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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 328805 times)
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you've got the gun in your hands, and oh, you've got plans
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SKY YOU bleep
He's nothing like in Part One, huh?  Tongue
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Chapter 325. Listening to the Silent Voice.

Fire calmly licked an envelope closed looking at Loyal through half-lidded eyes. Loyal blinked at the ceiling trying to ignore the pain in the back of his head.

And, the look his older brother was giving him.

Fire: I told you not to go.
Loyal: Please, Fire, don't rub more salt in my wounds.
Fire: So, Sky didn't come, so what?!
Loyal: I'm disappointed.
Fire: Forget, Loyal.
Loyal: He's nothing like how Cosmic and Galactic said he was.
Fire: Oh, Sky is a bi-
Loyal: Fire.
Fire: He is mean, yes?
Loyal: Downright violent.
Fire: Didn't Vino teach us that it's dangerous to turn your back on your opponent?
Loyal: I get it, Fire.
Fire: Hey, just reminding you. Don't get uptight.

Loyal sighed while Fire begins playing the tin horn that Loyal kept in his drawer.

♫~Toodle, toodle, honk!~♫

Loyal: My head hurts.
Fire: Of course it will. You cracked it when you hit a boulder.
Loyal: I ache all over.
Fire: For the love of- Get Fùyuán to help you.
Loyal: She already fixed my spine, the rest can heal on its own.
Fire: Why are you suffering like this? Sky slapped the hell out of you, and then kicked you off a cliff.
Loyal: Sky suffered worse than I. It's not fair if I get the treatment and he doesn't.
Fire: He refused, that's why.
Loyal: Plus, I'm ashamed.
Fire: Of what?
Loyal: Fire, please.
Fire: What did he tell you?

Swallowing hard before answering, Loyal turned his head to Fire.

Loyal: He was a slave, Fire.
Fire: Oh...
Loyal: All those years, Sky was praying for help, and it never came.
Fire: Poor guy.
Loyal: He blames me for everything.
Fire: It isn't your-
Loyal: Why couldn't I hear, Fire? Why didn't I hear Sky's prayers?
Fire: I don't know, Loyal.
Loyal: Sky suffered for years, and I never heard him.
Fire: And?
Loyal: They hurt him, Fire. They took everything from him.
Fire: Loyal, it isn't your fault.
Loyal: Why couldn't I hear? Was I too wrapped around about Death, that I never heard Sky?

Fire shrugged and turned away from Loyal.

Loyal: It hurts me that a lost deity's prayer... was never heard.
Fire: You tried, right?
Loyal: I tried, but it was too late. The misery already took over Sky.
Fire: What will we tell Cosmic?
Loyal: I don't know. I have to break it to him gently.
Fire: You have enough time. He and Galactic won't return until next four weeks.
Loyal: Yes... I need to think a way to break it down to them.
Fire: I wouldn't-
Loyal: I know what you are thinking, Fire. Don't let them near him.
Fire: I don't want you getting near Sky. I already told the others to stay away from Sky.
Loyal: But-
Fire: I know it's hard for you, Loyal. But, Sky is aggressive, and he wants to be alone.
Loyal: I wish I knew how to help him, but Sky doesn't want my help.
Fire: I know, Loyal.
Loyal: Why couldn't I hear him?
Fire: I don't know.
Loyal: What was stopping Sky's prayers from reaching me?

Fire patted Loyal's hand telling him it will be alright. Loyal sighed sadly thinking about all the years searching for Death.

When he should have been looking for Sky.

Loyal: If only...
Fire: Don't worry. We'll think of something.

Rock listened by the door.

Poor Sky. Thinking that no one cared for him when he prayed.

Rock thought hard. All he could hear was Sky yelling at them to leave, was he trying to say:

Please don't leave me.

Deep down inside, Sky's silent voice was still screaming for mercy. 

Like how an animal is hurt, they don't want you to leave them no matter what they do to you.

An abused animal will attack or hide from you because it is afraid and never knew a gentle touch.

Just like Sky. Sky was abused, and he attacked because he is afraid of being hurt again, but he still wants relief.


Rock jumped up and hurried away. A minute later Fire opened the door to see if anyone was listening.

That night.

Rain and Cloud hurried after Rock forbidding him to see Sky. Like always, when Rain stepped in front of him, Rock picked her up and placed her aside.

Cloud: No, Rock! You might get hurt.
Rain: Please don't go.
Rock: Hush, you two. Moon might hear us.
Cloud: What is Sky hurts you?
Rock: Sadly, if he tries, he'll hurt himself.
Rain: That's true. Why are you going? Are you going to drag him back here?
Rock: Nope. I'm going to listen.

Rain and Cloud were confused. Smiling, Rock hugged them both goodbye, promising them that he will return safely. The two Goddesses watched as Rock walked away into the night.

Three hours later...

Carefully, Rock stepped over a dead log that blocked his path. It has been three hours already and no sign of Sky.

Dark gray clouds covered the moon making it easier for Rock to hunt for Sky. Owls hooted to each other and stared at Rock. Still, no Sky. Rock had it all planned out. He wasn't going to ask Sky to come with him.

He was just going to talk to him.

Sighing quietly, Rock rested on a large tree stump hoping that Fire won't find out that he disobeyed. Everything was still and silent. The dank air made the mosquitoes buzzed around Rock. Rock wanted to start a fire to keep them away, but he couldn't risk it in case Sky came up. Soon, a spicy scent perfumed the humid air. Rock looked up. In the distance, was a fire. Someone was camping or just trying to ward away the mosquitoes. On silent feet, Rock made his way over to the fire.

In front of the fire, sat a thin man who was looking intently at the orange and red flames. Rock didn't have to think who was it. Unlike the day when Rock met him, Sky's white-blue hair was now a pitch black and his skin changed into a warm cinnamon tone.

Rock stood there watching Sky.

Sky: Lost?
Rock: No, just... waiting.
Sky: For what?
Rock: I don't know.

Sky never turned around to look at Rock.

Rock: Is it alright if I can sit there? The mosquitoes are eating me alive.

Sky didn't answer him. Rock slowly walked over to Sky and sat far away from him.

So far, so good.
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Chapter 326. Being There.

Of course, Sky became a little violent and shot an arrow at Rock's head. Whatever Sky did, didn't disturb Rock who only let out a sigh.

Sky: Why won't you die!!?
Rock: Long story, Sky.

Rock felt another arrow break when it hit him in the ear. After a few minutes, Sky stopped and glared at Rock until he thought of his cliff.

Sky: Do you want to see something I found? It's a real nice cl-
Rock: If you try to throw me off that cliff, nothing will happen.
Sky: How do you know about that cliff?
Rock: Loyal told me. You hurt him badly, Sky.
Sky: Good. He deserves it and more.
Rock: Now, Sky. Don't be like that. That's not you.

Sky threw another bundle of sage into the fire not looking at Rock.

Sky: You don't know me.
Rock: I do know that you saved two deities ages ago.

Sky's eyes widened, but he kept his eyes turned to the fire.
Sky: I don't know what you are talking about.
Rock: I do. For years all they talked about was you.
Sky: You are thinking of another deity.
Rock: Am I?

Rock held up Cosmic's scarf to Sky. Sky glanced at it and turned away.

