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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 344541 times)
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I voted for Amagna Okubi. I still have that Amagna Okubi extinguisher from... whenever that was.

Rosalina: But you still don't know how it works.

Nope. Laugh + Nervous

Oh, boy.  Undecided

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Chapter 446. The Past Deities Blessing. Part Two.

Sun woke up to see why Ogon' was making noises. Sitting up, Sun found someone sitting next to the crib and playing with Ogon' who cooed. Curiously, Sun got up to see if it was Ered.

It wasn't Ered. Playing with his nephew, Fire was siling at Ogon' who was grabbing Fire's hair. Sun stared at them.

Fire smiled at him and kissed Ogon''s tiny hands. Sun stood there in shock as his brother vanished.





Galactic stared at the flying orbs that circled around her children's' crib. Her babies stared in wonder. The transparent glowing orbs landed next to their siblings. Spring held one in her hand.

Galactic closed her eyes and saw someone.

A Goddess with long black hair like Cosmic kissed Spring on the face. Beside her, there were three more Deities.

One God had purple hair and pitch black skin. All of them looked like their parents'. Galatic started to cry seeing her children.

Once dead in a box.


Galactic couldn't stop her tears now. The Goddess with black and purple hair laid her hand on Galactic's shoulder. Galactic looked up at her daughter who was smiling kindly at her.


Galactic's daughter held one finger to Galactic's mouth. Gently, she placed her hand on her chest and then to Galactic's before kissing her mother on the cheek. Galactic knew what she was saying. All four of them left their siblings and stood by the door. Galactic stared at them. With a smile and a wave goodbye, Galactic's children vanished.





Hashara smiled at Erde who was sleeping peacefully. Earth sat at his side rubbing his dark hair down. Hashara looked up at Earth. Sadly, Earth nodded her head.

She had to leave him behind.

Standing up, Earth kissed Erde on his cheek and vanished.





"Alright, everyone. Settle down."

Loyal banged the gavel on the table, and everyone scurried to find their seats. This is the very first meeting in a new world, so everyone was excited.

"Alright. Now!! These past few years and weeks have been joyful indeed!!"

Everyone smiled and laughed. Loyal was at the head of the table.

"New Deities, Guardians, and babies! First off. Erde! Wind and Earth's baby! The God of Earth!"

"I'm not a baby, Loyal!!"

Erde crossed his arms as everyone started cooing at him and clapping.

"They treat me like a kid."

"Oh, Erde."

"Let us welcome Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter! Galactic and Cosmic's Rainbow Babies! Mysterious; The daughter of Death and Cherry Blossom! Let's not forget Sun and Moon's son! Ogon'! The new God of Fire!"

Loyal growled and wiped his eyes as everyone clapped. It was still too raw.

"Now! Last but not least! This was a shock for everyone. Sky, Starlight, and their new son, Veter! The God of Wind!!"

The whole room was filled with clapping and cheering. Smiling, Starlight bumped Sky with her elbow.

"Isn't he- Yikes. What happened to him?"

"This morning we found out he changes colors like his daddy."

"Well, that's neat!"

"Sky can't seem to let him go either."

"Why, Sky?"

"I love him too much."

From the back, Sky heard Death laughing.

"Years ago, you said you hated kids, Sky!"

Sky groaned and pressed head on the table as everyone even Starlight laughed at him.

"When will we see yours and Hashara's kids, Erde?"

"Next year?"


Loyal pressed his hands on the table, smiling at everyone. His family and friends all had their own children born into a pure world.

"This is a beautiful sight. Soon we will be complete."


"Maybe we will have a Goddess or God of Life?"

"First you have to go!"

Loyal laughed with the others at Death's joke. Then Loyal grew cold and looked at Doragon. Cold fear ran through Doagon's veins.
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Wait, Doragon is... Shocked

Also, I noticed that you wrote "Erde" instead of "Ered" a few times.

Mystic [Dec 07 01:32 PM]:   The earth is a box of cereal.

The Pencil-Staff is a powerful thing, AyChao. If you wanted to, you could rewrite history-
Look at me, I have wings!


