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Author Topic: Conversations with the Admins!  (Read 118739 times)
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« Reply #465 on: December 28, 2014, 12:51:05 PM »

I have talked to him around 4 or 5 times.
« Reply #466 on: December 28, 2014, 01:00:49 PM »

At least 10+ for me.
He answered my question in the blog Q&A once.
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« Reply #467 on: December 28, 2014, 01:02:34 PM »

I once helped him report a company on Google Play who got Papa's Cupcakeria, renamed it, and called it their own.
« Reply #468 on: December 28, 2014, 01:02:56 PM »

That's good.
« Reply #469 on: December 28, 2014, 01:04:11 PM »

I think I said Happy New YEar
« Reply #470 on: December 28, 2014, 01:05:04 PM »

yeah he thankfully has our time zone.
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« Reply #471 on: December 28, 2014, 01:06:58 PM »

He has EST.

He lives pretty close to the border.
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« Reply #472 on: December 28, 2014, 02:18:13 PM »

He's far off my time zone Tongue

TWG stats:
TWGXI - Human (Unfinished)
TWGXII - Brutal Wolf (Loss, Wolf MVP)
TWGXIII - Coroner (Victory)
TWGXIV - Guardian (Victory)

TWGXV - Hunter (Loss)
TWGXVI - Fool (Loss)

TWGXVII - Seer (Loss, Human MVP)
TWGXIX - Brutal Wolf (Loss, HM)
TWGXX - Vigilante (Loss)
TWGXXI - Human (Loss)
TWGXXII - Wolf (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGXXIII - Guardian (Victory)
TWGXXIV - Brutal Wolf (Loss, HM)
TWGXXVI - Guardian (Loss)
TWGXXVII - Human (Victory)
TWGXXVIII - Disguised Wolf (Loss, Wolf MVP)

TWGXXX - Mason (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGXXXII - Mason (Victory)

TWGXXXIII - Trapper (Loss)
TWGXXXIV - Human > Cultist (Victory)
TWGXXXV - Cop (Loss)
TWGXXXVI - Guardian (Victory)
TWGXXXVIII - Transporter (Victory)
TWGXXXIX - Mercenary (Unfinished)

TWGXL - Riddler (Loss)
TWGXLI - Amnesiac (Loss)
TWGXLII - Vigilante (Loss, Independent MVP)

TWGXLIII - Guardian (Loss)
TWGXLV - Vigilante (Loss)
TWGXLVI - Maniac (Victory, Independent MVP)

TWGXLVII - Wolf (Loss, Wolf MVP)
TWGXLVIII - Moderator (Loss)
TWGL - Gentleman > Cultist (Loss)
TWGLI - Wrathful Tenant (Victory)
TWGLII - Wolf (Loss)
TWGLIII - Human (Victory)
TWGLIV - Bounty Hunter (Loss)
TWGLVI - Pack Leader (Victory)
TWGLVII - Amnesiac > Necromancer (Victory, Independent MVP)
TWGLVIII - Seer (Loss)

TWGLIX - Maniac (Loss)
TWGLX - Warden (Victory)
TWGLXI - Student (Loss)
TWGLXII - Student > Hunter (Victory, Independent MVP)
TWGLXIII - Human > Fool (Loss)
TWGLXV - Wolf (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGLXVI - Maniac (Loss)
TWGLXVII - Wolf (Loss)
TWGLXVIII - Wolf (Victory)

TWGLXIX - Traitor (Victory, HM)
TWGLXX - Amnesiac > Seer (Loss)
TWGLXXI - Tinker (Victory, HM)
TWGLXXII - Seer (Victory, Overall MVP)

TWGLXXIII - Human (Victory)
TWGLXXIV - Vigilante (Loss)
TWGLXXV - Mason (Loss)
TWGLXXVI - Wolf (Loss)

TWGLXXVII - Sun God (Loss, HM)
TWGLXXVIII - Soldier (Loss)
TWGLXXIX - Vigilante (Loss)
TWGLXXX - Insomniac (Loss, HM)
TWGLXXXI - Vigilante (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGLXXXII - Human (Loss)
TWGLXXXIII - Psycho (Loss)

