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Welcome to the Flipline Forum!  

Please read the following list of Forum Guidelines to follow when posting on the Forum, which should be more or less common sense and are designed so that everyone can enjoy their time here.

Updated March 23, 2020
We've updated the Guidelines to clarify that you shouldn't spam smileys, or try to get around limits on number of smileys in a post.

Using the Forum

One username/account per person.
You only need one account on the Forum.  If we notice users creating alternate accounts, we may permanently delete one or both of the accounts.  Even if you hide your email address from other users, the admins can still view your email and IP address to see if you're creating new or alternate accounts.

Post topics in the correct boards.
We have multiple sections on the forum for individual games, as well as fan content, general discussion, suggestions, and off-topic conversations.  Make sure your post relates to the section you're posting in.  If you post in the wrong section, you can click "Move Topic" on your post to move it.

Report troublesome posts instead of replying to them.
Avoid backseat moderation!  If you see someone that is breaking the rules on the forum, click the "Report to moderator" link below that post to let us know.  It's better to report something, rather than to reply and become part of the problem.

Don't spam!
Spamming is when your post doesn't contribute to the thread or forum, or is very short post.  (The one exception is some Forum Games, where short posts may be allowed).  You also shouldn't post just to point out someone is spamming -- that's adding even more spam!  If someone or a spam-bot is posting spam, report the post instead of replying.  Also, don't spam or harass other members through Personal Messages (PMs).

Don't spam or flood with smileys/emoji.
Additionally, don't use the forum's smileys or emoji to spam or flood posts.  The forum will normally limit how many smileys it will show in a post, so don't try to circumvent these restrictions.

Don't bump old inactive topics.
You shouldn't bump old inactive topics unnecessarily (also know as necro-bumping or necro-trolling).

Use the "Ignore Users" feature to hide posts from certain users.
If you don't want to see topics or posts from specific users, use the "Ignore Users" feature to add people to your ignore list.  You also won't see Shoutbox messages or PMs from people you have ignored.  
View the "How to Ignore Users" topic for more information on how to use this feature.

Don't divulge or ask others to divulge personal information.
Do not ask for another user's personal information on the forum such as their full name, age, address, password, etc.  Do not spread your own personal information on the forum, and don't spread other users' personal information on the forum or to the admins/moderators.

Behavior Guidelines

This is a family-friendly website, so act accordingly!
Fans of all ages can visit this website, so don't post anything that is inappropriate.  Younger fans can still view the forum even if they don't have an account, so keep it family friendly.

Don't be rude or harass others.
Keep your conversations friendly!  Flaming, bullying, and fighting on the forum are not allowed.  Also don't tell other users that you hate them, or resort to name-calling.

If there's a fight happening, don't join in.
Please report any fights instead of joining the fight yourself.  It does NOT MATTER who started a fight, anyone who is participating is breaking the rules ("They started it" is never a valid excuse!)

No trolling behavior.
Don't act like a troll trying to get a response from other users, and don't feed the trolls by joining in.

Avoid offensive or obscene content, and do not try to circumvent the swear censoring filter.
We have a filter in place that will automatically change certain swear words and other inappropriate words.  Do not try to dodge or get around these filters by adding extra spaces, dashes, or other methods.
Read more about the filter here.

Do not threaten other users, and do not threaten to harm yourself.
You can not threaten to harm other users on the forum or talk about hurting others.  You also can not make posts in which you threaten to harm yourself or commit suicide.  This is a forum about games is not the place to talk about things like this.

Do not create topics to bad-mouth or harass other users, rant/complain about others users, or make petitions to ban users.
Negative topics like these are considered harassment and are not allowed.  You shouldn't be bad-mouthing or harassing anyone at all on the forum, including former or banned users.
Do not say that specific forum members can't post in your topic.
Anyone can post in a topic here on the Flipline Forum, so don't create rules for your topic or post saying that certain users aren't allowed to post.

Do not falsely claim your account was hacked by another user.
This is considered harassing a user, and we may ban your own account for doing this.

Do not accuse or harass a member because you think they're an alternate or sock-puppet account.
If you have a reason to believe someone has an alternate account you can report their posts instead of harassing them.

If you are banned from the Forum, do not try to circumvent your ban by changing IPs or accounts.
If you receive a ban on the Forum, do not create alternate accounts to try to get around this ban.  In addition, do not use a proxy, VPN, or other service to change your IP to try to get around your ban.  If we detect you are using alternate accounts during a ban, or changing your IP to circumvent the ban, we may a) extend your original ban or b) permanently delete your original account and alternate account.

Do not share your account with other users (especially if they are banned users)
This relates to the rule about one account per person.  You can not share your account with other users on the forum for any reason.  You especially can not help a banned user circumvent their ban by allowing them access to your account.  If you are sharing your account with a banned user, you will receive a long-term ban or permanent ban from the forum.

Do not use other languages to try to bypass the rules in the Forum Guidelines
The Forum Guidelines apply to all languages, so don't be rude or try to swear in a different language to try to get around these rules or the swear filter.  Don't harass users or call them names in a different language -- this is still against the rules.

Prohibited Behavior on the Forum

The following items are prohibited on the forum, and your account will receive a minimum 30-day ban for any of the following:

  • Discussing hacking or attacking other websites
  • Promoting ad-blockers or other circumvention tools
  • Discussing apps, services, or methods to get paid apps and content for free illegally
  • Discussing illegal activities
  • Advertising
  • Impersonating an admin, mod, or staff member
  • Attempting to hack or log in to others' accounts
  • Posting links to shock sites or screamers

The following items are strictly prohibited on the forum, and your account will be immediately deleted and permanently banned without warning for any of the following:

  • Posting explicit, obscene, gory, graphic, or pornographic content
  • Sharing or posting links to explicit, obscene, gory, graphic, or pornographic content

Shoutbox Guidelines

The same Forum Guidelines apply to the Shoutbox.
All of the same rules apply here, though posting shorter messages are generally okay.  If you break any of the Forum Guidelines in the Shoutbox, you may be banned from only the Shoutbox, or you may be banned from the entire forum in some cases.

Don't spam or flood the Shoutbox.
Short messages are okay during a conversation in the Shoutbox, but don't flood the Shoutbox with short posts or with smileys.

Don't try to clear the Shoutbox with dots or spam
Flooding the Shoutbox with short posts to "clear the Shoutbox" is still considered spam, and is not allowed.

These rules obviously can’t cover all situations, so the site admins and moderators reserve the right to make decisions on other behavior not mentioned here.  If you violate these guidelines we may edit or remove your posts or links, and may decide to ban accounts (temporarily or permanently) in the worst situations or if you’re a repeat offender.

Overall we want everyone to have fun and enjoy their time on the forums, so try to use common sense when posting, and keep these guidelines in mind!
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