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« Reply #135 on: December 24, 2017, 09:29:09 PM »

Wow! I can't believe you featured my FC Cade! Cheesy
Yeah, I wanted to thank you for the skits you made. I decided to featured Cade since you already know about the Mercury skit and the 12th day fits it.

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image don't even work lmao

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10 Stars.
10 Lords of Leaping.

1 syllable = 4 syllables

Sign me up, Daddy!  Wink
No, Thicc Daddy was not the OP.

9/19/17 - Closers
9/19/17 - Akari
10/4/17 - Xerneas
10/20/17 - Blank
11/14/17 - Swampert, Sceptile and Blaziken
11/16/17 - Complete Zygarde
12/4/17 - Franchise Owner by Excalibur
12/5/17 - Restaurant Star by Excalibur
12/13/17 - LePete laughing
12/19/17 - Cyrus, Pokemon Team Galactic
1/18/18 - Blank
2/28/18 - Red/Blue Blastoise Sprite
3/3/18 - derogatory
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X Portrait
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X using Blast Burn
4/4/18 - Charjabug
5/18/18 - Nothingness

Survivor Placings:
Amazon Rainforest - 9th place - Voted self out
Mato Grosso - N/A

TWG Stats:
TWG XCVII - Lunatic Asylum - Ended Early | Role: Disguised Wolf
TWG XCVIII - Locked and Loaded - Lost as Cop
TWG XCIX - Faraway City - Won but died, Human
TWG C - Theory Of Everything - Lost as Seer
TWG CI - Foreign Affairs - Modkilled,
 but won as human

TWG CII - Reversal of Fortune - N/A
TWG CIII - A Normal Day Outside - Was going to host, but N/A
TWG CIV - Lost Connection - Won but died, Human
TWG CV: The Sea-Sun of Visitations -
 Won as Decoy Wolf

TWG CVI: Dostoevsky's Exile - Lost as Psychic
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« Reply #137 on: December 24, 2017, 09:30:18 PM »

Yeah, I wanted to thank you for the skits you made. I decided to featured Cade since you already know about the Mercury skit and the 12th day fits it.

You're welcome, and thank you, too.
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« Reply #138 on: December 24, 2017, 09:33:26 PM »

10 Stars.
10 Lords of Leaping.

1 syllable = 4 syllables
I'm not a song writer so I'm not a expert.

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« Reply #139 on: January 01, 2018, 02:32:36 AM »

New Years Eve Catastrophe
The Plan:
In Moe's Lair

Olivia: Hi Luanna!! Hi Deborah!! Hooray
Luanna: Hi Olivia!! Hooray
Deborah: What brings you here?
Olivia: Oh i'm just giving posters for everyone to come to my New Years Eve Party!! Hooray
Luanna: That's sounds amazing!! Hooray
Deborah: Yeah!! Hooray
Moe: New Years Eve Party?
Olivia: Yeah Moe, everyone will be there!! There's games, musics, food, and many more. Want to come?
Moe: I love too but...i'm busy all-night unpacking some new comic books.
Deborah: But boss!! You can do it later after the party!!
Moe: Sorry but no!!
Luanna: Then i'll help you unpack!!
Moe: I appreciate your help but no, besides...maybe next time.
Luanna: Okay then.

Night time

Moe: *Closes the door* i could. *Hears a beep* Huh? *Grabs his phone*
Joy: Hey Moe, Olivia told me you can't come to the party.
Moe: I know, i'm super busy tonight.
Joy: Hope your okay. Bye
Moe: Bye
Moe: Well texting time is over. Time for some mischief. Evil
Mercury: Hey there Moey, what's shaking?
Moe: First, i told you not to call me that!! Second, so what should i steal? Since you did give me 1000 dollars for what to steal.
Mercury: The 2018 countdown ball!!
Moe: What!? But that's too big too steal!! Shocked
Mercury: Then why not use your car!!
Moe: So what!? Sure i'm a master criminal but i wouldn't steal something so stupid!!
Mercury: Well i could tell everyone that Moe and Dynamoe are the same people. What would your joyful friend think about? *Smirks*
Moe: Fine!! You did give me money so it's fair!! Angry
Mercury: That's the spirit!! I'll be in the party!!
Moe: W-wait? Aren't banned at Olivia's parties?
Mercury: Who's says anything about entering? *Smirks and left*
Moe: What is wrong with that kid?
New Years Eve Party:
In the party

