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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Two. The Past]  (Read 73402 times)
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I really missed reading this fanfic!

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I'm so glad you are back.  :3

I was worried about your OC, Fiore. I was thinking of a way to contact you to let you know I'm taking care of her until you get back.  Cheery

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Well, if you ever need quick communication, (communication by PMs are very slow) you can just make a discord account.

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Well, if you ever need quick communication, (communication by PMs are very slow) you can just make a discord account.
I'm not allowed to get discord. The only way to reach me is through here and Recolor.me.  Undecided

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S. Mexico: 4/12
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Chapter 266. Himitsu and Loyal. Part One.
A few weeks later...

Loyal sat at the far end of the table looking down at the white marble top and at his long finger's. Himitsiu sat at the head of the table looking at his son cautiously. Death was at his music class leaving his brother behind with their father.

Shaking, Loyal swallowed the hard lump in his throat. Himitsiu did nothing but stare at his son not bothering to ask him if he was alright.

Himitsu: Loyal.
Loyal: Father.
Himitsu: Why are you still here? I thought you wanted to see that Dragon.
Loyal: I wanted to talk with you.... Can I have a few minutes of your time? If not, that's alright...

Himitsu squinted at Loyal who still has his head down. Himitsiu wanted to be anywhere but here with Loyal.

He didn't say it though.

They both knew what he wanted.

Himitsu: Go ahead, Loyal. It better be worth my time.
Loyal: It will... It will.

Loyal smiled weakly at his father who didn't smile back. Loyal reached into the pouch that was tied around his belt and pulled out a gold envelope.

Himitsu: Where did you get that? That belongs to Death.

Loyal noticed that Himitsu didn't say 'Your brother.'

Was Himitsu taking Death from him, too? It didn't matter now for Loyal.

Well, maybe it did.

Loyal: It's not Death's letter.... It's mine.
Himitsu: Yours?
Loyal: Well, not mine anymore, really. It's for you.

Loyal held the envelope to his mouth, placed it gently on the table, and flicked it to his father.

The envelope made a soft brushing sound as it slid across the table towards Himitsu. Himitsiu stopped the letter with his finger, picked it up, and shoved it in his pocket.

Himitsu: I'll read it later.
Loyal: But, I wanted-

Another crack appeared in Loyal's heart.

Himitsu: What did you want to talk about?
Loyal: Oh... I just wanted to talk about something I read, Father.
Himitsu: Go on.

Loyal took a deep shuddering breath before he started talking.

Loyal: I was reading about the- my grandmother's and Seikatsu.
Himitsu: What about them?
Loyal: They each died after giving birth to their daughters and Seikatsu died after giving birth to me.
Himitsu: Shameful, isn't? How does one live knowing he or she killed their one of their parents?

Loyal flinched at Himitsu's hateful jab. All was silent for a minute.

Loyal: The best thing to do is go on in life. There is nothing one can do when a father or mother dies... Moving on is the best thing.

Himitsu wanted an answer. Loyal gave it to him.

Himitsu glared at Loyal who did nothing but stare intently at him. The birds cawed outside as if they were laughing at Himitsu.

Himitsu: Anything else you read?
Loyal: Well, I read that Seikatsu was the first Goddess of Life to give birth to a God.
Himitsu: And?
Loyal: I can't have children obviously, but the Goddess I shall marry can. Whatever child she has will-
Himitsu: You plan to kill her, too?
Loyal: No... I'm-

Loyal stopped abruptly and bit down on his closed fist trying very hard not to cry.

What was Himitsu making this so hard? Can't he have one conversation without fighting? Himitsu's sharp voice broke Loyal out of his thoughts.

Himitsu: Loyal, for God's sake, when are you ever going to man up?! Why are you crying?!
Loyal: I'm sorry, I-

Loyal's voice broke and he hid his face in hands coughing loudly trying to stop his tears, Himitsu's tapped his fingers on the table waiting for Loyal to stop.

"Oh, Shishin, help me..."

