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Author Topic: About Attachments [UPDATE]  (Read 6530 times)
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We freed up some space and turned on attachments again.  To help save space, now we only allow new attachments up to 200 KB, and are only allowing JPG files as attachments.  If you need to share an image that is larger (or a different format like PNG), please upload the image to a separate image-sharing site like imgur and add it to your message inside "img" tags.

Original Post:

Hey everyone, we're currently out of space on the server for accepting new attachments.  We're using around 5.5GB of space right now for the attachments, and there isn't much space available for more (the website uses very fast hard drives for storage, but they also have to be very small to get that speed).

We'll see if there's anything we can do to get more space, but for now you'll have to host your images on another site like imgur and post your images here using the "img" tag instead.
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