Sky: That is not mine.
Rock: But it matches the cloth that Water tore off your sleeve.

Sky looked up at the tattered cloth that Rock gave him and at his torn sleeve.

Sky: So, it was me. What's it to you?
Rock: You were a real hero that night, Sky. Jumping into that black hole to save two children you never knew.
Sky: They were screaming for help, I had to save them.
Rock: You could have let their parents get them.
Sky: I... I didn't let them.
Rock: Oh?
Sky: The sky pushed them away, I couldn't let them get hurt.
Rock: Ah. So, you saved four deities that night.
Sky: What's it to you??
Rock: Everything.
Sky: Why?
Rock: Those deities are my friends.
Sky: Good for you, Rock... good for you.

Sky got up to walk away but felt a tug on his pants. Sky turned to see Rock hanging onto his pant leg.

Sky: Let g-
Rock: Sky, thank you. Thank you for being there.

Sky stared at smiling Rock.

Thank you?

Thank you.

Words that Sky never heard. All he ever heard was orders, but never a compliment.

Sky: I-... I...
Rock: Thank you.
Sky: Why are you thanking me?
Rock: Because it is by your bravery, they lived.
Sky: But, why you?
Rock: Because I am grateful that you came when we couldn't... that you came when they were crying for help.
Sky: It was nothing-
Rock: It was everything to them and us!
Rock let go of Sky. Everything was silent except for the fire crackling.

Rock: It meant everything.
Sky: ...
Rock: We never forgot that night. That night when you save Cosmic and Galactic.

Sky swallowed hard and closed his eyes when he was a teenager. All he could see was Cosmic and Galactic crying for help as they fell into the black abyss. Not caring for his own life, Sky plummeted into the black hole to save them. After that night, Sky only thought about them.

Sky: How... how are they?
Rock: Alive and well.
Sky: Good. I have to go now.
Rock: Well, good night, Sky.
Sky: Tell me, Rock. Why did you come to see me?
Rock: I wanted to thank you and to let you know something.
Sky: Go on.
Rock: I want you to know that if you ever need anything, just-
Sky: I don't need y-
Rock: I know you don't. I want you to know that if you ever need me.

Rock placed a stone next to Sky.

Rock: Just crack this and I'll be right over.
Sky: ...
Rock: Good night, Sky.

Rock stood up and patted Sky on the shoulder before leaving. Rock didn't have to turn back because he knew Sky was staring at him.


Rock stopped walking when he felt a buzz go through his body after hearing the stone crack,

It wasn't just the stone cracking.

It was the hard shell Sky created over his soul. The gratitude Rock showed Sky broke his hard shell.

Sky: Please... please-

Rock turned around to see Sky standing behind him.

Rock: I'm right here.
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Chapter 327. New Beginning.

Rock sat beside Sky staring into the fire. Sky had his knees drawn up to his chin and his arms wrapped around his chest. Besides the owls hooting and the fire crackling, the night was tranquil.

To Rock, of course. Sky?

Sky heard screaming in his head. His screams mixed with the others screams. The screaming became so loud, that Sky held his hands to his ears and shut his eyes.

Gunshots were everywhere shooting at the runaway slaves. Children and slaves fell when a bullet hit them. Sky could hear his panting and his heart thumping against his chest as he ran. Screams and cursing rang in his ears. Then, Sky tripped over a body, and he crashed to the ground. Heavy chains clamped onto his ankles.

Rock: Sky?

Startled, Sky opened his eyes. He was back. In front of the fire, next to Rock.

Rock: Are you alright?
Sky: I ...
Rock: You screamed.
Sky: I- I did?
Rock: Yes, is everything alright?

Sky blinked twice at Rock before answering.

Sky: No.
Rock: Do you want to tell me about it, or you want me to bug off?
Sky: Where are they?
Rock: Where are who?
Sky: My masters?

Rock nodded his head slowly realizing what Sky was saying.

Sky: Where are they...?
Rock: They are not here.
Sky: Where did they go?
Rock: I don't know.
Sky: They are still looking for us, you know?
Rock: Us?
Sky: Yes, there were more of us. We ran away.
Rock: Good.
Sky: Not all of us... made it out.
Rock: Oh... I'm sorry to hear that.
Sky: It's okay... well, no, it's not okay.

Sky wiped his eyes. So many were running, and not all of them made it. Most of them were children whose small legs were not long enough to run. The old had to stay behind for they could not run. Even if Sky tried, he couldn't save them all. Rock saw a tear hit the dry ground.

Sky: It's not okay...
Rock: Sky...?
Sky: Where was he, Rock? Where was he when they shot a father who was trying to protect his family?
Rock: I don't know.
Sky: Where was he when they tattoo my back the mark of a demon?
Rock: They did? Is that what was on your back?

Sky said nothing but pulled his shirt past his shoulders to reveal to Rock the top half of his tattoo.

Rock: A demon?
Sky: Yeah...
Rock: Hmmm.
Sky: I was alone. My parents were dead, and Loyal never stopped the elders.
Rock: Sky...
Sky: Where was Loyal when they sold me? Where was he when I was hungry, but they gave me nothing to eat? Where was he when they chained me and more behind a wagon an led us to the market?

Rock said nothing. The fire had gone out, and they were sitting in the blackness of the night.

Sky: Where was Loyal when they beat, starved, and defiled me? Why didn't he stop them when they scarred me for life? Where was he? Why didn't he come? I needed him, and he never came. Not just me, but the others. Why didn't he save them?
Rock: I don't know, Sky. But, I'm going to find out.

Sky looked up at Rock. Rock's black eyes glared menacingly at the black inkiness of the woods.

Sky: How?
Rock: I'm going to find a way, damn it.
Sky: Rock...?

Rock turned his head to Sky. Rock couldn't see him, but he knew Sky was looking at him. Even though they were alone, Sky and Rock were whispering.

Sky: I was afraid. And I still am.
Rock: It's okay to be afraid, Sky. Anybody who lived the life you had would be afraid.
Sky: Why...?

Rock scooted closer to Sky and felt him trembling.

Sky: Why did you come back? Why are you helping me?
Rock: Because...

Sky felt Rock's hand on his.

Rock: Because no one gets left behind.
Sky: Why are you listening to my story?
Rock: Has anyone ever asked about you, Sky?
Sky: No.
Rock: Well, I'm asking you now.
Sky: I tried to kill you.
Rock: Despite your rage and hostility, you wanted one of us to stay with you.
Sky: Not Loyal.
Rock: Yes, not Loyal.
Sky: -sighs-
Rock: Sky. When you needed someone, we didn't come- I don't know why.

Rock squeezed Sky's hand.

Rock: I'm here now.
Sky: Don't you have a home-
Rock: Not until you are healed from this past, Sky.
Sky: Nothing can heal me, Rock.
Rock: Why do you say this?
Sky: Because healing doesn't exist for the broken.
Rock: It does, Sky.

Sky didn't look at Rock. He didn't believe him. Sighing, Rock looked into the horizon.

A thin glowing arch shone dully. The sun was coming up.

Rock: You see that sun over there, Sky?
Sky: -Nods-
Rock: What does that tell you?
Sky: It's morning?
Rock: Try again.
Sky: It's a new day?
Rock: Uh-huh. The night is gone now, no trace of yesterday.
Sky: And?
Rock: Think of the night as your past.
Sky: Uh-huh?
Rock: Look. The sun is rising.

