with Sun who will be in the front with Rock.
Cloud: Great!
Fire: Wind you can be with Earth and Water who will be in the back with the arrows.
Wind: Okay.
Fire: I'll be near the front with Sun and the others.
Loyal: What will happen when you finally get the monster trapped?
Fire: That's when Death comes in.

Death waved his harpoon.

Loyal: That will kill it?
Death: Sure, this harpoon will kill it like that. *snaps fingers*
Sand: How? It's just one harpoon. It can't kill a large Doragon like that.
Death: You're right, Sand. But...

Everyone stared at Death who kissed the harpoon blade. The blade became black from Death's kiss.

Death: This monster doesn't stand a chance now.
Loyal: -Gulps-
Sun: Great.
Loyal: Wait, the monster might see us and run.
Fire: We will be hiding.
Loyal: How are you going to get it near the trap?
Sun: We will get it near the trap, Loyal.
Loyal: Okay... I don't want to see when you kill it.
Death: All we need is bait.
Loyal: Bait? What will you use for bait, guys?

Fire and Sun stared at Loyal who blinked at them. Sweating nervously, Loyal looked around the room.

Each deity was staring at him.

Loyal: What?

Rain held up a thick rope. Loyal stared at it.

Loyal: ?
Rain: Hold still.
Loyal: Now, wait a minute!
Fire: Don't worry, Loyal, we'll pull yo-
Loyal: NO!!! We can-

Loyal backed away from his friends who were walking slowly to him with the rope. Some of the Goddesses were speaking to Loyal in cool, calming voices. Terrified, Loyal kept walking backward trying to tell his friends that they could use something else.


Loyal bumped into Death who stood there stiffly.

Loyal: Ah, Death! Will you help me find some bait?

Wordlessly, Death grabbed Loyal's arms and pinned them behind his back. Loyal squirmed and stomped on Death's foot.

Death: You'll be fine, Loyal. Hold still.
Loyal: No, Death!! Help! Someone help me!!!
Death: Hush now.

Sun stood in the back watching his friends and brother tied up screaming Loyal.


"Hold still!!"

"Stop, no!!"

"Shut it, Loyal!"


"Ow! He bit me!!"



Twenty minutes later.

Loyal leaned against the wall tied up while Death sat next to him.

Loyal: When this is over, all of you guys are going to be in big trouble!!
Fire: So scared.

Loyal yelled at Fire and begin to bang the back of his head against the wall yelling for someone to untie him. Death rolled his eyes.

Death: When do attack?
Fire: In another hour. Tell Loyal to stop doing that.
Death: Too late.

Loyal fell to the side dizzy from all his screaming.
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Chapter 257. Attack!

A day ago.

Blessing sat in the corner of the room licking away at a shiny object. Cosmic ent over to her to see what it was.

Cosmic: What's that, Blessy?
Blessing: -Rumbles-
Cosmic: A sword? Where did you get it?
Blessing: -Purrs-
Cosmic: Can I hold it?

Purring at her brother, Blessing pushed the sword to Cosmic. Cosmic picked it up smiling at the designs burned into the blade.

It looked familiar.

Cosmic couldn't put his finger on it.

The next day.

Blessing snuck out of the house after getting Cosmic and Galactic to play with a duck she found. Ever so quietly, Blessing hopped over the gate with Loyal's sword tied around her neck. No one saw Blessing leave.

The gate opened.

Where Death was.

Death: He won't die will he, Fire?
Fire: He'll be fine.
Sun: What will you do if he does?
Fire: He won't.
Cloud: How will we know if that monster is coming back?
Wind: Sun said that each day, it was looking around in the field.
Water: It must be after Loyal then!
Fire: Which is why we should kill it.
Sun: This better work, Fire.
Fire: Ssh!

The deities hid in the trees and bushes watching Loyal.

Panting, Loyal sat on a dirt pile looking off into the distance. The hot sun beat down on Loyal's head making him feel slightly nauseated. Was this crazy plan going to work? How long must he sit in the dirt? Loyal turned his head around and yelled to his brother.

Loyal: Death?
Death: Silence!! Don't blow our cover!
Loyal: How long-
Death: Just for a few minutes, Loyal! Don't panic when it gets near!

Nodding his head, Loyal closed his eyes dreaming about his cool bed.


Fire: There it is!
Rain: ...!

Loyal opened his eyes and saw the maroon colored monster watching him. Loyal felt his fear returning.


Blessing trotted up to Loyal purring at the sight of him. She never saw Loyal's brother and friends hiding in the tree.

Hyperventilating, Loyal gazed up at the monster who stared down at him. It has grown last time he saw it.

Blessing: -Chirps-
Loyal: Doragon...?
Blessing: ?
Loyal: That's what you are, right? A Doragon?
Blessing: -Nods-

Loyal stood still looking up at the dragon who gazed him sadly. Death got his harpoon ready, Sun grabbed Fire on the arm.

Sun: Is this going to work?!
Fire: I'm starting to wonder, too.
Water: What!?
Wind: Fire, you know what the punishment is for killing a deity, right!?
Fire: What?
Water: Shush! Look!

