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Author Topic: Board Guidelines [v2]  (Read 6444 times)
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Forum Guidelines applies here.
If you don't know them, just read it here:

Mark the topics right.
By making a new topic, you should place the tags to show what kind of fangame you are showcasing. I'll explain it below:
- [F] is about Flipline.
- [OT] is about Off-Topic.
- [(insert you name here)] is about a topic that has the same idea as others', to ensure anyone, or someone had a different version with other ideas on their own (e.g. [Cortonith] Papa's Pizzeria II).

By making a Fan Game topic, one should finish it.
One should really finish it to ensure on how creativity and how well-made is shown to the audience. Having nothing in within a few days might probably get deleted unless one had appropriate reasoning or one has made enough effort to the topic. If you have some reserved posts, make sure that you know one post reached 20,000 character limit (Try Microsoft Word or something else before even publishing it) to ensure how many times you could even reserve posts-- exceeding ones must be deleted or if you really know that it can be used later, go ahead-- you can even use that in the future. However, if you abandon a game in progress, that can be reported and will be deleted accordingly of how many reserved posts unless you gave out a valid reason before any mod had a chance to delete them.

Reference Topic:
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