Loyal: Okay. I'm ready.
Himitsu: ...
Loyal: My wife will have a son or daughter, yes?
Himitsu: Yes.
Loyal: Which means that it will be the next deity of life...
Himitsu: Yes.
Loyal: Which means, you won't have me much longer.

Himitsu stared at Loyal who was wiping his eyes with a black and orange cloth smiling sadly at his father.

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Chapter 267. Himitsu and Loyal. Part Two.

Himitsu: I don't understand... what you are saying, Loyal.
Loyal: It's a little hard to accept what is going to happen-

Loyal cleared his throat after looking at his father who had a straight face.

Loyal: Since I am a God and my wife will have children. The only way for her to have a deity of life is for me to give away my power to my child...
Himitsu: Leading to...
Loyal: Leading to my death. As soon as my wife gives birth, my power will belong to my son or daughter, Father.
Himitsu: How do you know all of this?
Loyal: That information stays with me, or until you read this letter after my passing.

Himitsu stared at the letter the his son flicked at him. Loyal got up from his chair and sat next to his father.

Loyal: Yeah... So after I turn at least 19 years old or-
Himitsu: Why do you plan to get married so young?
Loyal: What's wrong?
Himitsu: Seems a bit to early to settle down and die.
Loyal: So? You married Seikatsu at that age. And you became a father at 24.
Himitsu: We were both young and stupid. We should have waited a bit longer.
Loyal: I'm sure my Goddess will show up soon.
Himitsu: Go on.
Loyal: After all of this is settled...

Loyal fell silent and bowed his head looking at the table top. Himitsu said nothing.

Loyal: I will no longer be your burden, Father... I will be gone forever. You'll be free from me.
Himitsu: ...
Loyal: You'll have Death... My wife and child will be there to be with you...

Loyal looked up at Himitsu who was leaning forward on the table listening intently to his sons words.

Himitsu: Is that all you have to say?
Loyal: No. When my wife has my son or daughter... Please.

Loyal placed his hand on his fathers hand.

Loyal: Do not ever speak of me after my passing. Please, father... Do not mention me to my son or daughter. Just be there for my wife and her child, please.
Himitsu: Why don't you want me to mention you?
Loyal: I'm not worthy enough to be remembered... Like you said...

Slowly, Himitsu removed his hand from Loyal who flinched.

Loyal: I'm a murderer.

The birds stopped cawing outside. Himitsu and Loyal listened to the clock ticking softly on the kitchen.

The sun was going down and Death would be coming home soon.

Himitsu: I guess... I could do one thing for you, Loyal.
Loyal: Thank you so much. This means a lot, really.
Himitsu: Yes, of course.

Himitsu was about to get up and leave, but Loyal grabbed his sleeve.

Himitsu: What is it?
Loyal: I know there is bad blood between us, father. You know I still love and forgive you for everything.
Himitsu: ...
Loyal: I just want you to know that I'm sorry.

Loyal gripped Himitsu's sleeve and gazed into his fathers black eyes.

Loyal: I'm sorry you had to live your life without Seikatsu. I'm sorry that I took away Death's mother. I'm sorry for this life you had to live.
Himitsu: ....
Loyal: I'm sorry that I was born, Himitsu...

Loyal released his father who was beginning to pull away. Himitsu said nothing but stare at Loyal.

Himitsu could almost see himself in Loyal's glowing white eyes. Loyal blinked back his tears.

Loyal: Can I request one more favour...?

Himitsu said nothing.

Loyal: Before I die... I don't want to go without-... I can't-
Himitsu: What do you want from me?
Loyal: Your forgiveness...

Loyal's wide eyes begged for forgiveness, Himitsu turned his head away and stared at the wall that had a picture of Seikatsu.

Loyal's heart begin to beat rapidly.

Himitsu: I only agreed to do One favour for you, Loyal.
Loyal: Papa... Do you for-
Himitsu: No.

Himitsu refused to look at his son. Loyal's heart broke.

Loyal: That's... That's what I thought...

Himitsu kept staring at the picture of his wife not paying attention to Loyal who got up from his chair and headed to the front door.

