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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 434595 times)
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Thanks, Tangerine!  Grin Grin

All these positive comments mean a lot, everyone~   Kiss
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Chapter 260. Obey Me.

Himitsu: There are some rules Loyal cannot change; this is one of them.
Rayon: I guess it's the right thing to do, Himitsu.
Liberty: But it seems so wrong.
Mercy: I'm going to agree with Liberty.
Terra: You would, Mercy.
Mercy: Damning a human or deity is not right, what will you get out of it?
Lakas: No one will win if this continues.
Sound: Sometimes you have to do away with someone if their acts continue.

Each deity sat on the floor discussing the old law that Loyal missed. If they had looked out the window, they would have noticed Loyal quarreling with his brother and friends about Doragon.


Himitsu jumped when the heavy doors flew open and Loyal stood there breathing hard. Rayon stood up never taking his eyes off Loyal.

Loyal: Heeyyy...??
Himtsu: I'm your father, remember?
Loyal: Papa!
Himitsu: What is it now, Loyal?
Loyal: You know how Death has a cat?
Himitsu: Yes, Loyal.
Loyal: Say if... Death's cat was his sister??

The older deities begin to chuckle at Himitsu who gave Loyal a disgusted look. Loyal grinned psychotically at his father.

Himitsu: I would say that's sick.
Loyal: Why, papa, why!?
Himitsu: Loyal, control yourself.
Loyal: Why?
Himitsu: One. Death is a God. Two Cricket is a cat. They are NOT related.
Loyal: But say they were somehow related...?
Himitsu: You need your mouth washed, boy.
Loyal: NO! I didn't mean it like that, papa.
Himitsu: Then what?
Loyal: Adopted. Adopt Cricket.
Himitsu: We already did, Loyal.
Loyal:  I know but treat her like she is my sister?
Himitsu: I don't care what you and Death do with that smelly cat, Loyal.
Loyal: So, Death can treat her like his sister or daughter?
Himitsu: If he wants, yes.
Loyal: Can any other deity do it?
Himistu: Yes. But married to it? No.
Loyal: That I know. How about large animals, can they adopt them?
Himitsu: Only if you say so.

Nova begin to sweat when she heard a growl.

Loyal: I will allow it, yes?
Himitsu: Go ahead.  
Loyal: Great! How about... A Doragon?
Himitsu: What the bloody hell is a 'Doragon'?
Loyal: This.

Cosmic and the other deities opened the door and in shuffled Doragon sniffing at the pillars. The deities begin to scream in terror when they saw Doragon which made her panic.  

Himitsu: LOYAL!!
Loyal: Pfft! Don't look at me, this is Cosmic's older sister, Papa.
Cosmic: Her name is Blessing, Himitsu.
Himitsu: What is that thing!?
Wind: Doragob!
Water: Idiot, it's pronounce Doragone.
Loyal: Doragon.
Cosmic: It's dragon, ya twits.

Loyal grinned at Himitsu and patted Doragon on the head.

Loyal: TA-DA!!!

Himitsu tapped his foot at Loyal who nervously jumped from one foot to the other.

Loyal: She is a Drag-on, Papa.
Nova: Cosmic...
Cosmic: I didn't tell anyone, mommy.
Loyal: Honest, Nova. Cosmic didn't tell anyone.
Nova: What happened to her?
Loyal: Well... I kinda beat her up.
Constellation: You what?!
Loyal: I-
Fire: We all did.

Fire and Death stood next to Loyal with the others behind them.

Death: I was-... about to kill her, Nova. I'm sorry, I didn't know she was your daughter.
Himitsu: DAUGHTER!!?

All of the older deities looked at Nova and Planet who made their way over to Cosmic and Doragon.

Himitsu: What is the meaning of this?
Loyal: Now, now. I'm going to allow this.

Now everyone was looking at Loyal who looked so small and frail in front of Doragon.

Loyal: If they want Doragon.
Cosmic: Blessing.
Loyal: Forgive me. If they want Blessing as their daughter, then let it be so.
Himitsu: Loyal. This is a dragon. NOT A CHILD!!

Loyal stood up straighter and faced his father.

