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Author Topic: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©  (Read 462085 times)
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« Reply #1080 on: October 05, 2018, 04:49:35 PM »

Boop~! Updates~!  Smiley

I have been rewriting the old chapters and what not, take a look and tell me what you think.

Old Chapter One of Part One. The Rebellion. Launched on January 03, 2016.:

Chapter One... Loyal. 
Let's start from the very beginning. Where there was no Empress Evilcherry and her people... It all starts with Loyal and his brother and the other Gods and Goddesses...

A very small flower bud is starting to poke out of the soft dirt and limps as it waits for rain that never showered. Then a gold and white sword that gleams slightly as it brushes the soil.

Loyal: Gentle flower... Grow.

The flower blooms up slowly standing tall in front of the man who helped it. The man smiles at the beauty of the flowers and touches it softly. The man then walks around the garden drinking in its beauty. Then he lifts then up his powerful white wings and fly's off...

Revised Chapter One of Part One. The Rebellion. Updated June 16, 2018.:
Chapter One. Loyal.

"The bravest ones are the ones who give up their happiness and life for their most loved ones. I know plenty. One is my brother."

Before the Reign of Empress Evilcherry; it all starts with Loyal in his Kingdom with his brothers and his friends. After the war long ago, everything was now in order like it should be. Loyal hid the Sin of the Worlds deep inside of the God of Death who was the only God who could keep it locked away in his very body. Years have gone by, and Loyal lived in harmony with his Deities and Guardians. There was one Guardian that dedicated himself only to his brothers and to his Loyal.

The God of Fire. 

Fire and Loyal have been close friends since the day Loyal was born. They did everything together. Nothing could break them apart.


Or, so Loyal thought.

The Rebellion was at the peak.

A rather small flower was struggling to push out of the dry dirt in hopes of getting some rain that showered.

A gold-and-white sword glowing aura sparkles as it brushes the soil around the flower. Loyal stood above the flower slowly dragging his sword as he prayed softly for the rain, and for the struggling flower.

"Gentle flower... grow..." Loyal said softly.

The rain began to fall, down onto the garden, onto Loyal, and to the flower. The once-struggling flower rose up slowly and its petals opened in full bloom. Loyal smiled seeing the rainbow colored flower rejoicing as well as the other plants.

Loyal touched the flower gently, still smiling at it and the beautiful garden.

Once satisfied with his work, Loyal runs away from the garden and opens his wings. It was the early morning hours, any Deity awake saw Loyal flying by in the rain like a crazy fool.

But, that was Loyal.


Old Chapter Two of Part One. The Rebellion. Launched on January 03, 2016:

Chapter two... Death.

Loyal fly's past the temples and the towering sparkling castles till he see's a man all in black and red walking by. Loyal swoops down and lands in front him. The dark man stares at the white and gold God.

Death: You sure know how to make a entrance, brother.
Loyal: I'm just so happy at the moment.

Death see's his brothers eyebrows knit together.

Death: And? There must be more to that.
Loyal: The rain Goddess forgot to make it rain... AGAIN!! I had to help the garden grow.
Death: Go and tell her then.
Loyal: Oh. I will...

Loyal swoops off leaving Death standing there shaking his head.

Revised Chapter Two of Part One. The Rebellion. Updated October 4, 2018:

Chapter Two. Death.

Spreading out his arms, Loyal did barrel rolls high in the sky, feeling the clouds puff away when he touched them. A few Deities looked at Loyal, waving nervously. Loyal waved hello to them and dived down to let them continue their conversation in private. The day has begun, and Deities walked around the Kingdom, working, taking care of the younger Deities and Guardians. Loyal flew past, his body almost touching the cobblestone. The young Deities ran after Loyal, trying to hit him with their toy swords. Squeals of defeat rose up when Loyal flew out of their reach.

"Good morning, Loyal!!"

"Good morning!"

Picking up speed, Loyal darted past the Temples, bowing his head to the Guardians in front of the Temples and the scintillating castles were defended by the Guardians, but Loyal couldn't find the Head Guardian. Looking down, Loyal eyes a God walking down below.

Death. Loyal's older twin.