Loyal: I won't tell anyone about this, papa...

Himitsu heard the front door close quietly and lock. The sun was gone and Death was coming up the back door. Himitsu said nothing when Death asked what's wrong.

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bleep you himitsu

i got you figured out
you need to have control
you think that i don't know you
i know you
i know
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Chapter 268. Blinking Star.

After that small conversation Loyal had with his father, Himitsu and Loyal became very distant. Himitsu sometimes asked Loyal who only said he didn't know. Death begin to wonder if Loyal was beginning to let his father's hate get to him.

Loyal just wanted to stay out of Himitsu's way.

Death: You alright, Loyal?
Loyal: I'm fine.
Fire: You're very quiet tonight...

Moon stopped tossing the ball around and stared at Loyal who was sitting on the sand looking up at the stars.

Moon: Are you sure you are alright?
Loyal: Just thinking about my work...

Death shrugged at Moon, Fire walked over to Loyal and tugged on his arm.

Fire: Come on, Loyal. Let's go see Water. He said he found a strange piece of coral.

Nodding his head, Loyal got up from his spot and went after Fire like a sad puppy. Moon and Death kicked the ball around until they became tired.

Moon: What's wrong with your brother?
Death: I don't know. He's become a little sad looking and a bit clingy.
Moon: Clingy?
Death: Yes, he becomes nervous when he can't find me and always asks me if I need anything.
Moon: Anything else?
Death: One time when I was coming back from my music lesson, I opened the front door and it hit Loyal right smack in the face.
Moon: That explains why he had a bleeding nose. I thought Himitsu hit him.
Death: What?
Moon: Nothing, nothing... Your birthday is soon, Death.
Death: I know! Isn't it exciting!?
Moon: What do you want?
Death: A new piano. My old one is broken.
Moon: Such a big gift! Anything else?
Death: A new jacket, look, my old one has a rip in it.

Death held up his arm to show Moon the long tear running down the sleeve exposing his winged arm. Moon sighed as she examined the rip.

At least a new jacket is something she can make.

Death: And maybe a few things that I could use.
Moon: Anything else?
Death: Peace. I want peace and joy.
Moon: Awwww.
Death: Next year I'll be 13.
Moon: Wow... I remember when I was thirteen.
Death: Growing up is a pain.
Moon: Bleh.
Death: You know what is exciting about growing up, Moon?
Moon: What's that?
Death: Is that I get to grow up with my father, Loyal, and all my friends at my side. I'm never alone.
Moon: How sweet!
Death: I can't wait.
Moon: Look up at that blinking star, Death.

Death looked up at a small blinking star that Moon was pointing at. The star kept winking at Death as if it could see him.

Moon: Isn't it cute? That's your star, let's make a wish!

Moon grabbed Death's hand and shut her eyes tightly. Death did the same thing. The small star continued to wink at the two deities.

Moon: What did you wish for?
Death: I wished that we will remain friends forever.
Moon: I wished for that, too.

Moon put her arm around Death smiling at him and the winking star.

Where Galactic and Cosmic were...

Ever so gently, Galactic picked up a small rock off of Venus's hot surface and cradled it in her hands. The blinking star was getting bigger and Galactic still didn't know what it was.

Cosmic was standing behind Galactic scowling at the blinking star. With a huff, Galactic threw the rock at the blinking star and waited for it to land.

The rock never came back. Cosmic and Galactic begin to worry.

Cosmic: Why didn't it land?
Galactic: I don't know... Whatever that star is, it ate the rock...

Cosmic and Galactic stood there looking at the blinking star.

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Chapter 269. Please Be Alive.


At the arena...

The sun was going down and the air was becoming colder. The cold wind blew at the deities making them yelp and huddle closer to each other. Today was the night that Loyal was going to battle with the second strongest deity as his last test.


Everyone in the kingdom was there to see Loyal and Lakas battle with each other. Rayon and 
Faisceau were there sitting with Fire who was frowning at his brother and Moon.

Cosmic and Galactic's parents were late but Doragon was there.