TWGLXXXIV - Potion Maker (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGLXXXV - Priest (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGLXXXVI - Insomniac (Victory)
TWGLXXXVII - Necromancer (Loss)
TWGLXXXVIII - Clairvoyant (Loss, HM)
TWGLXXXIX - Succubus (Victory, Independent MVP)

TWGXC - Wolf Shaman (Victory, Wolf MVP)
TWGXCI - Brutal Wolf (Loss)
TWGXCIII - Eidetic Wolf (Loss)

TWGXCIV - Disguised Wolf (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGXCV - Hypnotizer (Unfinished)
TWGXCVI - Amnesiac > Kingsley (Loss)
TWGXCVII - Human (Unfinished)
TWGXCVIII - Amnesiac > Wolf Shaman (Victory, Independent MVP)
TWGXCIX - Tide Chimer (Victory)
TWGC - Clairvoyant (Loss)
TWGCIII - Necromancer (Victory)
TWGCIV - Knot Expert (Victory)
TWGCVI - Snezhinka (Loss)
TWGCXVIII - Mason (Victory)
TWGCXIX - Coroner (Victory, Overall MVP)

TWGXVIII: Traitor!
TWGXXV: The Inhospitable Hospital
TWGXXXI: Colourblind
TWGXLIV: Independence Day
TWGXLIX: Deserted
TWGLV: Video Games
TWGLXIV: A Ghost Story
TWGXCII: Werewolves in SPACE!
TWGCVII: Age of Mythology
« Reply #473 on: December 28, 2014, 03:24:17 PM »

At least 10+ for me.
He answered my question in the blog Q&A once.
He answered 2 or 3 of my questions
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« Reply #474 on: December 28, 2014, 06:19:29 PM »

In the Shoutbox, almost everything is answeree Laugh
« Reply #475 on: December 30, 2014, 10:41:53 PM »

(1 of 2)