[May 18 04:31 PM]:   AyKooChao wonders why no one is shipping the user above them
[May 18 04:33 PM]:   Monika is going to ship AyKooChao in the forum game called "Ship user above you"
[May 18 04:35 PM]:   AyKooChao scrolls down very slowly...
*sees that she's been shipped with a certain Yu-Gi-Oh character...*
AyKooChao [May 18 04:36 PM]:   Again? *insert untypeable Cheesy +  Embarrassed + Cheery + Nervous + "put that notebook down, Carrie" face here*
[May 18 04:37 PM]:   Monika bursts out of laughter
Monika [May 18 04:37 PM]:   Laugh
[May 18 04:48 PM]:   AyKooChao sits in the corner of the Shoutbox and plots her revenge...
AyKooChao [May 18 04:48 PM]:   Meh, I'll just type what I always do.

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Wait, Doragon is... Shocked

Also, I noticed that you wrote "Erde" instead of "Ered" a few times.
No, no. Doragon is just scared of Loyal dying again.  Lips Sealed

Yeah, I made one too many mistakes on Erde. Tbh, Erde's name is misspelled one too many times in the last few pages.  Undecided
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Wow! Soon, this topic will have 200,000 views! :O


200003 times!!  Cheesy Cheesy
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Chapter 447. Loyal's Held Back Promise.

Stirring paint in a clay vat, Loyal read silently from an old tome that he borrowed from the witches.

Dripping red paint into the vat, Loyal kept reading before grabbing a bottle of Doragon's blood to use.

With great care, Loyal poured the blood into the paint.

Loyal stared at a lump of clay that sat far away from him. The clay that he will use to make Doragon's body. Soon, Loyal will transfer the soul of Doragon into the body.

Loyal opened the bottle of his blood and-


Startled, Loyal dropped the bottle, and it crashed to the floor. Seething, Loyal stared at the wasted blood.

"Hey? Are you in here?? Open it?"

"Go 'way."

"I want to show you something!"

Loyal slid down the ladder and opened the locked door. Death stood there smiling and holding Mysterious.

"Look! Look at the dress Blossom made!"

Sure enough, Mysterious was in a frilly pink dress. Loyal stared at Mysterious before looking up at Death with his eyes.

"I'm busy, Death."

"With what?"

"Work. I told you not to disturb m-"

Death pushed his way in. Loyal huffed and went after his brother who was patting the vat. Mysterious was cooing.

"Nice. Making soup?"

"No. I'm mixing paint."

"What for?"

"I'm busy."

"What's with the clay?"

"Go 'way."

"Why won't you tell me?"

To make Death leave, Loyal told him. Death nodded his head and Mysterious squeaked.

"Doragon will have a body?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then what will you do?"

"Pray that she is able to carry a child."

Death stopped.

"What is it?"

"And then...?"

"That's when I'll leave you all."

Death looked at his brother and back at the vat.


"Is it almost ready?"

"Just another week."

"Oh... Loyal?"


"Can this wait?"


"Well, you just got back, and there are babies here."


"How will they feel if you left?"

"Best to leave now so they won't have any memory of me."



"My daughter. Look."

Death held up tiny Mysterious to Loyal.

"She is everything we prayed for; You even made a deal with that Goddess."


"Don't leave her hanging."

"I'm not-"

"She is still choosing, are you going to leave like that?"


"And the others, what about them??"

"Death, please don't-"


Loyal and Death stared at each other and at Mysterious who was sucking on her fingers.

"Don't go. Don't go."

"Oh, Death. It's just-"

"Don't go. Tell Doragon to wait until the new Deities are adults."

"I promised Doragon, Death!"

"You can keep that promise, but it can wait."


"Loyal, they are still young. They need your guidance as much as they need their parents'"

"Death, Doragon has been waiting for this for years."

"Please, Loyal."

"I- I can't-"

"Loyal, please. Please stay until they are older."

"I made a promise, Death."

"Loyal, I'm begging you to stay for a few more years. Please, brother!"

Breathing hard, Loyal was stammering and trying to ignore his brothers' pleading look and voice.


Loyal looked down at Mysterious. Whining sadly, Mysterious reached out her arms to Loyal. Her eyes filled with tears.

Sighing, Loyal took her. Mysterious laid her head on Loyal's chest.



Shaking, Loyal kissed the top of her head while Death looked on.

"I promised-"


Loyal looked at Mysterious.

"Tell me, baby. What do you want your uncle Loy-loy to do?"


Mysterious hung onto Loyal and refused to let go when Death tried to take her.

"Sweetie, Loy-loy has"

"She told me."

Rocking her gently, Loyal whispered into her ear.

"For you and everyone, I'll stay."