Xandra: New Years Eve!! My favorite holiday!! Hooray
Xolo: Mine too.
Edna: I hope you two are behaved so we-
Xandra: X-drizzle!! Mine!! *Left*
Xolo: Hey!! I want some too!! Angry *Left*

Marty: *Barbeques burger*
Clover: Smells good!!
Rudy: Is it finished?
Marty: Almost and...done. *Gives burgers to Clover, Scarlett, and Rudy*
Scarlett: Mmmmmmm...taste good.

Boomer: *Went inside the cannon* I'm excited for the 2018 countdown ball!!
Akari: Me too!!

Behind the stage

The Dynamoe: Bwahahaha!! Time to steal the ball and- oh no. *Hides in the barrel*
Roy: Why do you have to bring a duffel bag to the party?
Joy: Oh nothing...just umbrellas and something to keep away when it's raining.
Roy: Fair enough. *Left the stage with Joy*
The Dynamoe: Huh...i wish i wouldn't fall in love with both girls. Now time to steal it.

11:59 PM

Olivia: Okay everyone!! It's almost midnight!! And you know what it means?
Everyone: Countdown!!
Olivia: Foodini!! Open the curtains!!
Foodini: *Opens the curtains*
Everyone: Ten!! Nine!! Eig- um?
Olivia: Seve- huh?
The Dynamoe: Six!! Five!! *Went inside the car*
Joy: *Went to the bathroom*
The Dynamoe: Four!! Three!! Two!! One!! Happy New Year Losers!! My resolution is to be good this year!! Sike!! Not happening!! Cool *Starts driving*
Ninjoy: *Went out the bathroom* Not this time!! Angry *Chases the Dynamoe's car*
The Dynamoe: Slowpoke!! *Went to the hill and flies away* Ba-bye!! Cool (Gosh she's cute)
Ninjoy: Huh? Never seen that coming. (Why does he has to be bad yet cute?)
Duke Gotcha: Ninjoy!!
Ninjoy: Great!! Not in a mood!! Smoke bomb!! *Disappears* Grumpy
Duke Gotcha: Ugh!! Sad
Somewhere far

The Dynamoe: Here's your stupid ball!!
Mercury: Great!! Put it in the portal!!
The Dynamoe: Fine!! *Pushes the ball to the portal* Phew, anyways...what's for the ball?
Mercury: Nothing!! I just want to put it in my collection!! Bye!! *Went inside the portal and closed it* :3
The Dynamoe: Hm...wait? Portal!? Shocked

Back in his time

Mercury: Hey nut brain!! :3
Pistachio Nut: I told you not to call me that!! Grumpy Anyways, what brings- holy nuts!! It's that the missing 2018 countdown ball!! Shocked
Mercury: Nope!! :3

I wasn't planning on making a New Years Eve special till' i saw the holiday picture. Since that picture gave me the love of it, i decided to use it as a special. Deborah belongs to Ianiant. Luanna, Mercury, and Pistachio belongs to me.

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« Reply #140 on: January 01, 2018, 02:42:31 AM »

Thanks for incorporating my FC's in your recent shorts. Smiley
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« Reply #141 on: January 01, 2018, 02:42:56 AM »

Thanks for incorporating my FC's in your recent shorts. Smiley

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« Reply #142 on: January 10, 2018, 05:09:50 AM »

Gender Confusion
A Day in Powder Point:
In Papa's Donuteria

Tony: Hey Scooter...if Papa Louie is here, tell him that i'm not here. Since i'll be busy in the hospital to see my new baby boy.
Scooter: Sure Mr. Dad Solary.
Tony: Very funny...bye. *Left*
Scooter: Open for business baby!! Cool *Flips the sign*

Few minutes later

Scooter: Hey Utah, hey Gremmie!!
Utah: Hey Scoot.
Gremmie: Sup dude.
Scooter: How may i take your order?
Utah: I want...