Smiling at the sight of his twin, Loyal swoops down and lands in front of him. Death stops his walk and stares at Loyal, waiting for the fallen leaves to settle after Loyal's grand landing. "You sure know how to make an entrance, brother," Death says blandly at his brother. Loyal beamed at Death, "I'm just so happy at the moment."

Death was about to ask why until he saw Loyal's eyebrows knit together. "And? There must be more than that," Death said slowly. "Rain forgot to make it rain again and I had to be the one to make it rain last night," came Loyal's bitter reply. He didn't know how angry he was until now. "I noticed. Go and tell her then," Loyal heard Death say.

"Oh, I will."

Nodding goodbye, Loyal swooped off leaving Death standing there shaking his head.

Old Chapter Three of Part One. The Rebellion. Launched on January 03, 2016:

Chapter three... Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Blossom walks in with the God of fire where they find Loyal and the rain Goddess arguing with each other.

Fire God: Loyal. What is it now?

Before Loyal had a chance to talk, the Rain Goddess opened her mouth.

Rain Goddess: Loyal is all ticked off because I didn't make it rain!
Loyal: Your job is to make it rain so the plants can grow. And the people survive with food and water. I had to do it myself due to your laziness.
Rain Goddess: Now that you finished it. Why are you mad at me?!
Loyal: Because you were slacking off!! If you did your work then this argument could have been avoided.

Loyal and the Goddess start arguing again.

Cherry Blossom: Please stop. Loyal is is right. You should have been doing your work, Rain. The people have been praying for rain!!
Fire God: I'm with Loyal this time... Rain Goddess. Do your work.

The Rain Goddess stomps off cursing Loyal. The Fire God walks after her leaving Loyal and Cherry Blossom alone.

Loyal:  Grin
Cherry Blossom: You are devoted to these people, Loyal. It's nice to see you working nonstop.
Loyal: You work hard too.
Cherry Blossom: But not as hard as you do...

Revised Chapter Three of Part One. The Rebellion. Updated October 4, 2018:

Chapter Three. Cherry Blossom.


Cherry Blossom walks down the hall with the Fire talking about the Matching Ceremony that will be celebrated in a few months. Cherry Blossom had her head down as she talked with Fire. "Water and Rain are making the outfits for the ceremony. Have you sent in your measurements?" Cherry Blossom said. Fire shook his head no. Fire stared straight ahead while Cherry Blossom went on about the decorations and food. Turning a corner, Cherry Blossom and Fire found Loyal and Rain arguing with each other. "Loyal, what is it now?" Fire said already bothered that Loyal was arguing when the day just began. Before Loyal had a chance to talk, the Rain opened her mouth. "Loyal is all ticked off because I didn't make it rain!" Rain yelled, jabbing her finger at Loyal. "Your job is to make it rain so the plants can grow and the people survive with food and water. I had to do it myself due to your laziness!" Loyal snapped at Rain. "Now that you finished it, why are you mad at me?!" Rain asked."Because you were slacking off!! If you did your work then this argument could have been avoided," Loyal said not looking at her. Loyal and Rain started arguing again until Fire broke them apart. "Please stop. Loyal is is right. You should have been doing your work, Rain. The people have been praying for the rain," Cherry Blossom pleaded to stubborn Rain. Rain stomped her foot and turned to Fire for backup. "I'm with Loyal this time, Rain. Do your work. It is very insensitive of you to hold back the rain," Fire said briskly. With a frustrated groan, Rain stomped off shoving Loyal out of her way.

Loyal played with his ribbons nervously and looked at Fire with fear in his eyes. Fire gave Loyal a mean look before going after Rain and leaving Cherry Blossom alone with Loyal. Cherry Blossom and Loyal grin at each other before pressing their hands together. "You are devoted to these people, Loyal. It's nice to see you working nonstop," Cherry Blossom whispered to Loyal. "Ooohhh, stop. You work hard too, Blossy," Loyal keened. "But not as hard as you do..." Cherry Blossom said to Loyal before leaving to find Water.

Old Chapter Four of Part One. The Rebellion. Launched on January 04, 2016:

Chapter four.... Talking

As always, Loyal Cherry flew around the place to see if everything is in place. Deep in thought, Loyal didn't see that his brother was flying beside him.