Where Death and Loyal were...

Death fasted the straps on Loyal's helmet while Loyal messed around with his leather gloves.

Death: Nervous?
Loyal: Terrified.
Loyal: It will be alright, Loyal. All you have to do is fight Lakas and-
Loyal: I can't do it, Death. I'm too weak.
Death: No, you are not.
Loyal: I can't defeat Lakas! He's taller and stronger than me!
Death: Taller, yes. Stronger? No.

Death pushed his terrified brother to the mirror. Death grinned at Loyal who stuck out his tongue at his reflection.

Death: Look at you! All strong and brave!
Loyal: I'm not brave.
Death: Are you sure?
Loyal: Yes!
Death: Then why are you still here? A coward would've run away by now.
Loyal: I guess you are right there... But I'm not strong enough.
Death: You only think that... But in reality, you are.
Loyal: How do you know?
Death: You're my brother, Loyal. I know you better then anyone else.
Loyal: -Smiles-
Death: Don't let this negative thoughts pull you down. You're stronger than that. Use your strength to defeat these awful thoughts.

Death patted Loyal's shoulders and ran off to get his sword. Loyal drank two glasses of water to calm his nerves.

At the gate.

Death patted Loyal down listening to the other deities talk and putter around.

Vino: Ready, Loyal?
Loyal: Yes.
Death: When does the battle start?
Vino: In four minutes.

Vino ran off to join his wife who was waiting in the outside. Death and Loyal waited patiently by the gate waiting for it to open.

Death: You're going to do great. Don't look at father, focus, keep your eye on Lakas's movements.
Loyal: Alright.

The gate screeched open startling Loyal. Vino yelled for Loyal.

Death: I'll be right here.
Loyal: Thanks, Death.

Death hugged his brother tightly before Loyal walked into the arena. Lakas was at the far end smiling at him.

Loyal: -Gulp-
Lakas: Don't worry, Loyal. It'll be alright.

Loyal smiled and nodded at Lakas. Death stood behind the closed gate gripping the bars.

After listening to the rules and how much time they had, Loyal broke into cold sweat when Vino broke the glass pot.

Loyal's wings popped out and begin to make flapping sounds as he walked towards Lakas's who was walking slowly.

Lakas: It only seem like yesterday when you were a tiny weak baby.
Loyal: Now...?
Lakas: Now you are a strong young man.

Loyal grinned at Lakas and pulled out his sword. Lakas swung his hammer around still smiling at Loyal.

Loyal bowed to Lakas surprising him and everyone in the seats.

Loyal: Good luck, Lakas.

Lakas patted Loyal's head which made Loyal feel warm and buttery inside.

Lakas: Good luck, Loyal.

Loyal and Lakas raised their weapons to fight.

A loud scream stopped them.

Shaking, Loyal slowly put his sword away and looked at the entrance. Nova was there trying to get inside.

Ocean: Nova!?
Nova: Loyal!!

Now everyone in the arena begin to panic, why was Nova screaming like that. Doragon ran to the gate with Loyal after her.

Loyal: What is it!?
Nova: There is this strange vortex swallowing everything in the galaxy!!
Loyal: A vortex?!
Nova: Yes! The planets are vanishing and so are the stars!!

Death looked at Moon who was hanging onto her father. Sun was shaking as Faisceau pulled him close to her.

Loyal: Where is it?!
Nova: Come!

Loyal ran after Nova with all the other deities running after them.

Loyal: Where's your son!?
Nova: I don't know! I'm afraid that that vortex sucked him and Galactic in!
Loyal: She's gone too?!
Nova: Yes! They went missing this morning!!

Loyal begin to run faster praying that he wasn't too late.

"Please be alive Cosmic and Galactic... Please be alive."

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Chapter 270. The Stranger in The Black Hole.

Constellation and Orbit were looking up at the sky screaming for Galactic who never responded. Planet yelled for his son while racing back to see if his wife ran up with Loyal.

Nova raced up the hill with Loyal after her.