Rock pulled Sky close to him, and with his free arm, he pointed to the horizon.

Rock: It's the beginning of a new life for you.

Sky eyes widened hearing Rock's words. Part of him wanted to slap Rock and call him an idiot, but Sky believed him. Rock heard Sky sniffing back his tears.

Rock: Everything is going to be alright now, Sky.
Sky: Really?
Rock: Yes. Nothing is going to hurt you. The night will never last.
Sky: The others?
Rock: We will find a way.

Sky wipe his eyes looking into the sunrise. Rock kept his arm around Sky.

The beginning of a new life for Sky.

An hour later.

Cloud and Rain puttered around waiting for Rock to return. The two Goddess peeked out the window.

Rock was walking up the lane.

Rain squealed and ran outside with Cloud after her. Cloud and Rain bounced around asking Rock questions.

Rock: I'll answer you two later. Rain. Cloud.
Rain and Cloud: Yes?
Rock: This is Sky.

Rock pointed to the lane. Sky stood there scratching the back of his hand. Cloud and Rain didn't hesitate.

The two Goddesses ran to Sky and hugged him tightly. Sky looked at Rock helplessly.

Cloud: Oh, Sky.
Rain: Welcome home.

Such sweet, beautiful words made Sky's heart shake.

Cloud: Come on, Sky!
Rain: You must meet the others!
Sky: Others?
Cloud: Come on!
Rock: Now, girls. Take it easy with him.
Rain: Fine. But hurry, please.

Rain and Cloud ran off yelling for Water and Earth. Sky lagged behind.

Rock: Oh, Sky?
Sky: Yes?
Rock: It will be alright now.
Sky: Yeah?
Rock: Uh-huh. Your "masters" won't find you here.
Sky: Okay...

Sky looked a bit scared. All these deities and Sky didn't know what to do. Sensing his fear, Rock walked over to Sky.

Sky: I don't know what to do, Rock...
Rock: I will help you along the way.
Sky: Will you?
Rock: Sure, you are my friend, and friends help each other.
Sky: Are you?
Rock: I promise.

Sky stared at Rock afraid that Rock was lying to him.

Rock: Okay. Look.

Rock placed a small black stone in Sky's palm.

Rock: This is a token for you.
Sky: ... Where I came from, we gave back.

Sky gave Rock a colorful wooden beaded necklace that he wore around his neck.

Sky: This is my token.
Rock: How pretty. Thank you.

Sky didn't answer. The two Gods stared at each other for a long time. Rock held out his hand.


Sky studied Rock who was growing nervous. Is Sky still wary about him?

Sky broke into a grin.


Sky shook Rock's hand. Rock grinned at smiling Sky. I was the beginning of a new life, so Sky introduced himself to Rock all over again.

"Hello, I'm Sky."

"Hello, Sky. I'm Rock."

Rock his colorful beaded necklace. And Sky held onto the black rock.

Friendship is when you go back to the one who is hurt. Rock taught Sky that all in one night. Never did the two Gods lose their token of friendship.
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Chapter 328. Troubles with a Sky God.

The first few weeks were very difficult for Sky. He was still wild as an animal, his anger flared up over small things, and he never acted like the other deities. Small tasks were hard for Sky. It was Liberty who taught Sky to take a bath at least two times a week or more, but Sky forgot. Earth's mother had to check Sky for any scratches or any other wounds on his body.  Rock had to stay with Sky reassuring him that what Heilen was doing, is not a way of violating him she just needed to see if he was healthy. Sky soon calmed down. Terra had to teach Sky about brushing teeth. When Terra opened Sky's mouth, his teeth were remarkably clean.

"Okay, how are you doing that?"


"How did you keep your teeth clean?"

Sky held up a tea leaf.

Sound had a difficult time communicating with Sky due to his viscid accent, but Rock was there to translate. What surprised all the deities, Sky spoke four languages. One was the language they spoke; two was the language that Riverheart spoke, the third one was his native language which he taught to Rock and any other deity who was willing to learn. The fourth one was unknown to them when Sky spoke.

Eating was another problem.

Earth screamed in terror when Sky killed an elk with an arrow and gutted and skinned it right there in the fields. Rock had to teach Sky not to kill the animals in front of Earth. It took a long time for Sky to learn it. When it was time for dinner, Fire threw up on the floor when Sky brought them brain of a buffalo and placed it on Rock's plate.

"Ohhhh... a brain... thank you, Sky."



"Eat it."


"I killed that buffalo for everyone to eat."

"Oh, Sky. That's very kind of you-"

Rock glared at everyone after thinking about how hard it was to catch and kill such a wild beast.

"Everyone eat the buffalo, now."

"Rock, no."

"Sky killed it for us."


"He did it for us, Water."


"He thought we had nothing to eat."

The Goddesses cooed at the kind gesture and smiled at Sky. The Gods? Not so much. Rock had to force them. The meat was not bad, but everyone panicked when they had to eat all of it. Sky watched them eat.

"What's this?"


"It's shaped like a bean."

"It's kidney."

"... I need to go."

"What's this?"

"Will everyone stop asking so many damn questions and eat?!!"

Dinner went downhill after that.

A day later.

Rock was running after Sky as he raced after a heard of buffalos on a horse.

"Sky, no!!"

"Get out of the way!!!"

"Stop! Don't-"

Too late. Sky sat proudly on the horse while Rock stared down at the dead beast knowing how everyone will flip. Later on, Sky stayed awake late at night with a pipe in his hands. Rock sat with him along with the other deities who were listening to legends and myths he knew. After Sky was done, he gave the pipe to Rock.

"What's this?"

"It's a ceremonial pipe."


Rock's eyes watered inhaling the natural tobacco, but he kept a straight face.

"Me next!"

"Women were not allowed to use this."

Rain looked down when Sky said this but perked up when he gave her the pipe. 

"You are my sisters as well."

After all the deities but Loyal used it, Sky told them what it meant.

"Now, you are all my brothers and sisters."

Again, the Goddesses cooed at Sky calling him a sweetheart and so beautiful. Loyal watched them from the house feeling left out.

Sky took the liking to Earth and called her 'Mother of Life' which made Earth giggle with embarrassment. Sky also liked the pottery that Cloud and Rain made, and was found with them sometimes. Cloud and Rain were impressed. The Goddesses squealed with delight when he gave them a colorful bead necklace. He taught the Gods and Goddesses how to hunt like him and praised them when they killed their first wild animal. What surprised them all was they way Sky could fly with his robes.

Loyal was still recovering in his house. Fire itched to go and hang out with Sky, but he had to stay with Loyal. Loyal didn't hold his brother back.

One week, Sand and Wind were returning from visiting Sand's older brother. Wind saw Sky flying by.

"Who's that, Sandy?"

"That? I don't know."

Wind stared at Sky who cut him a nasty look. Sand watched Wind as he took a deep breath.

"Wind, no."

Wind exhaled. A strong gust of wind tossed Sky around in the air like a leaf until he crashed into the trees. Sand hit Wind who was laughing at Sky. Sky ran up to Wind and cursed him out. Wind just smiled at him. Sand yelped when Sky kicked Wind in the knee and stalked off.

"Oh, Wind! Are you alright??"

"He's funny. I like him."