Matt [31|Dec 12:43 AM]:   hey
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:43 AM]:   Oh wow, that was surprisingly easy to have me demoted like that...
Elise [31|Dec 12:43 AM]:   And here's an examble of a 3D Art:
Elise [31|Dec 12:44 AM]:   except it was adopted to photochop
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:44 AM]:   Anyway, it's nice to see you here again.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:45 AM]:   I'm just hoping that once you and Tony are finished with WSA, the moderation here will become stricter.
Matt [31|Dec 12:45 AM]:   yeah maybe we need stricter rules or something
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:45 AM]:   There are way too many off-topic and spammy posts in this forum right now.
Matt [31|Dec 12:45 AM]:   @Elise nice!!
Elise [31|Dec 12:46 AM]:   I took 14 hours in total though  Nervous
Matt [31|Dec 12:46 AM]:   wow
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:47 AM]:   We already have those rules, but I feel like you guys need to enforce them...
Elise [31|Dec 12:47 AM]:   It's because I took a lot of effort to make the figure of Akari... like 13 hours and 30 seconds
Elise [31|Dec 12:47 AM]:   *30 minutes
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:47 AM]:   You see, Mage doesn't get on here that often unless if the situation is really serious.
Elise [31|Dec 12:47 AM]:   I'm still ineligible to be a mod tho
Elise [31|Dec 12:48 AM]:   I know what I did before, and my self-esteem is too low that's why I'm ineligible to be a mod Tongue
Matt [31|Dec 12:49 AM]:   @Gigz hmm I wonder what would help, banning people for off-topic and spam?
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:49 AM]:   It's just that people keep bringing completely unrelated stuff into General Discussion when they could do it in Off-Topic/The Shoutbox instead.
Elise [31|Dec 12:49 AM]:   Yeah, he actually deleted spam.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:49 AM]:   I need to sleep now
Kudos [31|Dec 12:49 AM]:   I think we need more mods, personally.
Elise [31|Dec 12:49 AM]:   Just why he is demoted?
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:49 AM]:   I'd say you should give them a warning first, if you haven't already.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:49 AM]:   Although there aren't many good people.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   @Elise I asked for it.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   Wait. What is this conversation about?
Elise [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   Whoa, don't nominate me. I'm ineligible.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   At least I can claim to be the first mod ever, because Solary Power clicked the wrong button.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   I will only be active in a few boards from now on.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   I nominate Anonymous.
Elise [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   @Kudos Hahaha. Laugh
Kudos [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   He is a mature, respectful person.
Elise [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   I don't nominate Thorton though
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   For mods? I nominate Thorton
Kudos [31|Dec 12:50 AM]:   Eh.
Elise [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   My ears.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   I don't get why everybody likes Thorton.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   He's kind of a homophobic dick.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   Oops. I think I just broke Elise Nervous
Kudos [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   OK.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   Thorton is a bit inconsistent with his posting tbh
Kudos [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   Great.
Elise [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   I have only one case with him though.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   Now we need to get a new one.
[31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   MegaDragonite punches laptop
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   Stop laging
Kudos [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   *yawn*
Mousse [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   done willow
Kudos [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   So, yeah.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   Isabelle also wanted to be a mod, but you guys know how that will turn out...
Kudos [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   I think Anonymous should be mod.
Elise [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   And Matt.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   And also an American mod.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   < < < <
Kudos [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   jk i'll never be mod
Elise [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   How's the progress of the game?
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:52 AM]:   I feel like I would stink as a mod. Tongue
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:53 AM]:   Really>
Kudos [31|Dec 12:53 AM]:   Yes, really.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:53 AM]:   Argh. I meant the question mark
Elise [31|Dec 12:53 AM]:   If I proved to be mature enough, I can be a mod.
Mousse [31|Dec 12:53 AM]:   I'd do a close to bad job if I'm a mod.
Elise [31|Dec 12:53 AM]:   However, I can't be a mod because I'm immature.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:54 AM]:   I'm only really active in the Community section, though. Hmm
Elise [31|Dec 12:54 AM]:   ...matt?
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:54 AM]:   @Elise He's probably fixing some stuff
Matt [31|Dec 12:54 AM]:   @Elise it's going well, working my way through the enemy animations and code
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:54 AM]:   Partially active in the "General" section
Kudos [31|Dec 12:54 AM]:   OK.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:54 AM]:   Oh hi, Matt :3