Nova: There! Can you see it?
Loyal: What is that thing?
Constellation: We don't know! All we know is that Galactic called it a Blinking star!

Moon froze. It was the same star that she said it was Death's star. Moon looked at Death who was gripping Himitsu's hand and staring at her.

Loyal: My god, why is it sucking everything up?!
Orbit: Galactic and Cosmic are up there, Loyal!
Loyal: Did you try saving them?!
Planet: We tried, but the sky kept pushing us away!

Loyal gazed up at the dark sky.


Time was running out for the young deities and Sun and Moon.

Loyal: Okay. everyone stay back. I'm going to get them back.
Constellation: Loyal, no! We can't let you! We don't know what that thing is!
Loyal: I can't let them die, Constellation. You and your wife tried so hard for a child. I'm not about to let some strange vortex kill Galactic.

Orbit held onto her husband's arm shaking with fear.

Loyal: I'm going to stop this vortex.

Before Loyal could fly off, a deity yelled out from the crowd.

"You're going to get killed!"

Loyal stopped, and begin to hyperventilate. Yes, this vortex could kill him. Awful thoughts begin to swirl around in Loyal's mind.

Yes, he will die if he makes one mistake, but he would save Cosmic and Galactic.

But what if he dies and they die along with him?

What if he comes back without them?

Loyal would commit suicide if he fails them.

That vortex was most likely stronger than Loyal.


Loyal was so lost in thought that he didn't feel Death's hand on his shoulder. Death gazed sadly into Loyal's terror-filled eyes.

"Don't let these negative thoughts pull you down. You're stronger than that. Use your strength to defeat these awful thoughts."

Loyal glared at the vortex, Death squeezed his brothers shoulder and smiled.

Loyal was getting it.

Loyal: For them, you and everyone. I'm going in.
Death: Thank you, Loyal.

Loyal nodded at his brother and looked at Fire and Sun.

Loyal: I won't let this hurt your brother, Fire.
Fire: I know. You never let anything harm us.
Sun: Be careful.
Loyal: They won't die. I might not make it, but Cosmic and Galactic will.

Loyal gazed at Himitsu who was standing still and looking at him.

Loyal: Maybe our time together is drawing to an end?
Himitsu: -Shrugs-
Loyal: Bye.
Himitsu: -Nods-

Loyal jumped and flew off. Death gripped Moon's hand.

Where Cosmic and Galactic were.

The vortex was screaming shrilly and swallowing the stars along with the planets. Galactic and Cosmic hung onto a large boulder trying to escape from the vortex.

Cosmic: I'm scared!!
Galactic: So am I, Cosmic! How can we stop this Black Hole!?
Cosmic: I don't know!! We can't move, or we will be sucked in!
Galactic: We must do something!!

Cosmic gripped Galactic's hand and released multiple rays from his free hand praying that the rays would stop the vortex.

The screaming hole only devoured Cosmic's rays.

Cosmic: No!
Galactic: I wanna go home!

Galactic burst into tears, Cosmic covered her small body with his trying hard not to cry.


Cosmic and Galactic screamed as the rock they were holding onto broke off the surface. No one could hear their screams.


Loyal saw them being sucked in.

Inside the Black Hole.

Galactic hung onto Cosmic as they fell further and further into the black abyss. Everything was so loud and cold. What was going to happen? How would they escape?

The more they trashed around the further they fell. Cosmic hung onto Galactic with his black hand extended into the air praying for someone.

Cosmic shut his eyes tightly to keep the tears in.

A dark hand seized Cosmic's hand.

Terrified, Cosmic's eyes popped open. A dark skin teenager had Cosmic by the hand and was hanging onto a long dark blue rope.

Galactic and Cosmic stared into the teenagers' angry steel blue eyes.

Who was this stranger? Why was he helping them?

The teenager never let go of Cosmic as the rope beings to pull them up.

Galactic: Thank you!!!
Cosmic: Who are you?

The teenager never responded to Cosmic. They reached the top and landed on a crystalline path where Galactic saw Loyal flying right into the black hole. Galactic was about to scream for Loyal to come back but realize what he was doing.