Gremmie: And i want...

Scooter: Okay then...your orders will be here soon. *Left*
Gremmie: Thanks dude!!
Utah: Hey Gremmie.
Gremmie: What? Grumpy
Utah: Why do you always called Scooter 'dude'?
Gremmie: Sometimes i called my close friends 'dudes' to the guys and chicks to the girls.
Utah: Guy?
Gremmie: Well i sometimes called him 'dude'.
Utah: Pfft!! Laugh
Gremmie: Hey!! Why are you laughing!? Angry
Utah: Well...Scooter's a girl!! Laugh
Gremmie: What!? Scooter's a girl!? Shocked
Utah: You been friends with her since Papa's Donuteria opened and you didn't noticed her gender!? Laugh
Gremmie: You might be fooling with me, maybe he is a boy.
Utah: Um...hello? In each of Papa Louie's restaurants, there are two workers. One boy and one girl, just like me and Doan. So, Tony is a guy so Scooter is a girl.
Gremmie: Still don't believe it... *Grabs Utah's hand* Come on!!
Utah: Where are you taking me!? My donuts!! *Left with Gremmie*
Scooter: Um...where are they? I got the donuts...oh well, i'm just gonna throw it.
Gremmie: *Re-enters, grabs the donuts, pays it, and left*
Scooter: ??

Somewhere in Powder Point

Hacky Zak: W-wait!? Scooter's a girl!? Shocked
Gremmie: That's what i think!! But i think Utah is lying!! Angry
Utah: No, i am not ly-
Hacky Zak: Now that i'm thinking about it, i did see Scooter went to the girl's bathroom. I thought he's a pervert, but thinking of him as a girl seems fine.
Gremmie: Maybe he is a pervert?
Utah: Guy or not, she's not a pervert!!
Gremmie: Still no proof!! *Grabs Utah's hand*
Utah: Are you gonna keep doing this!? Grumpy
Gremmie: If i say so...
Hacky Zak: Hey guys, i want to come too!!

In Julep's Tulips

Julep: Scooter is a girl.
Hacky Zak and Gremmie: What!? Shocked
Utah: Told ya!!
Gremmie: Wait wait wait!! Are you sure?
Julep: Yeah, she told me when i told her about her gender, and she replied that she's a girl.
Hacky Zak: And are you sure about it?
Julep: Yep.
Gremmie: Hm...
Utah: You seriously think she's a guy!? Who's next!? Rudy!? Kahuna!? Olga!?-
Gremmie: Clover!!
Utah: Well you can talk to Clover but-
Gremmie: No!! She's there!! Clover!! *Went out*
Utah: Here we go again. *Went out*
Hacky Zak: ...
Julep: ...You can go now you know.
Hacky Zak: Nah, i'll just be here.


Gremmie: Clover!!
Clover: Oh hey Grandma!! Smiley
Gremmie: It's Gremmie!! Angry
Clover: Oh sorry, oh hey Utah!!
Utah: Hi!! Quick question, is your bestfriend a girl?
Clover: Are you talking about Scooter?
Gremmie: Yes!! I been trying to find out if Scooter is a girl or a boy!! I think Scooter is boy!!
Clover: Well sorry Gremmie, but Scooter is a girl.
Gremmie: What!?
Clover: She told me afterall!! If you don't believe me, you could take her c-
Gremmie: Don't say that!! You gonna make me imagine it!!
Clover: Take her cl-
Gremmie: *Covers his ears* Blah blah blah!! I can't hear you!! Blah blah blah- *Left*
Utah: Pffthahahahhaahhaahha!! Laugh

In Papa's Donuteria

Scooter: *Saw Clover and Utah while calling Tony in the phone*
Tony: So what are you doing?
Scooter: Nothing, just watching Utah and Clover. I did saw Gremmie running and screaming. I don't know what's her problem.
Tony: Her?
Scooter: I refering to Gremmie.
Tony: Um...Gremmie is a boy.
Scooter: Huh!? Shocked

If you remember the Being a Gentlemen, well it's cancel cause' of lack of imagination of that story. If you wondering about Rico and Rhonda, it will be in the Valentine's Day special.

