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Author Topic: User Hurt and Heal  (Read 2832 times)
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Yep, we really do need CMC3.

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Heal RJLWolf
Hurt Neptune

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Join the CMC3 army today!
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For new members: Essential slang terms for the forum (or at least, are essential at this point in time):
Good Tomatoe - A nice and friendly user.

Bad Clover/Tootsicle - A mean or annoying user; a troll.

Toot - Replacement for most swear words.

What dot? - What?/I don't understand.

Giggypigs - The highest posting user of this forum. _____pigs can also be used for other members of the forum.

Engrish - The form of English spoken by translator machines and the people who use them.

Town of Salem - A non-Flipline game which about half of the active members of the forum play. Commonly abbreviated to ToS.

TWG - The Werewolf Game, a popular series of forum games.

TWC - The Werewolf Council, the 4 people who make all TWG-related decisions.

Facebookers - Specifically refers to members of Facebook in the Facebook Comments on the Flipline Blog.

Kongregaters - Specifically refers to fans of Flipline Studios who reside at the website of Kongregate.

Danganronpa/Dangan Ronpa - A non-Flipline series of Japanese games which has also been adapted into an anime, which is relatively popular on the forum.

I think that's all for now.
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