Elise [31|Dec 12:54 AM]:   I wonder what are the baddies then. Tongue
Nagisa-chan! [31|Dec 12:55 AM]:   Wanna be a mod.
Mousse [31|Dec 12:55 AM]:   Posted my Willow fan art once and for all
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:55 AM]:   Will this game have the same length as WBA, or will it be even longer?
Kudos [31|Dec 12:55 AM]:   I don't think anybody here is mature enough to be a mod.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:55 AM]:   Except MegaDragonite and Anonymous.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:55 AM]:   I think Tonyantonio might have been right back in the day.
Mousse [31|Dec 12:55 AM]:
Elise [31|Dec 12:55 AM]:   I missed D-Walker because of her faithful warnings and advices.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   I'm only 13 and yet still mature enough to be a mod...
Mousse [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   anonymosu would be fit for mod
Mousse [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   now bye!!!~
Kudos [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   Say, what happened to KSPoppy?
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   Thanks for the compliment!
Kudos [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   She would make a great mod!
Mousse [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   @MD your birthday is only 10 days left..
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   @Kudos She's still alive, thankfully. But don't expect her to be very active...
Mousse [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   @Kudos yes, indeed.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   kspoppy is doing well, and that is all I heard
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   I can see spring making a great mod if she decides to be more active.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   Doing well?
Kudos [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   Still alive?
Kudos [31|Dec 12:56 AM]:   Wait, what?
Mousse [31|Dec 12:57 AM]:   I wanna see how they actually manage fights
Mousse [31|Dec 12:57 AM]:   now bye before i get in trouble
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:57 AM]:   Me? D:
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:57 AM]:   I feel like I lack the strictness that D-Walker had, sooo yeah...
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:57 AM]:   I'm scared of fights.
Mousse [31|Dec 12:57 AM]:   I'm trying to avoid fights
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   I try to stop them to the best of my ability... but sometimes I say something stupid Nervous
Mousse [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   but yeah
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   I just wish to stay away from General Discussion as much as possible.
Matt [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   @Gigz probably about the same as WBA, still working on the level design
Mousse [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   I stay here cuz I'm seriously bored.
Elise [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   Aaaand, it's because of my unfortunate low self-esteem and taking things too seriously, I make fights
Kudos [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   OK.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   I hope WSA will be more challenging this time.
Mousse [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   @Giggypigs GD is the hotspot for hyperposting, and also the hotspot for fights >->
Elise [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   I hope so.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:58 AM]:   I stay here because I like the forum! Smiley
Mousse [31|Dec 12:59 AM]:   now seriously, time for my leaving.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:59 AM]:   blah
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:59 AM]:   Honestly, I like the games more than the forum.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 12:59 AM]:   Baii Moosey <3
Elise [31|Dec 12:59 AM]:   For me, I like the forum more than the games.
Elise [31|Dec 12:59 AM]:   I'm perfectionist, sorry
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 12:59 AM]:   But that's probably because I already got tired of the hyperposting stuff.
Elise [31|Dec 01:00 AM]:   Retired tho
Elise [31|Dec 01:00 AM]:   And of course, I still like other games like Raze 3 and stuff, and it's because I chose the forum rather than the games.
Elise [31|Dec 01:00 AM]:   I don't know what I have to think to improve Matt n' Tony's business
Elise [31|Dec 01:00 AM]:   until the time Matt says "blah" in front of me Laugh
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   I think I'm changing my user ranking... Hmm
Matt [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   lol
Kudos [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   So, yeah.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   He will say it
Kudos [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   blah
[31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   Kudos changes his name to Matt.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   What? Matt says "blah"
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   blah indeed
Elise [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   I want only a color of my name was changed though.
Elise [31|Dec 01:01 AM]:   Rather than to be a mod.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:02 AM]:   D: I'm out of place
Kudos [31|Dec 01:02 AM]:   yawn
Kudos [31|Dec 01:02 AM]:   Great, we broke Dragonite.
Kudos [31|Dec 01:02 AM]:   Now we need a new one.
Elise [31|Dec 01:02 AM]:   For me, I love dark stuff, and I hate some idiots declining the requests for no reason at all.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:02 AM]:   What?
Elise [31|Dec 01:03 AM]:   Otherwise, I wholeheartedly lose my trust to that person who makes arts.
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:03 AM]:   o_o
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:03 AM]:   matt is here?
Kudos [31|Dec 01:03 AM]:   So, yesz.
Matt [31|Dec 01:03 AM]:   blah