Death: HEY!!
Loyal: Wha-... Hello, Death.
Death: Hi... So... How did it go?
Loyal: Pardon?
Death: You know, with the Rain Goddess?
Loyal: HMMPH!! She got mad like always. Goddess of the rain? HA!!
Death: Not surprised. Was there anybody else there?
Loyal: Just Cherry Blossom and The Fire God...

Loyals voice always trailed off whenever he mention the fire Gods name.

Death: Who's side did he take?
Loyal: Mine...
Death: Really? He must have been in a good mood.
Loyal: Yes...
Death: Did Cherry Blossom agree with you?
Loyal: *Nods head*

Death waited for his brother to talk, but Loyal stayed silent. So the two brothers kept flying.

Death: Come.
Loyal: ?

Death leads his troubled brother to the temples.

Revised Chapter Four of Part One. The Rebellion. Updated October 4, 2018:

Chapter Four. Talking

After spending several hours in the Blessed Temple, it was time to put away and get ready for the meeting tonight. Loyal put his paintbrushes, clay, and molding tools away before leaving. Loyal kept his head down as he walked down the familiar trail. Talking could be heard far off, so Loyal spread out his wings and flew upward. He wasn't mad at Rain anymore, just sad. Flying overhead and checking on the Kingdom, Loyal was deep in thought. Death. Rain. Cherry Blossom.

Fire. The Head Guardian.

Terror began to stir, Loyal tried to push it down, but it rose up in Loyal's throat and his stomach twisted at the thought of the Head Guardian. Loyal inhaled sharply.

Flap, flap, flap, flap!

"You're doing it again; making that stupid flapping noise with your wings."

Loyal jerked his head to the side to see who was with him. Death was flying beside him. "Hey." Death said to Loyal. "Wha-... Hello, Death," Loyal said absentmindedly. "So... How did it go?" Death asked, looking down below.


"You know, with Rain?"

"Hmmph!! She got mad like always. Goddess of the Rain? Ha!!"

Death nodded his head. Loyal was trying hard to mask his fear. "Not surprised. Was there anybody else there?"

"Just Cherry Blossom and Fire."

Loyal's voice always trailed off whenever he mentions the Fire's name. Loyal knew Fire too well, and Fire knew Loyal. "I knew he was the reason. Whose side did he take, Loyal?"

"Mine," Loyal said flatly.

"Really? He must have been in a good mood."


"Did Cherry Blossom agree with you?"

Loyal nodded his head, "She agrees with me most of the time."

Death waited for his brother to talk, but Loyal stayed silent. Death and Loyal flew in silence. Death felt sorry for Loyal. Sure, they were twins, but Fire knew Loyal better than he. Fire and Loyal grew up together during those black years. But, Fire changed and threw away Loyal like how a child throws its baby toys away.

"Come," Death said softly, taking Loyal's hand. Loyal stared quizzically at Death but flew after him. Death led his troubled brother to the Temples. Fire was in his house watching Death with mean eyes.

I'm still updating.  Wink
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« Reply #1081 on: October 09, 2018, 03:53:42 PM »

Chapter 603. Doragon's Letters.

My dearest Doragon,

I have not heard from you for months nor have seen you. At first, I thought you were sick and could not make it the first month, but now I am wondering if you are alright. Did I do something to hurt you? If I did, I am sorry for my actions...

Please, please write back. I miss you terribly.

Yours forever, Loyal.


A Week Later...

My dear Loyal,

You have done nothing wrong to me, so don't worry. I have not visited you because work caught up with me and I have to get it done. You know how it is, Loyal. Whenever I am not busy, I will write and visit you.

Truly yours, Doragon.


The Next Day...

My dearest Doragon,

Okay... I just want to make sure.

Yours forever, Loyal.


That Afternoon...

My dear Loyal,

You are such a worry-bug! Don't worry, okay?

Truly yours, Doragon.


"I don't believe her, Underbart Liv," Loyal said as he read Doragon's short letter. "I do not believe her either, Loyal," Underbart Liv agreed.

"It doesn't sound like her at all."

Then Loyal was gone. Out the window, and gone. Underbart Liv looked at the letter before picking it up. Holding it close to his nose, Underbart Liv inhaled deeply. The scent was unmistakable. Sniffing it again to make sure, Underbart Liv put it down. He wasn't going to tell Loyal.