"What I have said, is law, Papa. Obey me."

With that being said, Loyal skipped out of the temple telling Nova and Planet to meet him whenever they are ready.

Death, Sun, Fire, and the others ran after Loyal laughing with joy.  
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Chapter 261. Friends?

Planet: And that's how we found her, Loyal.
Loyal: What a lovely story.
Nova: I-
Loyal: How many deities knew about her? Besides you all and Galactic.

Nova and Planet kept quiet and stared at the floor. Loyal twiddled his thumbs waiting for an answer.

Loyal: No one is going to get in trouble, Planet. I'm not going to lose my temper.
Planet: Liberty and Story know about her.
Cosmic: Moon does too.
Nova: Blod knew, but he's gone now.
Loyal: Yes.

Everyone was silent for a moment thinking of Blod. Doragon purred at her father and Cosmic.

Loyal: She is a drag-on, right?
Planet: Yes.
Loyal: I thought these creatures were just fairy tales?
Nova: They are not. They were hidden from you.
Loyal: Why?
Planet: To keep them safe.
Loyal: Hm. I want to see this world.
Nova: Blod had to keep this book away from you, but it's too late now.

Nova handed Loyal the book that Blod had kept. Loyal flipped through the pages smiling at the drawings.

Loyal: Mind if I read through this? I'll return it soon.
Planet: Go ahead, Loyal.
Loyal: Thanks. I'm deeply ashamed of what happened to your daughter.
Nova: Mind if we ask what happened to you?

Slightly embarrassed, Loyal told Nova when he met Doragon. Planet tried to hide his smile behind his hand, but Loyal saw it.

Loyal: -Sigh-
Planet: Oh well. It was an honest mistake, Loyal.  
Loyal: Now, she hates me.
Nova: Oh-no, Loyal. Blessing forgives you.

Doragon sniffed at Loyal who flinched from her hot breath. Cosmic eyed his sister.

Cosmic: I'm hungry.
Nova: We better head home, Planet. Thank you, Loyal.
Loyal: No problem. Goodbye.

Planet picked up Cosmic and took Nova's hand.

Planet: This is too much from you, Loyal.
Loyal: Eh?
Planet: All of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Loyal. Most deities would have said no to Blessing. Now, Cosmic gets to keep his older sister.

Everyone in the room smiled at Cosmic who was smiling at Blessing.
Loyal: You're welcome, Planet.
Planet: Again, thank you, Loyal. Thank you so much.

Planet and Nova bowed deeply to Loyal.

Loyal: No-
Nova: We really appreciate everything you do, Loyal.

Cosmic jumped from his father's arms, hurried over to Loyal and kissed his cheek.

Cosmic: Thank you!
Loyal: Oh! Y-you're welcome.
Cosmic:  :3

Planet and Nova were laughing softly at Loyal who looked slightly embarrassed from Cosmic's kiss.

Nova: Goodbye, Loyal.
Loyal: Bye.

Loyal nodded at Blessing who was staring at him.

Loyal: I'm sorry for what I did, Doragon.

Gently, Loyal placed his hand on Blessing's horn. Blessing's heart begin to flutter from Loyal's touch.

Loyal: Friends?

Blessing purred at Loyal.

Loyal: See ya, Doragon.

Cosmic tugged at his lovestruck sister's wing. Blessing hurried after her family. Loyal stood on the porch waving goodbye.

Himitsu watched from the window disgusted from Planet and Nova's words of gratitude.

A week later.

Cosmic sat outside catching frogs to throw at Galactic while Blessing sat next to him chewing on her paw.

Cosmic: Yuk! Look at this ugly toad. I can't wait to throw this at Galactic.
Blessing: -Growls-
Cosmic: Galactic started it. She threw a snake at me.
Blessing: -Shrugs-
Cosmic: Dandy! I can't wait to throw it.

Cosmic collected more frogs not paying attention to his sister. Blessing turned her head around in time to see Loyal walking by carrying a jar of paint; Loyal saw Blessing gawking at him, and waved kindly at her.

Blessing sat still watching Loyal walk away.


Cosmic: Mommy!!

