Question: The Grill Station- Difficult?
It looks very difficult for me, and it ruins the game - 3 (7.7%)
It's quite difficult, but that adds to the challenge - 4 (10.3%)
It looks average on difficulty, and I hate that - 0 (0%)
It looks average on difficulty, and I like that - 15 (38.5%)
It looks so easy and I hate that - 1 (2.6%)
It looks so easy, so it's perfect for me - 16 (41%)
Total Voters: 30

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I would rather PL4: WTA
Yeah, but how to do so when flash is dead? How to do 2d platforming on mobile? Gonna have to be creative to do that.
le scoot
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Man the old sneak peeks look weird

Heya! I make memes and art, if you want me to make you something gameria related, I shall gladly do so!
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And I don't know how it gets better than this

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Cursed images


Hey Stephen I know looks can be deceiving but I know I saw a light in you.
Oh, my sincere apologies about that. I have the IQ of a potato, lmao.
doesn't have logic my dear darling Tousti
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I wonder what their feet would look like
Debbie: My dad is a dog
I love the taste of sausage it is very good I love it so much it is so yummy when you have a tasty taste and you go to the saussage
You actually had me thinking that Brazilian was a language for a second

...fine I’ll just change them to Chinese
Can't :
- Anything not good
S m a s h
Yeah, it might be a medical condition
Young men are also important because North Korea has acquired a new fleet. Pope Louis was a good monk, he called this ship. Shoes
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