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:03 AM]:   I feel like there's not a lot of people here who are genuinely interested in Flipline, so yeah, that's why I feel left out sometimes.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:03 AM]:   Yesh
Kudos [31|Dec 01:03 AM]:   I believe Anonymous and MD should be next mods.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   He said it again! Cheesy
Kudos [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   HE DID IT
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   "blah"
Elise [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   Here comes the signature move!
Kudos [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   I'm technically the first mod.
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   i vote "blah" as quote of 2014
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   O My Gosh.... Matt...
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   "blah" ~Matt Neff, 12/30/2014
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   i believe i should be mod because I am fabulous~
Kudos [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   Oh, hey, it's New Year's Eve.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   Wow....
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:04 AM]:   Oh yeah! It is! Cheesy
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   OMG
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   Six more hours until New Years...
Elise [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   That's why I stay here.
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   Y'ALL JUST NOW NOTICE
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   LIKE
Elise [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   The community itself.
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   NAWWWWWWWW
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   FOR REAL
Matt [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   hmm is there any topic where people have suggested others to be mods? one that's somewhat recent?
Kudos [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   Not that I know.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   There were a couple in suggestions
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   ummm
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   idk
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   No. I don't think so.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   But I think they were both locked
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   but you guys should still make me mod
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   loljk
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   We have this
Elise [31|Dec 01:05 AM]:   By the way... next topic.
Kudos [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   I'm the first mod.
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   but I'll still make a xylophone out of your bones if you don't (:<
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   Demanding to be a mod is a surefire way to make sure you won't be @SS
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   loljk
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   I think Elise would make a nice mod.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   Oops
Elise [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   'ey, I can't be a mod.
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   @Anon, no it's a joke
Kudos [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   Personally, I think Anonymous and MD would be the best mods.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   @Anon You sir, are my nomination to be the next big moderator
Elise [31|Dec 01:06 AM]:   I admit that I have low self-esteem, being a perfectionist and taking things too seriously would never get me a mod place.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   You can't, Elise?
Kudos [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   Guys, that topic isn't really recent.
Elise [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   Yeah, I can't.
Kudos [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   WINDOWSWIND is on the last page.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   Also, there was this topic:
Kudos [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   And not Windowswind123.
SaturdaySundae [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   those are my amazing traits @Elise
Kudos [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   It's too bad, Windowswind would have made a good mod.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:07 AM]:   That was 4 months ago so that shouldn't be bad
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:08 AM]:   @Kudos I agree.
Elise [31|Dec 01:08 AM]:   Foteini may have been a good mod though, but sadly she is gone.
Nagisa-chan! [31|Dec 01:08 AM]:   What board is Elise moodding?
Elise [31|Dec 01:08 AM]:   I said...
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:08 AM]:   Elise mods a board?
Elise [31|Dec 01:08 AM]:   I WON'T BE A MOD Bored
Elise [31|Dec 01:08 AM]:   excuse me.
Kudos [31|Dec 01:08 AM]:   What happened to Windowswind anyways?
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:09 AM]:   Not entirely sure.
Kudos [31|Dec 01:09 AM]:   I haven't heard from him.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:09 AM]:   Nervous
Nagisa-chan! [31|Dec 01:09 AM]:   idk
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:09 AM]:   He still posts YouTube videos.
Elise [31|Dec 01:09 AM]:   And despite I'm the Worst User of 2014
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:09 AM]:   I hardly post videos on my YT anymore
Elise [31|Dec 01:10 AM]:   If I could make 3D now, I would like to do Matt. Tongue
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:10 AM]:   I want to do a tribute to Blazing Jenny....
Elise [31|Dec 01:10 AM]:   But before him, I have to tackle the revision of Julia, and a 3D model of my... GF.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:10 AM]:   I used to do "3D Art" which was basically glorified 2D art with lots of gradients.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:10 AM]:   I was thinking Super Jenny.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   Nowadays, I feel like my drawings are more organic now.