Mysterious hugged Loyal's neck and cooed softly.

How was Loyal going to tell Doragon?
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love myself today, oh woah
let you go today, oh woah
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Chapter 448. The Ball.

The Next Day.

Humming, Doragon counted the babies that laid on a blanket next to her. Ogon' sucked his fingers and looked over at Veter. Pulling his wet fingers out of his mouth, Ogon' stared intently at his younger uncle. Veter opened his eyes in time to see Ogon' staring.

Ogon' winked at him.

With a grunt, Veter reached out his tiny hand to reach Ogon' but fell asleep from the hard effort. With a purr, Doragon knew that Ogon' and Veter were going to be best friends.

Looking over, Mysterious was sleeping by Veter and Cosmic's children. Sleeping, calm babies. No trouble for Doragon who was on Baby Lookout. She hated the word 'babysitting.'

The door slammed, and Loyal came running in leaping over the babies who were now awake and staring at him.


Doragon chirped with excitement thinking that Loyal is ready to transfer her soul into her new body.

"Uh, Doragon? Listen... I..."


"Uh, no. I'm not finished yet."


"Sorry. I have no idea why I was running."


"Oh! The body? Yes, I'll finish it up soon."


"Yeah. That's the problem."


"I. We. I have to put this on hold for a while- few years."

Loyal glanced up nervously at Doragon who shrugged. Just a few years. No big deal-

"Just until these pips are adults."

Dorgon made a noise loud enough to knock Loyal down and scare the babies who burst into tears or whined. Loyal shut his eyes tightly and heard Doragon.


"Just until-"

"You promised!"

"I know, but-"

"You said-"

"I know what I said. We can wait-"

"Now, Loyal!"


"I thought- I waiting for years for this!"

"So was I!"

"I refuse to wait any longer!!"



"The little guys. They need me."


"I KNOW I PROMISED!!! I can't leave now! The new Deities. They need me."

"Yeah, for what?"

"Right now... they are scared."

Loyal jumped up and scooped up Veter, Winter, Summer, and Spring. Doragon went to the others. After a few songs and back patting, the babies stopped crying and went to sleep.

"I know I promised, Doragon."


"I can't leave now. I need to stay a little while longer."

"Can't you give me the body now and-"

"-Honks- Come on, Doragon. We both know that once you have the body, someone is going to be in there."


"See? I can't leave now."


"I'm sorry for this wait, Doragon. But they will be adults before you know it."


"Wait with me?"

"I have no choice, but okay."

Loyal patted Doragon's tail and smiled up at her. Doragon smiled weakly and stared at the sleeping Deities. It felt unfair to her. She should have her own baby.

And a husband.


Doragon looked at Loyal with sad eyes. In his hands was that same brown and black ball that he loved. Doragon thought it was nothing, but Loyal loved it.

"I have a surprise for you."


"First, we have to get the kiddos out."

Loyal trudged out into the rain and gave happy Galactic her baby's. Then, Veter was dropped off at Starlight's. Sky was upset that Loyal took Veter out in the rain.

"Honestly, Loyal."

"See ya, Sky."

Next, Loyal went to Death's house and then Moon's place. Doragon was growing more and more curious. Then, Loyal came in wet and happy.

"Doragon! Let me show you why I had this ball for-"


"Of course you'll love it! Let's get started."

Loyal fluttered over to Doragon and sat between her massive paws.




Loyal placed his hand on Doragon's muzzle and she fell asleep with Loyal hugging her muzzle.
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Chapter 479. The God of Life and The Dragon Empress.


Meyio sat on the hard earth looking up at Loyal who was rubbing his hands together.

"Right. Meyio?"

"Yes, Loyal?"

"Remember those dragons who attacked me years ago?"

"Awful beasts. I didn't even want them as a mate."

"Okay, good. They were fighting for you, yes?"

"Uh-huh. A male dragon will fight the other males for the-"

"Males fight to impress the female?"

"After one win, it's time to court the female."

"Okay. Good. I already fought with those things, yes?"


"Okay. In their face."


"Watch me, Meyio."

Meyio sat more comfortably watching Loyal as he raced off. Somehow, they were either in the ball or a dream. With large eyes, Meyio watched Loyal as he stood far away.




Kneeling, Loyal kissed the hard earth and rubbed his finger into the dirt.

Grass sprouted up from the spot where Loyal kissed it. Meyio jumped when the grass grew underneath her. What was going on??