Four minutes later, Blessing woke up after cold water was thrown on her, Planet held an empty bucket while Nova and Cosmic shook her.

Nova: Blessy? Are you okay?
Blessing: ....-huff-


Cosmic leaned against Blessing munching on an apple; Blessing laid quietly on the floor.

Nova: Is she alright?
Planet: She will be.
Nova: Why did she faint?
Planet: She said it was the heat, but I think there is more to the story.

Blessing sighed and thought of Loyal.
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Cute!  :3

The Pencil-Staff is a powerful thing, AyChao. If you wanted to, you could rewrite history-
Look at me, I have wings!


[May 18 04:31 PM]:   AyKooChao wonders why no one is shipping the user above them
[May 18 04:33 PM]:   Monika is going to ship AyKooChao in the forum game called "Ship user above you"
[May 18 04:35 PM]:   AyKooChao scrolls down very slowly...
*sees that she's been shipped with a certain Yu-Gi-Oh character...*
AyKooChao [May 18 04:36 PM]:   Again? *insert untypeable Cheesy +  Embarrassed + Cheery + Nervous + "put that notebook down, Carrie" face here*
[May 18 04:37 PM]:   Monika bursts out of laughter
Monika [May 18 04:37 PM]:   Laugh
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AyKooChao [May 18 04:48 PM]:   Meh, I'll just type what I always do.

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Cute and crazy.  Kiss  Laugh
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Chapter 262. Love and A Spinning Dot.

A month later...

Himitsu kept a close eye on his sons each time they were with Doragon. This beast seems to like Loyal a lot and Death. They always went over to talk or play with her. On clear days, Doragon would be with Loyal and Cosmic who rested on her back. Rainy days were the worse because Doragon would always sit close to Loyal who would be reading a book out loud to her. Himitsu became a bit concern when Doragon nuzzled Loyal.

Was this beast...?

It can't be.

Even Planet became suspicious when his daughter moaned sadly after being told to stay home.

Only animals do that when it's the mating season.


One afternoon, Planet and Himitsu read through the book about dragons and their reproductive system.


One morning, Loyal walked to the door but was stopped by his father who looked slightly disgusted.

Himitsu: Loyal, are you and your brother meeting with that beast?
Loyal: Y-yes...
Himitsu: Why?
Loyal: Just to play, why?
Himitsu: Loyal, I don't want you to play with that-...
Loyal: Dragon?
Himitsu: Exactly. I don't want you to see that thing, Loyal.
Loyal: Why, Papa?
Himitsu: Well, that creature is...
Loyal: Is?
Himitsu: Well, it's time for that thing to find a mate and they can get pretty aggressive during this time.
Loyal: Oh... I didn't know.
Himitsu: Yeah... So, don't go today. Constellation and Nova are going to deal with her.
Loyal: Okay... I'll tell Death.
Himitsu: Why don't you two go visit Sun and his brother?

Loyal wanted to stay home with his brother and his father hoping that they could play a game.

Another crushed dream.

Death and Loyal walked hand in hand over to Sun's house where Fire was painting the house.

Fire: Morning!  
Loyal: Hi.
Fire: Why so glum?
Death: Nothing, Doragon is sick.
Fire: Too bad.

Where Doragon was.

Planet shook his head at his daughter who acted like she was asleep on the floor. Cosmic threw paper balls at her trying to make her play with him.

Nova: Why so early?
Planet: This is the normal time for them to want a partner, Nova.
Nova: But who? Who does she want?
Planet: Cosmic, go play outside. Mommy and Daddy need to talk to your sister.

Cosmic glared at his sister before leaving the house.

Planet: Blessing, do you want anything?
Blessing: -Whine-
Nova: No, sweetie. You can't go outside today. Maybe tomorrow.

Blessing rolled onto her back looking up at the ceiling thinking of Loyal.

Planet: She wants a deity for her partner.
Nova: She'll come to her senses soon.
Planet: If she doesn't?
Nova: She will. Don't worry, Blessing.

Blessing lapped at her mother's hand sadly.


Where Galactic was.

Galactic gripped her father's hand and pointed to the stars.

A spinning white dot winked at them.

Constellation: What is it?