Let Doragon tell him why she hasn't been seeing him.

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« Reply #1082 on: October 16, 2018, 03:39:23 AM »

Chapter 604. Ogon' And Phoenix.

A month Later...

Seated on the floor and watching the fairy light spin slowly, Ogon' tapped his fingers on the coffee table. Veter was sitting on his couch looking at his socked feet. Ogon' looked at the clock.

4:36 AM

Veter took a small sip of his green tea, his stomach twisted, and the tea tasted sour. Ogon' looked down at his hand. On Ogon's hand was a ring his mother and father gave him years ago. A ring from Starlight for his twentieth birthday. Ogon' stared at the new ring he wore. Phoenix as wearing one similar to Ogon's. Bright red rubies with a white gold band gleaming brightly at Ogon'. Looking up, Ogon' saw Veter turn his head away after stealing a look at Ogon's ring. Ogon' smiled sadly at Veter.

"I might not even happen, Veter..." Ogon' whispered as he got up and sat beside Veter. "Yeah right. Your mother and father already approved of it," Veter said crossly.

"But, did Phoenix's mother and father approve?"

"You know they will..."

"We haven't even asked Loyal yet..."

"He will allow this to be so."

Ogon' said nothing more. Veter wasn't looking at him.

A Few Hours Ago...

As Moon cried, Sun bit on his fist as Ogon' and Phoenix stood at the bottom of the stairs like guilty children. Ogon' had asked Phoenix to marry him, but Ogon' had to get his parents' approval. Sun didn't want to say yes to his son in fear of losing him.

Ogon' was a God.

Phoenix was a Fire Elf.

It couldn't be done. It was a strict law that any Deity who falls in love with a Mythical Being were ordered to leave Loyal's Kingdom and move to Doragon's land. Water, Autumn, and their daughter were forced to live in Doragon's land. Galactic and Cosmic were heartbroken, and Sun didn't want it to happen to him, Moon, Starlight, and Foreshadow.

Foreshadow was too little to understand why his older brother will leave. Starlight? Starlight had enough problems and Moon was Sun's biggest one.

"Why, Ogon'?? Don't you like it here?"

"Ma, you know I do, but-"

"We can hide Phoenix, and you can get married here!"

Ogon' and Phoenix smiled at Moon's sad attempt to keep Ogon' with her. Sun couldn't meet his sons' eyes.

"Ma, don't cry. We can visit you."

"I don't want you to leave me our your father, Ogon'!"


"Don't you love us??"

"I do! Oh, ma, I do!! But-"

"Why are you leaving us then?!"

Letting go of Phoenix's hand, Ogon' hurried up the stairs and hugged his mother tightly. Moon sobbed bitterly. Ogon' looked at his father.


Sun got up from his chair and headed to the window. The fear of losing Ogon' hacked at his heart like it was nothing more than a worthless slab of meat. He didn't want to give up his son and let him live in that lying Doragon's land. Loyal didn't want to talk about what happened at the meeting with Doragon, but Underbart Liv let the cat out of the bag. Everyone but the kids were shocked at the news but said nothing of it. Even though Loyal knew that Underbart Liv opened his big mouth, he said nothing.

Sun wondered if Loyal would approve of this. Turning around, Sun stared at Moon and Ogon'.

"Sun, are you mad at us?" Phoenix asked, her voice heavy with sorrow "No, no... I'm wondering how will it work..." Sun whispered.

"If you don't approve..."

"No, Phoniex. Don't."

"I understand..."

Phoenix looked down at her feet, her heart thumping in her chest. "I know what Loyal is going to say even if you approved, so I will be going..." Phoenix said to Moon before turning to Ogon'.

"Goodbye, Ogon'."

"Goodbye, Phoenix."

Phoenix turned to leave, but Sun told her to stop walking. Phoenix looked over her shoulder. "Whatever my children want... They get. If Ogon' wants you for his wife, then so be it," Sun said in a loud, clear voice.

"Ma, do you approve?"