Sand whined while Wind smiled at Sky who was stalking off. For days, Wind annoyed Sky who hit or kicked him until Rock yelled at them to stop.

Friendship can be strange.
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i like your new name

you've got the gun in your hands, and oh, you've got plans
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i like your new name
Thank you kindly~  Cheery
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Chapter 329. Learning.

Marei sat with Earth as she read her favorite story out loud. Sky peeked in through the window watching them in awe. It was all so easy for them, why was it so hard for him? Marei and Earth were so lost in their book, that they didn't see Sky open the window and hop in on silent feet. It wasn't until Sky's hair that brushed Earth's shoulder that made them notice.

Marei: Ack!
Earth: Eep! Oh, it's you, Sky.
Sky: What are you two doing?
Marei: We are reading.
Earth: You should read it sometimes, Sky.
Sky: ... Yeah, I will.
Earth: Let's read together.

Marei noticed Sky hesitating before sitting down. Earth smiled and opened her book. Marei and Earth read, Sky didn't. When Marei and Earth laughed at a silly part, Sky laughed with them. When the story became dull, Sky copied Earth and Marei when the sighed. When Earth asked Sky if he was finished reading, Sky nodded, and Earth turned the page.

Marei and Earth were catching on. Sky was coping them and agreeing with everything they say.

Earth: Sky, read this story. I think you will like it.
Sky: Okay, hand it over.

Earth smiled at Sky when he took the book. The two Goddesses watched Sky read the story. While Marei and Earth watched, Sky struggled. After a few minutes, Sky gave the book back to Marei.

Marei: You like it?
Sky: Oh? Yes, it was good, yes.
Marei: Did you finish it?
Sky: Uh-huh.
Marei: Was it funny?
Sky: Yeah, it was.
Marei: I highly doubt a story about war and murder is funny, Sky.

Sky's heart skipped a beat, Earth and Marei stared at him sadly.

Sky: Did I say it was funny? I was joking with you-
Earth: Sky, you don't know how to read, do you?
Sky: I do-
Marei: The book is not even finished.
Sky: I-
Earth: Sky. Can you read?

Sky stuttered and pointed around babbling nonsense. Earth's heart shook when Sky fell quiet and shook his head no.

Earth: Oh, Sky.
Sky: I never learned how to read.
Marei: It's alright that you can't read.
Sky: Slaves like me were not allowed to learn.
Marei: Oh, that's upsetting.

Sky looked upset, Marei was afraid he was going to break down.

Marei: Hey, it's alright, Sky. Don't be upset.
Sky: She is upset.

Sky pointed to Earth who was wiping her eyes.

Sky: I hate it when she is upset.
Marei: Earth!
Earth: Nobody should suffer the dark world of illiteracy.
Marei: It will be okay, Earth.

Rock walked into the room only find Marei trying to calm crying Earth down, and Sky hanging his head in shame.

Rock: What's going on?
Marei: Sky can't read.
Rock: That's nothing to cry about. I think.
Marei: Earth is crying for Sky, and Sky is upset because Earth is crying.
Rock: Stop crying, Earth.
Earth: How can they do this to Sky??
Rock: We just have to teach him, Earth. No more tears. 
Sky: Hummm?
Earth: -Sniffs- Poor Sky.

Rock walked up to Sky with Marei in tow. Earth sat in the back sniffling.

Marei: Sky, you know a little bit, yes?
Sky: No.
Rock: Can you read a teensy bit?

Sky stared at them blankly.

Rock: Right. First thing tomorrow, I'll find Sky a teacher.
Sky: You don't have to go through all this trouble for me.
Rock: It's no trouble, Sky.
Sky: I'll be fine-

Rock pointed to Earth.

Rock: Do it for her.
Sky: For her? I'll do it.
Marei:  :3

The next day.

Lightning: Let's start off easy, Sky.

Sky sat on the floor watching Lightning scribbling down on a white sheet of paper, weirdly shaped drawings.

Lightning: This is a 'A'.
Sky: 'A'?
Lightning: 'A' Now, do as I do.

Lightning gave Sky a pencil and told him to copy him. Lightning waited for Sky to write.

Lightning: Sky?
Sky: I don't know how to write.
Lightning: Forgive me. Here, I'll show you.

Sky's hand hurt when Lightning made him put in in an odd position around the pencil.

Sky: It hurts, Lightning.
Lightning: It will hurt at first, but you will get the hang of it.
Sky: Now what?
Lightining: Now, we write.

Licking his lips, Lightning lead Sky's pencil across the paper. It looked ridiculous at first, but Lightning helped Sky until Sky was ready to draw it on his own.

Lightning: There! Look, you drew your first letter!

Sky looked disappointed at the scrawl on the paper. It looked nothing like Lightning's. Like how he did with his children when they were upset, Lightning placed his hands on Sky's shoulders, squeezing them gently.

Lightning: Be proud, Sky. You did magnificently!
Sky: It doesn't look like yours.
Lightning: It will, Sky. Don't lose hope too fast.

Sky stared at his paper.

Lightning: Ready to try again?
Sky: Yeah.
Lightning: Good.

Sky practiced and practiced on his letter for hours until Lightning told him it was time to put up for the day. As Sky walked out of the schoolhouse, all he could think of was the letter 'A'.

A day later, Lightning drew another letter on the paper.

Lightning: 'B' This is 'B'.
Sky: 'B'? A bee will sting you.
Lightning: No, This is 'B'. I'll teach you about a bee and 'B' later.
Sky: Okay.

Lighting smiled sympathetically at Sky as he tried to write down 'B' Why did they treat him like this?

A week later.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

Lightning: Look at that! You know seven letters already, Sky!!
Sky: -Smiles- You said that there is be a reward for learning seven letters, what is it?
Lighting: Write the letters 'B', 'A', and 'G'.

Sky did so and gasped in shock. Lightning smiled at Sky's shocked face.

Lighting: What did you write?
Sky: Bag! I wrote the word 'Bag'!!
Lightning: That's the prize.
Sky: I can't believe it!!
Lightning: See, Sky. Just believe in yourself.
Sky: I wish my parents could see me writing.
Lightning: Keep practicing until you get it. I'll be right back.

Lightning hurried out of the room leaving Sky alone to write. Sky beamed at the paper feeling like he could take on anything. As Sky got back to work, he heard giggling.

Looking up, Sky saw young deities watching him through the window.

Sky: Hello.
Leaf: What are you doing?
Sky: Writing...
Leaf: Really?? Can we see?

Sky held up his paper.

The shame was returning.

Holiday: Is that it?
Sky: That's all I know.
Holiday: I know more than that.
Sky: Oh...
Leaf: So do I.
Fur: What's that?

Sky pushed away his book of the alphabet.

Sky: Nothing, go away.
Fur: Are you reading that baby book??

The deities burst out laughing making Sky temper flare up again.

Holiday: Why are you reading that?
Sky: I have to read it.
Leaf: I can read chapters books, can you?

Sky didn't answer but hug his writing tablet to his chest. It was foolish to let children get to him, but Sky couldn't help it.

Olives: Why don't you read a chapter book?
Sky: I don't know how.
Fur: Why not?
Sky: I can't read or write.
Leaf: We can! Why can't you?
Sky: ...
Holiday: Are you stupid?
Sky: Now you little craps are insulting me.
Holiday: You can't read or write and you are old. Older than Loyal.
Sky: ...
Leaf: A stupid old God.