Galactic said nothing but stare at the dot.
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Thank you kindly~   Grin
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Chapter 263. Who Do You Love?

A few weeks later.

One bright cool afternoon.

Doragon sat outside with Loyal listening to him read his book out loud, Sand sat by with Wind playing with his long white blond hair.

Loyal: Then End.
Doragon: -Rumbles-
Sand: That was a romantic story, Loyal.
Wind: A little too romantic. Jeez, will that girl in the story make up her mind?
Sand: Those stories are the best, Wind.
Wind: Whatever, Sand. Loyal, have you found a Goddess yet?
Loyal: No, you?
Wind: Nope. She'll come around someday. Sand has a boyfriend.
Sand: Wind!
Loyal: Really??
Wind: Uh-huh, only he doesn't know this.
Sand: Shut up, Wind.
Loyal: Who is it, Sand?
Sand: No one, leave me alone!
Loyal: It's Fire, isn't it?
Wind: Yup!

Sand tossed a sod at Wind's head as he laughed at her. Doragon opened her eyes looking up a small white butterfly.

Loyal: Well, I hope it will work out for you, Sand.
Sand: Thank you! Do you think Fire will-
Wind: Nah.
Sand: I wasn't asking you, Wind.
Loyal: Now, Wind, Fire probably will go with Sand.
Wind: Sure, sure, do me a favor and invite me to the dream wedding, Sand.

Wind blew a raspberry at Loyal's book and flopped down on his back with his eyes closed.

Loyal laughed at Sand who kicked Wind's leg with her bare foot. Doragon went back to sleep.

The sunlight faded behind Wind's closed eyelids making him stir. Slightly irked, Wind opened one eye to see what was blocking the sun, Earth stood over him.

Earth: Hi, Wind.
Wind: Hello, Earth?
Earth: What are you doing?
Wind: Not much, just resting.
Earth: Can I rest with you?

Wind patted the grass and told Earth to make herself comfortable. Earth sat down still looking at Wind who raised an eyebrow at her.

Wind: Do I have something on my face?
Earth: No, just looking.

Loyal smiled kindly at Earth.

Earth: Loyal, do you love any deity?

Smiling, Loyal brushed Earth's question and went back to his book. Sand and Earth begin to pester Loyal who tried to hide his face as he swatted at his friends. Wind smiled hearing his friends laugh.

Loyal: Alright, alright. I'll tell you.
Sand: Who is it, Loyal?!

Doragon listened intently fearing what Loyal will say.

Loyal: You.

Loyal pulled Sand close to him and then Earth.

Loyal: And you.

Wind felt his foot being nudged.

Loyal: And you. And Doragon here.
Earth: Huh? Loyal, you can't have multiple relationships.
Loyal: Not in a romantic way, Earth. I love you all.
Sand: Aww, I love you too, Loyal.
Earth: So do I!
Wind: I do, too.
Doragon: !!
Loyal: I love you all because you are my friends and if anything ever happens to you all, I'll do everything I can to save you.
Doragon: -Sniffs-
Loyal: This is a promise I give you.
Earth: My throat hurts, Loyal. Please stop before I start crying.

Earth swallowed hard while Loyal smooth down her hair with his hand. Doragon looked at Wind who winked at her.

Sand: But what kind of deity do you want, Loyal?
Loyal: I'm happy either way. I have you all if the right one doesn't come along.

Doragon placed her head back down and sighed sadly. Loyal sensed her sadness and patted her arm.

Loyal: What a beautiful day.

Wind went back to sleep while Earth and Sand snuggled closer to Loyal. Doragon wrapped her long tail around them smiling happily.
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What a heartbreaking chapter.  Cry
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Chapter 264. Death and Himitsu. Part One.

Glaring, Galactic looked up at the spinning white dot. It was getting bigger each day; yesterday it was the size of her fingernail, now it's the size of a tennis ball.

Galactic didn't like this spinning dot one bit. Whatever it was, it was getting stronger.

Where Death was.