"I do, Ogon'! I'm sad because you will leave me... I say things when I am upset,"
Moon sighed, wiping her eyes. Sun walked to Phoenix, and lead her up the stairs to Ogon'. Carefully, Sun placed Ogon's hands over Phoenix's. "Ogon', your mother and I give you our blessing,"

Moon began to cry again at the beautiful sight adding more to Sun's annoyance. Ogon' and Phoenix smiled at each other despite that their hearts were breaking. Ogon' looked over Phoenix's head when he saw someone at the door looking at him.

Veter glared at Ogon' before stalking away.

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Chapter 605. Joy And Misery.

Ogon' clicked his tongue waiting for angry Veter to speak. Ogon' couldn't believe that Veter was upset with him and Phoenix. It was slightly immature of Veter, but Ogon' guessed he would be mad as well if Veter was engaged and he wasn't. Ogon' smiled when Veter looked at him. "Are you mad at me, Veter?" Ogon' asked quietly. Veter waited before talking. "No. Yes. I don't know..." Veter whispered as he tucked his legs under his long baggy shirt.

"Yes or no, Veter."

"I don't know."

"You must decide."

"Do you have to get married, Ogon'?"

"Phoenix and I have waited for this moment..."

Veter looked away. He wasn't sure if he was mad at Phoenix or Ogon'. Ogon' patted Veter's knee and told him to talk to him. "Are you mad, Veter...?"

"Ogon'... I am very happy for you and Phoenix."


"I am mad because you will leave us forever..."

"Oh, Veter... are you scared?"

"Kinda... You are the only God I can talk with."

"Foreshadow will talk to you."

"He's nothing but a baby. He won't understand."

Ogon' smiled at Veter. True, Foreshadow was young and didn't understand Veter at all. Ogon' is the only God Veter can talk with. There were other Deities, but Veter wanted Ogon'.

"Do you have to go, Ogon'?"

"Veter, you know I have to ask permission from uncle Loyal."

"He's going to give you his blessing, and we both know it."

"Well... It will take a year for us to be married. Anything can happen in that year."

"Yeah, right."


Pressing his head on Veter's knee, Ogon' felt Veter run his fingers through Ogon's thick red mane like he was soothing a child.

"I don't want to leave you either, Veter..."


"Yeah... I will be lonely over there..."

"I will be lonely here..."

"If this upsets you too much, Veter. I will stay with you."

"Don't, Ogon'."

"No, I'm sure Phoenix wants the same for you..."

Pushing Ogon' up, Veter placed both hands on Ogon's shoulders. "Loneliness will fade over time. A broken heart will never heal if you here because I am sad..." Veter said firmly to Ogon'. "I would rather see you happy with Phoenix than seeing you upset because I am forcing you to stay."

"But, Veter-"

"I will be fine. Sad, but happy because my Ogon' is happy."


"That's all I want for my Ogon'."

Veter and Ogon' smiled sadly at each other before embracing in a tight hug. Rubbing Ogon's back, a tear slid down from Veter's eye and made a dark spot on Ogon's black vest.

The next morning, Phoenix and Ogon' both hugged Veter happily after talking with Loyal. Veter knew that Loyal gave them his permission.

How can someone's joy be misery to another?

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« Reply #1084 on: October 31, 2018, 04:42:50 PM »

Chapter 606. Missing Ring.

∞ ლ

A Month Back...

Underbart Liv walked slowly behind Loyal who was limping ahead on his crutch and turning back to see if Underbart Liv was still with him. "Come on, Underbart Liv! Pick up the pace," Loyal called impatiently. Underbart Liv nodded his head and looked up at the trees. It felt good to be back home, but today was not a good day.

Arriving at the gate, Loyal held onto the bars, grinning when he saw Doragon walking up with the Witches. Underbart Liv had his long pointed ears under his hat so the Witches wouldn't see who he was. Just in case they knew who he was.

"Doragon! Hi!!" Loyal chirped before Doragon was in ear-shot. Doragon nodded her head and looked at Underbart Liv strangely. Why was Loyal always bring Underbart Liv along?

"You look great today, Doragon!" Loyal said out loud as if Doragon was deaf. Underbart Liv warned Loyal to tone it down.

"Thank you, Loyal. You always say that." Doragon said in her head and Loyal heard her. "I couldn't wait to see you... why are you forlorn?" Loyal said back, eyeing the Witches. Doragon sighed and looked at Underbart Liv.