Sky didn't look up as the young deities began laughing at him. Sky heard the chanting and taunting when the people in his tribe shamed him. Tears gathered in his eyes.


The deities stopped laughing. Sky looked up and saw Wind walking in.

Wind: All of you. In here, now.
Fur: W-
Wind: NOW!!

The young deities walked into the room and went over Wind who was glaring fiercely at them.

Wind: What the hell is so funny?
Leaf: Nothing, we were just playing-
Wind: You mean ridiculing Sky?
Holiday: No, we-
Wind: I heard you, idiots.

Wind leaned over until he was at the deities height. Sky kept watching.

Wind: Who the **** hell do you think you are...?
Fur: Uh-
Wind: What right do you have to hurt him?
Leaf: We didn't think he minds.
Wind: Listen, you. Sky is a deity but not one like you.
Olives: Huh?
Wind: He is not a spoiled, bratty, shameful, deity like you all.

The deities whimpered at Wind's insult. Sky hugged his writing tablet harder.

Wind: You have no right to hurt Sky like this. You don't know his story.
Olives: Wind-
Wind: Shut your filthy mouth. Did you even think of why Sky cannot read? No, you didn't because you are too narrow-minded to even care!
Holiday: Sor-
Wind: Sky cannot read or write, but he knows more than you.
Fur: How?
Wind: Sky can speak four languages, can you?
Fur: No.

At that, Wind burst out laughing at them.

Wind: Who is stupid now? Does it hurt to be laughed at?
Fur: Yes.
Wind: Sky knows the secrets of the earth which is how he survived in the forest, can you?

The young deities didn't answer.

Wind: Just as I thought.
Leaf: ...
Wind: At least Sky is learning to read and write. I am proud of him for it.

Sky looked up.

Wind: Huh! I'm done with you.
Olives: We-
Wind: Get out!

The deities ran off leaving Wind and Sky alone. Sky looked back down and tried to write again. Wind cleared his throat.

Wind: They had no right to hurt you like that.
Sky: ...

Sky felt like crying again. Wind saw Sky scribbling black long lines on the paper.

Wind: Are you alright?
Sky: I'm fine.
Wind: Ignore them, Sky.
Sky: No, they are right. I am a stupid old God.
Wind: Sky.
Sky: I just wanted to learn.
Wind: Sky, don't listen to them.
Sky: I feel so old and foolish for being excited over this.

Sky wiped the tears out of his eyes. Wind's throat hurt.

Sky: I was so happy when I wrote my first word... and then-
Wind: Sky, don't be upset over this.
Sky: I-...

Sky looked down at his paper. Long black streaks covered the paper leaving no trace of Sky's word. Sky felt even worse because he messed up the word. If he tried to erase the pencil lead, the word will no longer be there.

Sky: I just wanted to learn.

Wind felt terrible when Sky hid his face in his hands. He knew Sky was crying, but what could he do?

Wind: Sky...?
Sky: Go away, please. Leave me alone.
Wind: Sky...

Wind went over to Sky, sat down, and put his arms around him. Sky's thin body shook whenever he took a deep breath.

Wind: It will be alright. You'll get the hang of this.
Sky: It's not my fault.
Wind: Wanna know something?
Sky: What?
Wind: I couldn't read until I was eight.

Sky turned his head to look at Wind. Wind smiled at Sky.
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Chapter 330. My Deities.

Sky: You? You had a hard time, too?
Wind: Yeah, my classmates made fun of me.
Sky: But, you have it easy here.
Wind: Yes, but we still suffer. Everyone suffers. Man, woman, deity, beast.
Sky: I thought it was easier for deities?
Wind: No, even Rock had a hard time with math.
Sky: Anyone else?
Wind: Fire. Fire just couldn't yet understand. Even his brothers. All of them were held back when Death went missing.
Sky: Were they made fun of?
Wind Oh, yes. When I thought I got it, there was always some ****hole who made fun of me.
Sky: That's upsetting.
Wind: But, you know what?
Sky: What?
Wind: After all of this, I work with Story in the library.
Sky: !
Wind: Me. A God who couldn't read now sorts and reads the new books that come in the library.
Sky: How strange.
Wind: I love to read, I practiced so hard until I got it. Do you want to learn, yes?
Sky: More than anything.

Wind pressed his hand hard on Sky's writing tablet.

Wind: Then learn. Don't let anyone stop you.

Sky nodded and wiped his eyes.

Sky: I'm sorry for crying like a child, Wind.
Wind: It's alright. We all cry when we can't get it, or someone makes fun of us.
Sky: You?
Wind: I cried a lot. Almost everytime it became difficult.
Sky: -Smiles-
Wind: It will be okay, Sky. I'll help you.
Sky: Thank you.
Wind: But... there is a price.
Sky: What?
Wind: If I help you, you must not give up ever. Deal?
Sky: Deal.
Wind: Great!! Ready to try again?

Before Sky could answer, Sand, ran in out of breath

Sand: Sky!
Sky: What is it?
Sand: Come with me. We have a suprise or you~
Wind: Are you moving, Sandy?
Sand: Buzz off.
Wind:  Tongue
Sky: What is it?
Sand: Come on!!

Sand pulled Sky's sleeve whining, Sky and Sand hurried off, Wind lagged behind looking at Sky's writing tablet.


Where Sand and Sky were.

Sand: Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, Sky!
Sky: What is it?
Sand: You'll see.

Wind caught up with them and asked Sand what was going on.

Sand: It's a suprise!
Wind: Just for Sky?
Sand: Uh-huh!
Wind: This is something to see!

Wind grabbed Sky and Sand's hand and ran. Sky was amazed how fast Wind could run.

At the gate.

Sand: Stop!!

Wind stopped running, and Sky fell on his face.

Wind: Damn, Sky, are you alright?

Sand and Wind helped Sky up and brushed him down. Fire came up.

Sand: Hi, Fire~
Fire: Hello, Sand! Wind, is Sky ready?
Wind: Are you ready, Sky?
Sky: What is going on?
Fire: You'll see. Put on the blindfold.

Fire placed a black blindfold around Sky's eyes laughing lightly. Sand and Wind snickered leading Sky to the gate.

Sky: What's going??
Wind: Ssh.

After a few steps, Sand and Wind stopped walking. Sky looked around, but only saw darkness.

Sand: Okay. You can take it off now.

Sky slowly removed his blindfold, blinked twice, and saw them.

Cosmic and Galactic stood there looking at him. Sky sucked in his breath when he saw them. Sand gave Sky a gentle push.

Sand: Cosmic, Galactic... this is Sky.
Fire: Sky. After so many years, here they are.

Sky took a step forward to them; Cosmic walked slowly towards Sky with Galactic after him. Swallowing hard, Sky held up his hand to Cosmic who placed his hand on Sky's.

Sky: Do you remember me, Cosmic...?
Cosmic: I never forgot you...

Sky's could see the night when Cosmic reached for him after they escaped the black hole. Sky held Cosmic's hand giving him his blessing before running away.

Cosmic's small black hand in his.

Sky could hear the words he told Cosmic and Galactic.

"Grow, my deities. I pray that one day... we will meet again."