Meyio looked over at Loyal. Smiling, Loyal jumped up high into the black heavens.


Meyio squinted up at the dark sky wondering where Loyal vanished. Cupping her hands over her mouth Meyio called for Loyal again.


Should she go after him?

Without any warning, a loud bang startled Meyio. Frightened, Meyio sat back down in case something was about to fall. A gold dot was spinning around in the black sky.

"Loyal? Are you-"

Meyio looked around. The grass was growing higher and higher along with flowers. Looking up, Meyio saw the sun that brightened the dark sky. Looking up at the sun, Meyio saw Loyal flying back down to her.

"Loyal?! What are you- How-"

"Come, Meyio!"

"What is-"

"Fly with me!!"


"Yes!! Let's fly!!!"

Loyal bolted off with Meyio running after him. The sweet grass made Meyio and Loyal both laugh. The wind blew Meyio's hair out of her braids. Loyal laughed seeing her like this.

"Oh-no! My braids!"

"Leave it like that!! You look beautiful!!"

"Oh, Loyal!"

"Faster!! We are reaching the cliff!!!"

Meyio looked at the edge of the cliff. She and Loyal both spread their wings out and they took flight as soon as they reached the cliff.

High in the bright sky where no one saw them, Meyio and Loyal flew about and after each other as a game. Their laughter made the birds chirp and the small animals race after each other.

What did Loyal do?

"Is it not beautiful here!?"

"It's amazing, Loyal!!"

"Thanks! It took years to make this!!!"

"What is this place!!?"

"Our World!!!"


"Nope! Just us, Meyio!!!"

"Why, Loyal!?"


"It's beautiful here!!"


Meyio looked at the spot where Loyal was pointing at. A house sat near the beach. It was small, but Meyio could tell it was bigger than it looked. Meyio and Loyal had to yell to hear each other as the wind whipped at them.

"What's with that house, Loyal?!"

"It's our house!!"


"Meyio, will you marry me!?"



Meyio screamed when Loyal grabbed her. Loyal was laughing as they fell from the sky.

"Loyal! We are going to-"

"Don't worry!! Nothing can harm us!!"

"What was the question again!!?"

Staring at Meyio, Loyal didn't get to answer when the fell to the cushy grass. Laughing, Meyio and Loyal tumbled down the hill as they play fought to get away from each other. Loyal and Meyio rolled down to the bottom of the hill and stopped. Their laughing startled the butterflies and they flittered away.

"Oh look!"

Still laughing, Meyio and Loyal looked up at the butterflies. Their colorful wings were each color of the world.

It was beautiful.  

Turning her head, Meyio was laughing lightly at Loyal who was on top of her. Loyal was laughing and still looking at the sky.

They were embarrassed, but hey?

"You're a sap, Loyal!!"

"If you don't like it, move!"

Meyio just smiled at beaming Loyal. The wind blew gently, and the birds kept singing.

Oh, love is crazy.

"What did you ask me again, Loyal?"

"Will you marry me?"

"... No."



"Wait- I- I thought-"

Poor Loyal pulled himself up with his arms, still staring at Meyio. Loyal stuttered and looked around.

"I made- I thought- Wasn't this enough for you??"


"I thought- Meyio!"

Loyal covered his face with his hands and sighed bitterly.







"Look at me."


Loyal pulled his hand from his face. Meyio was smiling at him.




"Are you saying ye-"


Laughing, Meyio lifted herself up and hugged surprised Loyal. Soon, Loyal was laughing with her. His arms wrapped around her. Pink blossoms fluttered everywhere in the air and on Loyal and Meyio.

Oh, Love.





Meyio was smiling tenderly at Loyal as he reached into his pocket. In his hand was a ring with a ruby band. A gold infinity loop was on the top.

"Shouldn't we-"

"I can do it."

"Why not your brother?"

"Oh, just us. I can do it."

Smiling, Meyio closed her eyes and listened to Loyal pray. Oh, the years seem too short. First, they met, left, got together, now?

Now, they were married.



"Do you not want me?"

"Oh! Oh, I do!"

"We came a long way, Meyio."

Grinning, Loyal slipped the ring onto Meyio's slender finger. The loop glittered, and the loop that Loyal drew was shining brightly.

"Let's keep going."

Meyio and Loyal smiled lovingly at each other and closed their eyes.