"Can he go away, Loyal?" Doragon whispered to Loyal even though she was using telepathy.

"No, why? He wants to listen as well."

"This is a private matter, Loyal."

"How can it be private when the Witches are here?"

The Witches' faces never changed, and Underbart Liv looked up at Doragon rudely. How dare she tell him to leave when he is their God. But Doragon didn't know that, so Underbart Liv kept to himself. Loyal looked at Underbart Liv and up at Doragon. "Doragon, what's wrong..." Loyal said softly, patting Doragon's massive paw. Doragon pulled away quickly before Loyal could see, but Loyal saw it already.

Doragon's ring was missing.

"Doragon... where is your ring...? Loyal said, his voice shaking slightly as he tried to look again to see if his eyes were not playing tricks on him. Doragon didn't look at Loyal who was asking questions as The Witches moved aside. Behind Doragon came a Deep gray and navy colored male dragon. Loyal quickly glanced at him and back at Doragon.

"Is this a joke? Ha-ha-ha- you got me, Doragon and whats-your-name. You got me!" Loyal laughed and turned to Underbart Liv. "Aren't they funny, Underbart Liv?"

Underbart Liv kept his head down. It was common for Dragons to do this if their mate does not return, but Doragon knew Loyal was coming back for her. "Loyal this is not a joke," Underbart Liv said substantially. Loyal sucked in his breath.


"Loyal, it has been too long already. Don't you think we should... find another one?"
Doragon said softly to Loyal, trying to calm him down.

"No! I waited for you and you-"

"Loyal, please. You are only making it harder for yourself."


"Yourself, Loyal. I already moved on-"

"But, Doragon. Dragons mate for life. You knew I am still alive, and I am coming back for you."

Underbart Liv scratched his wrists, looking at the dark gray dragon as Doragon and Loyal argued. This dragon was slightly taller than Doragon and younger than her. Underbart Liv sniffed the air pretending that he was smelling for rain.

The same scent was in the air.

"Loyal, this is taking too long. The world will never change, and I need an Heir now."

"I was going to give you that Heir, Doragon. And you are only immortal because it was me who prolonged your lifespan. If it wasn't for me; you'll be dead like your mother and father!"
Loyal said sourly to unfazed Doragon. The male dragon smirked at Loyal and Underbart Liv as Doragon peeked at the sundial. "All of this is because I helped you and you do this to me?"

"Loyal, I shouldn't have to give myself to you as a thank you, should I?"

"Ah-heh. That's nice, Doragon. You played me like how everyone else does."

"Loyal, I can't keep waiting for you. I gave you enough time and well..."

Loyal glared at Doragon who held her head up proudly.

"Just admit that you were cheating on me, Doragon. It's that simple. Say that you are a liar, a backstabber-"

"Loyal, that is enough,"
Underbart Liv said, pulling Loyal's arm. Loyal yanked his arm away and hit the gate with his fists.

"A traitorous, condescending dragon!" Loyal yelled at Doragon before turning away and limping off. "I hope you and your friend are happy, Doragon! By the way you are acting, I wouldn't be surprised that you gave all of yourself to him!!"

"Loyal!!!" Undebrart Liv yelled, but Loyal ignored him. Doragon and the Witches watched Loyal leave. Underbart Liv turned to look at Doragon.

"I did not crea- Forget it. Forget it!" Underbart Liv shouted before running after Loyal.

"What's his deal?" one of the Witches asked. Doragon shrugged. Doragon's new mate watched Underbart Liv closely.

∞ ლ
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Chapter 607. Diary Log.

∞ ლ

Underbart Liv caught up with Loyal, breathing hard as he placed one hand on Loyal's shoulder. "Loyal, forget it. She is a dragon. They do things like this."

"Only when their mate is not returning or is dead, Underbart Liv!"

"You got me there."

Loyal and Underbart Liv walked in silence until they arrived at Loyal's home where Baarish was messing up the garden and ran up when she saw Loyal. Turning to Underbart Liv, Loyal had to raise his voice above Baarish's shrieking as she tugged at Loyal to pick her up. "Do not let anyone know about this!"

"Why, Loyal!?"

"Uncle Loy-loy!!!"
Baarish cried. "I will tell when I am ready, Underbart Liv!!" Loyal said loudly. "Cherry Blossom is going to find out!!" Underbart Liv said back.