Everyone turned their attenion back to Loyal who was shaking.

Loyal: Do you understand me, Doragon?
Blessing: -Nods-
Loyal: You do? How?

Blessing sniffed at Loyal who jumped.

Water: My God. It's smelling him to see if he's fresh!
Sun: Son of a-
Sand: Ssh.

Loyal didn't move but shiver. Blessing sniffed at his face making him cry out quietly.

Hissing, Death held the harpoon to the monster face. Wind placed his hand on Death's shoulder telling him not yet.

Loyal: Uhhh.
Blessing: -Huffs-
Loyal: Is that my sword?

Blessing forgot all about Loyal's sword. Without a noise, Blessing stared at Loyal and then at the sword.

Loyal: What?
Blessing: -Nods-
Loyal: What is it?
Blessing: -Purrs-
Loyal: Why are you doing that?
Blessing: -growls-
Loyal: Don't get mad at me, Doragon. I can't understand you.

Why couldn't Loyal understand her? Cosmic and his parents did, so did Galactic and Moon after she nipped them.


That's it!

Blessing nudged at the sword and at Loyal.

Loyal: Oh! You want me to get my sword?
Blessing: -Nods-
Loyal: Thank you.

Smiling a bit, Loyal reached up to get his sword off Blessing's neck. Blessing nipped Loyal's arm gently.

Not a good idea.

Loyal recoiled and screamed in terror from the nip. Blessing shrank back fearing that she hurt Loyal that she didn't hear one of the Goddesses shrill scream in the tree.


Blessing felt a sharp stone hit her in the eye making her roar in pain, Loyal screamed again.

"Death!! Help me!!"

Blessing opened her eye in time to see Loyal being jerked away on a rope. A large boulder hit Blessing making her stumble. There was multiple screaming from the trees and out came that red haired God who hit her followed by another deity with long blond hair with a few more deities. All of them yelling and holding weapons. Blessing panicked and turned around to run but a sharp arrow hit her in the ear.

"Stop, Monster!!!"


Afraid, Blessing tried to run but a Goddess with white hair ran in front of her. Blessing pulled back when the Goddess swung her ax at her.

More rocks and arrows struck Blessing that her fear grew into anger as she was surrounded by angry deities.

"Don't let it get away!!"

"Watch out!"

Blessing roared and exhaled fire at a Goddess with light colored hair.


A twisted thick clear shield covered Sand who was crouched down. Rock stared in horror at Sand who looked up in surprise.

"Hey. Fire and sand make glass!"

Blessing's tail hit the glass making Sand yelp.

"Leave her alone!!"

A God with long white blond hair jumped on Blessing and begin to stab her head.

"Wind! Be careful!!"

Blessing roared from the pain and tried to get Wind off. Who were these deities? Did Loyal send them? Blessing's eyes filled with tears.

Fire jumped in front of Blessing shooting arrows at her making her more furious than ever.

First, this God hit her, and now arrows?

"Fallback! Fallback!!"

Death sat in the tree with Loyal hanging onto him.

Blessing and Fire glared at each other while the others ran off. Fire didn't move when Blessing opened her mouth.

Loyal's hand flew to his mouth when he saw his friend being engulfed in flames that the monster breath out.

The deities stared in shock while Blessing smirked.

Too easy.


Blessing's eyes widened when the God walked out of the flames perfectly fine. Fire grinned wickedly at Blessing who took a step back.

"How lame."

Before Blessing had a chance to fly away, a large boulder landed on her wing. Blessing cried out and tried to push the boulder off.

Death raised the harpoon to Blessing.

"Hamba kahle, Doragon."

The harpoon raced to Blessing.
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Chapter 258. Harpoon.


Blessing felt the harpoon hit Loyal's sword and bounce off it. The harpoon shot back towards Death and Loyal and struck the tree killing it instantly.

Loyal screamed as he and Death fell out of the tall rotting tree. Earth raced back to where Loyal and Death were while Sun yelled at the others to keep fighting. Blessing roared and tried to escape to get to Loyal.

Fire: Death! Shoot, damn it, shoot!!!

Jumping up, Death cursed loudly and set up his harpoon again.


Death looked up to see Cosmic standing in front of the monster holding onto her neck. Sun yelled at his friends to remove Cosmic away from the monster but Cosmic yelled at them to get away.

Blessing covered Cosmic with her good wing and growled at the deities.


Fire: What are you doing!? Keep fighting!!
Rock: It has Cosmic!

Death raised his harpoon again to Blessing and barked at Cosmic to get away.

Cosmic: If you are going to kill my sister, you have to kill me, too!
Death: Sister!? That's a Doragon, Cosmic!
Cosmic: It's pronounced Dragon, you stupid idiot!!
Galactic: Stop! Leave her alone!

Galactic ran up, climbed onto the "Dragon" and sat on its head seething at Death. Loyal's throat begin to ache.

Fire: Loyal!?
Death: ****! Loyal, command them to get off of that monster!
Loyal: Why?
Death They'll listen to you, now do it!!

Loyal was so confused that he didn't realize that it was Death giving the orders. Loyal made a sweeping motion with his hands and his friends grabbed squealing Cosmic and Galactic.