Sighing, Death leaned against the door listening to Himitsu and Loyal argue. Lately, Himitsu would start a fight with Loyal who would listen or sometimes yell back at him. The fights sometimes started over a petty thing or over a law that Loyal made. Death did everything he can to calm his father down so he would leave Loyal alone, but sometimes it didn't even work and Himitsu would continue to fight with Loyal who foolishly took it.

Rayon begin to argue with Himitsu about Loyal telling him that Loyal was growing up and his mood will start changing.

Lakas was sick of it. Sometimes when he was working, he would hear Himitsu yelling at Loyal who pleaded at his father to stop followed by Death who snapped at his father to calm down.

It wasn't looking good.

One night.

Loyal walked inside the house and looked at Death. Death whispered to Loyal to go upstairs. Loyal didn't get to take one step before Himitsu caught him.

Himitsu: Where were you?
Loyal: Out.
Himitsu: Out where?
Loyal: Just visiting Doragon, Papa.
Himitsu: I told you not to visit that creature.
Loyal: I was just talking with her, Papa.
Himitsu: Why weren't you practicing?
Loyal: I did.
Himitsu: Really?
Loyal: Honest.
Death: He did, Papa. I was with him.

Himitsu tapped his foot at Loyal who didn't look at him.

Himitsu: Go upstairs, Loyal.
Loyal: Goodnight.

Loyal run upstairs and slammed the door so hard that Death winced.
Himitsu: Death.
Death: Yes?
Himitsu: I wondering. Do you miss your mother?
Death: Sometimes.
Himitsu: I want to show you something.

Death got up from his chair and went to the basement with Himitsu. Loyal stayed inside his room.

Inside the basement.

Death looked around while his father hunted through various boxes on the floor. At last, Himitsu pulled out a large black box with a gold stripe going across it.

Himitsu: Your mother made this for you when you get older, Death.
Death: What is it?
Himitsu: Open it.

Not wanting to look greedy, Death slowly took the box from his father and opened it.

Inside was a dark red and black hooded cape. Death yelped when he saw the beautiful hooded cape. Himitsu pulled it out and placed it on Death fixing the clasps. It was slightly big, but Death would grow into it. Death stroked the black wool smiling at it. The hood went over his eyes, but that didn't matter. Himitsu smiled at his son who was hugging the cape and laughing.

Death: It's beautiful!
Himitsu: Your mother work so hard on it to make it special for you.
Death: I wish I could thank her!
Himitsu: I wish she could see how handsome her son looks in it. Most of all, to see you grow up.

Himitsu rubbed Daeth's hair while Death folded his gift back in its box.

Himtsu: She also left you with this letter, Death.
Death: Can I read it now?
Himitsu: If you want to read it, go ahead.

Death snatched the letter from his father, opened the letter and read what his mother wrote him.

"Dear Death..."

After a few minutes, Death folded the letter back into its envelope and placed it inside of his box. Himitsu stood next to Death.

Himitsu: She loved you very much, Death.
Death: I love her too.
Himitsu: She couldn't get enough of you the minute you were born.
Death: I wish she was here.
Himitsu: She is in a way, Death.

Himitsu placed his dark hand over Death's chest.

Himitsu: She's in here.
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i hate how prejudiced himitsu is

Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    Yves
Cacti [Apr 17 12:28 PM]:    I love that word
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i hate how prejudiced himitsu is
Yes. Seikatsu is just as bad. The ****

There is some bad and some more bad news.

The bad news is that School starts tomorrow. The second bad news is that no more new chapters each day.  Cry

Damn, and I was having a lot of fun! I laughed, I cried, I raged. But mostly cried. For a celebration, I drew myself with bandaged hands. It's not a great picture, but I love it. 154 chapters were posted from May 30th to September Fifth!! Wow!! I did it!! Thank you all for believing in me!! Hooray


What an awesome summer!  8)

Post if you see her in the picture. Wink
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Looks like Death and Cherry Blossom won.

Sun and Moon came second place. I really wanted Cosmic and Galactic to win. My sister wanted Cosmic and Galactic to win as well.  Cry

Loyal and Doragon? That one was just sad, I thought they would get at least one.  Undecided

Death and Cherry Blossom. 3 votes.
Sun and Moon. 2 votes.
Cosmic and Galactic. One vote.
Loyal and Doragon. Zero votes.