Loyal was going to stop the black hole.

The universe shook as the black hole let out an earsplitting noise. Cosmic screamed as he held his hands to his ears, Galactic begin to shake as she saw gold rays flying everywhere from the black hole.

The teenager picked up Cosmic and Galactic and ran as fast as he could down the crystalline floor. Galactic buried her face into the teenager's chest praying out loud that they will be safe.

Cosmic's arms wrapped around his hero's neck looking off into the distance. The crystalline lane was leading to a large opening that was beginning to close. Cosmic feared that they wouldn't make it.

The teenager screamed shrilly as he dived right into the small opening. The black hole exploded.

They made it.

Everything was calm and silent.

The teenager gradually stopped running and fell to his knees still holding cosmic and Galactic as if they were his children.

Galactic passed out and Cosmic was dizzy and couldn't see clearly.The dark skin teenager placed them bot gently onto the floor.

Cosmic reached out his hand to touch his hero. The teenager squeezed Cosmic's hand tenderly.

Cosmic passed out.





"Cosmic? Galactic? Can you hear me?"

Galactic's eyes fluttered open and shut. Loyal was kneeling next to them snapping his fingers.

Cosmic: Loyal...?
Loyal: Yeah, I'm here. Are you alright?
Cosmic: Where is he?
Loyal: Where is who?
Cosmic: My hero...
Loyal: Who?
Galactic: Where did he go?
Loyal: Who? Are you sure-
Galactic: A boy. A boy saved us.
Loyal: How did he look?
Cosmic: His hair was black. He had dark skin.
Galactic: His eyes...

Sighing, Galactic could still see her hero's steel blue eyes.

Galactic: They were so beautiful... He was so beautiful.
Loyal: Huh? Who was this teenager? Where did you get this cloth?

Galactic sat up in surprise. A long silky midnight blue blanket covered her and Cosmic. Loyal rubbed the blanket.

Loyal: Who was he?
Cosmic: I... I don't know...

Loyal sat with Cosmic and Galactic asking them questions they couldn't answer.

After a few minutes, Loyal told them it was time to go home.

Cosmic and Galactic stayed wrapped up in the blanket as Loyal gently pushed them along.

"Thank you."

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i got you figured out
you need to have control
you think that i don't know you
i know you
i know
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Yup!  Grin

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Chapter 271. For Us and Them.

Sound: Let me see, Música.
Música: I can't see them or that vortex!

While Sound and Música fought over the telescope, Moon turned the pages in a book that she had in her knapsack.

Death: What's that?
Moon: My Book of Moons.
Fire: It's nice, but what about Loyal?
Moon: I'm looking for him.

Fire looked at Sun who shrugged and turned his attention back to Moon. Death stood behind Moon peeking over her shoulder and staring rudely into her book.

Moon: Let's see where they are.
Sun: Uh, Moon? How can a picture book find him and the others?
Moon: It's not a picture book, Sun. It's my moons that I control.
Fire: That moon looks funny.
Moon: It's the moon where Doragon's family lives, Fire.
Fire: Really? That sounds fun!
Moon: I'll show you later, for now, let's see what my moons are looking at.

Fire plopped next to Moon helping her turn the pages; Death and Sun sat down as well.

Inside the book, the glossy pages showed a large white moon that slowly turned. Sun feared that if he touched one of the pages, the moon would burn.

While they searched for Loyal, Rayon managed to take the telescope from Música. Himitsu was looking up at the sky.

Rayon: I can't see him. Himitsu?
Himitsu: What?
Rayon: I can't see him...
Himitsu: Let me see.

Himitsu took the telescope from his Rayon's shaking hands and peered into the telescope.

The sky was clear, and the vortex was gone. A few stars twinkled weakly at Himitsu.

No Cosmic.

No Galactic.

No Loyal.

And yet, they were all alive. If Loyal couldn't save Cosmic or Galactic, he managed to save them all.




Himitsu's thoughts were broken when he heard a soft sniff behind him. Himitsu turned around and saw Rayon trying to hide his face from Himitsu.