"Tell her to keep to herself, Underbart Liv!! Hey, Baarish! How's my niece?

With that, Loyal picked up Baarish with one arm and hauled her inside of his house. Underbart Liv didn't know how Loyal was able to play with Baarish when his world was falling apart again. The door slammed shut, and Underbart Liv walked back home. Sitting at his desk, Underbart Liv wrote down what happened in his diary.

Dear Ren and family,

Guess what happened today. Doragon, the Empress of Dragons was cheating on her mate, Loyal. I know dragons mate again when their mate is gone, but she knew Loyal was coming back. Why would she hurt him like that, I do not know. I knew she was cheating, but I wanted that strumpet to tell him. She was not very kind about it either, but you know female dragons are snooty.

~Underbart Liv.

A Day Later...

"Hi, Underbart Liv! How are things?" Cosmic sang as he bounced his grouchy daughter. Underbart Liv stopped his daily walk to talk with Cosmic. "I'm going to visit my daughter later with Galactic. Wanna come along?"

"I do not think so."

"Aw, come on! It will be fun and I'm sure my daughter wants to see you."

"No, thanks... Loyal and I had a bad brush with Doragon."

"Oh? About what?"

Underbart Liv looked around before bending over to talk into Cosmic's ear. "Doragon found herself a new mate and did not tell Loyal until he showed up yesterday!" Underbart Liv hissed.

Cosmic stopped bouncing Prakaash kee gati and stared at Underbart Liv in shock. Prakaash kee gati kicked and flailed her arms as he father stopped the bouncing.

"Why??! What about Loyal who promised her everything!!"

"I do not know; I am not going now! Do not tell anyone else!"

"I won't. GALACTIC!!! Are you ready!?"

Galactic bounded out of the house with Dhvani in her arms. "She's changed! Let's go! Bye, Underbart Liv!" Galactic said as she pulled Cosmic up. Underbart Liv waved goodbye before heading back to write in his diary again.

A page was missing.



"Look, Winter, look!!"

"What is it, Snowdrop?"

"I got this paper for you since you like collecting papers!"
Snowdrop said, dropping the paper ball on Winter's lap. Winter patted her head and flattened the paper down.

Dear Ren and family-

Winter stopped.

"Snowdrop, where did you get this??"

"Underbart Liv's desk. I found it in a book."

Winter gulped and looked out the window. He should return the diary log, but the urge to read it burned in Winter's blood. Underbart Liv was not here, so Winter read it with Snowdrop hugging his neck. Winter shoved it back in his desk to hide it after reading it.


A few hours later, Summer found the diary log while looking for a pen. Summer took the diary log to Sun and Moon's house where Starlight was visiting.

"Summer, don't let anyone see this!"


"It's not for us to know!"

"Winter had it."

"Oh... well he wasn't supposed to be doing that!"



"WHERE ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU!!?" Underbart Liv yelled, tearing into his desk to find the missing page. Yanking the drawers out, Snowdrop's stuffed pig fell down with a squeak on Underbart Liv's shoes.

"No, no!!!" Underbart Liv yelled and ran out the door to find Snowdrop. Not watching where he was going, Underbart Liv slammed into Cherry Blossom. "Aipe! Cherry Blossom! Have you seen Snowdrop??" Underbart Liv asked quickly. Cherry Blossom nodded her head and told Underbart Liv she what happened before she saw the diary log. Underbart Liv ran off hoping he could find Snowdrop before she passed the diary log on, but it was too late.



That night, Underbart Liv received a letter from Loyal and inside was his diary page. Underbart Liv read the letter from Loyal.

Nice, Underbart Liv. Nice.

Underbart Liv felt guilty, but there was nothing he could do. The secret was out, but no one spoke of it. For days, Loyal stayed in his house, sour with the world and everything. Death would find his brother seated on the couch, glaring at the window. Death tried hard to make his twin smile, but Loyal told him to get out. Things were not looking so good for Loyal, and it didn't help when Cosmic walked in with an invitation.

About a week later, Underbart Liv was summoned to see Loyal that afternoon. Underbart Liv panicked on the walk to Loyal's house. Slowly, Underbart Liv opened the door and said hello in a tiny voice. Loyal was at his desk writing a letter.