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« Reply #143 on: January 10, 2018, 07:31:50 AM »

LOL this chapter is hilarious Laugh
also I loved on how Clover called Gremmie 'Grandma' then just smiles

Hi i am definitely-not-watermelon's-twin cantaloupe and its not like i took over her account or anything
Jan.1-Sayori hugging Toblerone the Protagonist
Jan.3- Monika
Jan.6-Some pic i found in my 3ds (its Cutiefly)
Jan.9-Another pic i found in my 3ds (Cosplay Pikachu)
Jan.11-Pink Diamond
Jan.15-Beatrice(and her dog)
Jan.19-Beatrice(again lol)
Jan.26-Lorna again
Apr.1-Sansika xD
May.11-Sasha Braus
May.22-Cantaloupe (My OC)
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Chocolate Valetine's Day Special Part I
In Scarlett's house

Scarlett: Thanks girls for helping make some chocolate!!
Utah: No prob Scar!!
Clover: Chocolate!!
Rita: I'm excited to see some chocolates given to the guys.
Scarlett: I know right and thanks for asking your uncle to let us have a chocolate sell in his restaurant.
Joy: No problem.
Rudy: Hey girls!!
Willow: Rudy? What are you doing here?
Rudy: What? Scarlett invited for some chocolate.
Scarlett: Here is some of the chocolate.
Scooter: Why are you giving some chocolate to Rudy.
Scarlett: Oh that, i asked Rudy to give the chocolates to the female closers since the closers seems like family to him.
Rudy: Yeah.
Scarlett: Oh by the way, here is your special chocolate. *Kiss Rudy in the cheek*
Rudy: *Blushes* Oh thank you.
Mercury: *Snaps a picture* Good thing i shot this!!
Penny: Mercury!!
Mandi: What are you doing here!?
Mercury: Just hanging out here, no big deal.
Peggy: You probably wanted to see the girl like a pervert.
Mercury: Of course i'm a pervert. *Smirks*
Cecilia: I think his lying.
Scarlett: I know i didn't invite but you're welcome to stay.
Maggie: Scarlett?
Mercury: Nah, i'm just gonna leave. Say, how much for the chocolate? I know i'm not a girl but...please!!
Scarlett: *Gives chocolate to Mercury* It's on the house!!
Mercury: Thanks m- i mean Scarlett!! *Left*
Mandi: Why are you so nice to him?
Scooter: Yeah, he is pretty much the most...HATED PERSON EVER!!
Scarlett: I don't know, he is pretty much like a son to me or something.
Rudy: Yeah, he is like a son.
Willow: Well i don't want to hear much about him, let us start selling chocolates.
All: Yeah!!
February 14th:
It's Valentine's day, a day where love is everywhere. Let us see what the girls interaction with their chocolate for the guys.

Prudence: So you're giving me this chocolate?
Trishna: Yeah, i haven't met any interesting guys so i picked you since you're my bestfriend.
Prudence: Thanks.
Cooper: Hey Prudence!!
Prudence: Oh hey Cooper, you're blushing?
Trishna: (Great, he's here)
Cooper: Oh it's nothing. Say you're planning on giving a chocolate to someone so handsome.
Prudence: Yep.
Cooper: Okay then, i wonder if who is this lovely and handsome guys, maybe-
Trishna: Hey Scooper, Prudence gave the chocolate to Xolo.
Xolo: For me? Thanks.
Prudence: Well you are a nice person.
Cooper: Why!? Why does Prudence thinks he is special and not me?
Greg: Probably because he is a special person with a cool wand. *Eats chocolate*
Cooper: Where did you get that?
Greg: From Yippy, she is quite generous.
Cooper: I want some chocolate from Prudence!!
Alberto: There he goes with Romeo.
Penny: I know right, he needs to know about romance. Say Alberto, um...
Alberto: I know, chocolate.
Penny: You know what i'm thinking. *Kisses Alberto*

Rico: Chocolate for me? Thanks you.
Rhonda: But that's not the only surprised.
Rico: What kind of surprised?
Rhonda: We been married for few months and i want to tell you the best news...i'm pregnant!!
Rico: Pregnant!? That means i'm gonna be a father!!
Rhonda: I know right, i hope it's a boy!!
Rico: Me too and i'm thinking of naming him...Rick.
Rhonda: ...
Rico: Sorry, i'm bad at naming names.