Elise [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   Now it's up to mageyman to be a foreveralone moderator without D-Walker...
Nagisa-chan! [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   My 3D is blurred art.
Elise [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   But I missed D-Walker... Cry
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   Oh wait.... *Diana...
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   *pat pat*
Kudos [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   How about MD or Anon?
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   Wait.. D-Walker left?
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   Shocked
Nagisa-chan! [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   Diana.....
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   We all do. I don't think she can be easily replaced.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   @MD She's just inactive.
Elise [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   Her maturity gives me a great lesson.
Kudos [31|Dec 01:11 AM]:   Did she dieded?
Kudos [31|Dec 01:12 AM]:   Anywois, we need an American mod.
Elise [31|Dec 01:12 AM]:   And because of it I shall place her at #1 in my user ranking list
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:12 AM]:   An American mod, hmmmm...
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:13 AM]:   *stands up* I'm American!
Elise [31|Dec 01:13 AM]:   Aaaand I think Gigza was demoted it's because he deleted the topic I supposed to show it to Matt?
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:13 AM]:   Boston, MA! Cheery
Elise [31|Dec 01:13 AM]:   I literally want to live in Los Angeles, CA, and if I lived there I have to tour to the Cleveland, OH to visit Flipline
Kudos [31|Dec 01:14 AM]:   I think MD or Anon would be good mods.
Matt [31|Dec 01:14 AM]:   Hmm maybe I should create a new official mod topic, not sure what the best process would be --- asking others to nominate someone? asking people to volunteer?
Elise [31|Dec 01:14 AM]:   And my interest goes to Riot Games, right now.
MegaDragonite [31|Dec 01:14 AM]:   I'm going to make a Super Jenny for Diana now. Brb.
Elise [31|Dec 01:14 AM]:   You're right Matt!
Elise [31|Dec 01:14 AM]:   Aaaand what about an official FC Tournament?
Elise [31|Dec 01:14 AM]:   Rather than the KCP, for the forumers ourselves?
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:14 AM]:   That's not bad, but I think you should leave it locked once you got things settled.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:15 AM]:   @Matt probably nominations.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:15 AM]:   Also admin approval.
Elise [31|Dec 01:15 AM]:   If somebody is a mod, I rather leave.
Kudos [31|Dec 01:15 AM]:   Volunteering followed by a poll.
Elise [31|Dec 01:15 AM]:   And in case of PNCT 2015...
Elise [31|Dec 01:16 AM]:   Please no adding moar topics of it..
Elise [31|Dec 01:16 AM]:   I'll take care of this.
Elise [31|Dec 01:17 AM]:   ...
Elise [31|Dec 01:17 AM]:   ...Matt?
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:17 AM]:   As for WSA, I hope you guys can do whatever it takes to make the game as unique and fun as possible.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:17 AM]:   J̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶W̶B̶A̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶k̶i̶n̶
Elise [31|Dec 01:17 AM]:   I hope... I hope... otherwise I refrain playing.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:17 AM]:   Actually, nominations including arguments for why person in question should be a moderator.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:19 AM]:   ...Is anyone still here?
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:20 AM]:   yes
Matt [31|Dec 01:20 AM]:   yeah it'll of course be similar to WBA since it's the same kind of game, but we're adding a lot of different things and a variety of enemies so it's not just the same
Elise [31|Dec 01:20 AM]:   As a perfectionist... I hope...
Elise [31|Dec 01:20 AM]:   Even I'm truly addicted at the other game.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:22 AM]:   I hope those different things mean a lot more than they sound.
Matt [31|Dec 01:22 AM]:   what kind of things are you looking for in the game?
Elise [31|Dec 01:23 AM]:   A brilliant fighting would be fine...
Elise [31|Dec 01:23 AM]:   Like some of very creative weapons...
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:23 AM]:   Y'know, something innovative and unique that makes the game stand out compared to the rest... I can't think of any ideas right now because I would need brain juice for lol
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:23 AM]:   *for that
Elise [31|Dec 01:23 AM]:   By the way Matt...
Elise [31|Dec 01:23 AM]:   How about a Premium Content?
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:24 AM]:   I think it would be cool if the customers can switch between their regular weapon, and alternative weapon.
Elise [31|Dec 01:24 AM]:   There contains the most powerful characters, and... a hidden map?
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:24 AM]:   I also expect there to be more boss fights in the next game.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:24 AM]:   @Elise Does it have to be paid?
Elise [31|Dec 01:24 AM]:   Of course, no ads when purchased the premium content.
Elise [31|Dec 01:25 AM]:   And I won the Premium Content of Raze 3 because I won at the contest sponsored by Armor Games.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:25 AM]:   Ah man, I don't like having to pay things for online game goods lol
Matt [31|Dec 01:25 AM]:   I'd say expect something like Cactus McCoy 2 vs. Cactus McCoy 1 -- it was still the same kind of game, but with a bunch of adjustments and new things added
Elise [31|Dec 01:26 AM]:   Otherwise, you can get one powerful character in the game without Premium Content
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:26 AM]:   ooooh
« Reply #476 on: December 30, 2014, 10:42:06 PM »