Death: Loyal...

Slowly, Death have the harpoon to Loyal who was shaking.

Loyal: I can not do this, Death.
Death You have to do it! That monster was going to kill you!
Loyal: But-

Death slapped Loyal hard across the face making Fire jump.

Death: Stop it! Now... You take the shot.
Loyal: ...

Loyal yanked the harpoon away from Death and aimed it at Doragon.

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i need a bad bleep
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Chapter 259. Whose Orders?

Loyal shook staring at terrified Doragon. Cosmic and Galactic were trying to break free from Rock who them by the arms.

Death: Shoot.

Loyal closed one eye to shoot; Cosmic screamed louder at Loyal.

Cosmic: Loyal, no!! Don't do it, please!!
Cosmic: Please!
Loyal: Why, Cosmic?!
Cosmic: She is my sister! Please don't shoot Blessing!!!

Loyal looked at Cosmic who was staring at Loyal imploring. Death nudged Loyal.

Death: Shoot, Loyal. This monster tried to kill you, remember?
Galactic: She wasn't! She didn't know!!
Death: She bit him!
Galactic: She didn't know, Death!
Death: Shut her up!!

Slightly upset, Rock placed his hand over Galactic mouth muffling her screaming. Cosmic kicked at Rock still yelling at Loyal to stop.

Death: If you don't shoot now, Loyal, she'll get away.

Loyal saw the boulder moving away slowly each time Doragon moved. Cosmic's eyes met with Loyal.

Loyal: I'm sorry, Cosmic!
Cosmic: Loyal! Don't shoot!
Loyal: I have to do it!!

Loyal's eyes filled with angry tears as he pointed the harpoon at Doragon, Cosmic was crying and screaming now.

Cosmic: Loyal! Are you doing this because you want to or is someone telling you to shoot!?
Loyal: It has to be done! It's the right th-
Cosmic: This is murder! Hatred! Abuse of an innocent dragon, Loyal!! Is that what your grandmothers would have wanted from you, Loyal?! A murderer?! Is this justice, Loyal!?

Loyal grew cold but he never put the harpoon down. Death and the other deities were yelling at Loyal to shoot.

"She tried to kill Sand!"

"Kill it, Loyal!"

"Loyal, please!!"

Loyal shook as he took a step back. Cosmic kept screaming and begging Loyal to stop. Blessing bowed her head getting ready fro the harpoon to hit her.

Loyal broke the harpoon and threw it on the floor. Death's mouth flew open seeing his brothers action.

Loyal: I won't do it... This dragon and Cosmic share a special bond.
Death: Loyal!
Loyal: Who is the one giving the orders right now, Death? You or me?
Death: You have to kill it!
Loyal: You were telling me to kill it, Death. What I was about to do it as your orders, not mine.
Death: She tried to kill you!
Loyal: Was she, Death? She came back to give me my sword.

Loyal pointed at Doragon who still had Loyal's sword around her neck. Cosmic and Galactic were still trying to break free.

Death: Loyal-
Loyal: Was all of this any of my orders? I was foolishly listening to orders that endangered me, my friends, my brother, and was about to kill an innocent creature... I'm sorry, Cosmic

The deities looked at one another and at Fire who looked a bit upset.

Fire: He's right... Not once did I hear Loyal say he approved of this.
Sand: -Sniffs-
Wind: I- I wasn't thinking straight.

Loyal placed his hand on Death's bony shoulder.

Loyal: Long story short... this is all my fault.

Death sucked in his breath and stared at Doragon who looked at him.

Loyal: Release her.

Rock's siblings hurried over to the boulder that trapped Doragon and moved it. Doraagon whined as the boulder moved.

Rock released Cosmic who ran to his sister hugging her tightly around the neck. Galactic broke free.

Loyal walked over to Cosmic and his sister who stared at him with fear in their eyes.

Loyal: I'm deeply ashamed of my acts, Cosmic.
Cosmic: It's alright, Loyal.
Loyal: We'll give her the medical treatment she needs. What is this creature again?
Cosmic: A dragon.
Loyal: Alright. Can you tell her that I'm deeply ashamed of my acts and that I'll do whatever I can to-
Sun: Do what?
Loyal: For her to stay with Cosmic.

Fire and Sun looked at each other.


Death: Loyal-
Loyal: These two share a bond, Death.
Fire: But-
Loyal: What's the most hateful thing you can ever do to a person?

Rain raised her hand.

Loyal: Speak.
Rain: Break them away from their family and loved ones.
Loyal: Correct.

Loyal nearly fell backward when Cosmic ran at him and hugged his waist.

Cosmic: Thank you, Loyal.
Loyal: No, Cosmic. Thank you.

After a few minutes of cleaning up and arguing, the deities walked behind Doragon as she limped after Cosmic and Galactic who led the way.

Loyal walked in the back hanging his head in shame.
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 from Rock who them both by the arms.

What did you try to say again?
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oops.  Lips Sealed
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WHOA this is chapter 261 and I ve only read the first ones Laugh
I really like your writing and the world that you have created :3
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