Then, Sky ran away leaving his blanket over them.


Sky came back to reality and saw Galactic made her way over to him.

Galactic: I dreamed of this day. I even made a speech of what I'll say when we meet... now I don't know what to say.
Sky: Seeing you both again for the first time in decades is enough.
Cosmic: Sky...?

Cosmic choked on his words and looked down.

Sky pulled Galactic and Cosmic close to his body, hugging them tightly. Cosmic buried his face in Sky's shoulder crying; Galactic kissed Sky on the cheek before hiding her face in Sky's chest.

Galactic: Oh, Sky. Thank you. Thank you for saving us.

Cosmic was still crying, but it was enough for Sky who was crying a bit as well.

One night, they were in his arms when they were all in danger.

Now, Sky had them in his arms again where nothing and no one can hurt them.

Sky: Thank you for waiting for me, my deities.

Sand hung on Fire's arm crying a bit. Fire complained that he didn't like crying because it will get him wet.

Wind was too happy to notice his cousin hanging onto Fire.

Sky held onto Cosmic and Galactic singing softly a prayer of thanksgiving.
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kickass wind Cheesy


you've got the gun in your hands, and oh, you've got plans
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kickass wind Cheesy

Chapter 329 and 330 are my favorite~ :3
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Chapter 331. Son of Amagna Okubi.

Now, of course, Constellation, Orbit, Planet, and Nova adored Sky and often went to visit him. Sky loved them and couldn't get enough of them and their children. The same went for Sun and Moon and their parents. No one could figure out why Sky loved the Deities of the Universe only Sky knew. The deities got along well with Sky who was now getting the hang of acting like them.

The only deity Sky didn't like was Loyal. Poor Loyal tried to make peace with Sky which only leads to a slap in the face or angry silence. Sometimes Rock would snap at Loyal to leave Sky alone, and apologize later. One morning when Sky went walking, Loyal was struggling to get one of his crutches. 

"Hi, Sky."

Sky kept walking as if Loyal wasn't even there. Fire told Loyal that Sky would come around and he needed to back off for the time being. Whenever the deities went walking with Sky, Loyal was way in the back feeling left out.

When Sky was telling stories, Loyal was inside watching them through the window.

If Sky was picking pokeberries and Loyal was far off down the trail with his brothers, Sky would hurry off.

If Loyal said anything, Sky would just stare dully at him.

One day, Loyal asked Sky if he could do anything to make up for the past, Sky didn't answer.

Sky simple avoided Loyal who was getting sick of this nonsense and avoided Sky as well.

One day.

Angrily, Loyal practically kicked the temple doors open. For some reason, Loyal was feeling angry, and "Death" wrote an awful letter to him.

Sky stood there looking through Loyal's photo book.

Loyal: Hello, Sky.
Sky: Who's this God?
Loyal: That's Death.
Sky: Is he your friend?
Loyal: Death is my twin.
Sky: Oh... where is he?
Loyal: I don't know.
Sky: Is he dead?
Loyal: No, he writes me letters, see?

Loyal held up a letter to Sky. Sky ignored it.

Sky: Who is that?
Loyal: That's Death's father.
Sky: Yours too, yes?
Loyal: ... Not really, but never mind.
Sky: Not really?
Loyal: Himitsu didn't like me.
Sky: Oh... is that your mother?
Loyal: Uh-huh, isn't she pretty?
Sky: Is this your brother and your father together?
Loyal: Uh-huh, this one is my favorite.
Sky: Why? You are nowhere in the picture.

Loyal frowned at the photo and thought bitterly:

"As if I didn't know that, Sky."

Loyal glanced over at Sky who was staring intently at their shadows; Sky's black shadow stood there stiffly beside Loyal's shadow.

Loyal's shadow had that same gray aura.

Loyal: Sky-
Sky: Loyal, how long has that aura been there in your shadow?
Loyal: I don't know, why?
Sky: Just wondering...

Then Sky left without saying goodbye. Loyal stared at his shadow again.

The aura was gone.

Sky never spoke about the aura again but instead avoided Loyal even more.

A year later.

Fire and Sun were in charge of the place until Loyal who was looking for slave drivers returned. Marei, Valheita, and Fùyuán went with him.

Where Rock was.

Rock: Damn it. I can't find out-
Story: Don't curse, Rock. We'll find it.
Lakas: How? It says nothing in these books of how a prayer can go unheard.
Story: Keep looking.

Rock's older sisters tossed down a few more books to Water and Sand who were waiting down below. Cherry Blossom sat beside Cordelia who was tossing papers aside.

Water: Story, wanna hear a crazy story Valheita told us last night?
Sand: Not that story, please.
Story: Go ahead, I'm listening.
Water: Okay, Sky told us that there was this man centuries ago who loved this Goddess, yeah? But, the Goddess only thought of him as a friend, and she married some God, which angered her friend.
Sand:  awww...
Water: So, the friend of the Goddess stole her books and somehow possessed himself and the books which lead to a war all because he was jealous.
Cherry Blossom: How heartbreaking.
Cordelia: Pfft.
Water: So, anyway. The Goddess defeated her best friend, damned him, but it was too late, the Goddess's friend multiplied, and no one knows where the first possessed soul went. They only know one, but that won't help. The man still loves her to this day. How lame.
Cherry Blossom and Sand:  Cry
Cordelia: S-T-U-P-I-D.
Water: What??! It's just a stupid tale to shut the kids up and go to bed.
Story: How interesting.
Lakas: Anything else?
Water: Oh! There is also this demon who knew the man, and I guess it was him who possessed the Goddess's friend.
Lakas: Oh?
Water: Yeah, the demon is, like, really evil. So evil that whatever he possesses or carries his mark, no deity or guardian will ever hear their pleas or prayers.
Rock: What?
Water: Huh?
Rock: Say that again.
Water: About the demon? Oh, the demon is so evil that whoever has his markings, no deity or guardian can hear their pleas or prayers.

Everyone stared at Water with open mouths. Water looked around.

Water: Oh... I get it now.

Where Sky was.

Earth squeaked when Sky cracked open a beehive with his hands to get the honey inside. Bees buzzed around angrily at Sky who proceeded to ladle out the honey with a spoon Galactic gave him.

Earth: Sky, be careful.
Sky: It's alright, Earth.
Earth: Don't get stung.
Cosmic: Sky knows what he is doing. Right, Sky?
Sky: AH!!

Sky snickered when his friends screamed.

Sky: Tricked you.
Earth: Ooh! You are not funny.
Cosmic: -Whines-
Earth: What are we going to do with the honey?
Galatic: No, it's my beehive, and we are going to have honey tea!
Cosmic: No, cake.
Galactic: Tea!
Cosmic: Cake!
Galactic: My beehive, my rules. Tea, dammnit.
Earth: God, you two never stop fighting.
Sky: Let's be fair now. No one owns the beehive.
Galactic: I do.
Sky: Did you built it, Galactic?
Galactic: No.
Sky: So, really, the beehive belongs to everyone.
Galactic: Okay, okay.
Sky: It's Earth who keeps the land alive for the bees to collect the pollen for honey.
Cosmic: Oh... so Earth owns it.
Sky: But...
Earth: I like to share. We can have honey tea and honey cakes.
Sky: Sounds good to me.
Galactic: Okay, Cosmic help me find mnore jars.