Gently, Loyal kissed Meyio.

Oh, Love.

Oh, Love.

Oh, love brought them together.

The God of Life that married The Dragon Empress.

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Aww~ :3

Mystic [Dec 07 01:32 PM]:   The earth is a box of cereal.

The Pencil-Staff is a powerful thing, AyChao. If you wanted to, you could rewrite history-
Look at me, I have wings!


[May 18 04:31 PM]:   AyKooChao wonders why no one is shipping the user above them
[May 18 04:33 PM]:   Monika is going to ship AyKooChao in the forum game called "Ship user above you"
[May 18 04:35 PM]:   AyKooChao scrolls down very slowly...
*sees that she's been shipped with a certain Yu-Gi-Oh character...*
AyKooChao [May 18 04:36 PM]:   Again? *insert untypeable Cheesy +  Embarrassed + Cheery + Nervous + "put that notebook down, Carrie" face here*
[May 18 04:37 PM]:   Monika bursts out of laughter
Monika [May 18 04:37 PM]:   Laugh
[May 18 04:48 PM]:   AyKooChao sits in the corner of the Shoutbox and plots her revenge...
AyKooChao [May 18 04:48 PM]:   Meh, I'll just type what I always do.

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It's really cute and cheesy.  Cheery

Loyal is cheeser than X-tra cheesy nachos.  Tongue
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Chapter 480. Being Born.

Death: YOU WHAT!?
Loyal: Come on, Death! Be supportive!
Death: Are you out of your mind!!?

The Goddesses and Hashara cooed and clucked about how beautiful Loyal and Doragon look and how lovely their marriage was. Sky rolled his eyes at them; Cosmic sat there with a bitter look on his face. Erde laughed lightly. Death and Loyal continued to fight.

The babies? They watched the whole scene.

Death: Loyal, you can't do this!
Loyal: Too late.

Loyal showed Death his ring, and a squeal rose up from the Goddesses and Hashara.

Death: Loyal!!
Loyal: Come on, Death! Please-
Death: No!
Loyal: Fine. Forget you. I have plenty of support-
Cosmic: Not mine.

Loyal squinted.

Loyal: That was pretty obvious!
Galactic: Oh, Cosmic.
Cosmic: I don't. I don't approve.

Sky's head snapped up when Death called him. Everyone knew why he turned to Sky that fast.

Sky and Loyal a bumpy friendship. Anything could break the weak bridge that was made between the two of them.

Death: Do you approve?
Sky: Whatever floats their canoe.

Everyone but Cosmic and Death snickered. Loyal smiled thankfully at Sky.

Death: You can't approve of this, Sky!
Sky: Let them do whatever they want.
Death: This crazy, Sky!
Sky: Oh, shut up, Death.

Cosmic grabbed Sky's arm.

Cosmic: Stop agreeing with this madness!
Sky Piss off. If Loyal has to wait until these squirts are adults, let him be ****ing be with her.

Sky yanked away from Cosmic.

Cosmic: Why are you-
Sky: One. Loyal let me stay despite what I had done to him.
Cosmic: ...
Sky: Two. He is my uncle.

Loyal grinned at Sky who grinned rudely.

Sky: Three. It's like that story. Who remembers it?

Cherry Blossom waved her hand up high in the air, squeaking.

Cherry Blossom: I know, I KNOW!!!
Sky: Let's hear it.
Death: Blossom.
Cherry Blossom: Years ago, there was a man! A man who was part wolf and human!!
Sky: Mercy! How did that happen!?
Cherry Blossom: He was born like that! He had the tail, ears, feet, and sense of an animal!!
Death: Freak.

Now Sky and Cherry Blossom were standing up and yelling at each other. Sky had his hands on his knees as he talked to jumpy Cherry Blossom as if she was his puppy. His smile wide and slightly weird.

Sky: And then what!? What happened next!!?
Cherry Blossom: He fell in love with a Goddess!!

Now, Sky stood up. The stern look on his face returned as if he never smiled.

Sky: There you have it. A mythical loved a Deity.
Cosmic: Sky!
Sky: That's enough, you. Loyal can do whatever he pleases.
Death: She is a dragon, Loyal!
Loyal: So? You heard Sky's story.
Death: It's fake.
Sky: Is not.
Death: Is!

Sky didn't argue with Death. Wincing, Death rubbed his face where Sky slapped him.