(2 of 2)

GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:26 AM]:   I have a feeling there will be hints of CMC2 in WSA too.
Elise [31|Dec 01:26 AM]:   I have a suggestion...
Elise [31|Dec 01:26 AM]:   What if... there's a custom player that we could customize what would be the weapons and outfit?
Elise [31|Dec 01:26 AM]:   However, it costs a lot of MB though. Sad
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:27 AM]:   @Elise I think they will save that up for the next Papa Platformer Game
Matt [31|Dec 01:27 AM]:   @Elise yeah the size would be a problem Hmm
Elise [31|Dec 01:28 AM]:   Sometimes, the Kingdom Rush Frontiers ain't a problem cuz the size was HUUUUUUUUUUUGE
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:28 AM]:   I would also like it if WSA was just as challenging as both CMC games too. Difficulty attracts bigger audience! (at least in my opinion)
Matt [31|Dec 01:28 AM]:   so far WSA has more enemies than the last game with different actions and patterns (so not just re-skinning the same baddies)
Elise [31|Dec 01:29 AM]:   must.... include... a... demon....
Elise [31|Dec 01:29 AM]:   Excuse me of my dark side.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:29 AM]:   Hmmm, I think you should also be able to use coins for something other than alternative costues.
Matt [31|Dec 01:29 AM]:   and swimming definitely changes things
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:29 AM]:   *costumes
Elise [31|Dec 01:30 AM]:   ...I just want an FC from this forum...
Elise [31|Dec 01:30 AM]:   It sucks when it was always from FB people... Cry
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:31 AM]:   So, Matt
Matt [31|Dec 01:31 AM]:   Colorinda was from the forum, though I'm not sure if she was that active
Elise [31|Dec 01:31 AM]:   I forgot.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:31 AM]:   Have you thought about a Jacksmith 2, or do you think Jacksmith is better as a stand-alone game?
Elise [31|Dec 01:31 AM]:   If we suggested the same thing you could do it...?
Elise [31|Dec 01:32 AM]:   Awww man... games getting boring...
Elise [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   And even I'm alone as Amumu...
Matt [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   hmm we have thought about it, and thought about some additions we could do to the gameplay, though since the first game took so long to make it's scared us away from diving into it
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   I'm just waiting to see what Flipline have in their hands in 2015.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   I'm just waiting to see what Flipline have in their hands in 2015.
Matt [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   it's still a possibility though!
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   Cactus McCoy 3? Jacksmith 2? Or maybe even a completely new game?
Matt [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   @Gigz we're still trying to figure that out too Smiley
Elise [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   But seriously for me, is that the Level Editor craves me.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:33 AM]:   @Matt lol
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:34 AM]:   Cactus McCoy 3 is what I want the most of course, but that's just me. And a couple of others.
Matt [31|Dec 01:34 AM]:   after WSA we have the next release planned, after that we haven't decided on which to do yet
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:34 AM]:   I bet you guys took a lot of research on medieval stuff and whatnot
Elise [31|Dec 01:34 AM]:   I just want an awesome game to toy with.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:34 AM]:   @Matt It's another Gameria, isn't it? Sleepy
Matt [31|Dec 01:35 AM]:   lol maybe Wink
Elise [31|Dec 01:35 AM]:   But one thing... can make things awesome for me, and of course, I would not reveal it.
Elise [31|Dec 01:35 AM]:   I'm totally bored from all of these Gamerias, imo.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:35 AM]:   I find it hard to finish them because they've gotten longer.
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:36 AM]:   I just don't feel excited by gamerias anymore...
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:36 AM]:   Hot Doggeria was a real struggle. Dizzy
Anonymous [31|Dec 01:36 AM]:   Unfortunately, the majority of the fanbase only likes gamerias it seems.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:36 AM]:   Papa Louie being the first customer every day was such a tease...
Matt [31|Dec 01:36 AM]:   yeah lots of research on medieval weapons, and lots of time spent on the crafting process, and battle system, and all of the art
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:37 AM]:   @Anon Yeah, it seems like they will stick with Gamerias for a very long time now.
Elise [31|Dec 01:37 AM]:   Same thing gets us very bored.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:38 AM]:   It's gotten big enough to the point where people even try to impersonate customers on Facebook.
Matt [31|Dec 01:38 AM]:   yeah the Gamerias are much more popular than any of the others, though we might go crazy if that's all we make Wink
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:38 AM]:   I know that we would, hahaha
Elise [31|Dec 01:38 AM]:   This is why I prefer the League of Legends than the Gamerias! DX
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:39 AM]:   Trying out something new every once in a while doesn't hurt.
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:39 AM]:   Idea: League of Gamerias!
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:39 AM]:   jkjkjk
Matt [31|Dec 01:39 AM]:   lol
Elise [31|Dec 01:39 AM]:   OH SHI-
Elise [31|Dec 01:39 AM]:   NOT TAHT
Matt [31|Dec 01:40 AM]:   well gotta go, I'll talk to Tony about his thoughts on the moderator situation before making a topic
GigzaPizza [31|Dec 01:40 AM]:   Alright.
Elise [31|Dec 01:40 AM]:   Fine.
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« Reply #477 on: December 31, 2014, 08:33:32 AM »

Matt making his own topic for mod?
« Reply #478 on: December 31, 2014, 08:40:46 AM »

Kudos [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   I don't get why everybody likes Thorton.
Kudos [31|Dec 12:51 AM]:   He's kind of a homophobic dick.

This is rude. I just reported you! Have fun with the administrators!!!  Evil Evil
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« Reply #479 on: December 31, 2014, 08:44:27 AM »

You know what, these users keep on saying they are MATURE but NOPE, they discuss about us behind our backs.

Yeah, because it makes sense that I can't be a mod for being homophobic.
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