Himitsu: Rayon?
Rayon: It's nothing... Don't look at me.
Himitsu: You're not crying, are you?
Rayon: -Sniff- No, leave me alone.

Rayon pawed at his face trying to make it look like something hit him. Rayon's mind flashed back to when Loyal was a little boy poking small fingers through the mail slot reaching for him.

For him.

Rayon couldn't stop the tears now. Gently, Himitsu placed his hand on Rayon's arm, Rayon slapped Himitsu's hand so hard that it stung.

Rayon: Piss off!
Himitsu: What's wrong?
Rayon: Nothing!
Himitsu: Why are you crying?

Now, Rayon was crying loud enough for his wife and children to hear. A few deities turned their head away to give Rayon some space.

Sun: Papa?
Faisceau: Rayon?

Faisceau pushed through the crowd to get to her husband. Rayon was crying so hard that it hurt to breathe. Death begin to pull at Himitsu who hugged him with one arm.

Faisceau: What is it?
Rayon: He's gone!
Faisceau: Oh, Rayon. He's-
Rayon: I shouldn't have let him gone into that vortex.
Faisceau: Rayon-
Rayon: Loyal is gone!

Orbit burst into tears thinking of how scared her daughter was and how much she needed her vat that moment. Constellation hugged his wife close telling her that it will be alright.

Orbit: It should have been me!
Constelltion: Sssh, Obit. It's alright...

Nothing Constellation said could calm Orbit down. Nova hung onto Planet fo support while Doragon nudged them both.

Planet: Nova?
Nova: My baby is gone, Planet.
Planet: We don't know that yet, Nova.

Nova bit down hard into her fist trying block out the small screaming in her head.

Cosmic screaming.

Rayon: I failed him, Faisceau.
Faisceau: You didn't.

Faisceau put her arm around her husband talking to him quietly.

Faisceau: Loyal knew what love was when he was with you.
Rayon: I-
Faisceau: Sometimes, one has to put his life on the line to protect the ones they love.

Faisceau pointed at Sun who was sitting with Moon.

Faisceau: For our son and everyone, Loyal stopped the vortex.
Rayon: -whimpers-

Even though he was heartbroken, Lakas frowned at Himitsu and Rayon.

Why was the father of Loyal not crying over his sons' death?

Why is Himitsu's friend crying like he lost a son?

It just wasn't right.



Moon stopped turning the pages.

One page showed three figures plodding up a hill.

Death pulled at Himitsu's arm.

Himitsu: What is it?
Death: Look.

Himitsu looked up and saw two figures racing down the hill.

Loyal was right behind them.

Orbit heard a tiny voice yelling for her.


Planet and Nova looked up to see Cosmic running down the hill.


Orbit and Nova screamed and ran to their children with their husbands in pursuit. Cosmic and Galactic kept screaming for their parents.

Before Lakas could turn his head, Rayon shot past him nearly knocking him down.
Himitsu stayed behind.

Rayon: Loyal!!
Loyal: Rayon!!!

Faisceau wiped her eyes seeing her husband run to Loyal as if Loyal was his lost son.


Orbit and Constellation were both crying and hugging their daughter while Cosmic was practically smothered by his parents, Doragon came running up purring happily.

Loyal ran right into Rayon hugging him tightly. Even though Loyal was too big already, Rayon picked him up like a child. 

A few minutes later.

Himitsu walked slowly while Death ran into the house yelling for Loyal to hurry up.

Himitsu stopped to pick up a piece of glass on the grass.

Loyal touched his father on the head.

Loyal: Hi.
Himitsu: Hey.
Loyal: Are you alright?
Himitsu: Peachy.

Loyal and Himitsu stared at each other. Himitsu stared at Loyal's hair messed up hair and bleeding lip.

Himitsu: Your face is pretty battered, Loyal.
Loyal: I'll live... for now. Goodnight.

Loyal kissed his father goodnight before running into the house.

Himitsu stood outside letting the cold wind hit at him.

The blinking "star" was gone.

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