Loyal: See, Death?
Death: I don't approve.
Loyal: You act as if I am in a sexual relationship with her!!
Death: I don't. First, it's love and then-

Loyal stomped on Death's foot.

Loyal: It's only temporally!!
Death: I don't like it. Cosmic doesn't like it-
Loyal: If I have to deal with you, Death, can't I have something I like!!?
Death: Break this silly marriage up.
Loyal: FINE!!
Death: Good. Now-
Loyal: But I get to leave.
Death: WHAT!!?

Loyal smirked at his angry brother. Everyone in the room snickered at them.

Loyal: I did, and I promised Doragon.
Death: This is-
Loyal: I did this so we can have a few happy years together.
Death: I-
Loyal: Why is it hard for you to understand??
Death: SHE IS A ----- DRAGON!!!
Loyal: Do you-
Death: NO!!
Loyal: Doragon wanted this for years!
Death: This a stupid messed up union!!
Loyal: Than Erde and Hashara's wedding is messed up as well.
Death: They are dif-
Loyal: No. Hashara is a human and Erde is the son two decased Deities.

Death glared at Loyal as he went on.

Loyal: We can't help being born who we are! Doragon wants to be a human!
Death: She told you that?
Loyal: Thousands of times!! When a man is born, and he wants to be a woman, what to do??

Sky made a sharp noise in his throat. Starlight looked at him.

Loyal: A Undine! Longed to become mortal, never did.
Death: I know that already! Do you think-
Loyal: I, too wanted to be nothing but a human!!
Death: LOYAL!!!
Loyal: No! I was born a God.
Cosmic: ...
Loyal: It can't be helped.
Death: Huh.
Loyal: Doragon as the soul of a human deep inside.

Loyal stopped and turned to Death- his hand resting on his shoulder.

Loyal: Doragon is going to give up everything for love. For me.
Death: ...
Loyal: Do you understand, Death?
Death: I do.
Loyal: We can't help it. We can't help being born into an unknown body.
Death: No choice.
Loyal: No choice. We can only try to change it.

Sky covered his eyes.

"Oh, God... help her," Sky prayed.

Starlight: Sky?
Sky: I'm fine.

Turning his head, Sky stared at Death and Loyal.

Loyal: Understand? I'm going to help her.
Death: ...

Death pulled away from Loyal and walked out the room. Loyal called him, but Death never responded.

Galactic: Tsk! I thought he understood!
Cosmic: Loyal.

Loyal turned to Cosmic.

Cosmic: Take care of her, or I'll kill you.
Loyal: I will, oh, I will!
Cosmic: You better.

The Deities in the room looked around.





Death came back with a small gift.

Death: You might need this, Loyal.
Loyal: ?

Loyal took his gift and inside was a pair of running shoes.

Death: When wifey gets mad, it's time to run.

Everyone and Loyal started laughing at Death's joke. Loyal hugged his brother saying his thanks. Death smiled and closed his eyes.
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Chapter 481. Baby Days.

A month later...

Cherry Blossom: I'm telling you now, Death. Don't let your cats near the baby!
Death: They are not harming her, Bloss--bloss. They like her!

Looking over the crib, Death and Cherry Blossom stared at their daughter who was looking at a calico cat.

Death: See? They-


Cherry Blossom: AH! NO!!!

Cherry Blossom grabbed the cat and tossed it out of the room. Death frowned.

Cherry Blossom: NO! No cats near Mysterious!!
Death: They are fine!
Cherry Blossom: No!
Death: I bet it wasn't even the cat that hissed at her!!
Cherry Blossom: Whose side are you on!!?

Death stammered, and Mysterious squinted like her mother.

Cherry Blossom: DEATH!
Death: I lived with cats half of my life, Blossom!
Cherry Blossom: Now you have a daughter!

Death and Cherry Blossom were too busy fighting that they didn't see a cat that jumped into the crib when it saw something slither into the crib. Mysterious shrieked, the cat yowled, Mysterious started crying.

Cherry Blossom: NO!!!

Before Cherry Blossom and Death could get the cat, it jumped out of the crib with a snake in its mouth.

Death: A SNAKE!!
Cherry Blossom: It got a snake!

The cat dropped the snake a Death's feet and went back to Mysterious. Purring loudly, the cat rubbed his nose against Mysterious's face to make her stop. Mysterious's parents' watched in awe as their daughter stopped crying and the cat sat next to her.

