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Author Topic: 5th Annual Flipline Forum Awards  (Read 118493 times)
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So I typed up the list with some comments so if anybody in the distant future is curious, they can look at this

Coolest User KitKatExtreme (TY to the guy who nominated me)
Best Fan Character Creator: Adriel (Not surprised. Puts a lot of effort in FCs)
Most Unique User: PepsiMan (TY to the one guy who nominated me)
Best Troll: TSH
Most Likely to become mod: Twilight Sparkle (I agree because she's pretty top notch)
Best Moderator/Admin: Joe1224 (I should have voted for D-Walker lol)
Best Username: the (If only I could pull off a cool username like this)
Best Shoutbox user: KitKatExtreme (Late night convos in the SB are the best)
Best Fanfiction Writer: KitKatExtreme
Best Forum Game Player: Kangablue (He puts in way too much effort when he plays games so I agree)
Best Gameria Player: you
Most Missed User: Balloon Girl
Best Fan Artist: DokiDokiTsuna (predictable since she won the other years)
Most Improved User: MarkiplierFana!
Kindest User: Cinnabon (they are a literal cinnamon roll)
Newbie of the Year: Cinnabon (I got to know Cinna the most out of the newbies so...)
User of the Year: KitKatExtreme (*throws confetti* congrats!!!)

Read chapter 6 of my fanfic here:

(Last update: 12/25/16)]12/25: Merry Christmas everybody! I'm learning how to use FireAlpaca... It's weird
Contributions to the Forum:
-started the Expectations topics (original idea)
-Self proclaimed artist
-Made the Shipping and Town of Salem topic just to name the popular ones
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