"Sit, Underbart Liv."

"As you wish, Loyal..."
Underbart Liv said softly, perching on the edge of his chair in case Loyal attacks, he'll have a clean escape. Loyal leaned forward, his hands clasped together.

"That diary log..."

"I am sorry. Snowdrop got it and-"

"Who is Ren?"

Underbart Liv stopped talking. Ren. Why was Loyal asking? Underbart Liv never talked about his siblings, but Loyal knew now after reading the diary log.

"Ren...? He is my older brother..."

"I didn't know you had a brother, Underbart Liv... can you tell me about him?"

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Chapter 608. Ren and Underbart Liv.

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Underbart Liv agreed to talk about his siblings, but after seeing that Loyal had his typewriter, Underbart Liv wanted to leave. After coaxing and small bribes, Loyal was finally able to get Underbart Liv to talk.

"So, Who is Ren...?" Loyal repeated the same question and Underbart Liv gave him the same answer. "He is the oldest? Are you the youngest, Underbart Liv?" Loyal asked, scribbling down the words.

"No. I am the second oldest," Underbart Liv said plainly, looking at Loyal's typing. Loyal nodded his head and told Underbart Liv to go on. "There were... were...?" Underbart Liv's voice trailed off, and he counted his fingers. Loyal looked up.

"There were three children? You and-"

"No, there were thirty-two."

"Thirty-two kids, Underbart Liv?!!"

"Counting me."

"That's a lot of kids! Why were you...?"
Loyal asked, but realized that Underbart Liv was counting in tens instead of ones.

"My mother liked kids. My father-"

"Who are your mother and father?"
Loyal interrupted.

"My mother was named Givande. The Goddess of Fertility."

Loyal nodded his head, remembering Givande. "I met your mother, Underbart Liv."

"You did? How was she? Is she still beautiful as I remember?"

"Oh, yes, she is beautiful but she didn't talk about you."

"That is alright. She knows that I want to remain forgotten."

"And your father?"

"My father was named Isifiso," said Underbart Liv as he scratched his wrist. Loyal smiled impishly at Underbart Liv who refused to look at him. "The God of Desires. Explained why he had a lot of kids," Loyal joked, and Underbart Liv's left ear drooped. "Ah, well that's none of my business. Tell me about your father and older brother, Underbart Liv," Loyal said, typing happily.

"Well, my father. He was a nice God and a wonderful father. He always stopped Ren and me from killing each other," Loyal heard Underbart Liv say. "Old sibling rivals, huh?" Loyal simpered.

"I hated Ren."

Loyal looked up in surprise. Underbart Liv's mouth went down as if he ate something rotten, his hand waving in the air as if he were counting Ren's faults. "Always a jerk, stuck-up, and rude. Just because he was the God of Chastity, he acted as if he were higher than my father and I. We always fought and our father broke us up each time." Underbart Liv snapped, hearing the rapid clicking of Loyal's typewriter. "So what if my father and most of us were a little sensual, did not give Ren the right to act like he was oh-so-holy and clean!!"

Loyal said right after Underbart Liv, the tip of his fingers pulsed from the typing keys. Loyal secretly wished that Underbart Liv was done, but Underbart Liv was getting riled up. "Plus, he was a jerk after he found out that I had kids and no spouse. I told his idiot self that I did not need one and that my children were all created another way instead of what he was thinking! 'Oh, Underbart Liv~! I knew you were a sinner with no morals! I knew that you were sexually active and your spouse ran off after you gave birth!!!' " Underbart Liv sang off-key, mocking Ren. Loyal licked his lips as his fingers hit the keys. He hated typing, but this was all juicy secrets that Loyal liked. "I told him that I did not get into a relationship and he did not believe me! For the God of Chastity, sure has a gutter mind!" Underbart Liv barked, and he looked at the doorway as if his father were about to walk in and stop the fight. "My children were all created from the sand and magic, Loyal!"

"I believe you, Underbart Liv."

"Ren?! Ooooh, Ren is another story!! He did not like my children nor Amagna! It was his fault that Amagna got away!!!"

Underbart Liv stopped after realizing he said too much. Loyal looked up.

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