Death: Well I be damned.
Cherry Blossom: Wow...




Summer screamed as soon as Galactic put him and Spring back in the crib that they shared with their siblings.

Galactic: Baby, you already ate. Let Winter and Autumn eat now.

Cosmic laughed lightly hearing Summer scream. Galactic smiled and sat on the bed with Autumn and Winter.

Cosmic: When do they start teething?
Galactic: Not for a while. They are still nursing.

Cosmic nodded his head and went over to where Summer laid.

Cosmic: Come on, you. Leave mommy alone.

Galactic closed her eyes and sighed with relief when Cosmic left the room with crying Summer.



Moon: Oh, he's cute.

Moon smiled down at Ogon' while Sun stuck a red binky in Ogon''s mouth. Ogon' spat it out.

Sun: That's funny. Why doesn't he want it?
Moon: He prefers his fingers.

Sure enough, Ogon' shoved his fingers into his mouth and stared up at his parents'

Moon: Hi, baby!
Sun: Hey, Ogon'! We see you!!

Ogon' winked.



Starlight watched Sky and Veter. Veter was looking up at his father who was on his side smiling at him.

Sky: He's beautiful, Starlight.
Starlight: That he is, Sky. You say that every five minutes.
Sky: I can't get enough of him.

Veter sneezed. Starlight and Sky started laughing hearing the small noise.

Starlight: Come on now. Hand him over.
Sky: Just wait.
Starlight: He needs a bath now.
Sky: A bath??

Starlight nodded and took Veter away from Sky.

Sky: Are you sure??
Starlight: What's with you?
Sky: Isn't he-
Starlight: I know what I'm doing.

Sky padded after Starlight. When they arrived in the bathroom, Sky saw a purple tub in the bathtub.

Starlight: Here we go!

Gently, Starlight lowered her son into the warm water. Veter screamed making Sky yelp as well.

Starlight: *Ahem*
Sky: I'm sorry...

Starlight rolled her eyes and she washed crying Veter with a yellow rag. Sky stood by the bathtub. Veter truly has a devoted father. Afterward, Starlight and Sky sat on their bed with sleepy Veter.
Starlight: Come on, Sky. You hold Veter too much. Let me-
Sky: Back off. You held him inside of you for nine months.
Starlight: And you-
Sky: Sssh. He's sleeping.

Starlight and Sky frowned at each other.

Only one could win to hold Veter.



Starlight smiled smugly at Sky who was on the floor with his long arms on her legs. Sky's sharp eyes stared sadly at Veter as he bellyached about how he wanted to hold Veter.

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Chapter 482. Loyal The Nanny.

Days were more joyous for everyone. Cherry Blossom and Death were happy with their daughter as well as everyone else. Oh, some days were long and tiring, and Erde was too busy, so the kids were dropped off to the only person without kids.


Loyal started to dread when he saw Cosmic with all four babies.

He could deal with all of his friend's children, but Sky was going to drive Loyal up the wall.

Sky: Veter likes to take his naps with-
Loyal: Fuzzy duck blanket. I get it, Sky.
Sky: Don't interrupt me. Here is his-
Loyal: Bag, got it.
Sky: Stop it.
Loyal: I know already, Sky!
Sky: Be sure to check on him when he asleep. He might-
Loyal: Ha-ha! This kid changed you!
Sky: What's that suppose to mean??
Loyal: First, you were bitter and-

Loyal stopped when Sky gave him a look. Not an angry expression, but one Loyal has to watch out for.

Loyal: Does he still use the bottle?"
Sky: Yes. There is only six in there, so don't let him-
Loyal: He eats a lot?
Sky: Tons. Watch over him. We'll be back soon.
Loyal: Bye!

Sky turned to leave.

Sky: Don't be stupid.
Loyal: I know how to care for a baby, Sky!! SKY!!!

Sky went off ignoring Loyal. Veter cooed at Loyal.

Loyal: Come on, let's-
Cosmic: Oh, Loooyyyaaallll!!?


Loyal sat inside of his house with all seven babies at his feet.

Loyal: Gosh.

Veter whined to be picked up because Ogon' was bothering him. Summer was playing with Spring and a squeaky toy.

Loyal: Okay. Let's see.

12:00. Feeding time. Cosmic's Babies. Feed Summer away from Winter because they will fight. Spring's milk in her blue bottle. Autumn will refuse to eat, just ignore her, and she will start eating.