Oh well. I'll try to post a chapter today. ❤
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Chapter 265. Death and Himitsu. Part Two.

Death played with his father's fingers waiting for him to speak.

Himitsu: Just living inside of you.
Death: I thought she was with her mother?
Himitsu: As much as she loved her, Seikatsu didn't want to be with them.
Death: Why?
Himitsu: She told me that if something should ever happen to her, she wants her spirit to rest inside of you.
Death: Why me? I'm the God of Death, and she is the Goddess of Life.
Himitsu: She wants to be with you forever, Death.
Death: Oh... but why? Why not see your mother who never got to hold you?
Himitsu: Seikatsu loves you very much, Death.
Death: ...
Himitsu: Sometimes, a mother will cast aside her own parents to be with her children.
Death: Will you do that for me?
Himitsu: Of course I would.

Death didn't bother to bring up his brother.

Death already knew the answer.

Death: I wish I could see her in some way, Papa.
Himitsu: I wish I could, too.
Death: Papa, tell me what she did the minute I was born.
Himitsu: At first, Seikatsu was very scared for you because you were so thin and you didn't cry.
Death: What did you do?
Himitsu: I was afraid as well. I thought we were going to lose you so early.
Death: But I lived.
Himitsu: Which is why your mother and I love you.
Death: Funny. People don't.
Himitsu: Who cares what they think, Death.
Death: Me.

Death stared up at his father who looked distraught. The floorboard creaked.

Himitsu: Why, Death?
Death: Well. They always make my friends and everyone else beautiful and loving, but they make me look ugly and mean. Only you, my brother, and friends like me. The people in the world panic when they see me.
Himiitsu: I didn't know this, Death.
Death: I never told you.
Himitsu: Why?
Death: You too much on your mind already. You don't need to worry about a deity who is self-conscious about his looks.
Himitsu: Don't hold it in from me, Death.
Death: I'll get over it, I'm just moody because Sound says I'm at "That Age" whatever that means.
Himitsu: That means growing up.
Death: Sun told me that, but I thought he was lying to me again.
Himitsu: Are you really that bothered about your looks and what they think of you, Death.

Death didn't answer his father. Himitsu sighed and knelt down to Death.

Himitsu: Oh, Death. I'm always here to listen to your problems. Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Death leaned against his father who hugged him close.

Death: Papa.
Himitsu: What is it?
Death:  Sometimes I feel- I feel like I want to grow up, but then again I don't want too.
Himitsu: Go on.
Death: There are days when I feel like I can't do anything right and I become depressed.

Himitsu waited for his son to keep talking.

Death: Some days I feel worthless compare to Loyal. Everyone loves him. I want the people to love me like they love him, Papa.
Himitsu: Oh.
Death: Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it.
Death: All it takes if one cut and I'm gone.

Death held up his knife to his father. Himitsu took it from him and threw it in the corner.
Himitsu: You're thinking of suicide?
Death: That enters my mind sometimes.
Himitsu: I wouldn't be able to go on if you killed yourself.
Death: Yes, you would.
Himitsu: No, I wouldn't. You are the only thing I live for.

Himitsu pulled Death onto his knee rocking him slowly.

Himitsu: When you came into my life, nothing mattered to me anymore. All I wanted in life was you and your mother.
Death: Mama is gone.
Himitsu: She isn't, Death.

Death's throat ached when his father kissed the top of his head.

Himitsu: I see her in you. She may not be here with us, but we are never apart.
Death: I want her with us.
Himitsu: She is, Death. In spirit she is.

Himitsu dark hand rested on Death's bony hand. Death stared at his father's black nails that matched his.

A peaceful presence wrapped her arms around Death. Death's eyes widened.


Himitsu smiled when Death spoke. He knew his son could feel her.

"Your mother never left us, Death."

Death smiled and snuggled closer to his father.

"Your mother and I love you very much, Death. You are our world."

"I love you both, too."

"Like your mother, I want to live forever with you, Death."

Smiling softly, Himitsu smoothed down Death's singing his lullaby to him. Death didn't want this beautiful night to end.

Seikatsu kissed her sleeping son's head.
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