Galactic and Cosmic went off to find the jars leaving Sky and Earth alone. Earth sighed sadly.

Sky: You okay?
Earth: Yeah, they keep fighting, and I don't know what to do about them.
Sky: Don't worry. They will get along soon.
Earth: I wish they would now.
Sky: Soon, soon. Pretty soon, they will get married.

Earth turned around flabbergasted at what Sky said. Sky kept scooping out honey as if nothing was wrong.

Earth didn't have enough to talk when Lakas came running with Cordelia and Rock.

Sky: What is it?
Lakas: Sky, you have a demon tattoo on your back, right?
Sky: Y-Yes...?
Cordelia : Have you ever heard of a demon who possesses-
Lakas: What is the name of the demon?
Sky: Huh?
Cordelia : The Demon. What is his name?
Sky: I don't understand.
Rock: The marking, who is the demon who carries that marking?
Earth: Sky?

Sky patted Earth's hand gently telling her not to worry.

Sky: There are many demons, Rock and Valheita. 
Rock: What is the name of the one whose tattoo is on your back?
Sky: Amagna Okubi. He is the leader of them.
Cordelia and Rock: THAT'S HIM!!!
Earth: Huh?
Rock: Loyal never heard your prayers because of the tattoo!!
Sky: ... What??
Cordelia : Anybody who has that tattoo, prayers will never be heard!!
Earth: That's crazy!
Lakas: Crazy, yes, but that is the reason!!

Rock, Lakas, and Cordelia were too excited to see the disgusted, horrified looks on Sky and Earth's face.

Earth: Sky...
Sky: It's alright, Earth.
Earth: Why didn't you tell me about this tattoo?
Sky: I didn't want you to worry about me.
Earth: I am worried about you. Why did they do this to you?
Sky: They never believed me that I was a deity. They said I was-

Cordelia: I'll go get Fire.

Cordelia left leaving the others behind. Sky smooth down Earth's hair.

Lakas: Wait...

Sky sucked in his breath. Earth hung onto Sky.

Rock: Valheita told us that Amagna Okubi spreads.
Sky: Yes...
Lakas: He said something about his children are multiplying like him?
Sky: Yes, Lakas.
Rock: Sky, why did they give you that tattoo?

Sky took a step back. Fear clouded his eyes. Galactic and Cosmic came back looking surprised.

Sky: They... the tribal leaders said I was the son of Amagna Okubi.

Lakas and Rock glanced at each other.

Rock: You never told us that, Sky.
Sky: I didn't want you all to worry.
Earth: You are not, right?
Sky: No, I am not.
Earth: I beileve him.
Rock: So do I.
Lakas: I do as well.
Cosmic: What's going on?
Lakas: Something... terrible.
Galactic: What's going on??
Lakas: It has to do with Sky.

Galactic and Cosmic hurried to Sky and hung onto him.

Galactic: Whatever it is, I'm with Sky!
Cosmic: So am I!
Sky: Guys.
Lakas: Valheita told us that Amagna Okubi has children?
Sky: Yes, that is correct.
Lakas: The tribal leaders said you were one of his children?
Sky: Yes...
Rock: Father...
Lakas: Sky, I believe whatever you say, but... The laws are strict when it comes to evil.
Sky: I know what you are going to say, Lakas.

Gently, Sky pulled Cosmic, Galactic and Earth off of him.

Sky: I know these are not bad intentions, Lakas. You are only doing your job.
Lakas: I'm sorry, Sky.
Sky: I would do the same thing.

Sky held out both of his hands to Lakas.

Lakas locked Sky's hands in iron handcuffs.

The horrid memory of being handcuffed stabbed Sky's mind.

Earth and Galactic screamed, ran to Sky and desperately tried to take off the cuffs.

Earth: No! No, Lakas!! Don't do this!!
Lakas: Earth, I'm sorry. But these are rules.
Galactic: No! Sky is not a demons son!!
Rock: Father-
Lakas: Rock, please! I hate it as much as you do. But these are rules.
Rock: Who's rules?
Lakas: WHO ELSE!!?

Rock squinted at his father. Everything was silent until Rock spoke.

Rock: If Sky is going to prison. I am, too.
Lakas: What??
Rock: I will go with him.
Lakas: Rock, y-
Rock: No. Sky was alone for years. If he goes, I go.
Lakas: I can't-

Rock held out his hands to his father. Sky and the others stared at them.

Rock: I'm not leaving him alone.
Sky: Rock-
Rock: No. I will. I'm not leaving you in these dark hours. Friends stick together.

Lakas begged his son not to do this, but Rock stood his ground. Galactic, Cosmic, and Earth walked up to Lakas.

Earth: I'm going with Sky and Rock. They are my friends.
Cosmic: Me and Galactic are not leaving Sky. Not now. Not ever.
Galactic: -Nods-

Lakas looked at each deity. Sky couldn't believe it.

Lakas: Fine if you all choose this.

Lakas lead Sky, Rock, Earth, Comic, and Galactic in handcuffs back to the temple where Cordelia was with Sun and Fire.

Deities whispered to each other watching the scene. Fire and Sun gulped when Lakas put Earth, Rock, Cosmic and Galactic in another cell and Sky in a separate one. Story stood by with her husband.

Story: Oh, Lakas. What is going to happen?
Lakas: I don't know... Story?
Story: Yes?
Lakas: I won't be home for a few days.

Story gasped when Lakas unlocked the door and went inside with Rock.

Rock: Why?
Lakas: I'm with Sky. I can disobey Loyal just this once.

Rock smiled at his grinning father. Story hung onto the bars, frowning.

Lakas: My son needs me. Will you wait for me, Story?
Story: Yes. Lakas, I hate you.
Lakas: I love you, too, Story.

Story stuck out her tongue at Lakas who blew her a kiss.

The deities spoke encouraging words to Sky who was quiet.

Sky felt like he was being betrayed. What if they don't believe him?

Will Loyal throw him out?
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Chapter 332. Sky's Trial.

Even though they deities were nervous about Sky, they waited for three days before calling Loyal. During the three days, Fire and Sun fought with the others about Sky. Even a few mythical creatures were there because they had met up with Sky.

Sun: Sky is not the son of a demon!
Weather: We all know that one, Sun! But, there are others who are still afraid!
Fire: Why!? Sky is innocent!
Nova: I believe Sky! If he says it's not true, he's telling the truth.
Wormberry: You do know what Amagna Okubi's name means, right?
Fire: What?
Riverheart: His name translates to 'Evil Lies'.

A few deities wailed hearing this. Know everyone was afraid. What if Sky was lying to them? Was all his beautiful devotion fake? Did he do this to get in and kill them all when he gets the chance?

Fire: STOP IT!!
Moon: Is this all a lie!? Is Sky lying to us?!!
Sun: That's enough, Moon. Sky is innocent!
Noch': What can we do?! We don't know?!
Sound: What if he is lying to us?
Coredeila: How can we tell?
Música: We can ask!
Mercy: Música, you can't just ask and expect the truth.
Liberty: Liar or not... we can't keep the others near him.
Lightning: Liberty, we can't break them apart.
Wind: Rock and Earth refuse to go, and Cosmic and Galactic are holding their ground.
Fire: -Sighs- Lakas is in there, too.
Sun: I love their devotion to him.
Vino: That dummy. We need him to help us with the harvest.
Terra: Enough about the harvest, Vino; This is about Sky.
Ocean: We need to call Loyal.