Orgon'. Don't let him choke.

Mysterious. Ignore the look she gives you.

Veter. Hold Veter as he drinks from his bottle, don't drop him.

Loyal huffed as he grabbed the bottles. Each baby squealed seeing him. Loyal glanced at each baby as they sucked their bottles.

Loyal:  Cheery

So far so good.

Summer was too close to Winter.


Loyal groaned as he rocked crying Winter.



Nap time.

Loyal: Blah, blah, blah. I know how to do this!

Loyal thought it would be easy to make the kids go to bed, but it was harder than he expected.

Loyal: Sleep now, Mysterious.

Mysterious kicked her legs at him.

Each baby was fussy and refused to nap. Loyal was tired and close to snapping.



Death walked in to get his daughter and found Loyal snoring loudly on the floor with each baby sleeping next to him.

Laughing, Death snapped a picture of them.


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Chapter 483. To Make It Rain.

Enough about Uncle Loy-loy.



Two months later.

Sky watched as Veter tried to lift his head. Like always, Veter faceplanted into the pillow. Starlight laughed lightly as Veter screamed in anger and tried again.

Sky: Look at him. Already trying to look up on his own.
Starlight: Cute. Look, he's- no.

Veter was huffing as he tried again. Sky and Starlight watched and laughed at Veter.

"Stop laughing! I got this!!" Veter shouted inside.

Grunting, Veter lifted up his head and stared at his parents'

Starlight: Look at you! Did you do that on your own!?
Sky: Wonderful job-

Veter faceplanted again.

Sky: Oh.

Veter screamed, and laughing Starlight picked him up as Sky smiled at them.


Moon sighed unhappily as she heard her baby cry loudly late at night. Sun sat up.

Sun: Want me to go?
Moon: No, I can do this.

Ignoring Moon, Sun dragged himself out of bed. Moon patted Sun's arm as thanks. Blinking, Sun trudged over to the crib where Orgon' was squalling and his small arms reaching for him.

Sun: Come on, silly. Let your mommy sleep.

Taking Orgon', Sun left the room. Inside the kitchen, Sun grabbed a bottle and tried to feed Orgon' who hit it and the bottle went flying.

Sun: Not cool, Orgon'.


Walking around the house, Sun patted his crying son and sang softly. Orgon' went on crying. Sun pulled his son away so he could look at his face.

Sun: I don't know what you want, Orgon'! Why are you crying??

Orgon' cried even louder. Like with Starlight, Sun's heart shook because the baby couldn't talk.
Sun: Tell me baby! What is wrong, tell me, please!!

Looking out the window, Sun perked when he saw it raining.

Sun: Hey! Let's go outside.

As Orgon' screamed, Sun opened the door ad the stepped outside into the rain.

Orgon': !
Sun: Look, baby. Look at the rain.

Sun smiled at his surprised son. Orgon''s small mouth was open as he looked at the water pour from the smoky clouds.

Orgon': Mmhm!!
Sun: Want to feel the rain? Okay, hang on.

Carefully, Sun lifted Orgon' high to let the rain hit him. Reaching out his hand, Orgon' felt the fat drops hit his palm. Sun smiled seeing his son calm down.

Sun: Like it?

Orgon' was amazed at the rain. What makes it fall? Orgon' wanted flames inside of him to feel the rain too.

Sun laughed when he saw Orgon''s hand on fire.


The fire went out. Orgon' tried again but alas it went out. Orgon' tried again and again. Inside, Orgon' raged inside.

"I want you to feel it, too! why is it going out!?"

Orgon' whined and tried again. Sun noticed him and his smile faded.

"Daddy! I want to make it rain! I want to make the rain!!!"

Orgon' shrieked as he tried again. Sun's face was pale with fear. Seeing the flames that went out and the rain, Orgon' shook with anger. Sun looked down and sighed.

Sun: It's alright, baby... you can try later.

Orgon' was furious. He knew about fire. He didn't like it when he set his stuffed dog on fire. Moon couldn't save it and Orgon' was sad.

Not knowing what to do, Orgon' screamed and started crying again. Sun took him back inside.

As Orgon' wailed on Sun's lap, Sun bit down on his knuckles as Orgon' cried in frustration.

Sun knew what was happening. He didn't need anyone to tell him.

Orgon' saw drops of water on his small socks. Looking up, Orgon' started at at his father.

Sun was crying.


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