The Dynamoe: You'll never stop me Ninjoy!!
Ninjoy: Tch-!! Before you go, i wanted to give you this.
The Dynamoe: Chocola-
Ninjoy: Just take it and leave it you idiot!! (I can't believe i did it)
The Dynamoe: Okay? (I knew it!!) *Left*

Wendy: Hey Hank. Do you know what day is today?
Hank: What day is today? It's valentine's day, why?
Wendy: ... *Gives chocolate and left*
Hank: Huh?

Vincent: Mail. Package. Mail. Package. Mail. Packa- Huh? It's my address and was send address. *Opens the package and saw a mail and a chocolate*

Happy Valentine's day

Vincent: Oh Clair, i remembered that time.

Mindy: I know you're in a diet right now, but i want to give you a chocolate for Valentine's day.
Whiff: No problem, Valentine's day is my favorite holiday.

Moe: Gosh, handling with Ninjoy is so stressful. I can't believe she gave me chocolate.
Joy: Hey Moe.
Moe: Joy!? *Hides chocolate* How may i help you!?
Joy: I'm just giving you this. (First Dynamoe, and now him)
Moe: (Joy too!?) T-thanks!!
Joy: Yeah.

Carlo, Bruna, and Gino: Happy Valentines day!!
Olga: Thank you!!
Eduardo: And here is some chocolate.
Olga: Thank you.
Clover: Hey Carlo!!
Carlo: Oh hey Clover, what do you want?
Clover: I just want to give you some chocolate!!
Carlo: For me!! Thank you!!
Clover: You're welcome!!

Roy: *Rings the doorbell*
Scooter: Hey squirt!!
Roy: Hey Scooter. is your pizza.
Scooter: Thanks, and here is your chocolate.
Roy: Oh, i forgot you and the girls made some chocolate.
Scooter: Of course doofus!!

Radlynn: I wonder who i gonna give the chocolate to who.
Sarge Fan: Pick me!! Me!!
LePete: No, me!! I'm stronger than him!!
Sarge Fan: I know you way longer than anyone!! Pick me!!
LePete: He's a weakling, you need someone so strong that can protect you!!
Sarge Fan: But i'm taller than him and he is way shorter than you!! Pick someone way taller!!
Radlynn: Is it better make the chocolate into half!?

Deano: Is it a really nice gondola trip Julep?
Julep: It is lovely. Say, i wanted to give you this.
Deano: Oh, thanks for the chocolate.
Mac: *Hiding somewhere* No fair, i want to give him a chocolate!!

Timm: I love the chocolate you made.
Cecilia: You're welcome
Quinn: Hey Timm.
Timm: Quinn? It's not even your day today.
Quinn: I know, but Rudy gave me the chocolate for me to gave to some guy. Since i know you that much, i decided to give you this.
Timm: Wow, now i have two chocolates.
Quinn: Two?
Cecilia: Hahahaha. (I'm such a third wheel)

Sorry i wasn't active, i was busy with school. Good thing my summer is near in about 1 or 2 months to go. I decided to do a Valentine's day special since i want to revealed my ships to you guys. There will be more soon.

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Hate to say this everyone but this fanfiction is done now. Goodbye.

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Hate to say this everyone but this fanfiction is done now. Goodbye.

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APRIL FOOLS DAY!! I'm not ending it!! Laugh

EDIT: Maybe early AFD, I forgot there's 31
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APRIL FOOLS DAY!! I'm not ending it!! Laugh

EDIT: Maybe early AFD, I forgot there's 31
Laugh I’m guessing you’re at the other side of the planet since it’s barely March 30th here. Tongue

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