Ocean cowered back when the deities yelled no.  

Fire: I can't- we can't tell Loyal about this.
Water: Why?
Sun: Sky and Loyal are not in good terms, Water.
Cloud: If we are not going to tell Loyal or question Sky, what do we do?
Surface: ... Intimidate him?
Ocean: Noooooooooo, not that. Yet.
Ocean: It is meant for demons.
Cordelia: I'm in charge of that.
Paint: No! Sky is innocent!!
Faisceau: I'm with Sky. Cloud?
Cloud: Yeah.
Sun: Okay. All who agree with Sky, raise your hand.

Hands shot up. Some stayed down.

Sun: All who disagree. Raise your filth- hand.

Hands shot up. Some were deities. Most of them were mythical creatures.

Sun: Fire...? What do you say?

Fire looked up nervously. Some pleaded to Fire not to agree with Sky's doubters. Some told Fire to throw Sky out.

Fire: I DON'T KNOW!! I believe Sky, but I can't take any chances!!
Sun: FIRE!!
Fire: SHUT UP!! Loyal left me in charge; I can't take the risk!!

Fire held up the mini flare gun.

Sun: No don't!!

Fire shot the flare gun making the guardians outside blow into their horns. Sun grabbed Fire's arm.

Sun: Are you stupid!? Now Loyal is coming!!
Fire: Let go of me, you idiot!!

The deities argued while Sun and Fire yelled at each other.

Sun: Traitor!! You don't believe Sky!
Fire: I do! I just can't risk everyone lives!
Sun: If you-
Rayon: Boys. That's enough.

Sun and Fire stopped, stared at their father, and kept quiet while the others fought. Faisceau was surprised that Rayon spoke clearly to their sons.

Where Loyal was.
Loyal: I didn't know there would be so many slavedrivers!
Fùyuán: Depressing. Why do they think it's a good idea to buy people like they are goods in the market?
Marei: People. They always find a way to find evil.
Valheita: No, Marei. They don't find it. SOMEONE taints them with it.
Marei: Who?
Loyal: I'm going to find out even if it k-


Valheita and Fùyuán yelped after hearing the loud bang, Marei and Loyal looked up at the dark sky. A fiery trail was shooting higher and higher into the clouds followed by deep sounding horns.

The warning trumpets were sounding off telling Loyal to return home.  

Loyal: Oh-no! What is going on?! I have to leave, you guys. Go on without me!! I'll be back!!!

Saying please rapidly, Loyal bolted off leaving Valheita with Marei and Fùyuán.

Marei: What's going on?
Fùyuán: I wish we knew.
Valheita: Come on, you two. Let's keep going.

Even though Valheita said this, he didn't move from his spot. The three deities stood still looking at the dark sky.

Back at the temples.

Tripping on the ribbons around his waist, Loyal raced up the long flight of stairs leading to the temple. Inside, Deities were screaming and yelling at each other scaring Loyal as he ran.


Everyone stopped when the doors flew open. Loyal stood there panting heavily and sweating; His eyes wide with terror. Fire pulled away from Sun and hurried over to the doors where Loyal stood.

Loyal: What is it!? What's wrong!!?
Fire: Oh, plenty.
Loyal: Is anyone hurt??
Fire: No.
Loyal: Did anyone die??
Fire: Nooo.
Loyal: Did Death return?
Fire: Sadly, no.
Loyal: Good heavens, Fire, why did you shoot the flare gun?!
Fire: Ummm... a few deities don't want Sky here anymore.
Loyal: ... Tell me about it.

Loyal scanned the room glaring at his deities.

An hour later.

The deities, the mythical creatures all sat around at the tables. Loyal sat at the head of the table scowling at a drawing Fire gave him.

Lakas, Rock, Earth, Cosmic, and Galactic stood in the far back watching Sky.

Sky was knelt over with his hands cuffed behind his back, his head down, and breathing so quietly.

Loyal: So, they say Sky is the son of this demon?

Loyal held up a drawing of Sky's tattoo. Fire bobbed his head.

Fire: Uh-huh, Sky said it's not true, and- Holy cow, it's snowing.
Loyal: Fire.
Fire: -Ahem- Sky says it's not true. I and many more deities believe him. Some don't.
Loyal: And...?
Fire: Well. What do you say??

Loyal glanced over at Sky who was kneeling on the cold floor. Everyone was staring at him.

Sky shut his eyes tightly trying to block out the horrible memory when he was in front of the tribe leaders.

Loyal: Sky...? Is this true?

Sky didn't answer Loyal.

Loyal: You are not the son of this demon, right?

Sky said nothing. He knew he was blowing it for himself, but he refused to answer him.

Loyal: Right.

Loyal stood up from his chair. Fire jumped out of Loyal's way. All the deities watched as Loyal stalked over to Sky. Sky broke out in cold sweat seeing the black dagger around Loyal's belt.

Loyal went to Sky and grabbed his hands. Sky panicked.



Loyal let go of Sky's hands. Startled, Sky looked at his hands. Did Loyal break the cuffs?

Loyal: Enough of this nonsense. I have heard enough about Sky. He doesn't need to prove his innocence to me.

Loyal ran his fingers through Sky's dark hair. The deities gasped and whispered to each other.

Loyal: Sky is not the son of a demon. He stays here with us.

Standing in front of Sky, Loyal hugged the top half of Sky, smoothing down his hair. Sky gripped Loyal's robes.

Loyal: I'm sorry for this, Sky. I'm sorry I never heard your prayers.

Sky buried his face in Loyal's jacket. A few creatures spoke out to Loyal.

"Loyal, you are endangering-"

"No. I have made my choice."

"You can't-"

"I don't tolerate deities who hate and doubt their brother or sisters. Leave now."


"Go. If you hate Sky, you hate me and everything I have done for you."

"I stand with Sky, but, Loyal... Doragon doesn't want Sky here where Cosmic is."

"Tell Doragon to blow it out of her ear, Riverheart. I watch over my kingdom. She watches hers."

"If he is?"

"If he is, Sky redeemed himself. It's not his fault if Amagna Okubi is his father. I give everyone a second chance.

Moon yelped when Loyal insulted Doragon, said nothing. Fire stood by watching the crowd. Deities smiled at Loyal.

Some hissed at him. Loyal stood his ground still hugging Sky.

"I'm sorry for everything, Sky. You are staying here with us. This is my promise to you."

The mythical creatures left. So did a few deities.

Lakas: Look at that! Deities left!
Loyal: Shows how much they loved me and the others.

Wind, Earth, and Rock jumped up and down cheering happily. Story pressed against Lakas who hugged her tightly. Sun cleared his throat trying to apologize to Fire as he rubbed the bruise on his arm.

Sun: I'm sorry.
Fire: -Hisses- Talk to me when I cool off.
Sun: When will that be!?
Fire: When I'm drunk on the floor.

Planet, Nove, Orbit, and Constellation hugged Sky along with Cosmic and Galactic; Sky hugged them tightly keeping his eyes shut.

Then, Sky opened one eye.

Loyal was walking away with his head down.

The pain in Loyal's heart hurt worse than the day Himitsu disowned him.
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